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    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Honestly? No set over 2000?
  2. Scoar Sonander

    Show us your Working Place/LEGO room

    Is that a traxxas slash I see there?
  3. Scoar Sonander

    The Undisassembleable MOC!

    Although I am aware that we're going off topic here, it's a must-watch. I won't spoil anything though!
  4. Scoar Sonander

    The Undisassembleable MOC!

    Any similarities to Joshua from War Games?
  5. Sometimes modularity can help redesigning a model, but also increasing strength in a chassis. If the different sections fit together very well then it might help making a MOC asap (as sturdy as possible). I can understand that this form of modularity is sometimes hard to achieve, so it's perceived that modularity makes a model more flexible. Again, it depends on the builder and the time they want to spend trying to get perfect modularity.
  6. Scoar Sonander

    [WIP] Lexion Combine harvester

    I like where this is going! I can see the overall shape of the harvester coming together. Very nice recreation of that "y" shaped transition from green to white.
  7. Has anybody got any prototypes ore builds for adjustable independent double-wishbone suspension? I have a setup currently using a worm gear plus an 8-tooth gear. The worm gear tends to move along the axle about a millimeter due to its shorter-than-2-studs length. Has anybody gotten around this? I don't have space to use LAs, by the way.
  8. Scoar Sonander

    Infuriating Details

    Anything I post here has probably already been said, so I'll just agree to everything Also sagging springs
  9. I don't know if that's just a typo, but next time I'll give you ten :)!
  10. I had an idea. In most cars, there is not just one single gearbox, but 2. The one for speeds, and the one for drive, neutral, reverse and park. In Lego sets, both gearboxes are usually captured. But also usually the park is left out of the second gearbox. I'm here to change that. After a couple ideas of racking my brains and to many hours to count on, I have found a solution that adds park to you car. The idea is that there are two gearboxes in the car, behind the seats and in front of the rear axle. One controls drive, neutral, reverse and park. It also controls if the second gearbox is used or not. Only in drive does it direct the power from the rear axle through the 4-Speed gearbox next to it. Here it is: This showcases drive mode, where the power is directed to the 4-Speed gearbox on the side. Park... Neutral... And reverse. Thanks for reading, and everybody is free to use this concept in their builds!
  11. Scoar Sonander

    [WIP] D-N-R-P + 4-Speed gearbox

    After some rebuilding and redesigning I finished the gearbox and created some instructions for it. If anybody wants them, PM me. The reason for this is I lost the file... so I can't upload it to rebrickable, and only send you guys the instructions per email.
  12. I was kind of making a joke about how BuWizz has already kind of perfected the Buggy Motor
  13. Maybe CaDA should make some RC buggy motors with a more appealing shape - one that would fit inside MOCs easier, and with metal gearing?
  14. Scoar Sonander

    Sliding Gear PRND Gearbox

    Concept = Good Shifter = too big Again, these types of gearboxes are very hard to shift.
  15. Scoar Sonander

    Sliding Gear PRND Gearbox

    Nice! I need to figure out a way to make a shifter for these sliding gearboxes.
  16. The bold type is making my eyes water, almost as much as the crawler! Kudos to PTNYC for making this! The use of LAs for steering is very innovative and great for steering with power! Are there building instructions?
  17. Scoar Sonander

    [WIP] D-N-R-P + 4-Speed gearbox

    I'm glad you like it. By the way, the input is the 20-tooth gear connected to the P-N-D-R gearbox. Here's a pic of the underside, 4-speed on the bottom and P-N-D-R on the top (completed version, mind you): And here's a picture from the top of the full gearbox, 4-Speed on the top and P-N-D-R on the bottom: Of course it still needs the "slim treatment" if it's to actually fit anywhere, because at the moment the dimensions are a pain in the megablocks.
  18. Scoar Sonander

    I can't upload images

    I use flickr, and when I upload the page link, it doesn't show the photo... any ideas?
  19. Scoar Sonander

    [WIP] 4x4 Unimog Trial Truck

    Unimog, but with a lengthened wheelbase!
  20. Great job everybody! 18: 10 27: 6 33: 4 43: 3 22: 2 36 :1
  21. Scoar Sonander

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    This is going to haunt me for the rest of my life...
  22. Wow! Surprised how quickly a B-Model has been constructed, with this much quality and functions! Great job and good usage of the "limited" parts ! Also... First!