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  1. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] PlunderCats: Hideout on Cat Skull Island

  2. I don't understand it. It's listed as 10,99€ (way too expensive imo) but also has a "Free item" description under it. Does this mean that after 30 September 2022 it will be sold as an individual package? Can someone explain?
  3. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Extended Pirates of Barracuda Bay

    We need some clear pictures of the ship, without anything obstructing the view.
  4. Maybe these will help you get an idea.
  5. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Extended Pirates of Barracuda Bay

    Excellent! And thank you!
  6. Brickander Brickumnus

    [OFFICIAL] LEGO Ideas 90th Anniversary Contest: Pirate Theme Celebrations

    Amazing! Even better if it was in blue colors!
  7. Brickander Brickumnus

    [WIP] HMS LIVELY 38 Gun Frigate (Step 3)

    You should definitely combine all this Steps and not open a new thread each time. It will be much easier to follow, comment, track in the future and will be easier to see the construction progress as it unfolds in time.
  8. Brickander Brickumnus

    [WIP] HMS LIVELY 38 Gun Frigate (Step 3)

    Very Interesting!
  9. Brickander Brickumnus

    New LEGO Pirate Emoji Ideas

    1. An emoji like this , but holding a pistol. 2. An Imperial Soldier holding/carrying a musket 3. An Islander holding a spear. 4. An Imperial warship and a pirate ship. 5. A desert island with trees, coconuts and the sun above.
  10. Brickander Brickumnus

    Shipwrights Guild Hall (WIPs, feedback, and advice)

    I definitely want to see this complete!
  11. This looks fabulous!
  12. Brickander Brickumnus

    Future Pirates Speculation

  13. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Hippocampus - my new ship with an unusual hull

    Nice! I like that the ship is so wide! Plenty of room for minifigures between opposite cannons! Much more functional, playing-friendly and realistic.
  14. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Lagoon Lockup Revisited (once more)

    Brilliant! Thank you for the clear, high quality photos!
  15. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] The Black Pearl

    Thank you very much! This design is one of my favorites! So smooth and streamlined. Do you have pictures of the interior?