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  1. I'm really glad LEGO broke the mold of one regular series per year. While it was interesting to have a given series number coincide with the year, I have no personal interest in licensed series except for the sake of being a completionist. To that end, I seriously hope we don't lose out on a regular series next year. I honestly just prefer LEGO's original characters, even if they end up feeling referential or redundant.
  2. This is such a cute series! While I'm not a big fan of another series full of costumes, the combination is timely for the holiday season. And for me, it's way better than any licensed series. I see a few long-awaited characters, namely the Snowman, Turkey Costume, and Holiday Elf. I'm intrigued by the Snowman in particular - it looks like the hat is the regular top hat mold and can (hopefully) be swapped out for other hats.
  3. The clearer pictures make me even more excited for these! There’s something I’m interested in with every single figure in this lineup. I really only have minor criticisms, if any, and I would chalk them up to artistic differences. The Repair Robot is truly adorable. Nice reuse of the Welder mask, in a way that isn’t just another welder. And such a cute companion bot! Chili Pepper Girl is rather standard food costume fare, with my only hope being that the torso has some sort of printing like the Pea Pod Girl. I like that we have another option for a milk carton print. The Bard is exactly what I was hoping for and it exceeds my expectations. Printed coins (with likely an extra!) and the new lute element steal the show for me! The Snow Warrior is only okay for me. I actually really like all of his parts, and he seems like an easy way to get lots of huskies. Despite all got this, he just doesn’t excite me as much as other warriors have in the past. I can see the arguments about the lack of excitement for the Foalkeeper. The foal is clearly the show stopper here, there’s no denying that. But the rest of her actually looks like someone I would see on a farm or even something like a petting zoo? And I quite like the hat/hairpiece, especially in this new color combo. The Ice Dancer is a long-awaited welcome counterpart. The only thing I would change is to give him a bit more detail on his legs. The hair and torso are perfect in the way that they match the Series 4 Ice Skater. Probably my favorite of the bunch this time around is the Moon Warrior. I love the color choices and printing on this one. It makes me excited for a Sun Warrior in a possible future series. However, I’m not a big fan of the mold choices for the weapon and especially the hairpiece. I think I would have preferred a helmet-hair combo or at least the inclusion of a helmet to swap out the hair. Just something different than Fitness Instructor hair, something a bit more battle-ready… The Forest Sprite is one of my top favorites. The acorn hat is really cute, as is the mushroom with the little face. I’m intrigued by textile elements, and as such I’m interested to see what the cape looks like. It seems to have the same shape as an oak leaf, which could look good on rogues and the like. I’m loving the toucan with the Ornithologist. The clearer pictures have done her justice and show the nuances in her printing, which I think makes her a great figure overall. Raccoon Girl is standard animal costume fare, with the added bonus of reusing parts. The reliance on the appeal of raccoons is evident and I think it still works. We’ve definitely had more interesting animal costumes. Like the Snow Warrior, this one is one of the least exciting figures for me. The dubbed “Snailien” is a neat and different take on the aliens that we’ve gotten before. I never thought that the bumblebee cap would be reused in such a way! I’m interested to see what is being used on its back. The Wheelchair Racer is everything I would expect from that kind of figure, except perhaps the new helmet mold. I did not really expect them to make a new helmet, but it’s nice to get some variety from the same old bike helmet. Overall another winner! My Top 5 in no particular order would be the Repair Robot, Bard, Moon Warrior, Forest Sprite, and Snailien. I’m really just excited to get more non-licensed CMFs. Though I like that we’re getting them early in the year, it disappoints me to know that’s all we’ll get for the year…
  4. I think you’re right. I remember trying the pith helmet with the satchel awhile back and it doesn’t quite work - you have to rotate the hairpiece a bit off-center to allow the bag to go across the back properly. So I don’t think LEGO would use that combination. I gotta admit, that baseball cap element is becoming the ponytail that was common to older series… not that I mind, because we could be getting that ponytail instead, it’s just been in every series since S19. I totally get you… those centaurs had great torsos! At least they were easy to feel for :) Of the ones we haven’t seen yet in this upcoming series, I’m probably most eager to see the Moon Warrior. Since the Snow Warrior appears to be human, I’m hoping the Moon Warrior is non-human… Place your bets now on the Insect Alien’s weapon - is it the same old space gun, or actually something different?
