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  1. Wodanis

    [MOC] LEGO Store Leicester Square Modular

    This is extremely well done. Thank you for sharing it. I imagine this would've been quite the challenge to build so concisely.
  2. Wodanis

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Do what I just did last year and built my own Market Street. Most of the parts are available. Normally I am a purist but I made a few adjustments since it was a fan creation. The doors were replaced with the regular 1x6 door frames and instead of the tubed fencing I took out the platform and just used a 1x4 fence (1980's). It looks great and retains the essence of the set. Thankfully I had the foresight to order the figures when I built my Green Grocer and Cafe Corner.
  3. I love this setting. Very inspiring and would like to do one of my own!
  4. Wodanis

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    @Fabulandlover The new doors are exactly 3 plates/1 brick higher than the old ones. For Cafe Corner you need to alter the under plates for the door and invert the plates above the door while removing the plate above the door frame. For the side door it was even easier. Adding a brick and removing the bottom plate while just moving the upper plate onto the new bricks. Perhaps I'll have to take a picture for you to illustrate but it was a simple modification. I spent overall about $300 CAD on my green grocer. The cheaper portion of my orders were from LEGO B&P. PAB is better if you are ordering bricks as I find it cheaper. I just completed building Market Street and it wasn't that expensive either. It is mainly just bricks and plates. I modified it with new windows instead of tan bricks at the back, new doors with frames which again was simple substitutions. I took away the hose fencing and just used simple old type fencing that has been around for 30 years. 1x3 tiles for the steps instead of 1x1/1x2 tiles. It went well and looks great. I also changed the grater bricks with the newer brick facade type bricks. I have uploaded two images for Market Street on my flickr account.
  5. Wodanis

    How to Design a Modular or a Non-Modular Building?

    Hi LegoModularFan, I haven't been on the forums in a long time but happy to see my name mentioned! Thank you. As for how I approached my building design I started with just a concept of what I wanted. In my case, a gas station and police headquarters. I did draw out the base floor to think about where I wanted to place certain areas ie Armoury, front desk etc. I worked in Lego Digital Designer fluidly and thought about different building techniques as I went. As I had mapped things out I knew more or less how it was suppose to be. The facade of the building is usually the most important aspect so I played around with different designs until I had the right look. In the case of my police station there originally was suppose to be a garage attached to the main building. However after trying to get that to work I found it wasn't going to. I ditched it and then the design took off again. The one thing with LDD was that the sense of scale doesn't hit you until you begin building. It turns out that the Police HQ was just as large as the LEGO city hall but it looks fantastic beside it! I stuck with pretty basic techniques and will likely refurbish the design when I wish to as there has been a lot of progress with new parts and building techniques. I find the little details are what makes it interesting too. Who knew designing a water cooler could be so much fun! For those who wish to start building a modular building I would advise to work from the bottom, the base is important and how the plates are structured will determine the overall outlook. Think about colour as well. LDD allows one to be picky but keep in mind that not all bricks are available in certain colours. I usually double check parts and colours with Brickset to determine whether something is available. Can be time consuming but its worth it in the end. Cost will also play into what your designing so reusing particular parts or for example using a 1x3 tile instead of a 1x2, 1x1 tile makes a difference in price. The actual LEGO designers think in the same fashion. Other than that, dream big and have fun! One of these days I will build a Roman Colosseum. Wodanis
  6. Wodanis

    [MOC] CCC14 - Clarendon Castle

    As always Mark, I enjoy your builds. One day I hope to build such a wonderful MOC like yours. Very inspiring.
  7. Wodanis

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm excited for the summer wave sets. The jungle theme sounds very imaginative and fun. I suspect you are correct about the Heavy Rescue Helicopter scottwb2010. I'm wondering if the freight terminal might be a train set? The last Rescue vehicle 4x4 set was terribly overpriced here in Canada, at the time I picked one up in the UK for less which was unreal. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the new images.
  8. I really like the flower beds and the tree designs! I would love to incorporate them into my town. How are the tree leaves connected to the base?
  9. Wodanis

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I am thoroughly unimpressed with the police wave for 2017. Clearly the good designers are doing other themes. I am surprised that these passed their peer reviews in the design process. The police station is a mess of bricks and new parts slapped together. By far the most horrible design for the mobile police truck I've seen to date. The bank is the only one that looks decent and I would purchase. What is with the vehicle in the mini-fig pack? It's clear that they had some room with the price point and threw it in. The new thief torso prints look good. Let us hope the other City sets will be stronger.
  10. You figure the last realistic siege engine was back in 1984 (6061)! I think we are overdue for a good one. I agree the building techniques today could create some amazing sets. Personally I've wanted them to reproduce Forest men sets for a long time. I think that would be a great selling theme. Keep in mind though, that the Forest men were a niche theme like Coast Guard, Submarine, Volcanic themes in City. Apparently farm sets for City in 2009 weren't a fast seller.
  11. Wodanis

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    I have about 2500 or so but I haven't done an official count. Brickset doesn't have my loose mini-figures accounted for. I should get around to counting all of them!
  12. Wodanis

    UK LEGO stores questions

    That is correct. It is £11.99 and £6.50 respectively for the large and small PAB cups. A portion of the wall contains the parts for the monthly build models. However some store managers still try to offer some different parts at their store. I visited the two London stores earlier this year and for the most part they had consistent parts however I managed to score wall sconces from the one store.
  13. Wodanis

    Toltobury Wharf

    I didn't think to calculate the studs on top! I will have to try it out. Thank you for answering my question. It should make it easier to use baseplates that way.
  14. Wodanis

    Toltobury Wharf

    I really enjoyed your creation, especially the WIP photos. It gives me an insight into how things are achieved. I am inspired by many other MOCs here and hope to acquire enough parts to try one myself. My one question about your project was how did you attach the baseplates over top of the under structure frame for the buildings?
  15. So we need a new medieval adventure movie to put Castle back on the radar? I think I've said this before but TLG likely has a new castle theme already in the pipeline as they usually plan five years ahead of the release.