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  1. Hold0511

    [MOC] UCS Venator class-star destroyer (WIP)

    I love all things Venator and WIP progress pics and this is so going to be a thing of impressive awesomeness when its done....this beast is so going into my Lego Build bucket list...
  2. Hold0511

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I suspect the juniors set will use a sticker for the nose detail.
  3. Hold0511

    Review: 75248 Resistance A-Wing Starfighter

    Excellent thanks for the review, sharing your thoughts and taking the time to do good pics and the comparisons. I'm of that age that I prefer written reviews than videos on sets so thanks again great job. I love A-wings and have all the issued kits and a lot of MOCs, so this is definitely coming my way come Crimbo.
  4. Hold0511


    I decided to get two clear and two trans-black with my last BL order so I can swap them and see which looks better - I figured the clears would not look that good but they do work well....thanks again for your great MOC and instructions.
  5. Hold0511


    WIP pic - I had enough for a second model so I figured pending the Red version instructions coming out I'll just do a colour swap (man those wedges are hard to get in the UK in red). Waiting for the dark blue macaronis (they don't yet come in red yet which is a shame given all the less common colours they are available in already), white skis for the landing gear (DBG at the moment), replacement canopies and the odd tile here and there (top guns for example, more white macs)... Great build, and look so good in real bricks....I can see me having a whole range of them....green, orange, grey.....
  6. Hold0511


    Looks like a sticker but not one I've seen before - one for Gumbinger to answer please.
  7. Hold0511


    Instructions bought, 90% of the parts in, just waiting for those macaronis and wedges to arrive and the building can commence....
  8. Hold0511

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    To be honest I find polishing only buffs out scratches - once a white piece has gone yellow I replace it with new or good condition replacements from bricklink, especially when they are decent prices. I've tried various cleaning materials and they either remove the coating and leave it whiter but dull or erode the surface too much.
  9. UK S@H order placed, added the double VIP points and BofH promo all well and good - sadly its on back ordered status already....
  10. UK S@H order placed just (damn work getting in the way) - its on backorder status already....
  11. Hold0511

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    I think its only available in reddish brown and dark brown - I assume the difference in the image you show is perhaps reflecting its the dark brown colour?
  12. Hold0511


    Awesome thanks - that seals the deal on having on each of these lovely ships.
  13. Hold0511


    May I ask please if each colour build is a separate set of instructions? or will there be one purchase for all three colour schemes - thanks.
  14. Hold0511

    UCS Sticker Sheet Scans (My 10026 needs one!)

    It may be easier to go to Ebay or sellers websites and get a set of replacement stickers - I've used a couple of shops a number of times (e.g. Zacparis on ebay and ultimatecollectorstickers direct) either for replacements or when I have bricklinked a UCS or larger old set and the second hand prices have been crazy - quality is usually top notch.
  15. I'd back this - I love your and others MOCs but after a while its a bit of a pain that they stay at the top - saying that I know its a first world SW forum minor issue...