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  1. Cool Rover and great pneumatic functions. (I love pneumatics). I don't think remote controlled pneumatic switches and crab steering are bad, do they work so poor? Without those it would still be a fantastic rover to drive on mars.
  2. Very colorful, and very good reproduction of its shape with rigid axles! Only with soft axles you could do better.
  3. The01

    TGV Réseau WIP

    Looking forward for this. A Thalys PBKA in this scale would look great! I saw a PBA and another Thalys in 4-wide, but not a PBKA Thalys.
  4. Thank you! Yes, it was something like that, I corrected it. I completely understand why you have to do this. I never really saw that set, but it looks similar to my MOC, yes.
  5. Thanks, the allowed picture sizes are repeated often enough, so...OK. Thank you very much! No, this is not a big problem if you loose the string a bit before tilting.
  6. Hello, here is a new MOC - a Forklift. It is an alternate build of the 8460 - Pneumatic Crane Truck / Mobile Crane. It is kept in the typical studful technic building style, like the 8460 - crane. Its features are: Fork moving up and down Tilting of the fork (pneumatic) I'm very new here, please ask me questions and give me suggestions how to improve my posts, thank you! Here is a video: And some more photos: Even more photos! Instructions! Thank you for reading! I hope you like it.
  8. Yes, the slots of pins/bushes/etc. have to be in the same direction. It is (for me) very disturbing if they aren't. Also, this end of a bush should point to the connection point, the other side to the outside.
  9. Very compact. It reminds me of a cockroach (not in a bad meaning).