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  1. unfortunately there is no suspension anywhere on the tracks , since the weight of all the added parts was bending the original frame of the model i had to reinforce the track frames and the undercarriage to fix this issue
  2. The journey is finally over , my D11T dozer is complete , includes 2 hubs , 7 motors and 8 linear actuators. Functions are adjustable blade height and tilt , adjustable ripper height and tilt, deployable ladder and individually powered tracks powered by the top sprocket more on my flicker
  3. sadly i wont be making instructions , i have no clue how to either lol , but if your building your own version ill help the best i can with any questions you have
  4. much progress had been made , it looks like the goal was reached to have all original functions the lego designed dozer had with the addition of 2 linear actuators to control ripper tilt , this means theres a total of 2 hubs and 7 motors , the dozer in the pictures is not finished just yet and comes in right under 13lbs with all batteries in the hubs if anyone knows how to slow down a motor in the lego technic powered up app please let me know , ive looked everywhere and cant find how to slow its rotation
  5. looks amazing , will you be building this model in real life ?
  6. unfortunately it does , theres around $150 in extra parts in the pics that you see in addition to some parts i had already , but if you have lots of yellow technic parts already you could save a lot of money
  7. have made lots of progress but theres still lots of work to be done lol. all functions are working except for the drop down ladder , ( 1 L motor for blade tilt , 1 L motor for blade elevation , 2 angle motors , 1 for each track , 1 L motor for bottom pair of linear actuators for the ripper , and 1 L motor for the top pair of linear actuators for the ripper, and 2 hubs , ) there will be one more L motor that will control the ladder
  8. Hello , is there anyway you have this version with the tracks on it
  9. been super slow progress due to bricklink orders but i have finally completed the main structure for my track frames , the support holding the upper drive sprocket will be gone in the final design , so it will be very accurate to the real machine , i just have it there now so i can get a feel for the look of the track. Also the upper sprocket will be the one that has the drive motors connected to it , and each frame also has 8 rollers that are hard to see in the pics
  10. looking forward to seeing the progress pics , my progress has been super slow , im waiting on 1 more bricklink order to come in then ill be able to complete my newly designed track layout , then ill be able to work on the internals and get the ripper assembly started , cant wait to share my progress !
  11. looks good , are you going to be adding the additional 2 linear actuators to have the ripper have more functionality , also what is a PTO ?
  12. Unfortunately not , i wanted to make everything as solid as possible so each roller is pinned into the track frame with 2 pins on each side of each roller , of course the rollers can still rotate
  13. ive been working on moving my drive motors to power the top sprocket, the ideal goal is to have no outer support holding the top sprocket wheel up like on the real machine , i most likely will need to have one though , also my entire track design is custom , the track uses one more link on each tread then in the original d11 set , the tracks are plenty tight so slipping wont be an issue , this is a super super rough design ive made
  14. haha i appreciate it , believe me your pictures helped me a lot when i was adding the second pair of linear actuators , and are both your hubs stacked on top of each other then ? i know on the original model the hub is located underneath the engine bay , im assuming you had to remove the whole v12 engine in order to fit the 2nd hub in ? if you are talking about the old power functions i believe the answer is yes , i have used 1 battery box that had 2 receivers connected to it , each receiver had 3 motors connected to it so i had a total of 6 motors , only issue is one receiver can only have 2 different functions assigned to it , so you can have a total of 4 motors assigned to one receiver, but 2 motors will be used for the same function and the other 2 motors will be used together for another function , with the new powered up system , 1 hub can support 4 motors that can all do different functions