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  1. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Tresures

    Adding a ship will make it even better, I think! Like Pirates of Barracuda Bay raiding the port!
  2. Brickander Brickumnus

    Are there many notable custom sailmakers one can commission?

    Number 3. Hoist the sails!
  3. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Tresures

    This is just superb! Out of curiosity.. do you have an idea of how many bricks you used and cost (approximately)? Putting them on the LEGO MOC path from a young age... so happy to see that!
  4. Brickander Brickumnus

    LEGO Commercial 1989 HELP

    Maybe this will be useful to you. Check this video too 1991 Lego Expo - Myer Centre Adelaide I found these here:
  5. Brickander Brickumnus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    The sheer monstrosity of this is limitless!
  6. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    It seems that a Chinese company bought your instructions from Rebrickable and then used them to manufacture, mass produce and sell an illegal copy of your MOC, with Chinese quality bricks. This has happened before and is happening with increased frequency, as time progresses And every time, the Chinese are moving forward with the copy implementation with even greater speed. This also proves once more, in my opinion, that there is a significant demand in the Chinese and Asia market for LEGO Pirates. And after all these, I'm positive that they also used the reversed engineered file of the LEGO IDEAS Barracuda Bay original submission, that some of us here in Eurobricks created a year ago, to mass produce and sell the original Barracuda Bay, with some small changes on their own due to being unable or unwilling to reproduce the base plate.
  7. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    Holy crap! This is getting better! Sabre Island 2021 and Barracuda 2020 together! That is so dope!
  8. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Eldorado Fortress Remake

    Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Brickander Brickumnus

    ⚠️ [NEW FEATURE] MOC Sidebar - for Desktop Users ONLY! ⚠️

    Very nice addition. Makes the Pirates Subforum even more interesting. Personally, I haven't noticed any problems yet. It's working flawlessly in my browser.
  10. Brickander Brickumnus

    NONE of the 10K Pirate LEGO Ideas Submissions have been approved!

    Nope. You just made it worse! OK, OK, I overreact... but you get the point.
  11. Brickander Brickumnus

    NONE of the 10K Pirate LEGO Ideas Submissions have been approved!

    Which is kind of strange, because LEGO is shipping sets in Greece! I bought my Pirates of the Barracuda Bay straight from the LEGO site (1 hour after it became available), with free shipping. But I can't make an order for individual pieces! At least LEGO should have made the service available in some specific countries that are not currently on the shipping list, with some minimum conditions, e.g. buy at least €200 worth of bricks.
  12. Brickander Brickumnus

    NONE of the 10K Pirate LEGO Ideas Submissions have been approved!

    Unfortunately the Bricks and Pieces service is unavailable for delivery in Greece.
  13. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    Amazing build! The slope in 2 sides of the lower part of the structure is a great idea and implementation! I'm trying to understand the technique. Can you show us some photos of the inside towards the slope side? How did you do it to have slope on the outside and straight wall on the inside?
  14. This is hilarious! Excellent job!
  15. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    This picture is great! With a proper background (photoshopped or with real bricks) it will be absolutely gorgeous!