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  1. I think they are fine as plastic, just not a brittle plastic. they really enable compact solutions to be made. I was delighted when I saw them after my dark ages, I had, prior to that, used the version for radio controlled models as a third party component and really got on with them.
  2. I don’t do pins but I do bushes. The slots have to be in line and the knurled ends have to join to something else knurled like a connector if one is next to the bush, or if two bushes are next to each other then I’ll have the knurled ends facing each other. Also, it’s not OCD, it’s CDO.
  3. I use these a fair bit, I haven’t yet broken any but I think it’s only a matter of time. I’d be interested in getting my hands on viable Lego-ish alternatives.
  4. I built my super car moc as it was in real life, ie a monocoque main body as one module, then added self contained gearbox, rear clamshell, body panels, engine and subframes. It seems to work well with cars. I have trouble marrying up inputs and outputs from each module though. With my A10 I started building modules but there needed to be so much structure to keep it all stuff that I’ve had to combine functions with structural bracing so it didn’t really work in terms of modules as it’s 9 wide at the most so realistically some functions and shafts need to run in the outer skin or there just isn’t room. It seems to me that I’m best focussing on the model and not whether it’s modular or not, though compartmentalising ideas into little self contained parts can help in terms of focussing what I’m doing. I think there is something inherently appealing about building modules with the brains of people who like Lego as there is definitely an element of collecting components and organising stuff. Modules look great on build diary presentations and proof of concept ideas too.
  5. MinusAndy

    To Paint Technic Or Not?

    Plastidip might be a good option as you can easily peel it off again, though it might also hinder connectivity as it can be quite thick. I tend to only buy rego in colours that aren’t available in official Lego colours or if the official part is so rare that the price is stupidly high. Recently I have been considering painting some faring panels in dbg as go bricks don’t even do them.
  6. Here’s a quick clip showing the joystick and rudder pedal functions. There is an output from either side of the knobs of god so the joystick and pedals move as the control surfaces move. https://flic.kr/p/2mks1Bz
  7. I only found out about these awesome little cars about a month ago from a mate who is into jap stuff. What a great moc.
  8. MinusAndy

    Infuriating Details

    Two words: back. Lash.
  9. I think mainly my terrible photography is to blame! I now have a separate video camera so I can film functions whilst using my phone to control them. I shall attempt this over the next few days.
  10. Quick update: I have moved the Knobs of God to behind the canopy as I needed to keep the fuselage lower at the back and also need room for the motor and hub. I think I will “invest” in a new buwizz to save on space and give a decent amount of power to the functions. My original plan was to have the hub as part of a working ejector seat but in order to make the seat big enough the plane would have had a 2m wingspan! I have been working on the canopy structure and that is now somewhere near How I want it. If I can squeeze a remote mechanism to open it I will but it’s getting tight in there.
  11. I just checked out the k100! You lived in optimus prime!
  12. I lived in a van for three years and did Lego for two of those. I used a spread bag to keep it all self contained. Now I use an old bureau. Workspace is the fold out part. I use the big drawers for components in stack pack boxes and keep a top drawer free for rummaging. I have racking to try to keep my stack packs in order when I’m “working” as well. It works as a nice compact self contained solution.
  13. You should check out the wip thread of the nj flyer bendy bus that a guy on here is making.
  14. Wow! That is over 2x the size of my entire living space including kitchen bathroom and bedroom! if I had that room with that much entertainment and Lego in it I would never leave. You sir, are living the dream! Nice work!
  15. If I didn’t post wip stuff I’d only post something once every 2.5 years, plus I need the help, it’s easy to become too insular or married to techniques that are familiar so posting and reading wip really helps me. I also much prefer to see how something is made rather than just the shiny finished product. Lego is all about building. Why just show it finished??