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  1. Imagine driving this beast on the road! When you went round a tight corner the front of the container would be about 30 feet away to one side of you until the trailer caught up.
  2. Outstanding! So useful and perfect for taking clunky lines out of bodywork.
  3. That corner panel is great. I’ve been waiting for Lego to get their act together and bring those out. Are you doing them in the other panel orientation as well?
  4. I also considered having a ground support vehicle with it in but I decided ages ago that I want this hung from my ceiling when it’s done. I now have this gearbox built and powered by two l-motors. The grey output is constant and will run the engines and the gun. The yellow and black outputs are switchable for direction and run the landing gear and flaps and slats.
  5. I did look into a central drop tank but it would have to be far too big to fit the battery box in. There’s a couple of other parts that I felt could be upgraded too so this rebuild was inevitable really. My desk already looks like a crash site so it’s time to get back into it.
  6. Having got this to the point where this all works I still have no space for a battery box. I have decided to power it with two l-motors in the wing roots and that will free up a load of room behind the cockpit for a battery box so it’s time for a strip down of the wings and gearbox again.
  7. MinusAndy

    [TC21] Plymouth SuperBIRD

    Ironically I think this fiendishly complex set of mechanisms is also some of your best looking bodywork! I think it looks and works great and it’s really ambitious.
  8. Having spent a few days staring at a pile of bits I’ve managed to shrink the auto switching mechanism and run the axles for the rear control surfaces through the gearbox which should eliminate around 8 universal joints from them. I’m excited about this build again!
  9. Yup. Imma get me some of those. I think for the longer axle runs they will make a huge difference.
  10. I just checked out your typhoon. That’s a great model! I’d forgotten what a beast of an engine they put in that plane! Does anyone on here have any experience of the cada carbon fibre cross axles? Are they genuinely stiffer? Or is it just marketing hype?
  11. I will give you a shout. Go bricks don’t do them. They’re the only panel they don’t do in that colour but if you can find them then I’m very interested.
  12. Cheers man. I sometimes wish I’d gone the lbg route with all of it as stuff like the long fairings aren’t available in dbg, even from one of those companies we dare not speak of! Having built this new compact gearbox I’m pretty excited about it again so I’m cracking on.
  13. MinusAndy

    Lego 8x8 MAZ 543 Chassis Help

    Off the top of my head I’d say the area around the steering servo looks like it would twist. Maybe brace across the top of there. Also the shock absorber mounts look a bit high and spindly, bring them closer together and brace them across to each other. maybe use some more rectangular frames in the build instead of loads of lift arms? finally, your steering arms will have a tonne of flex in them at that length. ideally post a video of it flexing and bending but I would start with the above. Hope that helps. Andy
  14. Back to square 3! I needed to address some fundamental issues with this build so last night I bit the bullet and stripped it down. The gearbox was still too high so I gave now made it three studs lower and strategically form locked it. Next step is to shrink the auto switch off mechanisms and route the control surfaces more directly through the plane. Im keeping my cockpit design, wing root and joystick mechanism, tail plane and engines. Also the Knobs of God as I found it surprisingly tricky to make a low profile way of joining the three axis of control and staying within a 5stud wide area on the top of the fuselage. https://flic.kr/p/2mHnn1Y I think this is my third full on strip down of this project but I’m so invested in it now that I have to get it right.
  15. MinusAndy

    [WIP] Greeble wall in Lego Room

    Maybe put some sort of retinal scanner module by the door?