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  1. derEselausErgste

    [Wip] Classic Castle Diorama

    Nice build. Lots of nice textures, and a really sturdy impression! Just one thing to mention: the height of the different towers seems to be quite equal. Perhaps it would be a nice idea to have at least one of them a bit taller.
  2. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Thanks a lot. Regarding "Held der Steine": I think he wont care. He is fighting his own wars with the Lego company I am just collecting bricks for the keep I am planning. To be exact it will be no real keep but something like an "inner castle". As it will be part of the northern battlements as well, it will help me also going on with the curtain walls. With a little luck I can show first steps on weekend - but I fear it will be more or less just the groundwork and some rocks perhaps.
  3. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Greetings! Nothing new from the castle walls so far. I worked on the storage house, but not enough to show any pictures - this will have to wait until next weekend. Just to do something different but the same grey walls on and on again, I tried something else. The castle will need some non-military buildings as well, shops and so on. So I tried my first tudor, a small bakery. Small indeed, as the castles kitchen will bake bread and cake also. Some things will have to be changed for sure: the door hinges have to be changed to black, the small woodden shelter at the backside is ugly and will be replaced. Most important I will have to change the roof. I had no idea about the colour, and so I choosed dark grey slopes, but I dont like it. Slopes are allright for the castles structures, but for the private buildings the roofs should be more delicate. Any idea will be welcome. Then I had to think about the castles "speciality", some goods or crafted work unique in style or quality. Not so easy. There are dozends of breweries and wine presses already, and the master black smiths count in hundreds. Another one will be just another one, and I was looking for something really special. At least I decided for some brickworks. Bricks are needed everywhere i nAvalonia and beyound, and those made here are the best you can get for money. The special quality is the result of generations of brick masters that made the really best out of it, but the real hidden secret is the oven and the linked technology of burning perfect bricks. And so I tried to made an oven - big enough to burn quite a lot of bricks at a time. The result seems not too bad for me. I would have preffered dark tan as the ovens colour, but as I lacked the bricks I had to switch to dark grey. Now the oven looks a liitle bit like a kind of medieval crematorium, but who cares. The oven is feeded from the front, while fire and maintenance are operated by two doors on the left side. The stairs to the upper maintenenace door looks a bit too clumsy presently, so I will switch to a 3-stud-wide one and will add a handrail also. And of course it will need a small workshop as well as a warehouse for the burnt bricks.
  4. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    So here we go. Slowly, as I lack the routine to go on fast, but it should be ok. As You can see, the gatehouse still is WiP. Looked upon from the frontside, there is a small shelter for the gatehouse guard. Inside it is as simple as it can be, but at least it's equipped with a small fireplace - i took the one from the Harry Potter Advent Calender right to the gatehouse the owl tower will join the front. The left wing will house the castles storage as well as the Cellerars office - I just added some crates and barrels to get a first idea of the appearence. From the back side, you can see the two horse boxes, and on the right side of the gate another shelter...without fireplace this time. The left door wing is still missing.And - as always - no details yet. If we add the gate house to the already existing modules, we can get an idea how the castle will look from the front side: As I lacked the space needed, the module of the guards house (to the right behind the old palas building) is absent. The total width of the castle is 140 studs presently, or 109cm. So when the surrounding landscape will be added, the width will be arround 200 studs...but this will take a lot of time. The next step will be to finish the storage house. Afterwards I have to decide how to go on. In the back i have planned a keep with some surrounding buildings, sitting on top of a low cliff and so being a little bit elevated from the ground. The castle inside will be filled with some shops and houses, tudors mainly, and the rest of the wall has to be finished also. A lot to do, not 40 percent of the castle are "finished" at the moment, not to talk about the landscape and all the details. Thanks a lot for all the patience!
  5. derEselausErgste

    [MOC] Fairy Tales Minifigs Advent Calendar

    Wonderful idea and nicely made. I think we could have more Advent and Christmas postings here at Historic Themes.
  6. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Good morning my honoured Lords and Ladys, After quite a long period of illness the donkey is back. Sorry for the interruption, but it has been...necessary. I will go on with my work on the castle immediately and will post pics of the already known (bad) quality. I stopped when working on the gatehouse, and this is where I will start over again. Unfortunately the gate itself has been slipped by half a knob, for what there has been a reason why - but I can no longer remember
  7. derEselausErgste

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    The Donkeys vote goes to @Servertijd
  8. derEselausErgste

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    The Donkeys congrats to the winners seems the contest will be culminating soon
  9. derEselausErgste

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    Time for the Donkeys votes: @de GothiaGothia and no vote within my own bracket. It's a pleasure and a honour to be part of this contest!
  10. Just to ensure this - my first - build will take part in the free build competition, here is the Donkeys entry for the first round of the Avalonian GoT-Contest
  11. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Especially these kind of moats with flooding modus
  12. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    It will take some additional days until I can post new pics - drowned my smartphone last week, but a new one is on its way. I am still working on the main gate, and this will not be completed until the end of next week as I fear.
  13. Perhaps this is the right moment to ascertain that it is time to defend our Avalonian markets and products. Trade is the base for wealth for Avalonia as well as for the other guilds, but the trade has to be fair - fair for us. Avalonia first would be a nice slogan, don’t you think?!