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  1. Could you not use a pf m motor directly on each rotor? It looks deep enough.
  2. Maybe I’ll try it as simple as possible first and see if there’s a problem.
  3. Thanks folks. I think I’m going to put a clutch in front of the pump so I can disconnect it if necessary. @Johnny1360 I don’t doubt there will be another strip down before it’s done!
  4. I haven’t posted on here in ages, I got the a10 to a point where I couldn’t get the landing gear mechanism to work reliably in the way I want to so after several iterations of the gearbox for the landing gear I have decided to go down the pneumatic route and already the advantages are clear. So much part and hence weight reduction, which at large scale is vital I think. I’ve built the nose section and wing root. The cockpit and controls are laid out, front undercarriage and door are now working perfectly using a single short piston. I have a question regarding pneumatics: I’ll be building a pump that runs constantly using the same motor that runs the gun. I have an air tank (which is what the A10 is) if I run the pump constantly is there a way to vent extra air from the system as I assume it will keep building until a pipe pops off. thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated. andy
  5. If this was in my wall I’d never leave the house. Absolutely mesmerising. Even down to the circular constructions.
  6. The side view of this is bang on! Nice job man.
  7. I think the Mitsubishi gto also had 4wd/4ws. either way I’m well up for seeing another quality jap car from you.
  8. Wicked! Are you making as many group b cars as possible? Easily the best era in rallying!
  9. Another option is to drive a rotary gear catch from the crown wheel of a diff and run the drive from the motor through the output shafts. The resistance level of the rotary catch can be adjusted using friction pins etc to allow the catch to turn when the output shaft from the diff encounters sufficient resistance. This means your lift will disengage drive if it jams at any point in its travel.
  10. This looks great. You’ve really nailed the looks I think. I liked seeing the diff locks engage too.
  11. I believe it’s the use of a fly bar or stabiliser, ie the little stick at an angle to the rotors.
  12. I’d like to learn more about mindstorms so I reckon it’s a solid move.
  13. I’d go 5+r for sure. And centre diff. This is looking really good and far far cooler than another lamboferrariinsertpointysupercarhere. Following.
  14. A quick update on this. I’ve ended up entirely rebuilding the gearbox and switches, after exploring several mechanisms that used intricate timing of levers to disconnect the landing gear and flap mechanisms I have finally used differentials as a way to turn off the power input to the functions when the limits of movement are reached. I’ve also incorporated a large main spar which runs right through the model in order to keep the wings nice and stiff. I’m trying to keep my part count down as I have a tendency to overbuild using tiny elements rather than using frames and long lift arms instead. in this final picture you can see the drive from the gearbox to the landing gear going through the output shafts of a differential. When resistance is met by the output the rotation is diverted through the crown wheel to the rotary selector catch. I shall update this again soon when I’ve built the other wing and added the nose wheel.