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  1. Purist Superhero Figures

    @Biggus_Brickus Hi, please don't quote whole block of pictures, it makes reading the forum very hard. Thanks and have fun!
  2. Hello Joey. Please do not make replies like this, and bumping the topic. Posts should be more constructive. Thanks.
  3. [WIP] Big Truck

    @Petr LUBAS You might want to upload bigger photos. The one you posted is uploaded to EB. It is the best to upload pictures to image hosting sites (Flickr, Bricksafe, Brickshelf etc), and then link them here. Since you already have Brickshelf, you use that, just be careful about our image size rules.
  4. Cast a vote, after that, it removes all the options. Refreshing the page shows the options again. Clicking on the "show results" does not show my vote being remembered.
  5. Technic Pub

    That is interesting currency they use in these caverns! This pic strikes me as a Fallout 3/nv/4 cavern player home. Bet it was more than awesome trip!
  6. [MOC] Smaug with Instructions

    @MovieMocs I have merged two of your Smaug topics. Please do not create two topics for the same moc. You could have just put link to the instructions in the original topic. Thanks.

    Thanks! Good luck with your new drone project!

    @BrickbyBrickTechnic I'll send you a PM. I think it is not fair to bump two of your six-months-old topics at the same time.
  9. MOCs to Move

    I think you are very much right! Oh and, you might wanna check out the Frontpage of the EB in the next few days!
  10. Volvo truck is one of your best works so far! Dumptruck is also very fitting. Just one thing: last two sets of tires on dumptruck are placed backwards, they should be facing the opposite way, just like the front tires are.
  11. Hello, Aefferen. You are bumping a 4 year old topic, which is against the rules. Skyliner hasn't been logged here on Eurobricks for the last 3 years (just hover over his name to see when he was online last time), so it may be better idea just to send him a PM, or try to find him on a site where he is active. I will lock this.
  12. Hi, please use proper capitalization and punctuation when posting. Thanks!
  13. We will keep this locked until we have some info about 2018 sets which we can use to discuss, not to speculate or wish for.
  14. Our member, and one of the best Scale Modeling builders, Bricksonwheels, has made yet another beauty! Check out his Harley Davidson Softail Springer in 1:10 scale in our new Scale Modeling Forum!