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  1. Milan

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    Cool! Thanks.
  2. Milan

    [MOC] [WIP] Liebherr LTC 1050.3 (Mediaco Design)

    Hey Mathias, so glad to see this crane, it is one of my favorites! And wow, you have managed to fit so much into this tiny space. Well done! That actuator was known as Firgelli, right? I really like this crane of yours! PS. I made one, too, two years ago, in 1:13 scale, the model 1045, but apart from a slightly difference in back cover, everything is the same. Glad to have another one.
  3. Milan

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    All the best to you, too! Glad to see this beast's progress! Hey, can you please post a bit smaller pics in the future? Max allowed size is 1024. Thx!
  4. Milan

    MOCs to Move

    @eric trax Moved!
  5. Milan

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Hi @fdfs If you want to present your model, it is better to post it as a separate topic. Also, if this model is not Lego, but other brand, we need to remove the pictures, as per site guidelines, we do not discuss or promote other (fake) brands. Thanks.
  6. Awesome review, as always. Pictures, yeah, still are the most impressive part in the review. And, actually, this Porsche looks really nice. I like it better than his bigger orange brother, it looks more curved and rounded that GT3. I thought that I would hate the "frog eye" headlights, but now, they seem okay, and nicely blend.
  7. "Been there, done that...already "
  8. Yeah, sure, let me just roll my sleeves up and.... Oh, right.
  9. This is the answer to the question: how Mack would have looked like if it came with bigger tires.
  10. Milan

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Do not use words like those on the forum. I have edited your post/removed them.
  11. Milan

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    @Yevhen @Dylan M Do not quote a whole block of pictures, please.
  12. Hi @Homersapien, as Jim pointed out, let's try to not bump old topics, unless you have something important to add to the conversation.
  13. Watch it Jim, they are playing mind tricks to get some info before the reveal.
  14. Milan

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    It is okay as long as the links and images are not posted here. Just keep in mind that Lego has asked not to share confidential images for a reason. @everyone: you can discuss all the details you have seen on images, just do not post those images and links here, until cleared from "confidential".