  5. This series looks and sounds to be more fantasy based than other recent series, which is very exciting for me! To no surprise, I’ll be getting them all regardless. I quite like the Worker Robot. His coloration and personality give me Wall-E vibes. Simply a different take on the robots we’ve had so far. The Ornithologist looks like she would pair well with the Jungle Explorer. Can’t wait for a clearer picture of the toucan. Also looks like she could be reusing the pith helmet and hair combo introduced with the Paleontologist? The Figure Skater is a welcome counterpart, and that hair is perfect for it! I was always bothered that you couldn’t place a minifigure on the display plate when they had skates on, so I’m glad to see he gets the posing parts so he can be attached to the plate while still wearing skates. The Wheelchair Racer looks perfect, and the helmet appears to be new. The instructions make it seems like there will be a way to affix him to the display plate while in the racing chair. I’m ambivalent about what I’ve seen so far with the Snow Warrior. I was hoping he would look more like the Ice Queen, but I do like the snowflake on the shield. Not sure if he’s meant to be historical or strictly fantasy. I don’t think we’ve seen any pictures of anything else… but the rest of the list also sounds intriguing! Based on the description, the “forest spirit” is probably a Forest Sprite. That would be an excellent addition for fantasy fans! Can’t wait to see what else pops up before the official reveal, which probably won’t happen until December...
  6. telaruhn

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I share a lot of the same sentiments here. Having the larger stage sets introduced in the first wave would have made for more impact on store shelves. With the second wave on shelves, the theme as a whole feels more complete to me. I second the premise of more stage sets! I could see a "Samurap Dojo Stage" being successful if it remotely looked anything like Ninjago. Other sets to round out the other genres could be "Discowboy Rodeo Stage," and "Tropicon Beach Stage." Sadly, it seems likely that this will not happen.
  7. telaruhn

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    These exclusive parts are really exciting! I don't live near a store, but I'm fortunate enough to have recently traveled to a place with a store nearby. I was able to make figures with most of the more recent exclusive parts, like the orange tiger, the blue pug, and the brown bear parts. I missed out on that pink ducky inner tube, though. Really loving the newly-released exclusive parts, especially the teal brick suit, the trans-purple balloon animal, and the pink pig. I'm probably better off not having a store nearby...
  8. telaruhn

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I’ve got to say, I’m really looking forward to this upcoming wave of sets! The stage sets are really great for displaying all the bandmates of a particular genre, or multiple in the case of the boombox, and I really like how each has their own backstage element for the performers to relax before and after the show. If this theme continues past this year, I hope to get a stage set for each musical genre. ETDM, Tropicon, Fantasy Folk, Monster Metal, Samurap, and Discowboy all have their potential untapped. The beatbox characters, Folk Fairy and Metal Dragon, are probably going to be my favorite beatbox characters. With the dragon, Monster Metal deviates a bit from Halloween monsters to include a broader variety than I was expecting, which is welcome. Moving onto the other minifigures, in both the larger sets and Bandmates Series 2, I see a lot to love here. My favorites have to be the vampires, gummy bears, Slime Singer, DJ Beatbox, Carnivale Dancer, and Dragon Guitarist. In particular, the gummy bears are a bit unexpected but fit the Candy Pop genre amazingly well. I like how the Dragon Guitarist is clearly Fantasy Folk, and contrasts the Monster Metal Dragon Singer. They’re a good example of using the same molds for two separate genres. The hair on the Vampire Bassist is another one. Also love that axe guitar! If I had one nitpick, I’d wish there was a bit more variety in the musical accessories. It could just be me being used to CMF level of accesorization, but I would hope for more instrument varieties than guitars in a musical-based LEGO theme. While we did get a saxophone, keytar (with the keys in the right position thankfully), maracas, and tambourine with the first wave, this second wave only gave us a violin, and it’s the same one from the recent CMF Series 21. The wands as drumsticks are pretty good actually, if a bit thin, but 3L bars are definitely too thick. I was kind of hoping for a brand new mold that is a happy medium. New instruments would be my second hope for future waves, along with giving us a stage for each genre, though at this rate we would likely see the instruments show up in a CMF series before it makes it to VIDIYO. That being said, I’d still hope for instruments like a cello, harp, or larger string instrument, an accordion, a marimba, and maybe a trumpet or another brass instrument... Needless to say, this is itching my fix for minifigures in between collectible series, and I’m excited to see what else will come from this theme.
