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  1. The rally car might be my first Technic set purchase in a long time- I just love the look of that thing. From that shot of it in the video I'm actually getting a bit of an RS vibe from it.
  2. Did what i could while i currently only have about half a shoe box's worth of bricks to work with- ideal christmas tree is one that is slapped right next to a fireplace.
  3. As per our site guidelines that you agreed to when signing up; Please refrain from directly posting confidential images here on the forums. Thank you
  4. Future Constraction Lines

    Here's the problem with leaks this early in the game- there is no actual evidence here that these are true other than he said/she said. No listings on websites, no blurry catalog images (do people even know what a modern phone is?), and certainly random comments off-site from questionable sources are a poor place to start a discussion- at least, a concrete one. There is nothing wrong with speculation, but this early in the game this conversation of a potential 2018 line is just that, speculation, and has turned more into a wishlist than anything. I'll be merging this thread with the pre-existing future constraction lines wishlist thread. If we find something more concrete, a more official topic will be made to exclusively talk about said news.
  5. Original Bionicle vs CCBS discussion

    Okay so- I've moved all posts from the future constraction themes thread and merged them with our pre-existing thread that we have to debate CCBS vs other building systems. Let's remember that people will have different opinions than you, that's okay- please keep things civil and respect others opinions as such.
  6. Help on Inika Light-Up Swords

    The sword should turn off itself. Normally when you push the button, the sword will start with a slow strobe effect, then move to a fast strobe effect, slow down again and end. Should only be lasting 7-10 seconds tops. If it's not turning off, it's possible it was put together incorrectly in a way that the button is constantly being pressed down or perhaps the batteries are in there in a janky way?
  7. Son of Makuta - Hunger

    This is a really fantastic design- and after a quick look at your Flickr, all of these are fantastic! Why was this one the one you chose to post here, why not all?
  8. Yeah- as long as the sets were legally obtained, then that's an issue Lego would need to take up with the retailer, but we would say go ahead and post the reviews here. I do not recall in the past that anyone has been barred from posting reviews early as in such a situation.
  9. I will bring up the topic with the other senior staff
  10. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Yeah, old reviews are always a good thing. A review isn't exclusively to give comments on a new set that's available- they are also to showcase a set in a way that we can come back at any year and see how that set looked, what parts it came with, etc. I know there are many people here who became interested in Bionicle around G2 or Hero Factory and don't know much about older sets, always worth making a review. Plus, many older sets were never given proper reviews because they weren't available in the golden age of reviewing. Reviews can can be done by anyone, not just those in the Academy. Reviews that we list in the AF Review index are reviews we deem to be of a quality worthy of indexing. And as it has always been- more than one person can review a set. One review is one persons opinion, but there are many others who would like to showcase a set too.
  11. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Feel free to make reviews at any time. Reviews her in the index are for reviews from any and all members, I have just been the main person reviewing as of late. I have reviewed a large amount of sets because they were sent to us from Lego, though recently the sets they have offered to Eurobricks have not been Constraction so I haven't gotten around to reviewing anything. But anyone else is always free and encouraged to post their own reviews, too.
  12. Spiogero, you posted this message in two separate threads- one of which was inactive since 2015. I've merged the two threads, considering they are for the same subject, but please avoid reviving old threads when you have already made that same post in a current topic.
  13. Removed for the moment as at the moment it's unclear where the image came from. I just hope he doesn't have floppy arm syndrome, I think the function was neat on Basher and a bit unnecessary on K2S0, so I hope it's executed a bit better here. Oh actually a thought- since he uses this bashing function instead of a traditional gear layout and has a two handed weapon, I bet Maul will have a similar design.
  14. What did you buy today?

    These just arrived today: Some older Star Wars Buildable Figures that i had yet to buy. This finished my collection of the TFA figures, and the first wave of Rogue One figures. Just have the last wave of Rogue One and the two stormies left to get (though I'd like to pick up two of the stormtrooper commander so that I can make a regular soldier as well), if I can get them done before the next waves of sets comes out that'd be great. Anyway these were on pretty good sales on amazon- Poe was $16, down from 25 Finn was $14, down from 25 Jyn was $10 (!) down from 25 So patience paid off!
  15. Maul has a predominantly red face with smaller amounts of a black design, so I would assume they will go with a red piece with black printing as that seems easier than the opposite. Personally I think That's true, though I wouldn't put it past Lego to give us a terribly boring Maul, It's what I'm expecting at the moment. I think the bike could work in an opposite effect though too- I'd like a Maul figure, but I never at all liked the design of his bike and having a inflated price due to the extra cost due to the bike could be a turnoff. It could end up being great for parts, but at the extra license cost of a SW set