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  1. MinusAndy

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    I’ve shrunk the controls down by 2 studs from my original design. I have to put the linkage for the elevator above the fulcrum as there is no room underneath it because BBBBRRRRRRRRT! the three universal joints are the outputs from the rudder pedal, elevator and aileron controls.
  2. MinusAndy

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    I was gutted about the osprey as that was going to be a great donor. I bought those new curved panels in line to see if they fit. If they do I’ll splurge for some grey ones! Fortunately the hawg is ,at its heart, a boxy bulletproof tricycle and this means I can overbuild the wing root and undercarriage area to cope with the weight whilst the rest of the wing can be less so. I’ve been experimenting with a 3 stud thick wing built from panels on the top and bottom with frames inside. It seems pretty strong and light but ultimately it’s a big bird and pretty heavy so we shall see how she hangs together.
  3. MinusAndy

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    Thanks man. UPDATE: The proportions are a little cartoonish, which I don’t mind but it is getting too long (125 studs) and in order to get the canopy cover to the right height I had to lose the small bulge behind it, which I rather like, soooo... I need to make the fuselage 2 studs lower. This means a total rebuild of the power distribution and HOG (no pun intended) box.
  4. MinusAndy

    [WIP] Ford Sierra RS500

    Fantastic! I really like the front grille. The rs500 is a total beast of a car too! Nice choice.
  5. MinusAndy

    Strengthening U-Joints

    Weird!! I bought some heat shrink tubing a week ago for this exact reason. I’ll give it a go tomorrow. For me I’m hoping it takes some play out of the joints.
  6. MinusAndy

    melting and fusing Lego

    I lubed it with margarine and got another 30 seconds of runtime out of it but ultimately it destroyed itself after a couple of passes down our driveway.
  7. MinusAndy

    melting and fusing Lego

    I wrecked a fair pile of beams axles and gears when I was a kid by building a large scale model of my dads microlight. I just built the trike part at a scale using the big technic wheels, added the radio gear from a Tamiya car and powered it with a large plastic propellor and a 540 motor. The prop was geared down and it very quickly started using the axles as spools for polymer string melted out of the beams. It was a brief but glorious model.
  8. The best way to solve this is really easy. it’s all Lego. Just call it Lego. Job done.
  9. MinusAndy

    [MOC] Ferrari F50GT

    The black stripe is understated genius. It’s really nice to see something subtle like that done so well.
  10. I actually think that things like the stud gaps on the axle bushes that allow them to be fixed to studs is a good example of why Lego is one of the greatest design solutions of all time. It’s the fact that you can add system bricks to technic and vice versa that makes it so versatile, let’s not forget that if you’re primarily a technic builder who occasionally uses system parts, these things all allow your imagination to have fewer limits imposed by the medium. Things like this also allow people who are primarily system builders to augment their models with bits of technic. one thing I love to see with builds is ingenious use of left field parts for different purposes and the fact that Lego is designed in a way that provides a vast pallet of pieces for us to “have at” in any way we can is the best feature it has.
  11. MinusAndy

    MOC Fairchild A10 (WIP) pics added

    Thanks man. I got this built to the point that I have an idea how to shape most of it but I found loads of mechanical things that needed improving so I stripped it down to square 2 and started over. I now have a tricycle with all working components and just need to add the HOG and controls. the new gearbox/apu has rotary switches to change outputs and direction while the l motor runs constantly. The 2 main functions from that gearbox are controlled by the bionicle teeth on the side. When the undercarriage is up, an automated switch puts the drive back into neutral and vice versa. Thanks for looking, I’ll post up more pics soon.
  12. That’s a cool idea! I’ll try and do an LDD of the thing I built as I had to strip it for parts.
  13. here’s my take on this idea. I made it much more compact by using 12t 1/2 bevel gears to make the transfer between the two diffs. this system can be used to make a locking or limited slip system. The red diff outputs to the wheels as normal, by having the inputs to the grey diff going in opposite directions it means that the output from the grey diff crown wheel is stationary when the speeds of the wheels are equal but any difference in speed manifests in the grey crown wheel turning one way or the other and that output can be used to either operate a clutch gear or just have friction applied to it so the diff is semi open. basically it produces a single measurable output of the difference between wheel speeds which can then be used in loads of ways.
  14. MinusAndy

    Powered up train hub problem

    Ahh I see! Great. Thanks!
  15. MinusAndy

    Powered up train hub problem

    So having messed about a bit it connects to the powered up app but as far as I can tell the app only has profiles for trains and I want to run two motors from it.