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  1. Milan

    Technic Pub

    Agreed. That guy (Ian) is one of my favorites in scale modelling world.
  2. Milan

    Discussion Etiquette

    We will move this to our Community forum.
  3. Milan

    Big Boys 70000 pieces

    Hi monai, let's try to post more info when making presentation topics. Thanks.
  4. Guys, what is the status on this car? It seems that there has not been any progress for over a month. I really hope this build will be finished. This topic will be unpinned sometime this day.
  5. Guys, do not quote pictures on the same page. @Kladovec please resize your photos to EB's max allowed size.
  6. Milan

    Technic Pub

    What!? You guys prefer a Chiron or a Porsche over cute bunnies and flowers and such?
  7. Let's stick to the 2018 sets discussion, please.
  8. Milan

    Porsche 919 EVO mod/moc

    Hi, in this forum one of the requirements is that the model must be at least 1:20 in scale. I will move this to the more appropriate forum.
  9. At least it is not a trap. Okay guys, if you could choose, what would you like to build for this contest: 1. Make a device useful to the household...dust collector/sweeper, door/window opener, shoes arranger, beerbringer etc. 2. Make a Technic motorized animal, must be recognizable, must be able to mimic walking, crawling, swimming etc 3. Make something choose, go nuts!
  10. Thanks! Looking good! (both the pictures' size and the model)
  11. Yes, we are going to sort it up a bit.
  12. @ibessonov Hi, max image size should be 1024x768.
  13. Guys, don't quote whole block of text when replying. @LvdH your pic is way too big.