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  1. I actually thought about making a truck with one of those, but didn't for the same reason!
  2. Nice! I will look at this when I have some spare time! Thanks for the io file!
  3. Looks great! I especially like the rear light bar!
  4. @Divitis Thanks! I looked at it, and it is too small. However, that is an ingenious design! Do you have directions for it, or just that post? @efgen86, thanks for clearing that up! I really didn’t read the rules apparently! I went over them again and realize that now. I will post pics once I change the model. I’m thinking I’ll change it to 2 motors. That will give it ample power and will still allow me the use of more motors. In the model
  5. Hey guys! Update time! I’ve been working on the frame, which needs to have the wheels 11 studs apart. However, I’m stuck on the steering. If anybody has a 11 stud wide front axle model without suspension? If possible, this would be appreciated.
  6. Ok. Sorry for the doubt! I’ve personally NEVER seen that, so I was a bit skeptical. Plus, I was imagining an excavator with a trailer, forgot what a backhoe was lol
  7. Nice! I can totally see the main body taking shape!! As for motorization and steering, good luck! Looks a bit complicated, but hopefully it is doable! Good luck! I’m working on a construction van. Forum: “[TC27] Small work van”
  8. Ooh, that’s an interesting idea. The main question is, will they be able to be lowered? Because if not, then maybe they WOULD be decorative.
  9. That’s cool! Also, I know I can’t copy the actual vehicle, and my skills are not, well, skillful enough to perfectly replicate it. Also, I’m doing the short wheelbase version.
  10. Ok. I took a look at your topic and realized I was thinking of a slightly different machine. That would look good, especially if you plan to make the attachments for it!
  11. I mean, yeah, probably, but will a trailer on a backhoe look good?? I’m really curious now.
  12. Ok guys, I’m sorry for the confusion. Firstly, @Milan, I am basing it off of the transit connect, which is the smaller, more compact version. (See photo below) The scale is actually correct, by the way. And if it isn’t, we’ll, I’m not gonna win. That’s crazy!! What part/ section did you work on?? Also, as required, here are some pics: (there isn’t much, I’m still working, but I am required to put them, so here ya go) So, not much. However, I am still working on it!
  13. OK. Man, either I missed that or I totally forgot! I'll just base it off of that, instead of making it exactly.
  14. everyone! This van is going to be my entry to the TC27 competition. The reason for making this van is that it is honestly one of my favorite everyday cars. Although I do not drive yet, (5 more months!!) I would like to buy this car. So, this is the closest I can get right now lol. So far, I don't have much; I just started working on a torsion bar for the rear suspension. It is still in progress, so I do not have much to show, at least nothing that wouldn't be embarrassing. My vehicle will be in 1:8.3 scale, which means that (according to Sariel's Model Scaler) it will be about 40 studs long. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it out.