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    porsche 911 gt3

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  1. MinusAndy

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    if I can lose four studs in length here then I think it’ll work. Engine seen here in rare mcv paint job (military colour vomit)
  2. MinusAndy

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    Lego and petrol are both essentially made of the same thing, The petrol will turn the bricks into a mixture a bit like napalm. Please film this!
  3. MinusAndy

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    I’ve been grappling with the engine pod structure for a couple of days and finally have a system for making a reasonable cylinder.
  4. MinusAndy

    Nico71's Creations

    I saw the video of this bike on tlcb and it literally filled me with joy at lunchtime.
  5. MinusAndy

    [C-MODEL] 42030 Rescue Jeep

    In my head putting one input on a diff at 390 and the other at 220 won’t make an output of 610. Is it not total output of 305 rpm? Putting two motors into a diff as inputs won’t double their speed at the output, it will output an average of the top speeds. l could be way off the mark with this though.
  6. Thanks for that. The actuators were single acting on the set I had, I was tempted to buy the unimog from a few years back as it seems to contain everything I need but it’s eye wateringly expensive.
  7. MinusAndy

    Bucciali TAV 8-32

    That looks fantastic! I thought it was a rat rod when I first saw the roof line. I have followed you on Flickr to see more pics of your creations. Are those wheels from the new Ducati? What diameter are they without tyres?
  8. I figured I’d update this thread as I’m now considering pneumatics in my build as well. It seems they have come on a bit since the red excavator I had around 30 years ago. Is there a basic guide to the new system anywhere? I’m thinking of using a motorised pump to power pneumatic retracting undercarriage. Does the new system require an air tank? thanks for any help people can give me on this as I’m a bit out of touch. @HUWI I owe you a beer for saving me a pile of cash and time for the hub advice!
  9. MinusAndy

    Lego Technic Air Ambulance

    Nice, I love the 500. Such a pretty helicopter.
  10. MinusAndy

    Lego Technic Air Ambulance

    What do you fly?
  11. MinusAndy

    Car Talk

    I think there are fortunately a lot of brave buyers out there at the minute, supporting electric cars and creating demand for infrastructure. I think it’s either 2030 or 2035 when the aim is to not produce any more I/c engines. There’s a problem with image and just the pure glory of the internal combustion engine, in that the performance of electric vehicles can be terrifyingly quick, there’s no fire, no noise, and no drama. And those things are pretty well ingrained, though ultimately, pure self indulgence.
  12. MinusAndy

    Older Than Dirt!

    How old is old? I’m 45 but I have the knees of a 68 year old due to 39 years of skateboarding and the mind of a 12 year old due to my obsession with building things out of plastic bricks.
  13. Those look excellent. How about some of these:
  14. That’s brilliant! Nothing wrong with sneaking a cheeky bit of electronic wizardry in there either.