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    LEGO Monkie Kid 2022

    Does anyone have the parts list of the 2023 sets? Looking for Hidden Village, Ultra Mech and Yellow Tusked Elephant.
  2. Orange Leader

    [BSBA] Cat A - Town Hall Spaceship

    This is way too cool!!
  3. My first medieval house and it won't be my last one.
  4. Orange Leader

    A comfy place for peasants to live

    Thanks! I'm looking into those SSG trees to expand them. The megaphones work nicely, althought they are a bit uneven in shape.
  5. Orange Leader

    [WIP] Transparent yellow turmeric dyed Lego windshield

    I love all the heresy that is going on in this thread. Years ago I experimented with hobby paint for windows and clear acrylic. Most of the time I got big drips of tears of uneven parts were coated. The transparant pancake is one of my recent favourite windscreen in combination with the 2x6 windscreen. The more colours available, the more merry I will be. Would love to see those two in a MOC combined in trans. yellow .
  6. Orange Leader

    [MOC]Patrol on the old roads

    This is Castle MOC love! The splashes of sandgreen and muddy colours on the ground makes the ruin stand out very well.
  7. Orange Leader

    A comfy place for peasants to live

    Thanks! Classic Castle is still loved here! Thanks! I made the roof from a lot of 1x2 curve slopes that I got from a draft game during my LUG meeting. I'm also satisfied with the shutters, glad you like them. Thanks! Unfortunately, IMO the interior is too lackluster to be photographed and I felt I could do better next time. I tend to follow TLG's philosophie of set building; don't stray too far with too many different pieces. Keep it rather clean than overblow it with little details, etc. Ofcourse, I intend not to be too strict about it. Thanks! I love the Classic Castle sets a lot and I still draw inspiration from them. Mix those with modern parts and colours and this is the result.
  8. Orange Leader

    Gryphon Deepspace Initiative

    You and the others did a splendid job. It was truly a pleasure seeing it IRL.
  9. Uh oh, watch out! Blacktron is at it again!
  10. Orange Leader

    A comfy place for peasants to live

    Thanks, Soccerkid! Perhaps I should have as a freebuild for Avalonia. Then again, Book III started and the absense of Nocturnus confused me. I favor Varlyrio at the moment. Thank you, Zoth! Unfortunatley, there are not pictures of the interior. It is unfinished and I was not satisfied with the result. Thanks, Aine!
  11. Orange Leader

    [MOC] A little French Corner

    Its wonderfully build. So tall and so many details. The fish shop has to be my favourite part.
  12. Orange Leader

    Ice Planet 2002: SkiBot 2002

    "SkiBot 2002, at your service!" An autonomous scout robot for freezing environments where no man has gone before. Can also be used for small transport, hench the pouches it carries.
  13. Excellent review! I bought myself one today. Mostly for the parts, but I certainly would love to build and display the Statue of Liberty as well.
  14. Orange Leader

