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  1. telaruhn

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    Good round! Series 15 has my vote... I would say this is my second favorite series overall, right behind Series 13. The Faun is amazing figure, and perhaps one of the last truly innovative figures. Shark Suit Guy is one of the better costumed characters. Flying Warrior, Clumsy Guy, Tribal Woman, Laser Mech, Ballerina, Frightening Knight, Jewel Thief, and Janitor round out my favorites.
  2. telaruhn

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    I didn't have times to give my thoughts on the last group, but I ended up voting Series 13... It's my favorite of all the released series thus far. There isn't one in the group I don't like. Series 15 is a very close second, and I also like some figures from Series 7. Out of this new group, the best one is Series 12. Battle Goddess, Wizard, Hun Warrior and Spooky Girl are my favorites from that one.
  3. telaruhn

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    I voted for Series 10 this time. Medusa basically made that decision for me... But I also like the Sea Captain, Paintball Player, Bumblebee Girl, Tomahawk Warrior, and Sad Clown.
  4. Just because I'm curious... This reviewer opens the Fox Suit Girl at around 12:30 and she doesn't have the inner bag. So there's definitely something going on with the manufacturing process that's not a sure thing... It's a shame he edits out the building process to showcase the tail's flexible nature, which is assumed since all other tails of that kind have been made of softer plastic. I'm fairly certain the Gardener's flamingo is also made of a softer plastic, but the opening video shows that it is not separate. Hopefully someday, LEGO will give us context on these packaging changes; I'd love to hear it! I forgot to mention - I like how the Monkey King's tail has gold painted on the front of the part, akin to how Scrooge's McDuck's tail from Disney Series 2 was painted with blue. Little details like that make all the difference to me!
  5. telaruhn

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    I voted for Series 17 this time. The detail on them makes them incomparable to Series 4 or 5, and I really like the Retro Spaceman and the Elf Maiden. Series 5 is a close second for me, with a ton of iconic figures, like the Graduate, Ice Fisherman, Lizard Man, Egyptian Queen, Gangster, Gladiator, Lumberjack, Detective, and Cave Woman. They just suffer from a lack of detail that we've come to expect with newer series. Series 4 is too horror and sport oriented for my tastes, but still has some great ones, like the Geisha and the Hazmat Guy. I am always reminded of Series 5 when I see Series 17. Firstly, the bag color, and secondly, the Dance Instructor, Roman Gladiator and Battle Dwarf being reminiscent of the Fitness Instructor, Gladiator and Evil Dwarf. Though it appears that's where the similarities end...
  6. I remember my Swamp Creature from TLM2 Series had an inner bag, with the whip being separate from the other parts. The tails from Kitty Pop and Cowardly Lion were also separate. Could be because all those parts are made from a softer plastic, and thus are made somewhere else in production like the textile elements. And even though the crayon suit is hard plastic, there must be something about it, perhaps the dual-molding process, that made it necessary to be produced separately. It makes sense for the Shower Guy, Monkey King, and Mountain Biker to have an inner bag with this context: the towel skirt for the Shower Guy, the rubber bike tires for the Mountain Biker, and both the cloth element and the tail for the Monkey King.
  7. telaruhn

