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Found 14 results

  1. For the C-model contest I figured I'd have a shot at doing something with 8049, as of all the sets I have in the parts range, this is one of the few with a useable number of the same wheel type (amongst other reasons). This is just a quick sketch built in LDD, a Logging Loader. Its functions are: Pneumatic lifting of the two-stage crane arm Worm screw operated claw Crane rotation via the light on the cabin roof Two-stage steering via the exhaust stack - this articulates the body of the vehicle while simultaneously steering a rack-and-pinion mechanism on the middle axle, so all three axles are at a different angle Pendular suspension on the rear axle Working with pneumatics in LDD is a bit of a pain, to put it lightly. I'm not sure about the positioning of those elements as yet on the crane arm, but adjusting them will be easy enough when I build it with bricks. It uses about 400 parts at a rough guess, the pneumatics parts here are made of multiple parts so distort the true part count.
  2. I hope this isn't too late, as I am in the Eastern Time Zone, and there was no mention about what time zone the contest uses for ending. For this contest I chose to use sets 8047 and 8067. I don't own either set, so I got all the pieces that I had for both sets. I made a Mars rover, not modeled after any particular one. This model features full pendular suspension, moveable satelite dish, moveable tool arm, and a panoramic camera controlled by black gear in back. Profile picture with tool arm folded up and satelite dish pointed down. Picture from the top And my leftover pieces
  3. Hi, Recently, I bought a 9393 Tractor set from a toy store near me, and I liked both the a-model and b-model very much. They have a lot of playability for a relatively small number of parts, and a nice looking color scheme. Plus, it's my highest part count set below 600, so I decided to build something out of it. At first I researched about vehicles with different sized front and rear tires to see what I can build, but in the end I decided to go with something original. Here is the first draft of what I am building: It's an off-road racer that tilts when cornering in order to change its center of gravity. Currently only the til/steer mechanism is in place, but the playability in this state is promising :) Currently I am thinking of using only 9393, but I may opt to choose one of the following sets and use parts from it for additional features/aesthetics. 42027: For the pullback motor and green parts, but I'm not sure I can use the pullback motor because of my weird rear axle configuration. 42021: For the suspension parts, but we'll see how it turns out. 42001: For the rubber bands and orange parts.
  4. Don't MOC too much, but found I have set eligible for TC5 contest. So gave it a try. Here is what I came up with on a first try - Rat Rod. No specific copy, just basic similarities. Functions: 1. independent fron suspension 2. drag type rear suspension 3. steering controlled from driver place 4. working powerful V8 inline 4-cylinder fake engine, connected to rear wheels 5. openable suicide type doors Still, quite a lot of (good) spare parts left, but I'm tight on some very basic pins.
  5. Tamas Juhasz

