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  1. Gray Gear

    [WIP] Lissajous Curve Generator

    @BrickBuildingFox You could use the older DBG clutch gears instead of the newer red version. Also using older (especially good when bought used) gears in general (not tan) will also help reduce friction.
  2. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Yeah, that's right. I was too stupid to remember wheel width makes all the difference when calculating wheel offset. My bad
  3. Gray Gear

    MOC New Holland T7.315 HD Bluepower Tractor

    It isn't a supercar, but someone still put a lot of effort into the bodywork. Well done Now you just need a lot of attachments to use all that flexibility
  4. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    @brunojj1 Yes the deep offset is very good for making tight wheel wells, but my problem is that the wheel is so wide that the barrel will rub on the wishbones if you turn the wheel too far. A less wide wheel, like the land rover wheel, does not have that problem to this extent. I wish there was a wheel in 1:8 Wheel diameter and land rover wheel width and offset. That would be perfect.
  5. Gray Gear

    PF lights two studs wide

    yeah that's what I thought as well... I mean what kind of answer did you expect? "Just leave the LED in a glass of water over night and it'll have doubled in the morning"?
  6. I think most poeple can't even imagine how much work it is to do instructions with this complexity and part count. And offering the instructions for free... I dont think I would have done that. I applause everyone in this thread that kept and keeps on improving this model. Keep it up!
  7. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    I think that different cars will have very different turning radius. Limiting factor is the witdh of the wheels used, and the scale makes a difference too off course. The normal 1:8, wheels don't allow for a good turning radius, because they are too wide. I'll measure once I get home, and edit this post. But I already know the answer is "terrible"
  8. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Okay I gotta say I can't completely grasp how the gearbox works just by looking at the picture. (I build manual transmissions, so maybe that's why I have trouble understanding the workings of a more complicated sequential gearbox). Maybe I'll try to build it if I can find the needed parts. But I can see you made a reverse gear without using small 8gears like many others do. Well done! This can make it run pretty smooth. The blessing of a mid-engine car is that there is a lot of space beneath the engine for a complicated gearbox. I belive you've got more room in this 1:10 MOC than I have in most of my 1:8 MOCs, because rear seats are a thing
  9. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Ferrari 365GT4 BB

    @ralphie I really like your MODs. You did a bunch of stuff that bothered me on the original MOC. Making a real vent into the hood and making it more smooth. adding engine details (even though it could still be more imo). My favorite: the exhaust system. I love to just dump like 10-20 of these maccaroni pieces in my MOCs too, for the exhaust, or intercooler piping, ... One question tho: what did you do to the pop-up headlights? Is this just like a headlight cover with no lights underneath? That would be sad...
  10. Gray Gear

    [MOC] 2 meter long Lego Technic Bridge

    Very nice Video, and I had to smile as well! I first thought it looked and a bit bland tbh, but placed in your city it actually fits quite nice. Why is it a one-way street tho?
  11. Gray Gear

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Well, every car has a gearbox, but lot's of other features are dependent on the real life counterpart's features. But I agree that stuff like this would be nice in a official set. At the moment you LEGO fans can be happy if the headlights are still brickbuilt and not a print... Oh wait
  12. Gray Gear

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Has already been done by @Jeroen Ottens in his Aston Martin DB11: Rebrickable
  13. You thought wrong, young padawan. Those strong with the Dark Side order their Bricks from GoBricks... But be warned, the way of the Dark Side is not without its risks, It will consume you as soon as you get a small taste...
  14. @aniking the rollcage was made after looking at some real R32 rollcages, and considering how it can be as strong as possible. So the R32's rollcage is inspired by real design, but not accurately measured. But it doesn't really matter imo, because lots of weld-in rollcages are custom made irl too.
  15. @aniking I used this blueprint in the model scaler, and some pics from google for details and to view things from a different angle I like your tinted headlights btw, a nice idea.