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  1. I think that there might have gotten some dust in it causing friction or the parts are now connected stronger because of the weight the turntable had to bear for a year. As a solution you can try to loose some parts surrounding the turntable. You also might want to enjoy the build experience once again (and make sure to not connect the parts too tight).
  2. The01

    Neon/Vibrant Yellow

    This is an image from the New Elementary Review of the 42145.
  3. I like the routing of those pneumatic hoses in the boom. Now compare that to 42053 .
  4. I used for the digital modelling and stepping and its instructions maker is quite easy to use, but LPub3D has much more possibilities despite its more difficult interface. If you however just want to make simple instructions, is good enough imho. Anyway I recommend you to try LPub3D out, maybe you like ist. The rope was done in LDCAD, it has many nice options to create flexible parts, but if you are used to, the other functionalities are not so easy to use. I could import the rope into though, so you might still be able to create the instructions there.
  5. It's finished! I digitalized the model and made instructions for it, which took a bit longer than expected, but it's done at last. With this MOC I learned a lot about LPub3D, it's really §$&§$ to use, but the result is nice. Functions: Boom lifting with rope Shovel lifting with rope Superstructure rotating Thanks a lot for the comment, I really appreciate that! A bad video barely showing the functions: The instructions are available on Rebrickable. More images on Bricksafe. Thanks for reading.
  6. 9: 10 16: 6 11: 4 5: 3 28: 2 18: 1 Way too much good entries, I could have voted for at least twice as much.
  7. Techfigs make a good model even better! Also looks like it's working quite nice.
  8. Since I didn't have enough time for a while I couldn't post an update, but I realized that the Excavator is unfortunately about 4000 cubic studs too big, so I will withdraw my entry from the contest. Nonetheless it was a nice experience to build something for a contest and with a deadline (that's nothing for me), which made me know that 10000 cubic studs really aren't much. Anyway I'll try to post the result soon and good luck to everyone entered the contest.
  9. Thanks for the great review, I watched it earlier. However I have a question about the new differential gears. Can you confirm that they don't mesh with normal gears? Sorry, this will be something for the second part, right? I just couldn't wait. Once again (after watching it more carefully) thanks for the review,
  10. They should, yes, but in that comparison image its teeth look quite different, maybe thicker, anyway it could be just my eyes. EDIT: just that what @Zerobricks said
  11. It's not that I hate new parts, but I really don't like the looks of those new gears, they look like gears of any cheap building toy. It even looks like they aren't compatible to the normal (bevel) gears (I haven't seen RB's review completely yet, was that mentioned?). They seem quite sturdy though, as noted in the brickset review, which could be nice for heavy-duty applications (anybody wants to build a trial truck?). I still agree with @Maaboo35 , that's cool about that diff. Other than that, it's a really cool and nice car. Good point .
  12. Looks like a nice start, I guess it won't be easy in this scale. Do you have the 42055 BWE?
  13. Yes, it's difficult to remain in the right size, but I think it's possible. About the picture: I do not really know the names of those "things"; I haven't found any clear namings for these types of excavators and different variations.