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  1. Hi there everybody! It's been a while since I posted anything here, but allow me to present my latest Project: A small scale Tiger II tank! Years ago when I got first into World of Tanks Blitz, the Tiger II was my favorite tank. I still play it sometimes, so I decided to build it. My goal for this Tank was simple: To get all the functions big RC tanks have in a small scale tank model, and still make it look good. - RC driving (powering the front drive sprocket) - RC turret rotation - RC gun elevation/depression - Suspension system to replicate the torsion bar suspension From the beginning it was clear that this would not be possible using LEGO electronics due to the size constraints. I used a CADA Battery box, 2x M motor (drive) and 2x Micro motor (Turret+Gun) to power the tank. The rest of the Tank can be built with 100% LEGO with some minor color changes, especially on the insides to save money. Building istructions are on Rebrickable for 8.8 EUR I hope you like my little gray cat and am looking forward to your comments Gray Gear
  2. @930 Turbo That sounds very interesting. If you do manage to fit a reverse Gear to my 6 speed gearbox design I'd love to see it
  3. @930 Turbo I think quite difficult. There is a reason I haven't done it. I experimented with a 5+R version on the RX-7, and while it did work a lot of friction was introduced into the drivetrain, especially in reverse. I prefer to have a very smooth drivetrain instead of one with reverse and a lot of friction. A 6+R transmission would be a lot more difficult still. How to activate the reverse gear using the gear lever, when all 6 gears are already blocked?
  4. Compared to how big-headed this guy is, Megamind looks average. But all that space in his head seems to be empty, as he can't comprehend that he himself is the reason why his MOC threads look like train wrecks. I love how he thinks he pulled a smart move on the forum users while making himself look like the biggest coward at the same time by editing his comments.
  5. That's the spirit. Build the MOC for yourself first. Afterwards sell it for a price that makes sense, and if people like it they can build it too.
  6. Well you should, but it depends on the size of the MOC. I sell two MOCs for a similar price (20 Bucks), but they both have 10x as many pieces as this creation here. For good 3000-4500 bricks Technic supercar this price is normal on RB, but not for such a small creation its just greedy.
  7. You act like a child. If you present a MOC in a modest way makes you likable, and people will compliment you, no matter if the MOC is great or just O.K. But if you Announce your MOC like a gift from the heavens you set expectations the MOC can't meet, and makes you look conceited to boot. Calling it "impossible" and "beautiful work of art and technology" just makes you look big-headed. The audience in this Forum are talented builders with lots of experience, not a bunch of easily-impressed noobs like on FB. Technical discussions are appreciated here, and constructive criticism.
  8. No experience with Linux. I use LDCad, and LPub3D for the Instructions. Much better for builds involving technic imo.
  9. Sometimes, yeah. As long as the rubber band is new and very strong this is probably fine, and a lightweight solution. That's actually quite ok I'd say. I think a lot of people here spend a lot longer for some of their bigger MOCs. Creating Instructions for my last 1:8 Technic Car MOC took 100+ hours, over 2 weeks of time taken off work to do it... What programm are you using? That doesn't sound right. I have made instructions for both system and technic builds (both involving functions) and I haven't noticed any difference in difficulty making the instructions
  10. Gray Gear

    [MOC/MOD] - Harry Potter: Movie in a Box

    Awesome! I love all the school's emblems, and that little Horntail especially!
  11. Interesting, I have never seen a LEGO camera car before. I like the suspended camera arm, but I am not a fan of fixing the camera in place with a single rubber band Regarding this: you can still update your title by editing the first post. Just look at how other theads are named to get an idea how things are done here
  12. Is this really a big issue? Can't you just mount one side of the spring on a 2L beam to allow a bit of movement?
  13. @OnyyX No real progress to be honest. I have been working on different Projects (one of which will appear on EB very soon). At the moment I don't feel technic cars that much tbh. After 4 1:8 technic cars in a row I need some diversity I think
  14. My words precisely. TLG even tried to protect the 1x5 plate which had been used by cobi for years already lol
  15. I am not saying TLG doesn't deserve praise for a brick they developed. I am saying that they should not get a patent for something that is not a new idea. After all TLG is just as quick to pick up new brick designs and ideas from other companies as the competitors are from TLG (flip-flop beams is a perfect example)