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  1. What they've all said and do it with the others as there may be still water in the motors and that can break them over time
  2. legomuppet9

    [TC6] Lamborghini Huracan

    Just make a flickr, bricksafe or bricklink accouint and stop messing around
  3. It looks great, although I feel the turret is a tad small? Or is that just me I feel like it needs to be slightly wider
  4. This is looking good so far do you know where the battery box is going to go? (make sure it is easy to access (personal experience ))
  5. it'll be because there aren't lines down the grill which is a pretty defining feature and like what leocorno said, It's probably due to there not being lights within the headlight covers the lines are really good though
  6. WIP topics are good as we can help you through the build and give advice on what to make better
  7. Great contest! I tried to go for some models which weren't just a buggy, as there were a lot of creative models around 9: 10 20: 6 36: 4 15: 3 33: 2 28: 1
  8. You have all the right parts, but not necessarily in the right order
  9. I 'believe' that at one point 'TLG' were the 'biggest' producers of tyres in the world
  10. Shows that bigger Lego Technic things don't necessarily perform better than smaller ones
  11. This model is amazing, its looks and functions are brilliant
  12. he said be patient, read he evidently can't spend every spec of spare time on making instructions, but he'll get round to it
  13. Or make something completely differently out of it
  14. The pictures don't do this stuff justice, It's really neatly built!