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  1. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Yup its 2 years. If you get close your points expiring Lego usually email you a reminder. Saying that they don't tell you how many points are expiring if you have points that are within the 2 years and 'safe'. You have to work it out yourself from your order history. Not an issue if your going to use up all your balance, but a pain if not. I did this the Xmas before last and it was fine as I had ordered and used my points prior to the expiry date (Boxing Day sale I think), with the set arriving about the second week of Jan.
  2. [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    Hi Jens, Small amount of Brasso and a nice soft cloth works a treat. Don't rub to hard and the paint comes off quite quickly. It did not harm the transparent part - in fact it came out sparkling at the end, but that was me being careful to use a good quality soft cloth so as not to 'polish in' any grit/small particles which would mark the plastic. I have a number of UCS sets and SW MOCs and Anio's A-wing remains my pride and joy!
  3. They emailed out a while back (I assumed to those with the MF in their wishlist on Shop@home) and you registered via the email.
  4. UK email to Lego VIPs Now Back in Stock >>Thanks for signing up to be notified about the Millennium Falcon™ coming back into stock. We've just received a new shipment and the item is available online. If you wish to check in-store availability, please call your local store.
  5. [MOD] 10134 UCS Y-Wing refresh

    Excellent - we can't have too many beat up Y-wings around - welcome to the clan, it looks grand.
  6. [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    I have have used the paint successfully even on rebuilds or when making changes - with the right number of coats & finish it should fit well with the other lego pieces and survive some use. Understandably if your using a darker base colour to start with as your base piece it will take more coats to get right or do as I did and use an undercoat. The dark red paint took less to finish.
  7. [MOC] UCS A-Wing

    I used white and dark red Plasti-kote spray paint in the satin finish - a few coats and it works a treat.
  8. Western MOC: Confederate Fort

    I'd love one of these to go the other side of my US fort...same question as dgherko on the Confederate figures though - would love some of those...
  9. [WIP] UCS V-19 Torrent

    Looks good - I'm happy with the level of studs you have tbh - this would look cracking with a decent stand on the other side of my B-Wing...
  10. [MOD/MOC] UCS Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Yup can see them now. I had the same problem with my UCS Clone Wars Y-wing - I had a bigger and hence more delicate version of your left build. In the end I went down the middle path - it was easier to shape as the engine is 8x8 v's 4x4 but the same comprimise. It was easier on the Y-wing as I used slopes and not the gill pieces.
  11. [MOD/MOC] UCS Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Sorry I can't see your pics - just a grey no entry sign? might just be me
  12. [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Fantastic, echo the above comments on the awesome bridge and water - I can almost hear the water flowing....top job.
  13. UCS Jedi Interceptor

    Awesome - can't wait to put two of these (gotta have a yellow and red version) either side of your A-Wing (which is still my favourite MOC).
  14. UCS Jedi Interceptor

    Sign me up for a set of instructions please Anio when they are ready...
  15. [UCS] [WIP] [MOC] Venator Class Star Destroyer

    Looking sweet - can't wait for the instructions - this is so going to be my next big build.