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  1. VBBN

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    I have never been so excited for an Ideas set, this looks fantastic. Hefty price tag, but not a surprising one. Absolutely getting this without second thought.
  2. From my experience in owning this set two issues I ran into were; 1) Make sure every axles is free to spin as easily as possible. If you push pieces too tightly together when assembling these technic constructs, resulting in axles have a bit of friction when they try to rotate, it's going to cause major issues in the final mechanism. 2) Does changing the amount of links make any difference? Lego purposely gave an extra amount of links with this set as everyone's set will function differently, some people may need 200 links while others may need 205. I had some issues with both of these and at first it completely messed up the function of the coaster.
  3. VBBN

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I see two possibilities, 1) Some kind of convertible, likely more vintage in age. We haven't had any convertible based off of a real branded car in this lineup yet as far as I know, and it would certainly be a change from the London Bus of last year. 2) The beetle had a beach theme and the Mini had a picnic theme, I'd really love to see a car or perhaps SUV return with the outdoorsy theme, such as with bikes, camping (would have worked well for the VW Bus), kayaks etc.
  4. VBBN

    Second and Third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review - Guessing Game

    My fiancee got me into RuPaul's Drag Race somehow, so I was secretly rooting for that one. But absolutely no surprise that the pop-up book won, I'm excited to see what they do with that design!
  5. VBBN

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I haven't been into City in quite some time but I'm really liking the looks of some of these sets. The Hospital breaks free from Lego's latest trend of making "buildings" more of facades with 3 stud deep interiors and has some great details packed in, and I absolutely love the variety to the Capital City, plus that Hotel looks great. (Now I'd really like to see it upscaled to Modular size...perhaps a project for later)
  6. VBBN

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    Just posted this in my review but wanted to pose the question here as well, how has everyone been faring when it comes to extra parts and missing parts? To quote myself, I am missing one element, a white 1x2 plate with hinge replacing one of the studs. This set has a ton of that part and that's easy enough to get a replacement of from LEGO. but, I had a lot of spare pieces...pieces that are not even supposed to be in this set!! Did anyone get these elements in their set?
  7. Thanks everyone for providing your insights as well as compliments to the review! I wanted to share a couple of quick photos of the set, first a few size comparisons (these are of course not professional as I could not fit these in my studio and thus why they are not in my review, I mainly just want to show you the scale of this compared to a few of the larger Lego sets I own.- Also I wanted to make a comment regarding spare pieces in this set. I feel like every time I get a set early to review it always is either missing pieces, a smashed box, or some other issue, so it's no surprise that I've had some oddities with this one; I am missing one element, a white 1x2 plate with hinge replacing one of the studs. This set has a ton of that part and that's easy enough to get a replacement of from LEGO. but, I had a lot of spare pieces...pieces that are not even supposed to be in this set!! Did anyone get these elements in their set? It's good to hear I'm not the only one struggling to get the function to work here, I have the same issues; I have to send the carts through in the manner you mentioned, and additionally only one of my sets of carts will go up the slimb, the other one really struggles and while it will eventually "catch" onto the chain, motorizing the set will just throw it off. It was definitely a challenge, normally the thought of suing fabric as a backdrop makes me want to scream and I definitely had my struggles with this one and have some ways in which I would have changed things up, but it's a miracle I was able to get this thing done without smashing my camera to pieces. It's certainly a massive set as you can see from above photos; I passed by my local LEGo store today and this beast officially dethroned the UCS Falcon on display, replacing it's display. Even Lego is struggling with floorspace for it
  8. It's the year of roller coasts, and Lego has given us the opportunity to check out the big bad 10261 LEGO Creator Expert: Roller Coaster set. Does this massive new addition to the fairgrounds collection stack up to it's heavy pricetag? Check out my review to find out!
