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  1. Great figures! My favorites are the Elephant, Dragon, Spider, and Cactus. The Spider Guy's face would be a perfect alternative for Spooky Boy... I can say with almost certainty that the brick costumes have anti-studs in the back. They look thick enough, anyway. It is cool to get a new kind of minifigure torso, for once, and it's the first time we're seeing a new one in the CMF line.
  2. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Like the last series, none of these figures interest me, but some of them come with neat parts. I like the dolphin, Vacation Joker's inner tube, Killer Moth's wings and raygun, Jayna's vinyl record, Jor-El's armor, and Black Vulcan's lightning bolts. Doctor Strange is a nice way to get flasks, as well as an unstained lab coat. I'm curious to see if the Clock King's head is a new mold. It looks like the Gingerbread Man's, but since that had recessed eyes, I wonder if those are on the back? Will definitely get Harley and Alfred to go with the Joker Manor. If I had to be nitpicky, I wish Harley's legs were more interesting and Alfred's guitar wasn't the exact same as the Gong and Guitar Rocker's.
  3. Ideas for CMFs

    Ha, I thought so! :) I really like your take on it. The colors are perfect! Makes me wish they actually had copper/bronze as a color...
  4. Ideas for CMFs

    That Ocean Warrior is so amazing!! Can't wait for Series H!
  5. The Greatest CMF Important Poll

    I think the whole "runner-up" problem has more to do with the fact that each round had six figures. Not to knock on Shintaku's setup of the whole contest, but this problem could have been avoided if these figures were pitted against each other 1 to 1. Then we would just vote for multiple rounds at a time. So instead of 1 round of six figures, we would vote for 3 rounds of two figures each. Sure, crowd favorites would still be pitted against each other, but that's all based on luck. There's no real way to "seed" the figures so more popular figures would have a better chance of getting through the first few rounds. You just have to hope your favorites are pitted against unpopular figures. All that being said, we have to keep it the same for what's been done so far. Also, I've enjoyed this contest thus far and cannot wait to get closer to our final 64! It's so exciting and interesting to see people's favorite figures when given a small handful of choices...
  6. For me, that Highwayman is excellent! He just has so much detail and his cape is really interesting. Also cool to get flintock pistols in that dark silver metallic! The whole "secret character" only bugs me since we don't have any CGI pictures for him, and I'm not sure we ever will...
  7. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Classic King, Unicorn Girl and Fencer in the same round... gotta go with the Unicorn Girl though, she's my favorite costume so far!
  8. Wow! Great to see more pictures of the figures. So many awesome printed/dual-molded arms. I love the hairpiece, dress, and shield with the Elf Girl. The Sausage Man also looks excellent and like he's ready to sell hot dogs with the Hot Dog Guy!
  9. Honestly not surprised about a reveal. LEGO never seems to handle these well. Look at Series 15 and 16 from last year... S15 was released February 1st, though it was January 1st for those outside of the US. Meanwhile, S16 was in stores in July... So I don't really know what to expect here.
  10. I picked the Bagpiper, but I also like the Disco Diva.
  11. Librarian, Specter, and Banana Guy are also pretty cool, but the Rogue is my favorite of the lot!
  12. For me, the Yeti just barely edges out the Clockwork Robot.

    Tough choice between the Leprechaun and the Paleontologist...

    I voted Wizard, as well... Clumsy Guy is pretty cool though. Is there any way we could vote for multiple groups at a time? At least for this first round, considering there are 64 groups we have to get through.