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  1. [WIP] chassis teaser

    @pagicence Hi, welcome! Nice chassis you got there, hope to see the whole finished! Another note, EB's image max size is 1024. So please try to resize your photos a bit. Thanks and have fun!
  2. Hope you will sort the problems soon. About the crane, well, probably your best work so far. Grove cranes are hard to capture in bricks, but you did a great job.
  3. Check out the top three winners, and every entry here, or just click on the picture! Link is not bugged, it just works! The Tiger Pull Bug 1st
  4. Winners of Eurobricks TC13 contest: The Tiger Pull Bug 1st Builder: @MegaRoi Category: Misc Instructions: No Topic VIDEO Pentagon Clock 2nd Builder: @Didumos69 Category: Misc Instructions: LXF Topic Video Top Fuel Tractor 3rd Builder: @Anto Category: Misc Instructions: No Topic Video
  5. Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks to all who participated! Winners will be frontpaged soon!
  6. Hi, let's not bring old topic up, if not really necessary.
  7. Hi, welcome to EB. When looking for something on the forum, it is best to use search option. Here is the big topic about axles and suspension: After that, you can use the search option:
  8. [MOC] T-55a

    This is a proper way to bump! :) Always nice to see instructions for a great model.
  9. VW beetle Sport/Classic 1970

    Indeed, really nice look! Lines are pretty close to the real one. I will move this to Special Forum, since it is smaller than required 1:20 scale.
  10. MOC/WIP Fairplay IX en XI TUGBOAT in scale 1/60

    There is something calming and satisfying whenever i see such a nice curves and shapes done in bricks/plates/slopes...nice, Edwin!
  11. 1:17 Tesla Roadster 2020

    Nice! Love the old school bricks/studs look!
  12. SpaceX Falcon Heavy

    Yes, that looks cool. But, as already noted, we can't serve as a billboard for Ideas project. Tell you what. Since we are cool and all...i wont point you toward the Guidelines etc (but do read them! link in my description)...just gonna tell you here. (in whisper voice) You can post a link to your project, IF you make a small presentation here. (end of whisper voice) So, you do us a favor by posting nice pics and some text, and we let you post a nice link to your ideas, so you might get more votes. How's that?