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Four

    I missed the last few rounds, but I'll give my votes for those anyway. A: Series 6! I missed this series, but found it to be one of the most intriguing to complete when I started collecting. With my favorites being the Butcher, Surgeon, Clockwork Robot, Leprechaun, Minotaur, Lady Liberty, Classic Alien, Roman Soldier, and Genie. B: Series 9! This was the first series that got me seriously into collecting and the first I collected all 16. My favorites in this one were Forest Maiden, Cyclops, Fortune Teller, Mr. Good and Evil, Plumber, Waiter, Heroic Knight, and Mermaid. C: Series 11! Another excellent group of figures, and contains my favorite two figures of all the released series, being the Yeti and the Island Warrior. I also liked Gingerbread Man, Scarecrow, Grandma, Holiday Elf, Pretzel Girl, Welder, and Scientist. I quite like this game!
  8. In the Mummy Queen renders, her face is much yellower, almost indistinguishable from the minifigure yellow skin. In the real-life pictures and videos we've seen, her face is much more apparently golden as opposed to yellow. I feel like the Galactic Bounty Hunter is another example of poorly-rendered metallic printing. The dark gray and red colors on his torso and legs in the renders appear to be more titanium and copper respectively in pictures and video. The yellow just seems to be a combination of poor lighting mostly, and possibly poor printing quality? That mask discrepancy seems like a last-minute change or a mistake. I think I prefer the black, but that may change once I get the figure in my possession. I quite like the face print though, a much better alien look compared to the Alien Avenger. Yes!! Hope to see some early releases in stores soon. It feels strange that LEGO hasn't revealed them on social media yet...
  9. You're right, I definitely missed that one. Thank you! I clearly don't pay any attention to Overwatch sets... So that makes 11 then, and definitely on the lower end... Even so, I think that we shouldn't expect a high new piece count all the time. It depends on what figures the LEGO designers want to make within a series, and other factors aside, they consider what's available in their current library. Reusing parts for different contexts can be successful, and for me, the Pizza Guy and Bounty Hunter are examples of such successes, even if the former was inevitable, and the latter is really just another formulaic space character with a gun...
  10. Gamer's controller Monkey king's hair Monkey king's feather Monkey king's robes (cloth element) Adventurer's chameleon Fire Chief's hair-hat combo Dog Sitter's dachshund Dog Sitter's poop Retiree's flamingo Rugby Player's ball Fox Suit Girl's mask Biker's helmet-hair combo My count's 12, counting new cloth element designs. Shower-Time Guy's towel appears to be an made from existing cloth element pattern, whereas the Monkey King's cloth element has never been seen before. With all that in consideration, the total number of new elements in Series 19 is on the lower end of the usual. In comparison to the most recent non-themed numbered series, S15 had 15 new elements, S16 had 14, and S17 had 15. You wouldn't think 2-3 new elements would make a difference... The Monkey King is the first figure with three new elements in a very long time. It's no wonder his staff is made of common parts, but what else would you do for his staff?
  11. Oh my gosh! The clear pictures make them look better. My favorites are the Monkey King, Mummy Lady, Adventurer, Pizza Guy, Bounty Hunter, and Fox Suit Girl. But overall, each figure in the series have enough interesting pieces for me where I'll get at least one of each... The Biker makes me want to make a female version of the Skydiver. Or just the Skydiver with a cool 'do. Why are most of the Dog Sitter renders missing the poop piece? I certainly plan to leave him as is, since the yellow is bearly noticeable. But using a plain black head sounds intriguing enough to try myself! Looking at the renders, I'm concerned how this effect will look on the physical figure, since the top half appears to be dark gray printed over red to simulate the flannel shirt covering her backside...
  12. Strange. Giraffe Suit Guy and Sally both came with an extra stem... It all started with The LEGO Movie 2 Series at the beginning of this year. I believe from that point on, the minifigures have been produced in a new facility. Thus, new packaging. I can only infer that new manufacturing practices are also in place, which includes spares for all their smaller elements. Don't know the reason for the changes, but there is no price increase!
  13. This is what I wanted! Darn. I was hoping for a minifigure-sized teddy, something I thought the bear mask would be able to replicate... Speaking of extra parts, #3 comes with an extra sword and an extra plume, #9 comes with an extra poop, and #15 comes with en extra heart. So who else will we expect to come with extra parts?? #4 with an extra plume and extra staff parts #5 with extra parts to her robot assembly #7 with an extra chameleon (wishful thinking on my part, but it looks small enough!!) #12 with an extra stem
