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  1. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Goodness - 6 months gone and this lousy thread is still allive Thanks a lot for having a look Ladies and Gents! I beg Your pardon for being lost for so long. I started a new job in the first week of April, and I have been working since that without just one hour of spare time to think about my castle. But this will change. Presently I am moving to Berlin, an when this will be finished somewhere in the middle of October, there will be time and space for this project to go ahead. Especially space, as I will get some extra 25 square meters just for my Lego "business". I am sooo excited I will go on with the inner castle, thats for sure. This will have to be finished before I start something new - or before I will finish with the other sites that are still waiting for completion. If I stick to my plans, the inner castle can be finished somewhere around the end of January (can't You see I am crossing fingers?!). For this I will have to stock up supplies! I am short of nearly any kind of light bluish grey bricks (as always), and esp. on tiles for the floors. What I am not short of are minifigs, and perhaps I will go on with this thread by showing just some parts of the army the donkey is going to raise. Just to start over as soon as possible. Many thanks to all of You for visiting - and of course for the commendations! The donkey is back and right on the starting blocks. You remember this song? "Happy days are here againThe skies above are clear againSo let's sing a song of cheer againHappy days are here again."
  2. derEselausErgste

    Shrine of Sir Simonochrometrical

    Impressive - esp. the vault!!! Can You tell how it is made?
  3. derEselausErgste

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    Perfect - lots of thanks So we have 3 Vikings, 5 Knights and 4 Pirate Girls. I would have preferred it the way round - 5 Vikings and 3 Knights, but it is ok.
  4. derEselausErgste

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I know the question is silly, but do we have any indicators about the numerical distribution of the different figs within a lot?!
  5. derEselausErgste

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I would pay in gold for a real, historical looking long bow...
  6. derEselausErgste


    Thats a nice chariot, indeed!
  7. derEselausErgste

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    You are right, @Grover. I am just looking for a straw to cramp on.
  8. derEselausErgste

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Normally, I think we will be unlucky with the blacksmith shop just on the edge of production. I like the blacksmith a lot, but to be honest I like the forest castle much better. And unfortunately both sets do not fit really to each other. My biggest hope is that TLG did NOT recruit soccerkid as a designer to create new Friends sets. Please let this be the cue TLG will finally surrender to our demands.
  9. derEselausErgste

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Congrats, and well done, for sure. This one could be a breakthrough on „our“ way to a new castle series. And I really hope it will make it to the shelves, just as an avantgarde for the sets to come. If, I am too happy this evening to think about this possibility.
  10. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Today just a small handicraft. The hall above the kitchen will need some windows - not just open breakthroughs, but real windows with glas. I made some tests and finally decided for this design: There is one small mistake: the middle traverse should end with one brick 49307 (Brick, Modified 1 x 1 x 2/3 No Studs, Curved Top), but presently I have this one only in lavender - Bricklink will send help soon. Ok, one more problem: easy to see the width of the wall / window is uneven, and as the windows should fit to the archs below, I will have to jumper the whole front (unless somebody has a better idea). But should work.
  11. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    Thank You all for your compliments! @soccerkid6: You will not believe how many ideas I've already borrowed from You - or am planning to do so. Man, I think I spent houndreds of hours looking at Your tutorials at Brickbuilt, just awesome the mixed joints are some kind of idea fall-out: I bought big amounts of them for a future forest section around the castle, and the mixed joints trees are - of course - also taken from You. The whole castle will be some kind of tribute to You in the end.
  12. derEselausErgste

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    As time goes by...the inner castle grows. I changed the design of the front battlement roof, and all in all it becomes bigger and bigger - much bigger than I planned in the beginning The small tudor building on the wall will be just a link between the building on the left (kitchen/hall/bower) and the tower to the right, so both parts will be higher than the tudor. The western wing is new. It will contain the Kitchen, a hall (above) and the bowers (side wing to the front). Easy to see I "borrowed" the kitchen design from Soccerkid6 - lots of thanks to him. The arcades are a mostly 1:1-copy of his arcades at the "Cider Cellar MOC", the kitchen itself looks a lot like his "Harburg Kitchen MOC". I love both MOCs, indeed Presently the tiler is at work, afterwards the stove fitter will start. To the west the front will be covered with some battlements. The look from the back (north) shows total chaos right now. At the end of the kitchen (here: in front of the kitchen) the keep will be founded. A look from above. At least the keep has to be built as a seperate module, as the inner castle right now weighs 8kgs already and will easely reach some 15-17 kgs in the end. It is quite clear a will need some dedicated room for the castle as soon as possible. Thats no problem in general, but i will have to uninstall my model railway. Thats a pitty, but it is necessary.
  13. derEselausErgste


    As he is quite specialised in castle themes, I have a little hope that TLG sales management already decided for new castle sets. At least we are allowed to dream, aren’t we?!
  14. derEselausErgste


    I just realized that our very well known forum and guild member @Soccerkid6 just moved to Billund to become an official Lego designer. Should be reason enough for some big cheers! I love his creations, and I am proud to say I copy lots of his techniques and details - presently I combine his Cider Cellar and Harburg Kitchen MOCs for my own castle. There is also a big question: now with him working for TLG, may we hope for a new series of castle sets? Would be great indeed!!!
  15. derEselausErgste

    New LotR action figures make me hopeful for Lego

    It was indeed. I can remember i bought the Wall Section Set for €13,90 in "normal" toy Shops - wish I bought more of them.