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  1. It's been completed Love the old classic Russian design, and the model captures that perfectly. Frontpaged!
  2. Love the look of it, and all the functions. And the track equalizing system.
  3. Rules on the first page said we do not open new topics for models. This is the only Cada topic for now
  4. Hi @Legorigs Nice to see you posting your awesome models here I have moved your topic to the Technic/Scale Modeling Forum. It would be great if you could post a few more pics of the Mack, and a more descriptive description, so we can frontpage it, and attract more attention.
  5. Milan

    VIVALDI TRIBUTE (lego ideas)

    Hello @legojoelego and welcome to EB. Please re-read the rules about the Ideas promotions, the ones you have agreed to upon registering. I have removed the link and hidden your other duplicated post.
  6. Hello and welcome to EB. A few notes: Try not to post your email address on a public forum. I have removed it. Use proper capitulation and punctuation. Have some patience. Efferman is working hard, and he provides his work for free.
  7. No problem, just make sure your post is about your model, not about Ideas.
  8. Welcome to EB. Please read the rules about posting ideas projects.
  9. I like to see it from time to time, yes But, regarding frontpaging, we need an eye catching model, so it can pop on the front page, and draw attention to our forum. This truck, as well as the previously frontpaged Technic Imperial Walker/Scout Trooper moc, make a great job doing that I am off topic with this post, so let's get back to the truck itself
  10. Yep, they are pretty cool.