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  1. Medzomorak

    Lego sets in movie scenes

    Hey guys. Just watched a classic, The Firm from 1993. Interesting thriller where Tom Cruise as a new attorney at a fancy law firm starts to realize something shady stuff is going on with the company... and soon people start to follow him. Anyway, at the very end Tom Cruise's character is seen walking around in his messed up house and look: He must have loved to build shuttle launching scenes while digging up some shady corporate secrets and avoiding to get killed. Do you remember any other scenes from famous movies when Lego makes an appearance?
  2. Medzomorak

    [MOCs] and [MODs] My Adventurers ...

    Like the little nuances, and your custom character, keep it coming! Maybe a Harry Cane teamup? ;)
  3. I want to point out the quality of display you've made for the Eagle. The little diorama and the cover design surely took quite some time to work out. Great efforts there, congrats :) I'd love to see more expansions from you for this theme. I remember how much I've wanted to get the Emperor's Palace, sadly I already got the Pharaoh's temple some years before so my parents had declined my humble offer of ceasefire.
  4. Medzomorak

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    I've just invited JasonsBrickStop to join us and tell us more info and details about this amazing build. I hope he'll accept and have some spare time to discuss. By the way he has some amazing classic-styled set builds, it totally worth taking a look at. I hope he'll join us so maybe it'd be the best to move his IDEA to the adventurers section in case.
  5. Medzomorak

    Green Darth Vader

    Does it have the authentic Lego seal on the top of the neck? If it is not chemical damage/fake but some Lego made misprint it might actually have some worth.
  6. Medzomorak

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    We won't have any evidence for anything until TLG chooses to give us some insight about their business methods. Until then I'll be pragmatic and conclude if something does not sell they're just pulling the plug. I do believe they are operating things as simple as that.
  7. Medzomorak

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    I don't think you have to worry about that, City is always going to linger around and some Prison thing will surely come along.
  8. Medzomorak

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    No one was talking about that.
  9. Medzomorak

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I think the new Space Police was all over Space Opera instead of Sci-fi Space. There's a huge difference. Just take a look at that alien space-motorride. That is some +6 cartoon level. Also humans being the only peacekeepers gave a bit of an imperialist ubermensch feeling to the theme. That's a space opera cliché again. I'd take the Blade Runner vibe Space Police I lineup anytime.
  10. Medzomorak

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    I beg to differ. Those two figures have different backgrounds to implement on. I did not know anything about them but after a quick search I see this Galaxy of Adventure is somewhat of a cartoon tv program, based on the original Trilogy. So it is not the same subject interpreted in different ways. At the toy layer, they are based on already two different products. One of them is a derivate of another of course, but at that the end they are different. And we can agree that not the action figure came first, but the show. So this is why the cartoon action figure goes after the cartoon design. In the toymakers eye this is now not a question of interpretaion just authentic implementation. At least if you mean the two Horntail sets; this case it is a false comparison because the dragons are strictly modeled after the same movie scene. This is not about scale, this is about design authenticity. You are implying the root cause again in piece number. For that argument I had my answers above (Drogon already starting as a ~1600 piece build). Still you are right in a way. If we would get someting more minifig scale, ultimate badass dragon version (like they've built a hulkbuster and a - somewhat too oversized - ultimate hulkbuster as well) I'd have almost no problem with that bad Horntail attempt. But Lego had not done so yet.
  11. Medzomorak

    [MOC] The myth of Perseus and Medusa

    Wonderful build! Love the color scheme, especially of the Styx and the tentacles. I think you may try to enhance the scene by brickbuilding Charon's boat to be more antique and menacing.
  12. Medzomorak

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I think Vindicare had a strong point here, but I'm still with you on the issue. You was not that subjective at all. I'm not a space guy myself, but just as I've disliked the one-yeared themes with Pirates I feel the same things with those different space runs. Lego should really start to understand the power of basic uniformity inside genres, the power of factions again. I personally hate this shallow approach of leaving the whole work behind if it does not sell as good as SW instantly. That is a very outdated business thinking in my opinion. Lego should stop throwing darts randomly on the board and try to evolve all released ideas instead of throwing in the towel all the time. Or if it really turns out to be a money sinkhole, just create the new angle indeed but create some links at least. The newer space themes had zero connection, they've all seemed so distant to each other. They had independently pretty good sets but together they also seemed to be the reboots of each other. The human good guys against silly aliens. Also I don't think any of them was better then the previous one, so why not making a common universe at least? Also why making one of them (Mars Mission) aliens a bit more menacing and the UFOs cartoonish like hell? This is why I think Fantasy Castle was one of the strongest modern themes. When skeletons got boring the trolls came and they were quite refreshing , still not in an entire reboot. They also brought the dwarves. A super faction expanding the same universe again. Then the Market Village for some world builder set. These factions were all different and independent, but still had their common ground. Also they had cool figure packs. That's how you keep up constant interest for years.
  13. Medzomorak

    1980 Something Space

    They don't really exist in large digital versions. You may try to buy some of the older posters but I think that's it. You need to google for large images or scans and try to renovate them with digital tools. For example, that's what I'm planning to do with pirates, buying this poster below, scanning it then removing the creases with some software tinkering:
  14. Medzomorak

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    I agree. As far as I'm concerned with Ninjago beasts the green dragon is actually most the authentic asian dragon so far in the whole series. I like this dragon for different reasons. It is not so unnaturally vivid in coloring like the rest of the Ninjago builds. This milder pastel green (sand green in Lego maybe?) is so much acceptable for an actual beast. There's also lesser mechanical feeling to it. BUT. It's still supposed to be a mech, isn't it? This actually resembles a folklore japanese dragon and of course it has some character by the molded headpiece. Here's Moko‘s asian dragon for comparison. Altough this is classic green again, but the build itself is very conservative, very beasty serpent-like. Anyway, if you guys really made me choose from the Ninjago palette, I'd say this Green Dragon was the best of them. Funny, it is from the movie series and I think it's no coincidence. Everything had just more refined design there.
  15. Medzomorak

    1980 Something Space

    Whoo, what would I do to see a version of this for classic pirates! Do you know what would really improve this from 10/10 points to 11/10? Remade dioramas for every theme or joint ones as parallax backgrounds.