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  1. Please do not quote videos and images from the same page, and please use proper punctuation and capital letters. Thanks.
  2. Milan

    What is Pilotbrick?

    Hello Werner, Welcome to EB. Please take some time and familiarize yourself with the site rules. We do not encourage self promotion posts. But we hope you will have a great time discussing other topics on EB.
  3. I wouldn't view it as a one-time event. Model Team is a part of this forum, just like Technic. Similarly, as we have regular Technic contests, we should also consider having Model Team, Scale Modeling, and Mindstorms contests from time to time. Of course, the ratio should be based on popularity and interest in these themes. I agree. Perhaps we could consider the number of Model Team MOCs that have been posted on the forum in the last year, compared to the number of Technic MOCs (even though the line between them is sometimes thin). If the ratio is, let's say, 1:15, then every fifteenth contest could be a Model Team contest.
  4. Eurobricks member brickphisto created the topic [MOC] Mini 5580 Highway Rig [free instructions]. Click on the link or on the image to visit this featured topic.
  5. Congratulations to the winners, and to all who participated in what turned out to be one of the best Technic contests ever. And, of course, thank you @Jim for all your work, and to the judges for casting their votes. It was incredibly hard to make the list.
  6. @Bublehead As you had agreed with the forum staff during your time in the forum's chamber, refrain from creating topics of this nature. If you have suggestions or complaints, post them in the appropriate discussion threads.
  7. Please double check your entry posts to make sure everything is according to the requirements, before we close the topic.
  8. I never thought we would come to this kind of discussion here And I certainly do not appreciate a confrontational path with Jim, who has been doing this for a decade in his free time, organizing everything here, answering questions, and engaging in discussions, always maintaining professionalism and politeness, and always being "one of us". Not to mention all the behind-the-scenes tasks, like his constant lobbying for us to receive all those nice sets for prizes, to receive free shipping to the winners, and sometimes even using money from his own pocket for shipping, or sending his own private sets as prizes, as well as responding to all the private content-related PMs, emails, or DMs on other platforms. So, please, before this goes any further, let's slow down and appreciate what we have here. Let's value Jim's effort and just have fun creating new models, solving building challenges, and showing our creations to others. In short, enjoy the contest
  9. Milan

    Experienced moc designers here for hire?

    We try not to endorse other brands on the Technic forum, so we'll move this to the community section, where such discussion is okay.
  10. I fully understand the frustration when faced with limited time, while at the same time I am sure that we would all love to see the plane enter the contest.
  11. Reverse pattern is mainly used on in racing applications, especially on tracks. Racing tires are designed to provide maximum grip, stability, and control during high speed cornering and are suitable for aggressive ride. The reversed tread pattern on racing tires increases cornering traction, allowing riders to lean the bike more into corners. For "everyday" street motorcycles, the majority of front tires have a standard/normal tread pattern, to give a balanced performance for everyday use, under various, but "normal" road conditions.