  14. After a few days looking at this full roster, here's some more thoughts! Since we don't have the official names, I'm just gonna use their numbers on the checklist for now. 1: Like others on this thread have said, I'm not feeling the green hair, even though I like the headgear itself. But the rest of him is great. I like his video game case, which looks to have the S16 Cyborg on its cover. A 2x3 tile seems really large for a video game, but 1x2 would probably not look quite right. 2: The only part I don't like is the green rubber duck. I understand trying to use different colors, so it's simply a preference. 3: His translucent parts look like they would work great for an Ice Knight (to protect the Ice Queen), and I wonder how well he would part-swap with the Evil Knight... 4: I'm particularly fascinated with his cloth piece. Is it basically half of a Graduate gown? I don't really like his head accessory; it just points upward too much. Thankfully, it appears to be removable. 5: I can't really tell, but her shirt looks to be computer code? He face print is nice. 6: She makes me want to find and buy a Series 3 Mummy and an Anubis Guard (who is unfortunately very expensive, so LEGO should make another one of them!). 7: While he is referencing Johnny Thunder, to me he only exists for the sake of the chameleon, who is (and I say this with almost every new animal) my new favorite animal mold! Might have to get a few of him, since the backpack and dual-mold legs look very re-usable in particular. 8: Glad to see that hair-hat combo actually being used. I don't have a lot of firefighter sets, so I don't mind her presence here. Her prints make her an improvement from the S9 Policeman. 9: Two dogs with one figure is very generous. Not a complaint, but more of a welcome surprise. Glad they chose the bulldog to re-use and the dachshund as the new mold. And that poop! So cute. It's a "whodunit" situation... 10: That pizza menu tile looks nice. And those pants are definitely look like lattice, but I have no idea why. I always look forward to a new food costume mold with each series, and this is the first time we're not getting one... 11: I wonder what figure is printed on his poster... That space gun is basically the 2.0 version of that raygun-with-the-laser piece was in earlier series. We need more varieties of the Retro Spaceman's raygun! 12: Why is she holding just a plant stem? Is it meant to be a garden weed? I get the "retiree" vibe, but like #7, she feels like she exists only for the flamingo, which is beautiful. 13: The rugby ball piece looks similar enough to a football, maybe we'll get a recolor for a football player eventually? 14: She was already great with just the chicken, but a burlap sack is generous. 15: I feel like this figure is the result of them going through all the old costume molds and trying to get more mileage out of them. At least what they came up with is pretty cute. I'm thinking this time around, it's actually meant to be a bear and not a human dressed up as a bear. But I could be wrong. 16: The bike is a surprising inclusion. It would barely fit in the old bags. Even though I still don't like the new packaging, I'm intrigued to see what else they'll fit in them in the future... Overall: A mixed series, to be sure. Most of them are just OK. What I can appreciate is that they're mostly very detailed. I try to be impartial, but I also feel like I'm expecting too much after many series. More than anything, I'm just thankful LEGO is back with original ideas.
  15. Now, this is exciting! There are lots of cool characters here!! It looks as though the Gamer's hair has headphones with the mic attachment. Is the controller a new piece or a 2x1 tile? The Monkey King is an unexpected surprise, and one that I would have never guessed. Hope he staff looks cool, can't really tell from the photo. Not feeling the Old Maid, though her hair and flamingo are nice. I hope the flamingo can pass as a live animal and not just as a lawn ornanment. Whatever that black figure is, I want a better look. Makes a good first impression, though I can't identify what it's supposed to be. So happy to see Fox Suit Girl. And I like that she comes with a chicken!! Very clever. The Rugby Player looks great and within expectations. Pizza Suit Guy also looks great and within expectations. He was pretty much inevitable after Watermelon Guy. Does he come with a pizza accessory?? Shower-Time Guy is okay. He also looks like he's supposed to. He appears to have a textile towel "skirt." Nice reuse of the Surgeon cap as a shower cap. Mummy Maiden is actually quite nice. She can't be any worse than a Lady Cyclops, right?? Friendship Bear is a clever parts reuse for the bear mask, and the rainbow's a nifty printed piece. Ghost Knight is amazing, and clearly this series's army builder! My favorites are the Fox Suit Girl, Gamer, and the UBF (unidentified black figure). Suffice to say that I'm excited for Series 19 regardless! Can't wait to see the remaining figures soon.