  9. Review is now live!
  10. Name: 10261 LEGO Creator Expert: Roller CoasterTheme: Creator ExpertYear: 2018Pieces: 4124Price: $379.99 US – $479.99 CN – DE 329.99€ – FR 349.99€ – UK £299.99 – DK 2699DKKResources: Bricklink Brickset Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the Creator Expert Roller Coaster. I don't know what it is about 2018, but this is the year of Roller Coasters; Lego first introduced a new roller coaster element in the Joker Manor set, and now they are going all out with those new track pieces, I believe they are appearing in 7+ sets this year, and 3-4 of those are roller coasters! But this set is the king, the largest of them all and indeed the largest set I have ever owned. Does bigger make it better? Read on the find out if this massive set is worth the hefty price tag of $380, or if you should be sticking to some of those roller coaster alternatives instead. I would also like to thank LEGO for sending me this set to review; please note that while this set was provided, my opinions in the below review will be my own opinion from the perspective of if I had purchased this set from a store, and thus will be very open and honest opinions. Front As expected, the box is massive as this if a 4124 piece 380$ set, so it needs to have some shelf presence. Being that this is a creator expert set, things are pretty simply, just showing off the set on a backdrop as well as the dimensions of the set. Back On the back we see some closeups of the set, a look at the various functions, as well as the ability to incorporate power functions. Instructions Instructions are packaged along with the sticker sheet Stickers As expected you have a sticker sheet, though it's certainly not too extensive of one when you compare to a set like Ninjago City. Minifigures First round For the minifigures in this set, as per Lego standard you build them at various stages throughout the build. The first round of minifigures you build includes an elderly man with a terrified secondary face, a female designed to be the cotton candy saleswoman, and a little girl who was a little top-heavy due to the cotton candy in her hand. I quite like the usage of the beehive piece here being re-purposed as cotton candy. Second round Next up we get a Lego Employee, which is a little odd as I didn't imagine this series of fairground sets to be run by Lego employees. He has no secondary face print. We also get a woman designed to man the Juice stand. Her alternative face print is a slight change to the eyebrows, nothing really major. Third round Moving on we have a guy with a camera and appropriately enough an alternative face that will strike fear into anyone sitting behind him on the roller coaster. Looks like he should have stuck to the Ferris wheel. We also get a female with a scared alternative face, and another Lego Employee. ...and three more Our first figure here has the scared expression as his default face. Looks like he won't be going to space (as advertised on his shirt) anytime soon if he is this scared of roller coasters. next we have a girl who likely will be sitting on the park bench...either that or she is insanely calm on a roller coaster. Last we have a slick looking minifigure with only one printed face. But with glasses like that, who needs anything else? He's too cool to be scared by your silly coaster. Cotton Candy Cart Our first actual build of the set is this small cotton candy cart. I really like how this was built, it features some small wheels that can roll as well as a lovely pink umbrella. The interior portion of the "candy making dish" can spin, though this doesn't really do much. It's a simple and effective build Foundation of right side The coaster's build is split into three different phases: First you build the right side, then the left side, and then you merge them together and put on some finishing touches with bag 11. Here you can see the foundation of the right side, which begins with some large green base plates, covered in 2x2 jumper plates.The structure of the coaster begins with some grey beams made up on 1xX plates and tiles as well as 1x2 plates with hinges. Get used to building these constructs, because you are going to build a lot of them. And I mean, a lot. Poles...so many poles Here's another thing you will be building a lot of: support beams.This set has over 500 2x2 round bricks in white, so you know that this is going to be a repetitive process. Most of the poles do differ in their design, and may have axles to support them, but the general idea is the same as the above. Bench and park map Next we build this lovely little bench and park map, which shows off the other fairground sets (Ferris Wheel and Carousel) but does not reference the Mixer. Tree top I believe these trees use some new elements, that being the new leaves, as well as studs with a "flower" design to them. (We also see these studs in lavender and pink in the set). I quite like how these trees look. Building right side Here we can see the basic idea of how the coaster is built: You build up support beams that I had shown earlier, and then, similar to the grey supports on the ground, you build those in white/dark blue to hold the poles together.Once in a while you throw on some of the coaster tracks... and that's pretty much how this coaster is built. It doesn't get much more involved than that. But hey, someone lost their hat! What a nice little detail. One thing you might notice is we toss in the bench, sign, and tree. We break from realism a bit here because sitting on a bench right under a coaster track...that's not ideal. Coaster Sign My favorite parts of this set are the smaller builds, this Coaster sign included: I love Lego lettering, and this one looks quite nice, even