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  1. 29 studs wide mobile crane. Wow. I am curious how it will perform. I have made similar 3 axle mobile crane, 24 studs wide, and encountered most of the problems guys noted here, and had to make cca 10 rebuilds of every major section. So, looking forward to see this finished. Anyway, when you finish it, just post it here, and change the title, so people know it is finished.
  2. Sure, will do it tonight.
  3. Moving this to our "Which Technic Set Should I Buy" topic.
  4. Yeah, I really liked that review setup, and Jim (btw, 11111 posts ) has given his approval for me to use it. I really like your MOD, too.
  5. Milan

    General Part Discussion

    Guys, let's use this topic for Part Discussion.
  6. Hi and welcome to EB. You are free to make a new topic and present your bot. We would like to see it! Otherwise, we prefer not to bump old topics, unless you have something important to add to the conversation. Have fun!
  7. One of the weirdest motorcycles, in a positive way. And Lego model really captures that nicely, in a positive way.
  8. Milan

    MY 8258 MOD

    @17Liftarm please do not bump such an old topic in the future, unless you have something important to add.
  9. 1967 Ford Eleanor GT500 Builder: @Lox Lego Category: Supercars Instructions: Yes (purchasable) Topic VIDEO Kenworth T600 Builder: @Sariel Category: Trucks Instructions: No Topic VIDEO Bugatti Chiron 1:8 Builder: @Leviathan Category: Supercars Instructions: No Topic VIDEO
  10. Very often small builds end up pretty high on our score table.
  11. Milan

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    Nice one!
  12. Beautiful, and what a nice addition to the fleet!
  13. @Paul B please do not post just a link to your blog (we have had this discussion four times already). Post relevant pictures or text, here on EB. Btw, your link is redirecting to a non-lego part of the blog, so I have removed it.