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  1. Good luck! Which car it would be?
  2. Yes, this is MAN TGX, just starting work on the instructions
  3. Lots of cool trucks here! Glad to replenish the topic with my own
  4. I like it! Nothing unwanted here
  5. 3D model file is avaible! Next file update will looks like this:
  6. On the last day of summer, I decided to show an actual video about it
  7. Today I have some ways of tilting axles, I need to modify one of them and install in the chassis About instruction: I decided that publishing a 3d model would be enough for the old version of the chassis. So file will be published within a few days on Rebrickable, I will also inform about it here.
  8. It can do some donuts, but I have something better for drifting:)
  9. Thanks! Yes, buwizz makes it possible to drive both slow and fast, it's very cool.
  10. This is a modification of the Lego 42123 set. The model was built with the aim of introducing motors without damaging the appearance.Features: - 2L motors for drive (gear ratito 28:12)- Servo for steering- Powered by Buwizz INSTRUCTIONS:Instruction made in Bricklink - PHOTOS:
  11. The system should remain the same, but should be able to tilt
  12. I'm sorry for the lengthy reply. At the moment there is no progress, I am thinking about how to make a steering system with a tilting suspension
  13. I don't need to get less grip on the rear axle, I need to have grip for good acceleration and steering precision. For example, if there were plastic wheels on rear axle, they wouldn't be able to spin the chassis due to lack of grip. And most importantly, because of what you need to have all the weight in the back, this is the hammer effect - the heavy part of the chassis will rotate around the front I think there will be instructions, but a little later (for the current version with 2L and without tilting suspension)
  14. At the moment, the best option was with a buwizz installed behind the rear axle. In the video demonstrating the steering system, the earlier version of the chassis, where I thought about the interior, in the end I think it will not
  15. In fact, during drift, the wheels change their position not only to the extreme, but also to slightly turned. Just as easily they can be returned to the center position.