    [TC5] Road Roller

    Hi all! Nowadays I have very limited time for making mocs (this is also the reason for less activity here, but maybe you didn't forget me : ), but finally I made and uploaded my entry for TC5 contest. It's a road roller from 8264: ROAD ROLLER - 505 of 575 parts used - motorized - automatic forward-backward movement between two walls - manual steering with linear actuator - openable rear cover plate - can do some "real" road rolling work I listed my sets, which can be used for the contest, and I relaized, I have mostly small sets with 100-150 parts. Then I found 8264, with optimal part count, 575. So this is my only set which is good for making an entry. Interesting things: it has nerly no gears (only a turntable and one 8t gear), but contains one PF M motor with battery box. I didn't want to switch the model on-off with touching the BB's switch inside (it's hard to make precisely, and uncomfortable), so I began to think with some external control mechanism. This ended up with a long rod, if you push it, the road roller goes towards. This also stops the vehicle when it reaches a wall, it's some kind of protection for the motor. Steering positions: The really small drivetrain: Leftover parts: I made it in LDD --> instructions: VIDEO: Here you can see the behaviour of the mechanism --> not always predictable Hope you like it. Comments are always welcomed.
  6. Hello all. This is my entry for the [TC5] competition: Helix, a Police Helicopter with intermeshing rotors. This build is a combination of 42002 and 42020. and After some trial and error, this is what I came up with: Functions: - Spinning rotors, controled by rear rotor - Retractable landing gear, controled by grey axle connector on the right Optical: - Cockpit with seats, steps and instruments - Flashlights on front and back Build: The angle for the intermeshing rotors is created with both the pin connector blocks. Almost all gears in both sets are needed here to create the intermeshing rotor system. I also wanted a retractable landing gear. It has seen several build, but the final system is an easy but realiable sliding system. (controled by the grey axle connector). Testing: Testing of this creation is done by my two year old daughter. She loved the spinning of the rotors. No bricks were harmed during testing. Will add more pictures later. Cheers or comments most welcome. Thanks for reading!
  7. Hi! I’d like to present my entry to the C-model contest: an orange buggy. I affectionately call it Weird Buggy and you may as well call it Yet Another Buggy :) 296 parts, 300 grams, 32.5 studs long, 18.5 studs wide, 16 studs high. Features: independent front suspension live axle rear suspension RWD with fake V2 engine positive caster angle that helps steering return to center steering wheel openable bonnet fake gear and handbrake levels tall rear to make up for no rolling cage Inspired by The Dawnbreaker, the positive caster angle allows for the steering wheel to be directly connected to the front axle, which is anyway just the one from the 9392 Quad Bike. With available shock absorbers, it feels like the front suspension is a bit soft and the rear suspension is a bit stiff, but as you’ll see in the video is not too bad :) Built out of 9392 Quad Bike and 42007 Moto Cross Bike, because they are in the same color scheme. I thought I’d need many lift arms to accomplish anything, but it was black pins with friction that I run out of! Parts left: 154 parts (including 57 chain links and the bike’s wheels). Given the color scheme and tires, an orange buggy was the only idea I came up with. Here’s a sample of inspiration (found here): A few more photos (~1000-1500 px wide, there are also full-size originals and extra shots). If you’re still reading, you deserve a reward! I hope this video will make up for it (to see it in HD 720, better click ) Apologies if the video looks unfinished… it is. Photos are also JPEG straight out of the camera, I’m having several issues with my computer so need the time to fix it. This is what happens to computer guys when on leave! :D
  8. So this is my MOC for the TC5 contest. It is only my second ever MOC, so I wanted to do this mainly for the experience. To make it more interesting, I added a few more rules for myself: - I must use two different sets, not just one. - The two sets should have a different colour - I must make something that was not similar to one of the original models. e.g. I couldn't make another motorbike from a motorbike model. So I combined 42021 (snowmobile) and 42022 (hotrod) into a dune buggy. Total part count is exactly 600. Features are: Transversely mounted v6 engine. Front and rear suspension Steering wheel and HOG steering. And here are the photos: Tc5 contest by veryrusty82, on Flickr Tc5 contest by veryrusty82, on Flickr And the leftover bits - enough to make a d model of some kind: Tc5 contest by veryrusty82, on Flickr
  9. Hi there, This is my first post on Eurobricks, and my modest participation to TC5. I worked with the 8047 "Compact Excavator" from 2009: This set was my first lego technic after my dark age (I could not resist when I saw it in the supermarket). It is rather small (252 parts), but nicely packed with functions for its size. The original B-model (a compact log-loader) is rather cool as well, and uses 229 parts. Building a C-model for this set was therefore my personal dedication to this wonderful set. Here it goes, a snow groomer: Design: I tried to provide as much detail as I could. The blade is full thanks to the (only) two panels from the original set. We also have a front light and a beacon on top. There is a bit of blue inside the cabin to evoke some seats, but no more there, as the space is occupied by the lifting mechanism of the blade. The two exhaust pipes are (maybe) oversized, but this was a necessity for a good playability. Functions: There are three: Lift of blade (left exhaust pipe, worm gear, 24t crown, lift arms) Lift of tiller (right exhaust pipe, worm gear, 8t, lift arm) Working tiller, driven by the caterpillars (12t-12t, 2 times). In addition, the blade is manually steerable (pin with friction). Some view to see the mechanisms: And here is how the thing works: In blue is the lifting of the front blade, in green the lifting of the tiller, and in red the rotation of the tiller. Recycling of parts: The model uses 213 parts, that is a bit less than the original B-model. But well, this is a C-model :) We have three real functions, which is actually better than the A-model! Gears are all reused apart from the turntable (which was not used as a gear in the A-model anyway), and the 20t with peghole. Four 16t are here not used as gears (the ones on the tiller), but the two 12t double-bevel, which were used as knobs for moving the arm on the A-model, are here functional and part of the transmission of the tiller. That's it... any comment welcome. I can post more pictures if needed (although there is not much more to show I'm afraid :D). Instructions are available at rebrickable (Alter-Lego is my pseudo on rebrickable, login was already taken on Eurobricks).
  10. Hello people, here is my WIP of the TC5 competition. It is made with the 42001 set and parts of the 8066 set. I have the 42001 set but I don't have the 8066 set so I gathered its parts from my collection. All of the pieces to recreated the 8066 are the same color and model. This is not finished and I will update this post. Here it is: I used my small camera reflector background to make a teaser/confusing effect. more updates soon
  11. BusterHaus

    [TC5] Irish Rover

    Notes This project started off as a Baja Racer, but turned into something that I find much nicer. Sturdy, agile and fun to play with. It's a combination of the 9392 Quad Bike and the 42021 Snowmobile. Features Independent suspension on 4 wheels All-wheel steering HOG steering Opening doors Adjustable seat Motor (operated by hand) with balanced piston Functional car jack Aesthetic elements Headlights Auxiliary lights Steering wheel Dash-mounted gear shifter (right of the steering wheel) Air filter Exhaust pipes Video
  12. I present my Monster truck made out of sets 42026: Black Champion Racer and 42005: Monster Truck. Features are pull & go motor, shocks, reclining seat, and a flag. by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr by Dapper-D2, on Flickr Video: Left over parts. by Dapper-D2, on Flickr Enjoy! Note: Technic is totally outside my comfort zone.
  13. This + this = this :tongue: ....hopefully.
  14. Hi everyone, Last night I finished building my entry into the TC5 contest. It's a Baja SAE racer, with a few improvements. It combines the 9392 Quad Bike and the 42021 Snowmobile. If you're not familiar with this type of car, here's a picture of one in action: And here's the Technic version - with a matching number: Bonus accessory - Car Jack Leftover parts: