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  1. Medzomorak

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Don't know, I think we do not.
  2. Medzomorak

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Royal Flag Ship by DarthYin. This is a stolen idea from MocYourBricks. I'm not sure if we should take an "idea" like that seriously with votes.
  3. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    Wow. That looks....immersive. Any chance you're going to print physical copies to sell? I'd buy those a hundred times.
  4. Medzomorak

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    I guess classic Pirates first, as I spend all my Lego money on e-bay and bricklink collecting the sets I still don't own. I guess classic Castle second, as I have noticed myself to be checking those more and more while browsing old releases. I guess City must be third, as my childhood dream was to have a train system spreading across a city diorama, but that would be such a huge and megalomaniac endeavour I am probably never going to give in to that.
  5. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    No worries! I would include Construction and Technic sets, especially old classic Technic, but unfortunately I don't have the time to do research and I'm not very experienced with those themes as well. I certainly won't abandon the post and will expand it some day later on. I'm happy that you have mostly liked it. Thanks for reading along! Considering that I've written the post it is clear that I can't agree with you completely, though you make very good points. Lego has indeed learned from mistakes taken in the past and the late 90's and early 2000's were hard times for toy companies to react the video game and internet boom on the entertainer market. I still think Galidor and Jack Stones were - somewhat understandable on the conception - poor implementations and poor attempts. I may be called biased - and I may be truly am - but I was there as a kid and they were not enough seductive enough. I was there with my friend at Knights Kingdom II as schoolboys and we generally liked the sets, but comparing them to our older brothers' and cousins' vintage sets was a recurring event. We did it as 10 years old kids. We wanted to collect factions, and KK II offered just a couple of 4 colored, story-based knight character in every set. Maybe we were too Lego-oriented kids and that only made us another consumer audience category in Lego's eye, who wanted to sell sets for all type of kids globally. Maybe selling just one set for only-football-fan kids means more success then creating something 'better' for already Lego fan kids. This is just some theoretical assumption and I think - or want to think - it is not true, but I don't know for sure, So let me rephrase myself in case I was unclear. Not the attempt for innovation was the problem itself, nor the taking of some risks. They've made Jack Stone to provide less assembling experience and more time for the playing itself. I think it is against Lego's all eternal identity, but their researchers have suggested to try this. The problem is not necessarily here. The problem is that Jack Stone's fire truck was not a good firetruck, without or with assembling either. It did not look like an attractive and realistic fire truck for us kids. This is just one example mentioned in the book Brick by brick by David Robertson. I can just confirm this being a kid at the time, remembering the exact moment seeing the sets for the first time. Lego designers and management consultants had no such organic connections to kids like they have today. They were grown-ups making toys for kids without properly thinking and feeling as a kid. It is hard to do so for sure, when you are trying to make a toy that can compete with a brand new Play Station platform. Still I'm really trying not to push my own feelings too hard. I've just sent catalouges to one of my friends who had some Lego experience as a kid, but not anything serious that would call him a Lego fan. He thinks Lego is a very strong and valuable brand but he was never really into it. Now the interesting thing is, he had nothing to say seeing Jack Stone because he may not even notice that as something not Lego-ish. Because it is truly not. I think as an outsider adult he may simply considered that as a junior-ized lego theme. But seeing Galidor made him laugh and being an economist with quite a lot of marketing studies behind him, he said it definitely looks like a very common example of a weak market research result, pointing out that many companies with too much aggregated liquid capital or overforced innovation incentives may forget their main line of territory. Galidor is an action figure and Lego was not skilled in action figures, also it did not match thier production portfolio and brand integrity. Oil companies in the 80's have built car production lines with their accumulated spare money instead of innovating the oil production technologies to be better at the thing they are already good at, bringing those subsidiaries to bankruptcy soon while causing serious damages to the parent companies and the shareholders themselves. Even one of Warren Buffett's oftenly phrased wisdom is to avoid investing in companies which are diluting themselves with too many adventures unfit for their previous experiences. The only time this has worked when the company has completely abandonded its old work and started something new and more important for current world. Playing the jack of all trades is a very dangerous road for a company and Lego was doing the same. I think the system brick with the minifigure will always be the most important brand value for them to cultivate. This two has integrated themselves into the souls of millions and you have to build around that.
  6. Medzomorak

    Vintage Pirates I posters?

