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  1. Skipper

    [MOC] a fort.

    I was debating that cannon for so long! I too thought it wasn't the right place to have a cannon but I also have a weird obsession with MAXIMUM FIREPOWER. Your comment persuaded me to change it! Crest by A J, on Flickr I made a scene of redcoats fighting the front of the fort. You're right, it looks much more lively! I would love to build out a whole system of outworks or a proper glacis but this model is already at the limit of what my poor ol' computer can handle. Fighting by A J, on Flickr Thanks for the feedback everyone!!
  2. Skipper

    [MOC] a fort.

    Update 10 April 2018... Fighting by A J, on Flickr Fighting 2 by A J, on Flickr Crest by A J, on Flickr Original post... It's been a very, very long time since I've regularly browsed this forum, let alone submitted a post of my own. This weekend I found my old redcoat army as I was cleaning the basement and felt obligated to give them a home! So I re-downloaded LDD, forgot my Flickr credentials so made a MOCpage(s?), and here we are now. This is in many ways a successor—and hopefully an improvement—to the last MOC I posted to this forum, Vanguard Fort. Here's the front of the fort as it might look to an attacking minifig. A view of the residential range. Downstairs holds a kitchen, mess hall, and cellar. The stairs lead upstairs to a 16-man barracks. To the left you see the ramp accessing the ramparts, as well as a small door leading to powder storage. Here's a look at the powder storage. I don't have much patience for fiddling with interiors on LDD, so this—as well as the main interior—are quite sparse. I leave you with a vaguely minifig-perspective shot of the ramparts behind the barracks. Note on the right a hotshot furnace. Fiery destruction awaits! That's all I have. Comments and critiques welcome!!
  3. Skipper

    18th century star fort

    Awesome. I'm in something of a dark age but still click through the forums, and it's really exciting to see people building forts in this style! Yours looks really promising. Nice army, too. Because I used to obsess over trying to build these forts accurately, I've gathered a few links over the years that might be helpful in thinking about how to get more pointed bastions. 1) This really great MOC of Fort Ticonderoga. No slope in the walls, but it seems to look good regardless: 2) Another version of the above fort, but with a slope in the walls. The corners aren't very sharp, though. 3) LEGO's own, from MINILAND. Has pointed bastions and an outward slope in the walls, but I can't for the life of me figure out how they built it. 4) My own. The bastions are well pointed here, but the walls again can't angle outward. The walls also can't really be detailed. Hope this helps!! Excited to see what you come up with.
  4. Skipper

    Realm of the Mad God

    Do pots no longer drop from the godlands? In about an hour of playing today, I had six blue bags drop, all of which contained eggs, not pots.
  5. Skipper

    Members on the map

    I'm in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  6. Skipper

    Pirate Sloop

    I've always like your rigging style, actually--it's very classic, which fits your ships' designs. Anyway, nice little sloop (though a tad chubby), and I'm looking forward to the upcoming bigger ship.
  7. Skipper

    Tournament of Retribution III - Final Round Voting

    Really enjoyed reading through all the comics just now. Sebeus I - 1 point Dr_Spock - 1 point Skallydr - 1 point Brig. Brick - 2 points
  8. Skipper

    6277 Imperial Trading Post Remake

    This looks great! I like how you haven't changed the structure of the set too much (like some past remakes have), you've just made it subtler and more MOC-ish. Like others have said, the cliffs are especially great, and I like the addition of the chain to the bridge section. Edit: nice tag on the topic, by the way.
  9. Skipper

    Concentric Castle Moc WIP

    Oh wow, this is going to be a project to follow! Apart from the scale, which is, of course, spectacular, I'm impressed by the detail and functionality of the interior--the layout looks very similar to that of real castles that I've visited. I remember staring at the pictures in David Macaulay's Castle for ages as a kid and wishing I could build something similar in LEGO; now I can see it happen. Keep it up!
  10. Skipper

    Realm of the Mad God

    I'm such an idiot! Lost my 4/8 Necro after going into Spaces on my Mac, and then lost a Cwand, Prot, Elder, and Exa HP, Priest to Mixcoatl the same way.
  11. Skipper

    WIP: Eldorado 2013 XXL

    Really cool project--I love 'upgrades' of classic sets! To my eye the gatehouse should be a bit taller (seeing as its the tallest part in the original set), or the whole fortress might end up looking a bit flat. Also, I think you should build the holes in the walls just a bit higher so that cannons can fit through them. But otherwise it looks awesome!
  12. 1X Turtle - 3 points 1X Albatross - 3 points (hopefully with articulated wings) 1X Pelican - 3 points 2X Lobster - 2 point 2X Crab - 2 point 1X Seagull - 1 point Total:14 points
  13. Skipper

    LDD software

    You can create instructions with LDD by clicking the 'Building Guide Mode' button in the very top right corner.These instructions are sometimes a bit nonsensical but they're still usable. To see the parts list, while still in Building Guide Mode, click the 'Generate HTML Building Guide' button in the top left corner. When it appears, go to the very last page of the instructions and you'll find the parts list. An alternative for finding the parts list is Superkalle's LDD Manager, but as I use a Mac I have no experience with it. Looking forward to those creations!
  14. Skipper

    BrickArms Musket and Flintlock Pistol

    Thanks for bringing these to my attention. I agree with Hive, the firearms are a little overdetailed for me. But the bayonets are amazing! Really cool musket ball collection too.
  15. Skipper

    Realm of the Mad God

    A lot of people started (using the lag to multiply your items--so you can turn, say, one ammy into two, then four, then eight, and so on) after the process became common knowledge, causing the price of everything to deflate. It's awful. The mods stopped it yesterday, but a bit late don't you think?