  9. Amazing review as always, Whitefang! I’m impressed at how good these look while maintaining the minifigure silhouette. Tweety in particular is just about what I would have expected without it being a microfigure. The unfortunate part is the fact that the was no Wile E. Coyote in the box... I’m so sorry that happened. I truly hope that this is an anomaly and that you’re able to get a figure of him to include in your review!
  10. telaruhn

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    So far, I have all the Series 1 Bandmates and the Alien DJ and Candy Mermaid Beatboxes. I might get more beatboxes in the future, but I also believe they are a bit expensive for what they provide, and will likely wait until they are on sale. I will admit that while collecting the Bandmates over multiple shopping trips, I pulled out the tabs on the blind boxes and used my phone’s flashlight to peer inside the corner opening to identify the contents, all while trying not to rip the box or break the side seal. I don’t intend to get multiples of these, and it doesn’t matter if LEGO changes the blind packaging. I just can’t justify getting more than I need. And every display I came across was already searched through, so I couldn’t rely on grabbing full rows... Overall, the draw for me is the minifigures, and surprisingly, the beatbits. It’s really cool to get so many interesting tile prints that look like album covers. I have no interest in the app, and others’ experiences with it has sealed the deal. Regarding the figures, they’re all pretty great. The standout for me is the Ice Cream Saxophonist. There are a few bland ones, like the Samurai Rapper or Discowboy, but they almost seem... necessary? I’m ambivalent about the molded animal heads: I appreciate them doing anthropomorphic animals, but I don’t like the wacky hair on them at all... Otherwise, the whole series is delightfully varied and provides something different from traditional CMFs. For the next series of Bandmates, I seriously hope there are little to no rehashes. Some ideas come to mind, mainly ones for anthropomorphic animals, like a chicken, a lizard, or a dinosaur. Following the Ice Cream Saxophonist, it would be neat to see other foods as foods as minifigures, like a hot dog. Would also love to see a musical spaceman and maybe a faun or another mythical creature? It seems like anything is possible as long as you give it some musical accessory!
  11. I'm definitely bummed that this series only has 12 figures. I'm not a huge fan of licensed themes, so getting even less unlicensed figures per year is disheartening. Objectively, it also places a limit on the variety of themes a series can possess. That being said, I don't feel as though more recent series, like Series 19 and Series 20, have been using that opportunity to provide said variety adequately. Series 21 makes that even more evident by still including three costumed figures. And for me, it's all in the details. I usually end up liking at least one part from each figure, but I feel like I'm getting more for my money when I like more of the figure. Here's my initial thoughts on each, but overall it's on par with recent series. Centaur Warrior: Glad to finally get a centaur! The hairpiece, while nice to get a new color, is not my favorite style. The accessories are also ho-hum; I would have liked to see an apple color more closer to a granny smith apple, in Bright Yellow Green or even Yellowish Green. However, I love the torso. I think it will go great with the S16 Rogue, as I totally hate his Dark Red shoulder detailing. Shipwreck Survivor: Decent. I don't believe his hairpiece color is new, but it is rather rare. The Hermit Crab is definitely the star, and a surprise addition to the animal collection! The shell necklace, tattered shorts, and note-in-a-bottle are all nice little details. Pug Costume Guy: He's okay. The most notable thing for me is that he's the first figure with mid-sized legs in an unlicensed series. At least his accessory is a new color. Beekeeper: One of my favorites from this series, and definitely one I've been waiting to see! My only very slight disappointments are 1) the bees on the honeycomb tile feel like an inaccurate depiction; most of the time, bees walk along the honeycomb surface, giving a top-down view of the bee instead of a side view, and 2) the smoker parts coming in two different colors. Ladybug Girl: A second animal costume? That's a first, Series 18 not considered. Definitely have a fondness for the food costumes and I'm missing it here. For me, this is the better animal costume of the two in this series. The ladybug tile is really cute! Violin Kid: I see this figure as a more overt way to appeal to children, since having the figure be a child