    Thanks for the replies good Sirs! It seems the best way to do it, is to obtain a physical copy and scan it, then correct the folding lines with PS or something similar. I don't know if that is legal, but I'm planning to buy a copy from each of these and 'digitally renovate' them.
  7. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    Are you done?
  8. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    I'm glad you liked it! I agree, present times offer almost the widest variety in designs and pieces! About the future I'm not in any role to make forecasts of course, but I think Lego will keep growing the palette of Licensed lineups as that brings in the profit the most, also those brands are already have tested themselves in the market. As a stubborn goat as I am, I am always waiting for a proper Pirates reboot, considering that PoTC as a movie brand may be dead for good now. To speak bluntly, I think Lego did not give justice to PoTC by releasing just a handful of quite inconsistent sets - meaning the release of only 10 sets for 5 movies -, skipping very potential scenes and ships. Yes, it is not that easy with a Licensed one, we've seen that with Indiana Jones earlier. Lego has learned that even their own sets are competing against each other on the market, so diluting shelves with sets for the same amount of buyers can easily end up as a waste of money. Still, a complete theme is quite more attractive for AFOL collectors, so I hope Lego gives the whole original idea a new shot, implementing every potential subthemes, spanning through more years of releases now.
  9. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    I've said instead of. Instead of a Bionicle figure. Anyway, thanks for the applause!
  10. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    Yes, these are my opinions, correct. Also I don't know if you have noticed but I've just said things similar like you did in a page length post. Why is it every time I even dare to say something some people come here accusing me of being extermely subjective? Maybe you are extremely subjective, who can't accept my somewhat personal review, even if I've stated it at least ten times that not meant to stand as an all eternal truth for everyone. What facts are you exactly talking about? Your facts? I've just pasted diagrams and a video about a marketing expert, who wrote a book about this (provided information by @tafkatb). Also, the exact moment you've said Modular Buildings can't be seen as some kind of a city expansion, not even a little bit, that it's not more city-like than a random Marvel one, I instantly knew you are only here to find quarrels in a straw. To argue it's not a city-kind of set, because it has Expert Model logo. It's not about truth, it is about strangling your debate partner to the end until you feel completely satisfied. I've written my own review post, you may go and write yours any time you like. I will try to edit myself to be accurate as possible but I won't change my personal views just because you don't like it, or you think it is a good opportunity to call me EXTREME. So as far as I go, I'm done arguing with you.
  11. Medzomorak

    Custom Queen Anne's Revenge

    Hey Yawgmoth! I've just found one of your MOC's, and I'm completely stunned. Beautiful masterpieces. I was looking around your profile searching for more pictures but did not find any. Do you have a brickshelf link or something similar by any chance?
  12. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    I'm happy you liked it! I've got some remarks and easy criticization so I'm not done editing the post yet. Thank you for pointing out the fast increase in set numbers, that is a very important information, which was actually one of the core reasons Lego went downhill in the late 90's. Yeah, I hope we'll see some new interesting themes, or some classic one revived! Totally agree, like Lego would not really care about these materials anymore. I guess online marketing has a bigger impact now. Still I'm very fond of nuances like these and I'm sad they are not taken as seriously now. Yes! I was checking them out for hours as a kid!
  13. Medzomorak

    Lego Eras

    I can honestly just repeat myself. You are talking like a jurist at a trial. I'm talking using my own common sense. I also repeat that I just accept everything you say, because that's what I see to be to most reasonable at this point. About City being more popular than Ninjago, I was cleary not thinking about original basic themes and about City being actually Town before 2004, that's a mild error I've truly taken. Also I tend to use (wrongly) Castle as a synonim for the Past direction, as almost every theme can be put into the past, present, future trinity.