though Coaster isn't a very inspiring name for a ride. I particularly love the use of the roller skates in gold to imitate the 3-car trains that go around this track, which look like they are going around on a little track of their own thanks to the extra large "S." Top of climb Here's one of the first technic-inspired constructs of the set. This is located at the top of the climb. This will also connect to the wheels in the next photos... Wheels Most traditional roller coaster hills end in an immediate drop. However, that would have caused this coaster to be even wider than it already is, so what Lego opted to do here was to create a curve right before the drop. To propel the coaster, you build up these three identical wheel segments, which are then connected to the first technic construct. Completed right side (mostly) Here we have the mostly completed right side. This side is taller, while the next side is going to be wider. As you can see, it's not fully complete- some tracks are still missing, but we will see more added to this in the final steps of the build. Starting left side Look familiar? This side does get spiced up with a pathway for the minifigures, and is a nice change of pace. It's a basic path and nothing special, but I enjoy the little features such as the fountain and the recycling cans. Juice Stand Next you build up this adorable little juice stand, which appears to be an...orange and lime stand? That's an interesting combo. The spring yellow used here is a fantastic color (though it looks more tan in the photos above), and I like the small blender build. Ticket / Photo Booth The next booth is a two sided booth with a spinning chair inside. One side allows you to purchase a coaster ticket, while the other side has some photos of minifigures on the coaster. I love this detail, as there is a camera on the main drop, and these stickers are specialized to look like minifgures in this set, even including the small bird. Main function housing Next, we build what will serve as your manual control box. The axle to the left will be used to spin the gears for the lift, which will in turn spin the propulsion wheels at the top of the lift. Next, you have that black technic beam; this is the "lock", a wheel will eventually be stuck on top of that red axle, and this construct can be slid to either stop the roller coaster at the gates, or let the coaster continue for another lap of the track. The gears allow this red axle/wheel to spin, which will be our initial launching mechanism. More building on left side We add the function box, slap a platform on top of it, and continue with a similar build as the right side; poles, horizontal framing, tracks, repeat. I did enjoy the way the roof was built over the top of the platform. Roller coaster carts (light blue) This wouldn't be much of a roller coaster if it didn't have something to roll on it! You build two sets of three cards, one using the azure color as seen above, and one using a brighter blue.These of course use the roller coaster car pieces seen in the Joker Manor. Track switcher Here's another neat function of the set; you can have one cart on the track, and have the other set in "reserve." when you send off the first cart, you can pull this out to have the second cart go around. Completed Coaster Front Back Okay, so now that we have finished the coaster, let's talk about this thing. Size. It's massive. I'm not even sure how to show you any size comparisons of this without breaking out of my photo setup (which I had to throw together for this review, because I've never had a set this massive in hand before...) I'm going to be honest, this set is going to end up being torn down and used as parts eventually, but I feel as though that process may happen sooner than I anticipated because I just have no where to stick this thing. Now, what about the.... Stability. This is a fear I've heard from many. Rest assured, it's pretty tough. I was building this in a separate room from where I was photographing it, and had to constantly pick it up and set it back down. It's not easy, mind you, and I had to ensure everything was pushed back down into place so that the track would work properly, but it did not crumple to pieces in my hands. I would recommend having your hands focused on the sides as that's where it's the heaviest. Playability. This set is designed for one major reason: To have the ride go around the coaster. And it does this in a really neat way, but be warned that it can have issues. I'm not sure if I built something wrong, I've checked and it seems to me that everything is correct, but on mine I have a major issue with the climb, specifically the track that pulls the cart up. In fact, the bright blue cart cannot go up this hill when it is motorized, it throws it off the side, but the azure cart has no problems. Odd. Also, the "lock" seems odd. If I pull out the lock to stop the cart, the cart will hit it and bounce backwards. I have to manually push it to get it back up tot he lock, so that I can use the crack to send it on it's way. And when it is sent, sometimes it will not "catch" at the bottom of the climb and will roll backward. Like I said, this might be a problem only I'm having; I've seen videos where it is functioning properly, so this seems to be an error on my side, but it's a frustrating problem I'm dealing with and is worthy of being mentioned. With that aside, it does what it needs to do; it sends the cart around the track. It has the same level of playability as the Ferris Wheel or Carousel, so if you enjoyed those sets, you know what you are getting here Realism; I've heard some complaints about the wheels at the top of the lift causing a lack of realism. Let's be honest, realism has to be thrown