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  1. Barbara Hoel

    [MOC] Forgotten Ruins

    Nice color palette. The olive green lends itself well to warm tones of the other vegetation on the ground. I love the tree. I will have to find the tutorial!
  2. Barbara Hoel

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    What I love about this set is the William Gibson vibe. I have always wanted to do a build that is based on his cities.
  3. Barbara Hoel

    100% exact but Counterfeit Lego?!

    Ok, here is a question for you. Someone from China has been asking me to send pics for their blog. I don't trust them just because they are in China and so much ripping off of AFOLs is going on there. So have any of you been asked for pictures?
  4. Barbara Hoel

    Ladies, stand up !

    Lady Pink my Please!!