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  1. 75105-1 Millennium Falcon 75292-1 The Razor Crest 75237-1 Tie Fighter Attack The Mandalorian has got me hooked on Star Wars again. Im thinking of remove my Lego City and go all in and create some Star Wars landscape instead so I need Star Wars Lego, I'll try and MOC my way creating the landscape (Let's hope I got alot of sand and gray bricks :))
  2. Hello everyone First, you guys are amazing, thanks for being helpful and sharing your builds and ideas :) I built a Lego city and I tried to have the tram from 60097 running on train rails with the motor (88002) in the first train together with IR receiver (8884) and battery pack (8800-1) in the middle bike carriage. I used Jangbricks idea to have everything fitted within the tram but sadly the curve radius made fail (the rails where hanging outside the table due to the width of the curves) So, I have been thinking about building some elevated solution and having a monorail is the way I want to go, I have some questions which I hope you guys can help me with? 1. The radius of the curves on most of the builds I've seen here are the same as the train rails (60205) and I would like for my 90 degree curves to fit within a 32x32 plate), what would be the best way to build the curves for me ? 2. Could I make the monorail work with the Power Functions items I own today ? (I have not seen a motorized version with the 88002 motor) You can see some photos of my Lego Town (Los Ingeles) at Any help, pointers or tips I can get before I start is very helpful and appriciated :)
  3. ingels

    Hi Eurobrickers, Im Ingels

    Wow, almost two years ago since I posted the original post. Lot's of things has happened (I've run out of "Lego Space" while adding a Lego Space section to my city, how ironic). I've given up the idea of having a train running in the city (I've tried but the radius of the rail curves made it a no-go on that) so I'll be building an elevated Monorail instead. I took some photos that you can find at so you can see how the town is planned. The tram from set 60097 will be running on the monorail, I managed to fit 8882, 88002 in one of the end trains and 88000 in the middle "bicycle" carriage when I had the tram running on regular (non 9v) train rails. Let me know what you think and I'll keeo you updated (here or should I post in another thread, feels like starting a new topic under Lego Town would be a bit much)
  4. ingels

    [MOC] Blade Runner Police Spinner

    Really nice MOC Any chance of us getting building instructions?
  5. ingels

    How did you come out of your Dark Ages?

    I've always been a fan of Lego but I've had my years of not being active building Lego (or having giving it one thought). About two year or so ago, me and my wife starting to buy small sets of Lego Star Wars and I guess it was about then I once again understood how soothing and fun it it is to do Lego. Back when I had an Amiga 1200 I built a case for the external HD out of Lego and maybe 10 years ago I did a Blade Runner Spinner MOC (and that's when I found out about Bricklink) I'm not much of a fan of other Lego than Lego City and I'm about to start designing and building my own Lego City (got my Wife's blessing & support) I've now built some of the old sets I got saved during all these years (I belive the earliest is from '79) and with the Internet its so easy to find instructions and others whom share the same love for Lego
  6. ingels

    REVIEW: 6382 Fire Station

    Rebuilt mine that has been buried for years (kinda just stepped out that dark closet that is labeled "The Dark Ages") Seems that I've lost the baseplate (Thank you for getting me another one Bricklink) and some of the bricks with stickers (besides the "1" sticker on the car) It's weird how much one remembers of the design and everything even if it's 30 or so years ago since I built it the last time AND it would never be possible without the Internets Set 6382, Fire Station (1981) by Nicklas Ingels, on Flickr
  7. Hello there Im a 44 year old Swede, member of Swebrick whom about a year or so ago stepped out from living in the dark ages. I've always loved Lego and back in the days when I owned an Amiga 1200 I build a case for my external HD out of Lego (I believe the case was very colorful). I've saved all my Lego from when I was young and was smart enough to keep on building Lego. Im not into all of the franchises (Star Wars, Marvel or Minecraft) and I will create a Lego City (with train(s)) consisting of sets from late 1970's and onwards (and I got my wife onboard too). I think it's great that I can find old instructions online for my old Lego sets AND that there's places like Bricklink and Eurobricks. I love Internet :) The last three sets I built was 6647, 6680 and 7237 (7237 was bought as a used kit, dusty and assembled. Had to tear it down and wash everything.. Not sure if the great price makes it worth cleaning Lego bricks and tearing the whole thing down) 've started to meddle with some MOC's but I still got alot of sets that needs to be rebuilt and added to my own little Legoverse, if you want to see some of my sets, check out my Flickr thing (I got a whole bunch of photography to do and sell some of the furniture I got in my Legocave so I can get some MDF board or similar to start building my very own Lego City