out the window with this one. You've got a park bench UNDER the coaster, and the entire pathway, ticket booth, etch are all under the coaster tracks, which really is not logical nor would you see that in real life. But it's Lego, and for that reason I excuse these things. Function As mentioned above, mine is having some technical issues that I can't quite iron out yet, and so as you can see from the above video there is quite a bit of resistance in the chain that should be pulling the cart up the track. Nonetheless, you can see how this functions and the basic idea of how this works. Note that in this scenario, I do not have the lock engaged, so the cart can keep going around the track endlessly. It's also not the quietest thing around, but then what roller coaster is? Pay those Disney prices Tickets at $100? Cotton candy also is $100, seems like Disney is influencing the prices here. Spend even more money Measure up Wait in line In addition to things like the cotton candy cart, the ticket booth and juice stands, and the roller coaster sign, this is my other favorite part of the set. It's just one of those builds that uses some creative parts and immerses you into this roller coaster experience. Back of the waiting line You'll never see lines that short at a theme park! Up we go Smile for the camera Pick up your photos Design: 8.5/10 - Roller coasters are difficult to design, and I think that Lego did a good job here of creating a design that not only looks good,but also has a fairly long track for the cars to drive around on. They managed to fit in a lot of neat little details with the various concession stands, and of course the entire set having the option to be automated is a fantastic feat. My main reason for holding back the score here is because I like themes, and really would have liked this coaster more if it was given some kind of theme to spice it up a little bit, which would have helped the set in all categories. Perhaps that's just my love of Disneyworld talking... Parts: 8/10 - Okay so for this section, I am going to give the set an 8, but I am going to talk more about this in the price section. On one hand, if you are in need of certain narrow plates and tiles, large green plates, 2x2 round bricks, etc, this set is a goldmine for you. And, it comes with the added bonus of having a plethora of the new roller coaster tracks in red. So I'm giving it an 8 because many parts in this set come in high quantities. On the flipside, other than the tracks, I can't say that anything here is quite as exciting as say a Ninjago City when it comes to parts. Build: 7.5/10 - I have built a lot of Lego sets, and this one...wasn't enjoyable to me. It's one of the first times where I'm just sitting there saying "I wish this thing was done already." Many people anticipated this build would be boring because of all of the poles and crossbeams, and you are right. Sure, each support piece has a unique build, but the general idea is the same and that's just not that thrilling. The most exciting parts of the set are the functional sections like the various gearboxes, as well as the small stands for Juice, Cotton Candy, etc. Now with that said, I'm not knocking it too hard here, because...it's a roller coaster. Lego can only do so much to spice up the build of one, and I would say they actually made a pretty interesting design here. Price: 6/10 - Here's a major point of discussion among many; the price of this set. At 4124 pieces and 380, is the price per part ratio a bad deal at first glance? Not really. However, it's not as great as many other large sets released recently. So we have to look at the parts contained within this set. Do they justify the price? Over 500 of them are white 2x2 round bricks, and 203 are "links" used to pull the carts up the initial hill, and also quite a few 2x2 green jumper plates used on the base of the coaster. Take that away, and you are left with basically a lot of 1xX plates, tiles, and 1x2s with clips making up the remaining inventory here. The main notable pieces would be the large variety of roller coaster tracks, likely the most we will ever see in one set. And of course...the size. This set is absolutely massive. It's not a dense set, but it has a huge footprint, I'm not sure much comes between this and the UCS Falcon. So if you enjoy massive completed sets, this one is a certain pickup. Overall: 30/40 (75%) Here's the thing about this set: You know what you are getting into before you buy it. At $380, the people who are going to buy this set already have a reason to; maybe you are trying to complete your fairgrounds collection, or maybe you love massive sets, roller coasters, or 2x2 white round bricks. It's not a bad set by any means, and in fact as a non-thematic roller coaster, it's great, and I really appreciate that Lego has created this set as it's something that has been highly requested in the past. Ultimately, I think where it falls short for me is that it's part of the Creator line, and while I understand that it sticks to the same limitations as the Carousel and the Ferris Wheel, this set for some reason doesn't seem as "cool" as the upcoming Pirates roller coaster set, which lets you rebuild the set into some genius alternative models...and for a much lower price. It's a big, all out roller coaster design that's mean to be displayed, and it does that well. For me, I think my roller coaster cravings will be better satisfied with the Pirate coaster; but if you are a coaster fanatic, this is a really fun set to have. it just carries with it a high cost, a build that can suffer from repetitiveness at times, and honestly a large footprint which can be a problem itself. What are your thoughts on this set? Are you planning on picking it up?
