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  1. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Autumn starts, so it is time to go on. I spent some of the hot summer evenings to think about the use of the Owl Tower. As one of the oldest buildings it had been taken from the front wall last wintertime, and so I decided to integrate him into a new building, a combination of Guild Hall and Stewards Residence. The guy on the ground? No idea what he is doing there... As You can see, its the first time I added some tiles to the ground, but of course most of the ground wont look as stylish as it looks here. The guild spent a lot of money for a stylish look, and I am not sure if they will be happy with fish being sold here...?! The back side of the Guild Hall, the Stewards Residence. Quite a tiny building. A view from above, showing the existing modules. Left in front the main gate, the Owl Tower with its sorrounding buildings in the center. On the left back we can see the inner castle. Lookingthrough the gate, we see the corner tower of the Stewards residence, and the still "naked" walls of the inner castle in the background. The inner castle looks quite big, compared to the rest of the modules. The open Space at 11 a clock will get a stable and some walls. The center will take the market place, with tudors and some workshops surrounding to the east and south. At 6 a clock a small gate will give farmers access to the market. I think, 80% of the building structures are completed. On we go...
  2. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Another holiday, another update The keep is nearly done. I will have to rework the different roofs - of cause the roof to the moat is still unfinished. And the roof of the small side tower is ridiculous, looks lioke an exploding mushroom... The style is a little bit different from the rest, because the keep is the oldest part of the inner castle and the whole settlement. And it is the strongest part of the battlements. The back side of the inner castle. Still a lot to do, but at least better than the front side.
  3. derEselausErgste

    [Freebuild] Great Wall of Batuhan

    Under the early reign of King John (John "Lackland", brother of Richard I. "Lionheart"), the shire reefs were instructed to ensure that all highways in the vicinity of an archery were kept free of undergrowth and bushes, to secure travellers from ambushes. Of course we are not talking about the range of a typical long bow. The long bow with its effective range of 200-250yds saw its main use not before the beginning of the 14th century (although the Welsh utilized it successfully since the 11th century). King Johns decree dated from the early 1200ths, and we can estimate the said bow ment to be a typical "flat" or hunting bow. These bows had been effective up to 50yds (45m), and in general we can expect that the typical range of the clearing will have been some 25yds in maximum. Complementary it shoud be noticed, that the idea of Robin Hood and his merry men shooting on Nottinghams soldiers amidst the forest with a long bow is wrong for sure. The long bow needed space to handle, something that was hard to find in old Englands forests.
  4. derEselausErgste

    [Freebuild] Great Wall of Batuhan

    Wonderful. Not a building with a landscape attacched, but a landscape with some building. Thats how it looks like in reality. Of cause You would not allow to grow woods nearby the wall, but keep a distance of at least an archery, esp. arround the gate. Nevermind, it looks great. My personal favourite are the tendrils on the left side of the wall
  5. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    It goes on and on.
  6. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Glad You like it. Today it's Sunday, und Sunday means it is time for the next update. I had to get an idea about the "keeps" dimensions, and so I decided to go on with the inner walls section. Thats the one that will rise up from the moat - the not yet existing moat. The idea for the construction has been taken from Soccerkid6's "Militia Mishaps"-MoC - as so many other ideas. The two protruding piers will take the substructure of the rack crossing the moat. A first trial run. The whole section has to be adjusted as it is "flying" at the moment, but more or less it fits into. A shot from above. For the first time its possible to get a kind of idea about the whole inner castle, at least about its dimensions.
  7. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Tataa! Thanks to BardDandelion and his Forefather's Eve-MOC, the chapels ridge turret looks much better now - thanks a lot!!! Hope You will love these too - as my prgress this weekend is...manageable. Extended the rear battlements and started with what I will call a keep, even if it's none. Just a kind of "last shelter", separated from the inner castle by a narrow moat, filled with muddy water, crossed by a small rack. Presently just ideas, as I didnt managed to build more than a part of the outer walls... Thats all for this weekend. More to come P.S. Building rocks is a pain in the...You know what it is...
  8. derEselausErgste

