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  1. Still Raindrop

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I'm kind of hoping it will be this. Just the other day I was thinking about how I miss short-lived, experimental in-house themes. I enjoy bigger and more long-lived ones, as well, but there's something about the freedom of not being tied down to a bigger theme that I really enjoy.
  2. Still Raindrop

    MOC: The Great Sphinx

    Beautiful! I was nine when this set came out, and it was one of my biggest Lego sets, as well. I've had a soft spot for Adventurers ever since, and Johnny and friends often seem to find their way into my MOCs (and I've got a ton of minifigures I've created lying around, waiting for the time when I can make my planned Adventurers photo-comics a reality). As was mentioned before, I love the studs. They give it an undeniable Lego feel, and that's something that I always like to see in MOCs. The technique is cool, the sphinx looks great, and the scene is fun and filled with action. However, my absolute favorite thing about this was your approach: I've seen a few MOCs like this (and my Adventurers MOC that I posted here a while back, which was based on 7417, was kind of like that), and it always strikes me as a really cool way of going about things. Capturing the spirit of a set based on how you experienced it when you played is, to me, the epitome of what makes Lego great. And this is a fantastic example of that!
  3. Still Raindrop

    MOC: The Magnolias On 10th Apartments

    You have an incredible way of capturing the essence of real-life buildings in Lego. I've driven past so many buildings with the same "feel" as these when I've been in Denver. Truly impressive.
  4. Still Raindrop

    10264 Corner Garage

    Tiles are also used in literally every Modular Building to represent pavement (both the sidewalks and, in this set and the Fire Brigade, as driveways for vehicles). The driveway in the Fire Department is tiled, and that doesn't represent either patterned floor tiles or patterned carpet. It represents pavement. I haven't been to every garage in my own city, but all the ones I have visited have had paved concrete floors. To me, the use of brick yellow in this set makes the floor look like bare dirt or sand. I do think it would be easy for me to overlook if they had taken your suggestion and made it a medium stone grey or dark stone grey. Because of its color, the un-tiled portion of the ground floor of the Fire Brigade looks just fine to me--it calls to mind a rough concrete floor. Edit: I hope I don't sound unkind. I understand your point of view, and I don't particularly think a tiled floor would have worked all that well, since it would have given it a neat, more sidewalk-like look (and larger tiles wouldn't really be an option here). I just don't think it's quite fair for you to assert that everyone who wanted or expected tiles is unreasonable or asking for something unprecedented, since the only other Modular Building to have room for a vehicle inside the building used tiles (well, a tile) to create this effect.
  5. Still Raindrop

    The Best and Worst of 2018

    While I'm sure that expectations were probably part of the problem, I think this is one of the few cases where simply renaming the set wouldn't have done a whole lot. You mentioned the excellent Imperial AT-ST from 2016. Looking at these two together brings up the stark contrasts. They have the same number of minifigures (less one droid), and the Imperial AT-ST has nearly 80 more parts and is decidedly bigger than the First Order AT-ST--and yet (in the United States, at least) they were asking the same price! Charging the same amount for fewer parts and an incomplete-looking model is disappointing no matter how you look at it. A removable head could have been fun--that would recreate the moment even better, since the head gets ripped off in the movie, revealing BB-8 at the controls. Something like that could have been worth $40, or maybe even justify a $45 price tag. But with such a good model so recently, it's hard to fall back on the standard justifications for price increases, like inflation or more detailed minifigures. Furthermore, as far as "rehashing" goes, they removed the most unique part of the First Order AT-ST design (the head) and kept the part that was most similar to previous incarnations (the legs). I agree with you that many disappointments people have are probably caused by expectations that are unrealistically high. But I just don't see it in this case.
  6. Still Raindrop

    10264 Corner Garage

    Same. I was actually thinking about how I like the Winter Village Fire Station better than the modular Fire Brigade. I think that's probably because it's more difficult to get interesting building shapes and varying depths when you're working with the restrictions of modular buildings. Detective's Office, Assembly Square, Downtown Diner, and Parisian Restaurant do this best, in my opinion. He really did try to get a cool shape with the CG, but I don't think it quite works with the subject matter. Honestly, I prefer the garage/gas station from 10184 Town Plan a decade ago. But that also was done without having to be concerned about incorporating modular building restrictions (like standard connection points, the need for a multi-story building, etc.).
  7. Still Raindrop

