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  1. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    I don't need to get less grip on the rear axle, I need to have grip for good acceleration and steering precision. For example, if there were plastic wheels on rear axle, they wouldn't be able to spin the chassis due to lack of grip. And most importantly, because of what you need to have all the weight in the back, this is the hammer effect - the heavy part of the chassis will rotate around the front I think there will be instructions, but a little later (for the current version with 2L and without tilting suspension)
  2. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    At the moment, the best option was with a buwizz installed behind the rear axle. In the video demonstrating the steering system, the earlier version of the chassis, where I thought about the interior, in the end I think it will not
  3. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    In fact, during drift, the wheels change their position not only to the extreme, but also to slightly turned. Just as easily they can be returned to the center position.
  4. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    I changed links to photos (previously they were just from messengers, now from bricksafe) Not sure if everyone will have exactly the same problem
  5. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    An interesting mechanism, theoretically it can work, but this implies a large number of gears that carry power losses I will try to update the post later. I hope I won't ruin anything
  6. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    From my experience, I want to say that yes, with the correct Ackerman or without him at all it was worse
  7. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    Thank you! It will be quite problematic to make cars with short rear bumper. I think about something like Nissan Stagea
  8. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    If we talk about a steering system with a servo, then we need to understand that the Lego servo isn't accurate and fast enough. Also a gyroscopic stabilizer would be required for control. The idea with a motor that lock the wheels in one position is interesting, but it isn't required here because wheels themselves hold in the desired position until I change it myself. I know one person who is trying to apply all of this to a 1:10 scale drift. It uses: - 3 RC Buggy Motors - 2 Chinese GeekServos - RC 3S LiPo - Gyro stabilizer - and other custom components I think my version looks simpler:) P.S. if you are interested there is that guy
  9. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    Thank you! On the first render, the entire weight of the chassis is in the wheelbase, but tests have shown that it is better to take the weight out of the rear axle. Usually tests of such specific things show that they do not work logically Or am I drawing the wrong conclusions:) At the expense of Chinese motors, I try to do without them, the main non-lego part is the Buwizz
  10. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    Yes, the steering system is free and the rack is 11,5 stud long in the case of the wide chassis version
  11. NoEXIST

    [MOC] [WIP] Small RWD Drifting

    This is also possible on All-Wheel Drive, but on this scale there is a problem with the steering angle.
  12. Hello everybody! I like to build small models for indoor playing, and wanting to make models fast for a limited area indicates drift. As you know, drifting in Lego is quite a specific thing. I seen a lot of models called "Drifting Model" with Rear-Wheel Drive, but all of them only can do some donuts. With All-Wheel Drive model, everything is easier and it works, but it isn't as interesting as bringing something new. Recently I came across a rather interesting chassis on Instagram in which a servo motor wasn't used and nothing controlled the steering wheels. This was the reason to do something similar. I started by making something similar with 2L motors and Buwizz Now about the features: - control by separate gas dasge on the rear wheels - castor angle - displacement of the wheel mount relative to the steering hub pivot point - reverse Ackermann angle Next improvements will be: - adding 2 more L motors - adding tilting suspension on the front axle for increased traction As a conclusion, I want to show a short video that showing what this chassis config can do: I will glad to hear your thoughts about this:)
  13. Glad to hear what you like! I didn't make the suspension, since the model was also built according to the rules of the competition, and the rules limited functions only on the pullback motor.
  14. Today I want to present my new small model. Actual PullBack sets from Lego turned out to be quite beautiful in design, so i can show you my monster truck in the same scale. There is about 400 parts and only one function: PullBack motor I am glad to hear your opinions and suggestions! More photos here: If you like it and want to build it, you can find instruction here:
  15. NoEXIST

    SaperPL's Custom Parts

    Very interesting parts! But if I did them, I would make the arms and links 1 stud longer for comfortable using in 42093 scale.