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  1. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    One month for the whole model? Thats crazy fast! It took me me longer for just front and rear bumper on the car I am working on right now I guess the problem is that I am a perfectionist, and because I dont disassemble my MOCs I have to be really happy overall to call a MOC "finished"
  2. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    She looks pretty good, and there is no doing wrong with a white+black colorsceme I just wish it was in 1:8 Scale, I hate these wheels. Why didn't you use tiles instead of plates for the headlights? I think they would look better without the studs on top
  3. Gray Gear

    [B Model] Ferrari Enzo from 42115

    Very good B model, even though I dont really like the Enzo. Great work. I like the red gears used for the taillights, that was probably one of the very few times someone was happy about these being red instead of dbg But the color differedifference is very appearent on your model
  4. Gray Gear

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    Thx for the reply. I once thought about doing a 1:8 RC build, using 4 buggy motors at the rear Wheels. But no way I am spending 800€ for BuWizz + Buggy motor cost + servo cost... I can almost build 2 manual 1:8 cars for the price I would have to pay for just the electronics...
  5. Gray Gear

    BuWizz + Lamborghini

    Are the Buggy Motors really that power hungry that you need 1 Buwizz unit per motor?! And I thought 1 Buwizz would be enough to power 2 Buggy Motors and 1 Servo...
  6. Very nice model, the curves if the car look good. But think the headlights are dragging the oveall look of the model down. I know how hard stuff like this is, I spent a lot of time on my latest project car's headlights as well. But I still think it is a weakpoint of the model that could be improved.
  7. Gray Gear

    [EBFS] Herbalist's Garden

    I know the front page picks arn't done by the user who made the post Why prevent them sharing it? While there are no rules to prevent frontpaging contest entries, I still wouldn't call it "good sport" if some few entires get a massive ammounts of additional exposure while others dont. But do as you will, I dont want to fight or argue
  8. Gray Gear

    [EBFS] Herbalist's Garden

    I said it in the TC18 contest, and I'll say it again: Contest entries should not be frontpaged while the contest is still going IMO. It is giving an unfair advantage over the other entries. @Aurore this ins't meant to attack your (lovely ) build, but just to keep things fair for everyone. But in the end it will be @Peppermint_M or some other mod to decide.
  9. Such a cool picture, three 1:8 cars next to each other. I didn't think I'd say this, but I like the blue version best
  10. Gray Gear

    42107 Ducati- Alternative model

    Looks pretty cool, I like how you used the gear selector ring for the exhaust tip
  11. Gray Gear

    [MOC] HONDA ACTY 1983 Dragster [2020]

    A Japanese drag minivan? Hell yeah! Looks really cute
  12. @QQriQ you have to host your pics somewhere else, like Bricksafe or Flickr, and embed the link in your Eurobricks post afterwards
  13. Thank you The version in the instructions is basically the same as mine, I just had to swap some colors. The only difference is that I removed the fuel system in the trunk for the instruction version. Oh yes these are quite expensive... But you can get 10pcs on Aliexpress for like 60 cents, shipping included 4 are located in the rear Bumper. No chance to replace those. 2 are located in the trunk next to the sploiler mounts, these might be replacable with11478 after some minor mods. And 2 are located next to the rear wheels, and can just be swapped for 11478 no problem.
  14. Building instructions are now available on Rebrickable: I put a lot of work into these instructions, did everything myself, so please understand they won't be for free
  15. Intresting to hear some insider informations