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  1. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    i'm almost of 500 pieces for complete the cafe corner! :D
  2. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Quick Question: How many pieces are in total for the Sand Blue variation of GG?, because there's not 1x3 & 1x8 bricks :S
  3. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    there are 2 types of skis and dark red roofs, when you verify the piece on the catalog and choose the color, in the bottom of the page will show you similar pieces of the one of you're looking for. i found the skis and dark red slopes more cheaper in thar option
  4. NgRO

    Modular Police Station

    Would be great if you share the LDD, but at final is your choice to share it :)
  5. NgRO

    Modular Police Station

    An Amazing build! Congrats for make it a reality!! It's my imagination or on one side is a door for another building with be connected to the station?.... Vehicle parking?
  6. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Yes, i'm looking for those bricks
  7. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Quick Update After a few bricklink orders (just to try) i have around 890/2044 pieces for Cafe Corner, i order 5 more orders to complete the Dark Red Slopes, and with the door changes and windows i hope to have everithing ready for end of November :)
  8. NgRO

    MOC: LEGO Modular Building - LEGO Brand Store (WIP)

    that's looks great! I want to desing my own lego store and this will be helpful for my desing
  9. I only have the Petshop, and was so great to build it I want to buy the Grand Emporium but i'm living in mexico and lego doesn't ship here, even the store rejected my order because i have a mailbox address :( Trying to get it in ebay but is so expensive... Can anyone confirm me if the GE is still available at lego retail? to planning a trip to San Antonio's store soon :S
  10. NgRO

    Lego Online Shop Drama

    Well, let's see if a local comic shop can help me with this, thanks for the comments!
  11. Have anyone happen this? I'm from Mexico and i cant buy anything from the Lego online shop, But i have and Address in US and i want to place an order (the Grand Emporium) and is done the order Minutes later the Store has REJECTED my order because the address I've input is not valid to shipping! Anyone have other options appart of Bricklink to order a Grand Emporium??? Because i don't have relatives on US and only the POBOX, PD: on Amazon is on 200 USD and i can't paid that ammount in this momment. Regards Everyone!
  12. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Ok, Looking more on the thread i make some changes about the CC: Use modern doors and frames (the type 2 doors frame) switch the blue arcs to Gray or White arcs, the more cheaper that i can found in my travels to local street markets Get the Dark Red Slopes in BnP thanks for Pet Shop use modern regular windows for floor 2 and 3 I'm still thinking about the change of Green To Blue Grocer, meanwhile i'll looking for the other color pieces...
  13. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Quick Update, In this weekend i went to a few second hand markets in the city and i found arround 300 pieces for around 20 USD, the good hunting was the brick with the lion head for a .07 USD for Market street and 2 of the 5 car covers for Cafe corner. I have around: 300 pieces for Cafe Corner 28 for Green/Blue Grocer 30 for Market Street 150 for Fire Brigade Good Start isn't One question, for the Dark Red slope for CC what is better, BL or BnP????
  14. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Oh, is all the parts? Also, i see on the thread about the modifications on CC to be more cheap instead of getting the original door ant etc, What are those modifications? are listed or in a LDD file???
  15. NgRO

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Hi all, I'm reading all this topic and i'm on page 10 of this and is great with a lot of information. I'm working now to have Cafe Corner, Green Grocer, Market Street and Fire Brigade, Past weeks i was on a Lego Store and get a lot of pieces to this project, but now looking on Bricklink i see a lot of pieces are so expensive, Looking on the thread i see the dark red slope of CC are the same on Pet Shop, and i found on Bricks & Pieces i can get the same piece, someone has do the same? are similar? Any recommendation to begin with this projects?, Specially with Green Grocer of the pieces like 1x2 with groove brick in sand green, i want to have it on the same color but if are any alternative for that piece and the look of the building. My first objective on this is complete CC and then the orther ones in order, but i'm open to recommendations to this projects :)