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  1. venomsailor

    Lego Star Wars MOC Pelta-Class Frigate

    Was anyone ever able to open this link? Or does someone have the file that they would be willing to share?
  2. venomsailor

    [LDD MOC]Zenith - Old Republic escort cruiser

    This ship is just amazing, well done. For the ldd files, I notice the only two files in the link are both image files, would you care to share the actual ldd file by chance? Thanks Jason
  3. I totally agree with a lot of folks, that a Castle theme is a must and I have a very strong feeling we will see the appearance of the new theme in January 2019.
  4. venomsailor

    [MOC] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    Are you selling a LDD file by chance? This is definitely the best one I have seen yet!
  5. venomsailor

    [LDD MOC] Commander Sato's Flagship

    Is there anyway I can get a LDD copy of this. Great Work. You did a much better job than Lego did with this!