makes it more relatable to their target audience. Like others, I would have preferred an adult with a violin and appropriate attire for a classical music performance. It's not like that idea is new - look at the S11 Jazz Musician or the S16 Mariachi. We could have had a woman in a simple gown, or a man using the bow-tie neck piece and the cloth coattail element. Instead we have a child with a green hoodie, graphic tee, and plain short legs. LEGO might have wanted to try something less formulaic, but I feel it limits the potential of the violin piece itself, which is beautiful. The violin bow is a decent reuse of the wand. Alien: That name is disappointingly nondescript. He looks like a escaped criminal with his orange jumpsuit, crowbar, and crystal, but LEGO left the name as it is to prevent a negative connotation. Alien Outlaw would have been appropriate... Name aside, it's very cohesive, I like the head mold and the details on the jumpsuit, and it's refreshing to see an alien without a gun for once. Space Police Guy: Boring. I think LEGO noticed this and decided to over-accessorize him with boring accessories. He's an obvious contextual counterpart to the Alien. I don't like his color scheme. I think it's the visor and the body armor. The visor would look better as a translucent blue and the armor appears to be the same color as the one from the S13 Galaxy Trooper. I would have preferred White - I'm still holding out for a Space Medic with white armor. Ancient Warrior: Best figure of the series, and a total surprise! Everything about him is awesome. The obsidian club and jaguar helmet are amazingly accurate molds. This is the level of design I would like to see in every figure in a series. Airplane Girl: Like the Violin Kid, I see this figure as another attempt at engaging the target audience, but possibly less obviously. Looking back to the S18 Race Car Guy, you basically have a detailed race car driver wearing a car suit. I would have wanted something similar for the Airplane Girl - a detailed pilot wearing an airplane suit. At the very least, I wish the airplane wasn't red like the car. Cabaret Singer: Unexpected. And well done! The headdress is perfect - hope to see that in more colors! The accessory is fine and different from previous mic stands, but I'm interested to see how the cloth element works. Strange that it's in a different color than rest of the outfit... Paddle Boarder: Detailed, but another example of an over-accessorized figure to cover up the fact that its kind of boring. It's almost a mishmash of a diver and a surfer. At least all the elements are in new colors and prints. In particular, I appreciate the new dolphin color and the unisex torso.
  12. telaruhn

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Fawkes is gorgeous, and I quite like the books and the lion mask! Hope to get a recolor for a Lion Suit Guy. This next minifigure series is looking pretty great! This will be the first year since 2015 that has three series with only 16 minifigures each. I’m wondering if this was an intentional decision... it certainly makes the box distribution predictable.
  13. Some questions/observations: is Green Brick Guy’s hair new? Otherwise, waste of a spot IMO. The keytar has a pin on the back that makes it look minidoll-friendly. Love that turtle with the diver! It looks like she has a piece that allows her to be displayed on the mini figure stand with her flippers on, which has always been an annoyance with me in the past... The accessories that come with the animal and food suits this time around are uninspired. Why an apple with the Pea Pod Girl? The drone makes clever usage of the hat propeller! What is the other thing that guy is holding?? Overall, my feeling for this series is about the same as Series 19, which was largely mediocre. The ideas are great, but the execution on most leaves me wanting more... Maybe that will change once I find them in stores.
  14. The Nunchaku Guy seems interesting. Like the hair recolor and a new nunchaku piece. I hope he gets two of them! This is a personal ideal for me, but a nice middle ground could be alternating between licensed and regular, so one year has R-L-R and the following would be L-R-L, possibly allowing themeing in both based on seasons, like we’ve seen in some regular series.
  15. Love that piñata, and the neutral colored sombrero. Wonder what the poncho will look like? Thanks for all the info so far! Happy to hear that we're getting even gender ratios, and sad to hear that we're not getting many animals. Series 19 was rather average for me, so Series 20 is sounding to be more of the same... I hope we get to see official pictures soon! like the Goblin?? Or better?? Am I remembering correctly that you got over 50 of those?