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  1. animelandia

    MOC: Pumpkin Factory

    sorry for my english.Your work is spectacular . when i buy the instruction for this and other modular and ferris wheel ?because on modularbykristel's there are not
  2. animelandia

    [MOC] LEGO Pirate Ship Ride (Motorized by M-motor)

    it's a fantastic job do you have instruction or file ldd? thanks
  3. animelandia

    Swing Ride

    Bye do you have an update fo this moc ? do you finish file LDD?
  4. animelandia

    Swing Ride

    There are updates for the file LDD
  5. animelandia

    Swing Ride

    Bye, i am an italian fans lego. Can i have an instruction for build this moc for my daughter do you have other rides i supported on lego ideas it's very nice
  6. animelandia

    LDD MOC: Cable Car

    hello Anio it's fntastic can i have a file LDD for your tram
  7. animelandia

    MOC: Ferris Wheel

    yoru ferris wheel it's fantastic can i have the ldd files