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  1. Frank Brick Wright

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Wow, lots of discussion about the galleries. Bart is right here. The galleries are no doubt parallel to the keel of the ship. Hum. I'm not sure I understood your point: if you are saying the window section should be one plate higher, that would certainly be feasible and is rather well-spot. In some sources it is as you say; in others, they are level with the last gunport: (note, I do not own this image) The way this is built is really accurate in terms of shape and she is vertical at the waterline at almost every point, as she should. The Revenge is such a beautiful ship but the goal here is a bit different: to make a full-hull ship in an accessible way.
  2. Frank Brick Wright

    l'Hermione, it appears to be finished!

    I must say that on the dry-dock she didn't look too appealing to me but now that I see her on the waters… what a beauty!
  3. Frank Brick Wright

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Sorry for the late response but I'm really not active here. There you go. May I ask what is bugging you? I can show another angles or how they are built in more detail if you want to. (yeah, sorry, this port and not starboard, but they are absolutely symmetrical…)
  4. Frank Brick Wright

    WIP: Matterhorn

    Well, I don't have much feedback to offer as everything appear to be on its way. You've clearly thought everything through. Your steering wheel looks terrific, I'll try to understand how it's built to get some inspiration for mine Apart from that the boats and the tiling on deck have to be my favourite details… Nice job!
  5. Frank Brick Wright

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Thanks guys, this kind of feedback is really really important to me! That's a really good idea. I want to add extra detail to the deck. The compass house is a must-do but I really liked the idea of the flags, I think I'll do it. The clips idea is pure genius! Thanks, I'll try to use it here. About the headrails though… I like them as they are I understand you would prefer something a bit more sophisticated but in my reference models the headrails are very similar to mine… I mean, she's a fighting vessel after all I agree with Captain Braunsfeld here, tan won't look impressive… Grey sounds pretty good to me and I'll give it a try but I'm afraid it will look like stone which wouldn't make much sense on a wooden vessel, would it? White is fine and was my initial thought but I think it just doesn't fit too well… I think the definitive one will be in gold (maybe with a silver armour) as you suggested but I'll just experiment around to see what looks better. I've started laying out the rigging. I'll update this topic when there's something interesting to show.
  6. Frank Brick Wright

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Hi everyone! It has really been a good while since I last made a serious post on this topic. I've been really busy (I'm kinda in a dark age) and this ship requires WAY too many bricks I just can't get around to gather all of them, although this time the end is closed! This means: there are one or two pieces in the wrong colours so don't get too surprised if you spot them. In fact, in all my absent-mindness I've forgot to order 1x2 axles to connect the technic connectors for the spars… which means I've got a ton of these connectors without being able to connect them until the next order I really like the colourscheme!, in particular the spark of colour made by the red over tan on deck. It looks warm. So what is missing on the deck? Not much! The steering wheel, the catheads, the anchors and that's it! (notice the lamps at the stern, I've finally built them) I think I might leave the other side open when she is finished and on display I would appreciate some input here: I'm happy with the way the bow looks and I might just leave it as it is (don't worry about those black plates on top, they are just applying pressure to put the hoses with the right shape). However, it would also be nice to add a minifig/idol here. If this is the case I would go for a white female idol, but I'm not sure there's a neat way to connect it to the ship. Any suggestions?
  7. Frank Brick Wright


    Whooa fantastic! She really looks terrific. Great view of the stern That two-decked ship on prefabs look very promising, the stern looks quite interesting. A personal opinion here. I support the idea of moving on to other things, such as a two-decked ship or a full-hull or waterline ship. I mean, you've built a ton of fantastic ships of about the size of the Beatrix, and look at her! I think you have explored this genre quite well, you have several one-decked prefab ships that are really good, and the Beatrix is one of them. I'd really like to see ships of other kind from you Or maybe I am wrong and you have to surprise me (still keep in mind that a full-hull ship is waaaaay more sophisticated, you are going to have a tough time if you decide to build one, maybe that's just one more reason to try it )
  8. Frank Brick Wright

    Maiden Voyage

    What a great comic This is brilliant! I had a good laugh
  9. Frank Brick Wright

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Thank you all for your kind support! This is a very sloppy update but the point is just showing her shape right now! I'm ready to start working on the masts… when the exams season ends back to studying.
  10. Frank Brick Wright

    [MOC] Santa Catalina's Fortress

    What a job! This is absolutely stunning. You rock. Totally.
  11. Frank Brick Wright

    WIP Blue frigate

    I have to disagree with the others on the use of the stern pieces. I think they would have look terrific if the colourscheme was red, white, blue, but with the yellow they just look a tad strange to my eyes. I also agree with your conclusion, the front picture shows in particular the problem of the junction from the tumble-home to the prefab. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about the narrowness. Prefab ships are always to narrow anyway She looks very sleek and elegant and I'm looking forward to see her finished.
  12. Frank Brick Wright

    WIP: Matterhorn

    A very clean build, that is sure. I can't wait to see the stern shape in real bricks. I can't help but to be a fan of your tiling and deck details
  13. Frank Brick Wright

    [LDD] [MOC] 74 gun Ship of the Line WIP

    Wowsers, this is looking increasingly fantastically better. I'd love to see her on bricks one day Go bunnies!
  14. Frank Brick Wright

    [LDD] [MOC] 74 gun Ship of the Line WIP

    This looks very promising to my eyes. I don't know that much about ships of the line but I'd suggest you get yourself some plans (there are a lot available online for free) or a model ship for comparison in terms of shape and whatnot. She looks rather thin to me--elegant but thin. I think she has the proportions one would expect if built over prefabs. My real advice is to pick some plans and do some measurements to check. Other than that the shape is sweet, I am really looking forward to this!
  15. Frank Brick Wright

    [MOC] VOC frigate "De Ruyter"

    She is finished! What a great job. I have nothing to say that has not been said before but I'd still like to compliment you for this great ship