    Autumn - Forefathers' Eve

    First: it looks great. Nice little graveyard, lots of diffferent textures, nice colours! Love it... Second: here we have the ridge turret the Donkey has been looking for...desperately! Fits perfectly in style and size...okay, the cross at the top could be a little bit smaller. If You don't mind, the Donkey will "borrow" this design for his own chapel - and of cause he will praise You again and again!!!
  9. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Thanks! I would like to update more often, but time is scarce. Thank You. The brick supply...dont remind me of that. The standards are the biggest problem - presently I am getting short on LBG 1x2 and 1x4 bricks (both quite expensive currently, and I dont have a clue why), and 45° red slopes are almost done. I dont like the look of the chapels ridge turret. Too big for the small chapel, and it looks much too "modern" and not detailed enough. I will replace it by something neat, but to be honest I dont have an idea yet. So hints are welcome
  10. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    The regular update - whatever "regular" means The roof of the battlement has been reworked, and I think it looks better now: In the background the ridge turret of the small chapel I added today. I think, there will be a real church within the castle walls, but You can not expect the earl to visit divine service together with merchants, craftsmen and peasants, so a small chapel within the inenr castle makes sense. A look from above. Not a lot of space inside, but its still a small castle. The ground has to be tiled, but thats something for the very end. Two thirds of the inner castle have been done. Still missing are some estate builings, rooms for the garrison and of cause the keep.
  11. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Thanks a lot. Being in Berlin right now, I am far away from the floodings, and I do not know somebody who is affected, but floods are near to biblical, and so many people have suffered - its a real disaster!
  12. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    The inner castle has grown a bit... The big arched window marks the dining hall behind. The window frames have to be changed to LBG, as I had not a sinngle grey one within my stocks. The tower got a new top - its the third or even fourth right now, but this time i will stick to it. The left corner is still in work (as the whole castle is)... Thats the corner we are talking about. It houses the Earls bedroom - if he is present, what he normally is not. Remember, its just a small castle, not the residence of a great lord. The inner yard. I should install some lighting within the dining hall, as the glas windows look quite nice if lighted. I wanted to get the roof not as boring as the rest, so I thought it would be a nice idea to have a chance to sweep the chimneys...Chimchimeny sweepers in the middle ages? I dont care... A first idea for some roofed battlements. The posts seem to be okay, but the roof itself is not. So I will have to make some more tries. An assortment of Avalonian militia, loitering around the western castel face. Just to get an idea about the dimensions. The militia is to few to attack the castle with any prospect of success, and to bad to defend it successfully. But it looks terrific... 50% of the inner castle should be done so far. It gets more and more difficult to make proper pictures. When I'm done with it, I will look for a professional fotographer with a professional studio to get some nice pictures - in the meantime we will stick to what I call a picture - so sad
  13. derEselausErgste

    Of Dragons and Druids, Ch. 4: The Apprentice

    If ever there was a need to proof LBG does NOT have to look boring, here it is! Extremely impressive, extremely realistic and extremely cool. Of course the details are stunning, and of course the interiour height of the building makes a difference - but best of all, the lighting beats everything I have ever seen. Can't tell how exited I am about.
  14. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Next site: the inner castle. The more I am going on with, the more chaotic it looks. And honestly, I still have no idea how it will look in the end... First we have to explore the cellar level. Wooden stairs lead down, and will lead to some mysterious doors - and the most mysterious is the locked iron grill - whats behind? It's not a dungeon, but perhaps a secret passage to the outside? We will see. The 2-winged door leads down to the gate. In the upper floor (not existing yet) the castellan finds his rooms, and to the right the kitchen begins. A first try with one of the big glas windows, that will light the dining hall above the kitchen. Not really bad, but I am not glad about the link between the big arch and the window. Any idea will be welcome A look from above. The girders will support the dining halls floor. Just wood, nothing special. Remember, this is just a small castle, not the earls residence, so everything is small, simple and pragmatic. Looks as fragile as it is. Unfortunately the tracery is seven studs wide, but the stained glas behind needs eight studs. So I have to jumper the whole front to fit above the arches below...
  15. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Just a first try. I wanted this tower to look sturdy and solid instead of tall - and at least a bit different from the rest. To be honest, I am not dissatisfied - but the slate shingles cost a hell of cheese...I will have to order new ones...