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  1. REVIEW: 6671 Utility Repair Lift

    Hello @RavenGal3177 Can you please edit your post? Be aware that it is not good practice to bump such an old topic, unless you have something important to add to the conversation!
  2. Great, they have allowed size now You can check them yourself, just right click on the picture and choose "image info" on Firefox, or "inspect" in Chrome. Then you can see what size it is.
  3. Great effort, and great way to spend time together!
  4. Actually, they are still 3 times bigger than allowed. Try this...when in your Bricksafe folder (as I see you linked them from there), just hover over the pictures you want to post, and click on 800x450 option. Then just copy the link from the address bar, and paste it here. That's it!
  5. @ArsMan064 Very nice looking Ford van! Really smooth lines, also! Well done. Can you please resize your pics? They are too big.
  6. Lexus GX EV3

    We can't have two topics for the same model. I have merged the topics.
  7. Hello @Kong harald aka Helge Myhre, Trollet, Helge Johan, Helge, and Joelle Cox! You know the drill!

    @sxbstart Hi, please use English language when posting on EB. Thanks!
  9. Check them by visiting Technic forum HERE, or click on the picture!
  10. 2P car

    Hi, @zzz7151 Welcome to EB! Please note that we ask our members to post in English language. I will lock this topic, and leave the one you posted on English. Have fun!
  11. End of Lepin and other bootleggers?

    Guys, let's follow the EB's guidelines. Discussion about these brands are not allowed.
  12. MOCs to Move

  13. MOC: Microscale TEREX DEMAG AC1000

    Hi! This is a very accurate representation of the Demag AC1000, I love this crane, too! FOr some time, it was the biggest mobile crane in the world! I will move this model to the Special Themes, but will leave a link!