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  1. If a compact diff lock is designed in the front axle, that would be a big bonus! TLG showcase please!
  2. Good point, thanks a lot for your reply.
  3. Interesting findings. Not sure is this motor as same as the motor used in Buwizz buggy motor?
  4. Really appreciated your in-deepth review on this HUMVEE tech set, pros & cons. That's a very constructive to make the brick world better (hope the C-company team could read your comments and make improvements in the future)!
  5. Really appreciated your masterpiece again~ always, extra value added into a TLG technic set by you!
  6. M-B just provide one RC MOC direction: Electrified G Wagen with 4 motors~ LOL
  7. Hope this new set with a smoother drivetrain compared to the 42110 set...and a quick removable cover would be a bonus(show my respect to JB70 42110 optimization).
  8. It seems that the drive motor is not that powerful...280 motor x2...with 3.6V voltage(much lower than buwizz 11.1V). And it also seems like the application is very limited...RWD vehicle only? All in all, what a Renaissance of integrated "Powertrain+Steering" Racer Hub!
  9. Much appreciated for your close look and feedback. Last time I saw the kind of cool feature was in the Sheepo's great Jeep Wrangler, displaying gears/drive/etc in the armrest but not dashboard. And yes, really interesting interaction function while need addtional attention to build. Thanks again and have a nice day! Yes, it looks like the chassis is designed with several clear subsystems and combined logically, and the body is easy to quick install with solid locks. You are's one of many 1:8 super cars. LOL...
  10. Hello everyone! I just reviewed a very new MOC supercar from YTB, SF90 XX STRADALE 1:8 (shown below). In the video, it showed a very interesting feature that indicating the in-gear position in the dashboard, not too sure how to realize it in the model. Can someone shed some light on it? Thanks a lot in advance! The real car in ferrari website: