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  1. Brickander Brickumnus

    "LEGO Timelines" Book to be Released in September 2024

    Good catch!
  2. Brickander Brickumnus

    [OFFICIAL] 40710 LEGOLAND Pirate Splash Battle

  3. Brickander Brickumnus

    "LEGO Timelines" Book to be Released in September 2024

  4. Brickander Brickumnus

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    Maybe the retired it early because it had a very good "price per part" for us, meaning % loss of profit per PoBB set for LEGO Corporation, had they priced it more.
  5. Brickander Brickumnus

    [POLL] Imperial Soldiers

    How much does printing cost per minifigure?
  6. Brickander Brickumnus

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    During Black Friday, LEGO Store Greece and Moustakas Toys in Greece, had a deal that you could buy 2 LEGO sets and get the 2nd one for a 50% discount. So, many people came into agreement (example through Facebook) to buy 2 sets of 10320 Eldorado Fortress and split the money they paid. Ended up paying €161 each. They did the same thing for 10305 Lion Knights' Castle. I don't think anyone will get a better deal than this.
  7. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] LEGO Pirate Christmas Creations

    Ahoy Mateys! Merry Christmas!
  8. Brickander Brickumnus


    But we don't have parts list and instructions of how to build it.
  9. Can you post some pictures of you Imperial Navy sailors?
  10. Brickander Brickumnus


    Wonderful! PS: In the near future, please make a Caribbean Clipper remake!
  11. Brickander Brickumnus

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    Let's hope those FX Bricks 9V motors will be released sometime in 2024.
  12. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] HMS Ironram

    Great Job! With every update, the ship looks better! I think if you make the captain's cabin a little longer (add some windows, it will look more natural. And maybe try add some protruding colored things above the captain's cabin windows (I don't know how they are called)
  13. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost Fortress

    Nice! Color of docks is brown or reddish brown?
  14. Brickander Brickumnus

    Shooting and Non-Shooting Cannons...What you Have!?

    I didn't know non-shooting cannons existed, until I joined Eurobricks. One of the main reasons I loved the Pirates theme as a kid was the shooting cannons!