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  1. @Gray Gear Yes. The tracks are mounted on the back to the chassis. Somewhere near the front they are attached via equalizer bar, thus allowing the tracks to move up and down independently, while the back sections are kept fixed. Until amon put his pics, here is a visual on how it can be done in Lego (Liebherr Tracked Loader, but they use the same suspension system as CAT on these machines). Regarding the LGB pole, that is a GPS device that helps the driver (and surrounding workers) to make precise movements of the machine, thus keeping the measurements of the project correct (at least on the ground level) and checked in real time.
  2. @amon161 Welcome to EB! What a nice dozer! In a not so common color, which makes it even more appealing. Nice work on all the angles, specifically on the cabin and on the hood. Functions look nice too, as well as the suspension. @Gray Gear It looks like it has an equalizer bar, with a center pin mounted on the chassis, and its sides mounted on each of the tracks.
  3. Guys, to avoid reviving the topic each time someone wants to ask for the parts list, please use PM and ask the user who has them to share it with you. Thanks.
  4. Hey Jon. it is really easy. As guys said, just make an account on Flickr, Bricksafe or use other sites that do not require an account (Postimages, Imgur). Then upload your images there (mind the EB's allowed size) and just paste the link here. Images will be shown in your post. Here is a step by step guideline:
  5. @Danifill Please resize your photos to allowed limit. Check the pinned topic about that. Love the car, especially the back. Also, the filming location seems like a really nice place to live.
  6. Welcome to EB Your post is fine, your pictures and video are visible, and are of correct size. For suggestions, just one: you may want to keep the size of the text the same throughout the post, it just looks more neat and clean. Difference usually occurs when you copy and paste from other posts/sites. Yes, I know it is repetitive, but we (staff) need to remind those rules, for the forum to be efficient for all. That being said, thanks for taking the time to try and see how to make a good post in the designated topic If you need any help, ask via M or in the forum And finally, your B model is indeed looking like a brother of 8840, very similar in styles. I wonder how it would look if you would put another set of tires on the front axle. Some forklifts have thicker tires on the front compared to the back ones.
  7. Milan


    @creeps12 do not create more topics or posts until you and I make some practicing. Please come to this topic: and try to post there a few photos.
  8. It looks awesome! Thanks for taking time to post it.
  9. @creeps12 Hi and welcome to EB. You need to use external hosting site, like Flickr, Bricksafe etc, and just paste the links from your pictures hosted there. Do not upload pictures directly in your post.
  10. They are the same color. Different platforms have different names for the same color.
  11. By creating the account you were asked to read and accept the site rules (also about bumping old topics). You were also reminded of them yesterday, when you bumped. You have been informed twice it was against the rules. But, you did the same thing again today... So, let's try to stick to the new topics and only revive old ones if there is something important to add.
  12. Please stop reviving old topics, just to say "nice". You already received one warning just yesterday, for bumping another 9 year old topic.
  13. 4-wheel-steer cars have been available for some time, and according to tests, have some advantages.