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  1. agadoijo

    [MOC] EVA Unit 02 & Tokyo-3

    This is incredible! The Eva is perfect but it would not be the same without the nanofig Tokyo-3 that is incredibly detailed! Is it possible to have more photos of Tokyo-3? I just love models in this scale. Overall, incredible work!
  2. Does anyone know when will the ghost be available in Europe?
  3. This is the kind of thing that really makes me mad... mad enough to actually post my discontentment... So the ComicCon exclusives where not enough? Sorry for living in Europe and actually having zero chance of getting this... way to go LEGO! I'm sorry for the rant.
  4. agadoijo

    [WIP] "Midiopolis" [Midi Scale Lego Modulars]

    Very nice! Looking forward for updates on this topic. @Withacee thank you for the mention :) Those were indeed in minifig scale. @LegoMonorailFan I've joined the Flickr group so that I don't miss a thing!
  5. agadoijo

    LEGO Seasonal 2017

    Thanks mate!
  6. agadoijo

    LEGO Seasonal 2017

    Any word when the 40262 and 40263 will be available in Europe?
  7. agadoijo

    I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    Yeah! Thank you LEGO! Now we have what? 50% ratio on exclusive vs non-exclusive brickheadz? Whoa! Thank for point this out, until now I did not have instructions on the 41496 and 41497 Didn't realize until now the quantity of printed parts on the Spider-Man & Venon one... also brick 26604 in black, guess that one is still not very common. Hopping that he does the Boba & Han ones.
  8. agadoijo

    I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    Yes! Please make this happen! I'm also a big fan of the Brickheaz, but I simply cannot aford the SDCC exclusive ones, having an alternative to the printed elements will be a big step in the way of replicating them, since I hope that some of the exclusive color bricks will eventually be released in other sets. I also do not understand why, currently, we have the same number of exclusives as the available to mortal ones! Or why there are no instructions for these ones? @legolijntje can you please repost the images here? So that we could have all the information in one spot? Thanks!
  9. Keep them coming! The silos are a bit to red for me, but that just my personal taste. Good work!
  10. This is really nice! Very inspiring, I hope to make something in this scale someday, but will have to find replacements for the classic pieces. What will you use for roads? I guess that probably the classic road plates would look fine. Looking forward for updates and the final layout!
  11. agadoijo

    Minifig Cars dimensions... my black dog...

    @JSCan: I have built a 6 wide Mini that can have 2 minifigs inside. Don't know if you will like it, I think that they look better in person than in the photos actually. It was based on a version in the Marvel Super Heroes game. Please check some more photos here
  12. This is awesome! Love the outside and inside of the temple. That waterfall is very clever and the foliage is nicelly spread. Very good work.
  13. agadoijo

    [MOC] The Adventurers of Professor Boom

    This is a really nice series! I like that you're able to create a full series of MOCs around one single character. The technique you used to take the first picture is really awesome and this last build is full of little details with the complicated shapes that you were able to create. Really nice.
  14. agadoijo

    Brothers Grimm

    I was just looking again at this masterpiece and I just realize I have no idea how some of the paper tree braches are hold? Is it with bricks behind? Is it with kraggle?
  15. agadoijo

    Brothers Grimm

    This is simply amazing! Great, great build. What a real nice idea and great execution! It's like the book is coming to life. It makes me wish that there were more pages! Any chance on sharing more pics of this awesome work?