  11. And the votes are in! Here's some of the great entries submitted by the winners of the Glinch Royale Competition Dreejal Vin | Under the Sea | By 1st Place Winner The Secret Walrus The Creature From Beyond | Ooni Beast | System Aquart | By 2nd Place Winner logeybear Alcidox | Jens | By 3rd Place Winner Lt. de Martinet Be sure to head over to the Action Figures forum to congratulate the winners!
  12. And the votes are in! Here's the category A breakdown (Note: only entries that got votes are displayed here.) Category B: Now we tally up the votes and the winners are... Congrats to @The Secret Walrus, @logeybear, and @Lt. de Martinet ! Please send me your addresses to be passed on for shipping info as soon as possible. And thank you to everyone who entered and voted in the competition!
  13. It's that time to start voting for your favorite picks of the Glinch Royale Competition! This Galidor contest has produced some wacky creations, be sure to head over to the polls to check out all of the entries! Polls will be open for a week, closing 11:59 PM EST on 5/17. Category A Voting Category B Voting There are some awesome prizes on the line, make sure your favorite wins!
  14. Hello and welcome to the voting thread for Category A of the Eurobricks Glinch Royale Competition! Please review the voting rules below, start looking at all of the entries, and get to voting! Voting Rules Polls will automatically close at 11:59 PM EST on 5/17. You must have been a member before the official launch of this contest (March 31st join date or earlier) to be eligible to vote You may vote once in each poll. If we find that you are voting from multiple accounts, administrative action will be taken and you will be disqualified from the competition. Winners will be determined based on the total number of votes between both categories. Just because you win one poll, doesn't necessarily mean you have won the competition. 1) Jens by Lt. de Martinet 2) Dreejal Vin by The Secret Walrus 3) Nepol by optimus-convoy 4) Jens by The Chosen One 5) Euripides the last Amphibib by Mister N 6) Shimmel Revamp by Constraction Deva 7) Ooni Beast by logeybear 8) Keewop Revamp/Re-imagining by Constraction Deva 9) Tager by Sparky 10) TDN Module landing by Exetrius 11) Boge (Television Accurate Ooni) by Constraction Deva 12) System Aquart by logeybear
  15. Hello and welcome to the voting thread for Category A of the Eurobricks Glinch Royale Competition! Please review the voting rules below, start looking at all of the entries, and get to voting! Voting Rules Polls will automatically close at 11:59 PM EST on 5/17. You must have been a member before the official launch of this contest (March 31st join date or earlier) to be eligible to vote You may vote once in each poll. If we find that you are voting from multiple accounts, administrative action will be taken and you will be disqualified from the competition. Winners will be determined based on the total number of votes between both categories. Just because you win one poll, doesn't necessarily mean you have won the competition. 1) Lancel and Eggbert by Green Axles 2) A Short Threelegged Centipede by Green Axles 3) Under the Sea by The Secret Walrus 4) Grundurf by Sparky 5) Ultra advanced exploring suit by Green Axles 6) street thug by Green Axles 7) the most advanced explorer suit by Green Axles 8) even more advanced explorer suit by Green Axles 9) Advanced combat suit by Green Axles 10) Viniculum Battlecruiser by Constraction Deva 11) G-drone by The Chosen One 12) LADOS by Mister N 13) Simon is getting ready! by languages 14) Alcidox by Lt. de Martinet 15) Punch-Face the Bold by Ballom Nom Nom 16) 4-legged Grungle by TuragaNuva 17) Sailor spots Nessie by TuragaNuva 18) Claw machine by TuragaNuva 19) Ambassador Juurlas MisterJulius 20) The Creature From Beyond by logeybear 21) Archduke Amadeus Galidorus IV by optimus-convoy 22) Zeeba by Constraction Deva 23) Devout of the Order of Abiding Cushioning by Ballom Nom Nom 24) WotFace by Poor Disadvantaged 25) more advanced spacesuit by Green Axles 26) advanced spacesuit by Green Axles 27) flamethrower doggo by Green Axles 28) Human hybrid explorer bot by Green Axles 29) tall threelegged centipede by Green Axles 30) Quadruped explorer bot by Green Axles 31) Spr1nt3r by Green Axles 32) explorer bot by Green Axles 33) Abomination by Green Axles 34) Slurgur by Green Axles 35) house help robot 36) Hail to the king baby! by Green Axles 37) Nick Scorpiotooth, Plague Mech Sigma by Green Axles 38) Elta-Siktar Snow Troll by Constraction Deva