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  1. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    Very Nice! I believe adding a second sail to the aft mast, will make the ship look even better.
  2. Sailboat Clipper! Nice! How the hell does this "Gift for Purchase" work? I still haven't been able to figure it out in order to get the Sailboat.
  3. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Dark-red imperial Frigatte (WIP)

    Nice! Can you post some high quality photos of the interior?
  4. Brickander Brickumnus

    [MOC] Dark-red imperial Frigatte (WIP)

    Very nice! Do you have it in LDD or .io file? I'm interested in the front part of the ship. I think your construction approach is what I'm looking for modding the front part of my 10210 Imperial Flagship!
  5. Brickander Brickumnus

    [OFFICIAL] "How to Be a Pirate" LEGO Little Golden Book

    Will it also include a pirate minifigure?
  6. Brickander Brickumnus

    [LEGO IDEAS] "Treasure Cove" and "Pirate Arsenal" by SkywardBrick

    How about having a sticky LEGO IDEAS thread where we will gather all Pirate related LEGO IDEAS? With direct links to each LEGO IDEAS project, but also to each LEGO IDEAS subtopic here?
  7. Brickander Brickumnus

    [OL-FB] Frigate HRS Leopard

    Where are the pictures of the ship? Ok, now they appear again.
  8. Brickander Brickumnus

    1500 VIP Points that expire very soon - Buying Suggestions?

    That's Great!
  9. Brickander Brickumnus

    1500 VIP Points that expire very soon - Buying Suggestions?

    The only way to redeem my 1500 points is by choosing 2 of the €5 Discount? And what does this give me? Discount codes? Can I stack them together in my order (for a total 10€ discount)? Is there another way of redeeming points (like using them directly when I make the order)?
  10. Brickander Brickumnus

    1500 VIP Points that expire very soon - Buying Suggestions?

    Good Idea! It seems Bricks and Pieces is not available in Greece. And Pick a Brick does not have the option to buy cannons and hulls (which is what I want the most).
  11. Hello. I have 1500 VIP Points that expire in a few days. I was hoping to use them in order to buy 40515 "Pirates & Treasure" VIP Value Add-On pack, but this item has not been released yet. So any other Pirate buying suggestions (excluding sets 21322 and 31109)?
  12. Brickander Brickumnus

    [LDD] Trinidad Pirate Ship

    Absolutely Amazing! Even if it's a bit bulky.
  13. Brickander Brickumnus

    Future Pirates Speculation

    P.S.: Although I would be quite happy and satisfied and with 20 Studs wide.