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  1. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Toyota Supra

    The Roof looked kinda weird to me, but it made me notice how it is just as weird on the real car... Why make that dent in the middle of the roof? Doesn't look good imo
  2. @karmadrome It will definatelly not be the cybertruck. It wouldn't fit the other supercars in the lineup at all, being a weird electric SUV from the US instead of a low gas guzzler from Porsche/Piëch like the 3 previous cars. If TLG would make the cybertruck it would probably a successor for the Defender in 1:10. After all there is no transmission or anything else interesting in the cybertuck, so making it 1:8 would be pretty pointless.
  3. Gray Gear

    [TC21] Rocket SUV

    I like the use of the Exo Force turbine. I always thought these were really cool.
  4. @Hrafn Looks more like the style of pop-up headlights like you'd find on a AE 86. They rotate almost 90°, which is a lot more compared to the pop-ups you'd find on a NSX or a Testarossa. In my opinion the pivot point in your sketch is not quite right. Since the headlight rotates 90° the pivot point has to be more in the center of the headlight to avoid a huge gap below when flipped up. Question is how this can be executed in your small scale. It would still be good if you could name the car model. I think your current prototype isn't bad, but the shape indeed looks very different from your sketch. Does the hood have to open? Otherwise is could be used as a mounting point...
  5. Interesting for sure, but a bit pointless too imo. I just can't imagine using this in the scenario described above. My relatives wouldn't know how to use it, and setting up the control surface for the other person eould be too much to bother with. I can already see Grandma driving the Tablet bot to a suicide death over the table edge A 360° camera would be a better option imo.
  6. @Hrafn could you tell what the car is so we can take a look at its headlight construction? Different cars need very different solutions. But getting this to work AND look good will be difficult. Doing really nice pop-ups is a challenge in 1:8 (29 wide), so it will be even more difficult at half the width.
  7. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Toyota Supra

    Instantly recognizable! Headlights are nice. Idk what it is, but the "face" of the car looks kind of sad to me, like this: But I see the same thing on the real A90 too, so not to worry lol The way the hood and fender panels line up is great, but the area in front of the doors ins't that nice. Looks like there is a chunk missing. Rear is very well made, I like the use of the new 3L curved panel And a 8speed sequential in 1:10 scale is very impressive, I like it. Well done!
  8. Gray Gear

    [WIP] Aston Martin Valkyrie

    Looking good! This car is a great challenge due to its unorthodox shape, but I think you did a great job shaping the body! One thing I think is especially challenging tho is the shaping of the earo parts, the front splitter and the way it is mounted especially. I can't really see that here, so I'll wait for the final presentation Regarding the taillights I am still a bit sad there are only two rows of lights. But I can understand your decision. Sometimes it is better to choose a more simplistic solution over a cluttered more realistic one. It was probably the right compromise to make here The frunk (or is there even anything under there?) is a bit cluttered, but idk what could be done to improve it either Myonly real complaint is the connector windshield. Maybe this is just me, but I really dislike the stacking of these connectors to achieve a round shape. It just looks bad because of the holes. Sadly this is quite often done for wheel arches, and I think it just looks bad. Any chance to replace it with flex axle or maybe the click joint connectors? But I think the greatest achievement here is that you managed to get this thing strong enough to not fall apart when you pick it up. None of the things I do to achieve a stiff chassis on my cars would be applicable here And I would also like to know the final piece count My Nissan 180SX MOC recently shocked me with a final part count ~4200 Thx for the update, very well done. Gray Gear
  9. I like the overall look, especially the rear. Gives me BMW X vibes. Only the front is not for me, looks like a Bionicle mask
  10. Gray Gear

    "future metropolis"

    Wow, a very interesting creation! I love japanese cars, so I can really appreciate the stickers for once! Normally I am not a big fan of stickers, but in this one they are so well made and complement the MOC so well I am very impressed. And the translucent structure keeping the whole thing afloat is very impressive as well! I just wish you'd use trans-clear pins as well, but of course they are not offered by LEGO. Anyways, thx for sharing this gem
  11. Well, I can't really see anything, but it is very interesting to know. If TLG is really paying oh so much for licensing it is quite weird to think the car company would decide what car is (or isn't) made. But it makes sense for Lamborghini to not want a Aventador Model made now because the Aventador is finally going away and quite a few people arn't too happy about it. A Sian certainly is better for Lamborghini.
  12. Well that's a major suck I don't get why they always have to do the newest car instead of going for an instant classic like the Aventador that would sell amazingly without any doubt.
  13. Well built like all your other Tanks. The armor plates fit together well and the scale is very impressive too But I am not really feeling this one. There are some tanks that I just don't find very interesting. These small "machinegun boxes" in WW2 that already have to go up against "real tanks" with tank guns. They seem pretty obsolete to me. I get not every tank has to be a MBT, especially in WWII where a variety of different tanks were used. But for me these are just not as interesting as some of the other concepts like TD's or Superheavies.
  14. If I am sure of one thing, its that it won't be the "new NSX". Honda isn't really all that popular to beginn with, and the new NSX is not very well liked. I too think it is not a worthy successor of the 90s Legend. Unlike the new Nissan Z the new NSX lost all the good looks of the original NSX.
  15. Well, time to hope for normal straight wheel arches in red/white/black once more... But probably very unlikely.