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  1. I’ve owned three of them. Fantastic little cars. Sadly the top mount inter cooler and hood scoop doesn’t work that well but it’s a phenomenal view to look out over while you go deaf and get your teeth shaken out. stick a front mount inter cooler on them and things get much more consistent. they are now a very endangered species mainly due to tinworm, they’re now priced in evo 6 territory so you’d have to really really love them to own one.
  2. Haha! The only devil with cars like these is the price of petrol! in a couple of years I plan to build a sunny gti-r. Another jdm dinosaur!
  3. Fantastic stuff. I really enjoyed the whole thread and the scoob looks great. The white one looks quite evo-ish if you squint.
  4. MinusAndy

    Meanwhile on planet Covid-19...

    Loving this! we should all be delighted with the current situation as Lego is the perfect self isolation pass-time, along with scavenging the belongings of the dead.
  5. MinusAndy

    Generic Contest Discussion

    How about a contest for the self isolation coronavirus period? given that we don’t know the length of this we could make it a mental gamble as to how big the creation could be. Ie: you could decide to make something huge and complex but the risk is you won’t have finished by the time of the end of the isolation period/zombie apocalypse. Whichever comes first. maybe an open theme on it too?
  6. MinusAndy

    Offroad Buggy

    An hour!!! That’s amazing. The last thing I built about that size said 10 to 12 years on the box!
  7. MinusAndy

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP

    Here’s a pretty comprehensive article: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/rallygroupbshrine.org/the-group-b-cars/rally-cars/ford-rs200/%3famp
  8. That’s really nice, I like the back lights a lot. Definitely get a more complex gearbox in there if you can.
  9. MinusAndy

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP

    Yeah the current supercar wheels are too wide for stuff that isn’t a lambo. They’re perfect for 80’s stuff
  10. MinusAndy

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP

    I've made some reasonable progress on this in the last few days, being rained off at work has its advantages;) Still lots to do, Im not happy with the rear arch shape yet, and lots of other bits!
  11. I'm a rummager. Well I was until a week ago when I bought some Stanley multi storage box-thingys and now I have all my small bits organised. The rest is in a 6 foot floormat/playbag thing. I wish I could be more organised but its just not in my nature.
  12. MinusAndy

    Aftwrmarket springs

    Sweet. I’ll get some sorted this week. thanks people.
  13. So the supercar I’m building has two of the long shocks from 8880 per wheel and it’s still sat lower than a snakes nutsack. The yellow version of that shock has stronger springs but I’m not up for paying 16 quid a corner to have firmer suspension! Has anyone on here looked into aftermarket stiffer/rising rate springs? I'm trying to stay purist in terms of parts but I’m using custom stickers as well so I figure a stronger spring swapped onto the Lego shock body is ethically cool in my book.
  14. MinusAndy

    Ford RS200 MOC WIP

    I had planned to build a road going one a couple of years back with a Volvo t5 lump in it but a change in circumstances means the Lego one will have to do.