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  1. Why should nobody have enough cada bricks to build the Porsche 911? Why would you just assume that? I certeainly have enough non-LEGO bricks from a single brand to build it no problem.
  2. Well they are only illegal until a LEGO designer decides to use it, and the rules get bent... Who cares. The fact is this model is better than any 1:8 car LEGO will ever give us, especially for the price. I think y'all should just give CADA a chance, buy one, build it, and if you dont like it you can just sell it for a small loss on Ebay. Its worth the experience.
  3. There are murtiple things I dislike about photo instructions: 1. They look low quality 2. I would have to completely disassemble the Model, and I dont feel like I could do that without making mistakes (there is a very specific order) 3. My personal model will always be a little different from the instruction version. The colormatched pins would also make them quite hard to see, and I dont think many people would be able to get lbg pins for the engine bay etc. 4. I couldn't generate a parts list, and I dont feel like counting and checking 3000-4000 pieces.
  4. Damn, I will think about making instructions in the future. There should be ways to fix the pieces that are only available from GoBricks, but compromises will have to be made. But I definatelly won't do it until I have a new computer, my laptop wasn't able to handle the RX7 in LDCad well at all. I will never do instuctions for a bigger model again on this crapbox PS maybe y'all are right and 20 Bucks is too expensive, I dropped the RX7 to 15 Bucks as well, same as the NSX.
  5. I know JDM cars are a niche market But you would think that if somebody is willing to pay like 500€ for a model then 20€ for the guy who put in all the work shouldn't be that hard to swallow. And I dont want to complain, I learned a lot making these instructions
  6. Whats up everybody, I just wondered: Have any of you ever thought about drilling actual holes in the Bugatti brake rotors? These "fake holes" on the brake rotors have been bothering for a while, today I finally did it. I am quite happy with the result, it wasn't very difficult but took quite a bit of time to drill all the holes on 4 rotors. But easily worth it imo, looks so much better. Here is a comparison pic with the Bugatti wheels And finally the improved brake rotors on my Nissan GTR R32 MOC. These wheels cover up a lot, but it still looks great. What do you think? I think these pieces should have had actual holes from factory...
  7. Gray Gear

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    @Ctan It happens to all of us, but dont let it make you feel down. Just forget about it.
  8. Yeah I wondered why bricklink was making up an estimated price >1000$ when I made the model... White seems to be especially expensive
  9. I used 2x 99780 trans-clear in each headlight: there is no way these could be just looks like a 1x2 plate from the outside. I also used these in black to mount the C-pillars. these cannot be replaced either. Only available from GoBricks as well. I spent way to much time making the building instructions for my Mazda RX-7, and even though lots of people seemed to like it, almost nobody has bought the instructions. Probably because you need a small number of non-LEGO pieces to complete the build. I can respect that, but that means I will probably never make building instructoions again, at least not if there are non-LEGO pieces required. Sorry. Hopefully that'll happen for the next one as well I always try to improve wherever possible Black was the only possible color, believe me. I wanted to rebuild the car in a different color than black, but it wasn't possible. The next car might be a drift car, I am currently playing around with a front suspension setup that allows for a better steering angle. But I can already see the S-Chassis cars will give me problems in a few places, especially in the rear wheel arch area... We'll see if I can come up with a solution
  10. Adding the Rollcage helps so much with body rigidity. It can totally remove the weakspots that usually exist where the doors are, and the A-Pillars are almost always a quite weak connecting the roof to the frame. There is no flex at all in the body. @LvdH is right, I sourced them from 3303 DECOOL Mustang Hoonicorn. I dont like that they stole the MOC, but I just bought the set as a parts donor and never unwrapped the instructions, so I dont feel bad. I must give them props for making the custom Wheels as well tho, they compliment the GTR's black body very well imo. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have no plans to make instructions for this MOC. I had to use a few pieces in colors that LEGO does not offer, especially for the head- and taillights. There is no way these could be replaced, and it wouldn't be that easy for y'all to get your hands on these pieces, even if you wanted to. If you like JDM cars, you can check out my Honda NSX and Mazda RX-7 on Rebrickable
  11. I added the Video at the top. I tried to show the gearbox shifting as good as possible
  12. Gray Gear

    [WIP] Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 1:8

    @ibessonov Do you have more progress to show on this MOC? It looked quite promising. Or did I miss the thread presenting the final model?
  13. Gray Gear

    [MOC] TriPerron - Nomad Class Explorer

    Wow the 3 ships docked together looks very cool!
  14. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Mazda RT24-P

    Wow, that's pretty cool! I am from the technic section, so there are far too many studs on this model for my taste. I like the open cockpit and the use of these antennas. I think the way people usually do windows in the scale modeling section using black tiles is really bad looking, great you managed to avoid that. And the massive ammount of uneven studwidth building in this MOC is intresting as well!
  15. If you would like to build this model, you can get the building instructions on rebrickable. If you want to build a red version, just replace all the white pieces with red ones. You'll probably have to buy more offbrand pieces though. You have to order the pieces yourself. I only have so much free time, and I would rather spend it developing new MOCs If you want to order from china or GoBricks, feel free to DM me if you have any questions that google cant answer