    Summoning gone wrong

    So! This is my first MOC in Guilds of Historica as a Nocturnian and I hope to build many more GoH related builds! I hope my English is not too cringey, although I don't mind feedback on it. Argatz seeks the help of Hanrik the bone lord. Summoning was not one of Argatz's special talents. Yet, he wants to summon one day a one hundred and thousand troops to take over Nocturnus and eventually conquer the whole vast continent of Historica. Of course, this evil ambition was not shared with Hanrik, as we will soon read how he will lie to him for his own spiteful good. “So, you want to summon demons, yet you are inexperienced in doing so?” questioned Hanrik the bone lord with a curious cackling voice. “But for what purpose?” And Argatz answered as honestly as he can: “For keeping my house clean, my bone lord!” “Very well! You have to realize I don't teach my superior summoning skills to someone who might want to conquer me or this land.” said the bonelord without any suspicion in his voice. But his last words give Argatz an unsetteling feeling, as if he was caught on his dreadful lie. Hanrik the bone lord took his place before the black pedestal and began chanting before it in rhyme. “Oh, ghost of a thousand dreams, enter your portal of green beams. As I, the bone lord, command thee to come forward!” And there it was. The ghost arose from the glowing green stones of the black pedestal. “Huh? Where am I?” asked the ghost in a unintelligent mumbling manner. “I summoned thee!” answered Hanrik prideful. “You are standing in one of the many rooms of my castle! As a guest, of course!” “Oh, thanks... I was sleeping. Now, if you excuse me, I'd like to go back to sleep.” The tired ghost went through the window above the bone lord's head. The bright green glow of the stones fade away as well. Argatz scratched his chin as he was pondering what he should summon for this lesson. It did not took him that long and he stepped a bit to his left so he was standing exactly in front of the pedestal. “Now, remember!” said Hanrik with his cackling voice in high volume. “Just summon a ghost and nothing else!!” Argatz rolled with his eyes, which should tell anyone, especially the bone lord himself, as a warning for what is to come next: “Oh, in the land of the north, Where Mitgardia lies, come forth. I want you, you heinous troll, appear before me as a whole!!” And before Hanrik tries to cancel Argatz summon, after hearing the word 'troll', it was far too late. The aforementioned troll stands there on the glowing pedastal, squatting and grunted: “Gotta go dookee nookee!” And Argatz, who stands behind the troll, feels much regret.
  15. Orange Leader

    Summoning gone wrong

    Thanks for your kind comments, everyone! I have no problem at all that other people use my techniques. I find it inspiring and encouraging to inspire and encourage other builders!
  16. Orange Leader

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @TitusV Thanks, and I am looking forward building and writing his story!
  17. Orange Leader

    Three Little Subs

    Every space colonizing corporation, group or private company, needs their own submersible to explore, harvest or kill the deep ocean floors from planets, moons and comets. The following three submersibles are build to represent their own faction. My own submersible for AG back then, was the Kaito Mk1 from Kawashita. I did some subtile modifications so it does not break as easily (its still not recommanded to play with it, though). Octan GUPPY かいと (Kaito) Mk1 Stealth Sub V2
  18. Orange Leader

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Thanks for the welcomes, @Exetrius and @Umbra-Manis!!
  19. Orange Leader

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Argatz the Nasty is finally showing his spiteful head in Nocturnus! His ambition reaches very far, as he wants to conquer the whole continent of Historica. But everyone in Nocturnus thinks he is a total loser. Will Argatz the Nasty proof those fools wrong someday? Also, he is posing in Hanrik the bone lord's castle. Because his own place is not representable at the moment for his great intellectual posture.
  20. Orange Leader

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I expected the carriage to be €29,99 generally in Europe and in the Netherlands its likely going to cost €32,99. Great Hall for €99,99 was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be at least €119,00. One question though; where did you get this, assuming it's real?
  21. Orange Leader

    Lack of original themes

    Did he not already made an Ideas project that got turned down during review? Sadly though...
  22. Orange Leader

    New to the lego world

    I think its a good thing to take your time and to understand on what is available. There is a possibility certain sets will grow on to you when you have a better understanding what is (currently) available. A suggestion; keep in mind and check often which sets will retire. This will keep you up to date on to which set you should buy first and thus prioritize your focus on.
  23. Orange Leader

    Ice Planet 2002: Astral Quadrant HQ

    Good work on the base in that scale, the colour usage is also well done. It must look enormous in minifig scale!
  24. Orange Leader

    [MOC] Blacktron Goliath Heavy Tank

    Yeah! I saw this beast in person yesterday and its an impressive BT1 tank for sure! It was nice meeting you!
  25. Orange Leader

    Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @Henjin_Quilones, @Exetrius; Thanks and will do! I will be mostly focussing on the MOC's themselves. Story will be there from time to time, since I have a habbit to write too much story for my liking.