    10264 Corner Garage

    Palace Cinema had three, as well.
  8. Still Raindrop

    10264 Corner Garage

    It's fine. Really, though, I think it's a good example of what I discovered when I stopped making modular MOCs and started working in something closer to a classic Town scale (though my reasons were time, cost, and playability—since I have kids). I think that the 32-stud standard can be really helpful, but it can also be somewhat restrictive. This is true both in interior design and exterior. I compare the exterior of the Winter Village Fire Station to the modular Fire Brigade, for example, and I like the look of the WV set much better. I love the design of the garage part of the set, but I think that it would have benefitted from more floor space. What's more, the floors on top kind of overwhelm the look of the building, I think. I prefer the garage in the Town Plan set from 2008. It stands on its own, so the retro garage look doesn't have to contend with two bigger floors. Furthermore, it appears that the modular garage doesn't have much more interior space than the one in the Town Plan. I also love the design of the top two floors—but again, I think they overwhelm the garage. And when you're working in a bigger scale like the modular one, I feel that omissions stick out more—like the apartment with its lack of front door. Omissions like these in smaller-scale buildings make sense, especially if they're open-backed. But it's harder for me personally to overlook in bigger ones.
  9. Still Raindrop

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Not just a police station--a police "air base" with a two-dimensional design and less complexity than the police station from the height of the Town Jr. era in the late 1990s! I really love the diversity that Friends brings. In addition to the amazing sets you mentioned, I'm also excited for Mia's house! It's not often that we get a rustic-looking home that's more than just a one-room cabin. I love all the design choices; it really looks unique.
  10. Still Raindrop

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Yeah, there have been kind of fanciful sets here and there, maybe some things that stretched believability for the sake of fun—but never an entire subtheme based on no real-world equivalent. I think Sky Police could have been a cool action theme, but the City cops-and-robbers aesthetic doesn’t fit it. It’s like if Space Police 3 had modern City minifigure designs and tried to fit into the City theme; it wouldn’t have had nearly the same character.
  11. Still Raindrop

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    These are fantastic!
  12. Still Raindrop

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I realize that 60210 has to give much of its piece count to the plane. Even with that in That air base looks really bad. I think that 6332 Command Post Central from 1998 has more complexity! 60210 looks barely more than two-dimensional, with lots of big parts. I don’t use the “j-word” lightly, because it quickly became overused to mean anything that someone disliked, especially sets that were well-designed but still more kid-oriented. But I think the original meaning applies for the building. I’m not a fan of the Sky Police theme overall. To me, City should be fun, stylized versions of things that could be found in real life. Sky Police could have been a fun action theme, but as it is, it’s a weird fusion of a fantastical idea and the standard Police and robbers aesthetic that had been constant over the past five years or so. I’m not a fan of the result. The fire sets, on the other hand, are fantastic—perhaps the best we’ve had yet, in my opinion. I might have to pick some of those up!
  13. Still Raindrop

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We kind of had that already with the DO, but with cookies instead of booze. I don’t think they’d do such a close repeat.
  14. Still Raindrop

    Making Eurobricks More Active

    Well, I guess I might as well weigh in! I've been a member for a decade (plus a few months), and it's hard to believe that it's gone so fast. While I love the forum (and like forums in general), I've never been super active. There are three main reasons why my visiting and posting has tapered off lately, to an even lower amount than I had been posting previously. Two of them are personal reasons, and one has to do with how I see Eurobricks. 1. I have three kids now. This means that I don't have a ton of time to spare with building or crafting longer replies to MOCs (though I do still love seeing them!). In fact, I have a couple MOCs that I built a while ago, but haven't gotten around to photographing yet. 2. I sometimes feel like a thread-killer. This isn't just on EB, but I often feel that, when I post something, it will either be overlooked entirely, or it will be the last post. It's harder to engage thoughtfully when I feel like it won't go anywhere. But again, that's more of a personal issue than an issue with this forum. 3. It seems like reviews have been less frequent here--or at least, they've been emphasized less. The reviews that used to be common here were my absolute favorites (especially the Reviewer's Academy ones). I'm not a fan of video reviews, and I don't particularly care for the reviews that many other places do (I've found that almost all of the pictures that are posted in the reviews on a certain database website--I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention names--are simply photos of the set and minifigures taken from the angles that are already on the box. There's usually no focus on cool/unique/new pieces, interesting building techniques, angles that we might not officially see, etc.). So, the fact that I don't see nearly as many reviews is also a bummer.
  15. Still Raindrop

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I kind of doubt that a green cross would be included in a Lego set. It may be a symbol for a pharmacy in much of the world, but in certain parts of the United States, it always signifies a medical cannabis dispensary. Lego employs enough American designers that I imagine someone would catch that.