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  1. Hold0511

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Looking good Daddy_Stardust
  2. Hold0511

    [REVIEW] 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes

    Looks a good set - great figs and nice to see different colours from the usual versions of grey...
  3. Hold0511

    Lego 75004 Z-95 Headhunter modifications

    I remove all the spring shooter / stud shooters from my builds - I leave them on the kids ones - I usually fill them or plate the gaps, on my Z-95 I just filled it tbh.
  4. Hold0511

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    And the day gets better - an Acclamator would nicely balance up my other shelf....I look forward to that making its its debut!
  5. Hold0511

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    Cost depends on what bricks you have already, would you be buying new / used, your location, were you get your lego and how particular you are on the hidden internal build colours. I priced it up at £270 for all the 2853 parts (UK based) based on a mix of new/used bricks (e.g. any condition for internal pieces, new for transparent/tiles etc) once I'd then sorted through what I already in my spare parts I was down to about £190 (I tended to have the pieces but in the wrong colours) . You could colour swap on the internal pieces which are not seen as well but I did not bother to do that. No internal features - its a display model only.
  6. Hold0511

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    Wow now that's an Ace of a 'I built my MOC based on...' card! - still its a fabulous Lego build and I'm not surprised its going to go on display - would you be able to update with the LED pics as well please? love to see those once done.
  7. Hold0511

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    Awesome build and model Katakana - stunning!
  8. Hold0511

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Second that - I had the grey wheels fitted at first as I had them in my stockpile - then managed to find enough black ones from BL and swapped them out - after a few weeks I put the grey wheels back on for that used/in service feel. Both look good.
  9. Hold0511

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    The build was straight forward, the instructions very clear - the odd moment of finding where to add the 1x2 LBG plate but flicking ahead a step always sorted that out for me. I found the hardest steps where adding the two top side elements into their three hinges - in the end I eased the middle top section off the supporting elements and that made it easier. The two areas I need to review again are the two largest engines - a bit droopy, not sure I tightened up the axles right - and the four sets of hinged flap end elements on the top/bottoms which I keep knocking off when trying to angle them up/down. Hope the V19 is still on the go - we can't have too much Clone wars era stuff.
  10. Hold0511

    [MOC] UCS Venator-Class Star Destroyer

    Finally finished this awesome beast of a Venator quick pic before I tidy it up and then go a decent shot for the collection. Great fun and excellent guide - top job chaps!
  11. Hold0511

    TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor

    Great looking Tie squadron ecmo47
  12. Hold0511

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Looking good - the size of the cockpit dash shows how big this beast is going to be....
  13. Hold0511

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Now thats one awesome looking set of Pilots - looking great @Robianco
  14. Hold0511

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Sweet - they are looking mighty good.
  15. Hold0511

    UCS Jedi Interceptor

    Looking great Anio - would love to add in the red version next to your A-wing in my collection!