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  1. There are some models that I really like! Still, I can't wait to see what happens to mine
  2. Instruction for the Control+/Powered Up version is now also available!!!
  3. The entry is finally done! There is some quality photos of this little truck: The good news is that you can find the instruction for PF version on Rebrickable:
  4. Great, thanks! I won't be looking for people to vote, I want to post instructions
  5. 10. LIAZ 250 Dumptruck Functions: Rear wheel drive – 1L PF (1XL in PU version) Steering system – 1 Servo (1L in PU version) Bucket tilt – 1M (PF/PU) Powered by Buwizz 2.0 (Technic Hub in PU version) Front and rear live axle suspension Foldable rear-view mirrors Dimensions: 37L x 15W x 18H = 9990 cubic studs Photos:
  6. Can I post my model in other sites with a link to the competition before the submission deadline?
  7. Thank you! It's nice to hear
  8. This model is inspired by DAF XF series. The creation is continuation of the line of different trucks built on 49.5x20mm wheels. It was very interesting experience for me because of new system building techniques for me. Here you can see the standard features for a truck of this scale and familiar details level. Features: - inline 6 cylinder engine powered by rear wheel drive - steering system with removable HoG - opening doors - removable aerodynamic element I hope you will like this one There is also instruction if you are interested: And some photos: XF Rear_edited.png
  9. Comprasion of two chassises with diferent PF and C+ (PU) control systems. I am planning to make instructions for both of them. Also a render whit visually shown dimensions of the model. It can also be built in other colors, such as white... Real photos next week:)
  10. I'm slowly finishing the 3D model. Here you can see it's dimensions (some elements aren't in their final view, e.g. rear view mirrors)
  11. My first bricklink order has finally arrived. Now all colors on my truck match my ideas. I aslo put back the old wheel arch design and made a new connection to the bumper to make it stronger.
  12. Thank you! Maybe this is really not a very clean technic. But in comparison with sets 42078 or 42128, it should not stand out for the quantity of system parts. I think it's somewhere on the same level.
  13. Exactly, today I saw in discussion topic that they need to fold, so I did it.
  14. New arch - an attempt to see how it will look The new bumper unfortunately does not provide any additional options in the form of lighting installation. In this bumper, I like the size of the headlights more, but I do not like the way it is attached and the lack of a step...