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  1. Great review Jim, and a fantastic-looking case! It's pricey, but it's also quite a large case - unless you have a shop nearby that can get you wholesale prices on large pieces of acrylic, I anticipate building one custom won't save too much or have quite the fit and finish this has. Is the background printed on the plexiglass? It's definitely the star of this display and truly elevates the displayability of the AT-AT (that MF case with the hyperspeed effect also looks insanely cool)
  2. VBBN

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    It's not the Bionicle that we remember, but I have to say, this is a pretty fun-looking set that really packs in a decent amount of content into such a small size. A nicely articulated-looking figure (to be honest I was almost worried they'd be using the new, less articulated mech limb system), a detailed smaller build, plus extra accessories in the form of the throwing disk and Makuta/Mata Nui stones. I'm sitting on $50 VIP points at the moment, so I'll probably use that to cut down on the minimum purchase. GWP's have been getting stuck behind some rough paywalls lately, but this one is somewhat manageable at least. Anyway, I'll review it when I get it. Excited to have an actual Bionicle set of some form to review in 2023.
  3. VBBN

    What are you listening to?

    Living in a phonk mood today
  4. VBBN

    [MOC/MOD] - Harry Potter: Movie in a Box

    Awesome idea! The resurfaced block looks believable as some sort of in-universe case, and the microscale builds are instantly recognizable. Agreed with you, I'd love to see this same concept replicated with other themes/licenses!
  5. VBBN

    40580 Buildable Tahu: Bionicle returns in 2023!

    Definitely interested to see what becomes of this. I'm placing my bets that this will be some kind of system build, probably akin to the recent Spider-Man/Venom/Miles figures, maybe even using a printed version of those "heads" as a Hau. Either way, I doubt this is anything more than a special vintage celebration set and likely won't have much headway in any potential return of the theme, but I'll take it.
  6. VBBN

    [MOC] Toa Nuva on Mata Nui

    I love this! Excellent recreation of the Toa in stud form, with plenty of personal touches. Seeing them all set in this scenery adds a lot to the finished display, as well.
  7. VBBN

    REVIEW: 76907 Lotus Evija

    Great review! This one is decent, I think the misplacement of the yellow line really throws this one off for me, it completely changes the visual shaping of the vehicle - I know LEGO is obsessed with racing style liveries, but in this case I think it would have been much more beneficial to stick with a standard paint job for this car. In any event, great parts here and those new headlights look much nicer than previous solutions huge kudos to the designers for actually making a valiant effort at that tailight design
  8. VBBN

    REVIEW: 76908 Lamborghini Countach

    Great review Oky! These sets continue to impress and this one is no exception in terms of shaping and build quality. Strange that the real-life photo on the back of the box isn’t of a stock model, but maybe an oversight. I agree with you that the windscreen is quite an eyesore. I’m curious to see how it looks in person, but clearly white was a bad choice here and it reeeeeeally kills the final look for me. That alone drops this to (so far) the bottom of the pile for this wave, unless your other upcoming reviews reveal any other surprises.
  9. VBBN

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    Star Wars is a poor point of comparison because it is not a Hasbro property, it's Lucasfilms. The market may have been dominated by hasbro & their acquisition of Kenner at one time, but as SW has grown, so too have the massive number of companies that LF licenses with, Lego and even Mattel included, it is not really accurate to compare pre and post Lego SW as many other brands entered the marketplace around that time . Assuming this post has a fragment of source to back it up, sure Hasbro may have come to the conclusion that partnering with Lego was detrimental previously, but there is a reason companies invest in continual research; things change. Hasbro has been heavily diversifying lately, especially in products that may not necessarily be competitors to their own. For example, Threezero makes high quality non-transformable figures with diecast, impressive paint and articulation, and higher price tags. If these figures could transform, then there would be an issue, as these would be in competition to Hasbro's masterpiece line of figures. However, by partnering with Threezero in this capacity, they suddenly attract the consumers such as myself who prefer high end collectibles like Hot Toys, Sideshow etc, that do not necessarily want the transformation hindered toys that Hasbro produces. By comparison, brick built Transformers aren't going to cannibalize Hasbro's sales. Using the example above, the sale of a brick built Optimus prime is not likely to replace the potential sale of an assembled Optimus toy. Someone who has a TF Generations collection is not going to replace a figure with a brick built alternative that is visually completely different. Someone who enjoys buildable figures but not typical action figures, though, may enjoy the Lego figure more, gaining Hasbro a sale that they wouldn't have captured through their normal toylines. They themselves produced three different buildable series (BTR, Kreo, ConstructBots) that spanned 9 years, it is quite clear their research proved that there was untapped market potential in the buildable figures area. But Hasbro does not have the patents, the infrastructure, the engineering, and most importantly the marketing and branding (keep in mind what I am talking about here is within the buildable figures market, specifically, this is very important to distinguish.) Partnering with Lego provides a lot of advantages in these areas and if this relationship is real, it's likely that the savings Hasbro can realize from outsourcing buildable figures to Lego is worth the profits they are seeking from this market - meaning this: Would Hasbro make as much money on the sale of a Lego Optimus set as they would if they created their own in-house buildable Optimus? On the surface, the income of an in-house product goes directly to Hasbro. But how much did they have to spend on creating that product that is fundamentally different from anything else they create? How much do they have to spend to get people to search "KreO" over Lego? What about shelf space? I never saw Kreo in stores, and even Mega Construx is fighting to gain more space after many years. And while many people in the company are talented at making a figure convert from a car to a robot, it's not likely that Hasbro has the knowledgebase to engineer figures that could transform effectively, stay durable, and survive other playtesting that companies like Lego already invest heavily in within its workforce.
  10. VBBN

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    The idea isn’t far fetched to me. LEGO already licenses out the Transformers brand to other companies for things that they don’t produce in house. Threezero, Prime 1 Studio, etc. So it makes sense to me that they would consider licensing to LEGO since they’ve tried many previous attempts at buildable transformers (BTR, KreO, and ConstructBots) but none have stuck in the long run. plus as some people have mentioned elsewhere, LEGO already has a relationship developed with Hasbro, there is some sort of Peppa Pig stuff that’s sold at LEGO parks or something so it’s not the most unbelievable rumor IMO
  11. VBBN

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hey all, As Captain Nemo mentioned a few days ago, in the interest of mitigating spoilers related to Spider-Man: No Way Home, this thread will now be locked until December 20th, upon which we will kickstart the 2022 themed discussion. Thanks everyone!
  12. Great review of a pretty meh set. It's unfortunate that after so much growth with 2021's Mclaren that we take such a severe step backwards in engineering for this year's releases at this scale. As far as pullbacks go, I do think it's nice to have a launch control feature here and does increase the playability surrounding such a set, and likely is something that'd be more difficult to implement at the lower price range. With that said, I think ultimately they should have endeavored to include these functions in a creator expert car - the looks of this set are okay, but as always they suffer because of the limitations of technic shaping, yet we don't have the features to excuse such a car being build with those limitations. it's quite unfortunate to not even have the "mini" piston builds that previous sets in this scale have utilized, especially in conjunction with the pullback motors.
  13. Have you tried visiting the accessory section of their website? They have a bunch of elements available to purchase individually and tailor to your set or MOC however you'd like. In my opinion part of the price is definitely in the convenience/ease of putting the elements together. I've dabbled with LEDs for other non-LEGO projects and those typically involve wire twisting, shrink wrap etc, which are cheaper on an individual level but aren't quite as user friendly as I found these kits to be. Value is always up to your own preference but that's personally where I found some of the justification myself.
  14. I am happy to present that this review is now live for viewing!