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  1. Thanks, yeah, they are indeed in great condition. I can sell two of the biggest sets (the house and the boat) together, separately from the whole group.
  2. Pretty old sets from the late 80's and 90's. Private collection, from a child that really took care of his toys (me ), from a no-smoking, no pets home. Very good condition. Kept in a big box, in a cold place, away from sunlight. No discoloration. Bit dusty on the pics, though, sorry. Sets are 98% - 100% complete. No boxes. Instructions as PDFs or scanned images. Will send missing/damaged parts if needed. PRICE: 199 Euros/229 USD (around 80 Euros lower than the combined value from BL's average prices) LOCATION: Europe, Serbia. SETS: (Set number/set name/number of parts) 1. 6354: Pursuit Squad 171 2. 6430: Night Patroller 140 3. 6630: Bucket Loader 34 4. 6532: Diesel Dumper 46 5. 6509: Red Devil Racer 39 6. 6660: Hook & Haul Wrecker 52 7. 6530: Sport Coupe 43 8. 6245: Harbour Sentry 25 9. 6508: Wave Racer 37 10. 6510: Mud Runner 34 11. 6506: Precinct Cruiser 32 12. 6528: Sand Storm Racer 39 13. 1610: Police Car 23 14. 6672: Safari Off-Roader 67 15. 6671: Utility Repair Lift 92 16. 6669: Diesel Daredevil 90 17. 6646: Screaming Patriot 65 18. 6834: Celestial Sled 55 19. 6833: Beacon Tracer 40 20. 6877: Vector Detector 62 21. 4021: Police Patrol 195 22. 6349: Holiday Villa 205 PARTS TOTAL: 1586
  3. Milan

    Help! 3D printed wheels

    Hello @EDL Bricks and welcome to EB. I would also suggest you to try to find Lego solution for this. If you have already decided against it, then maybe check out this topic about custom third party parts:
  4. Milan

    [MOC] Mazda RT24-P

    Great first post, Mordecai! Love the build.
  5. Milan

    [MOC] My Own Car - Lexus CT200h

    Hm, I like the windshield and all the glass. But I know people prefer to have the models without those. But I also know how much trouble they are to implement and what limitations they introduce. Wow, all the angles...wouldn't it have been much easier if you had just sold this car and bought a much more squared car, and built that?
  6. Milan

    Superyacht explorer ship in scale 1:40

    Next level, for sure.
  7. Milan


    Having been in a lots of shops, I can say it really has the atmosphere of one. Love the walls and all the details. Adding yellowed white bricks on the wall is a great touch. I only wish if it had more dirt and oil stains on the floor, and at least dozen boxes with various parts laying on the ground :)
  8. Milan

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    Pleasure to watch you build again in real time. This one is really something. Yeah, a bit different from your old (and my favorite) studded builds, but nevertheless, it is really packing both functions and look. Off-topic: miss the old days on your forum and all the builds there, especially your collabs with Ivan. Just few days ago I used the Wayback site to take a look at how the forum used to look back then. Oh the memories.
  9. Milan

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    Cool! Thanks.
  10. Milan

    [MOC] [WIP] Liebherr LTC 1050.3 (Mediaco Design)

    Hey Mathias, so glad to see this crane, it is one of my favorites! And wow, you have managed to fit so much into this tiny space. Well done! That actuator was known as Firgelli, right? I really like this crane of yours! PS. I made one, too, two years ago, in 1:13 scale, the model 1045, but apart from a slightly difference in back cover, everything is the same. Glad to have another one.
  11. Milan

    [MOC] MK V Tank

    All the best to you, too! Glad to see this beast's progress! Hey, can you please post a bit smaller pics in the future? Max allowed size is 1024. Thx!
  12. Milan

    MOCs to Move

    @eric trax Moved!
  13. Milan

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Hi @fdfs If you want to present your model, it is better to post it as a separate topic. Also, if this model is not Lego, but other brand, we need to remove the pictures, as per site guidelines, we do not discuss or promote other (fake) brands. Thanks.
  14. Awesome review, as always. Pictures, yeah, still are the most impressive part in the review. And, actually, this Porsche looks really nice. I like it better than his bigger orange brother, it looks more curved and rounded that GT3. I thought that I would hate the "frog eye" headlights, but now, they seem okay, and nicely blend.
  15. "Been there, done that...already "