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  1. There are a few things I like about this model, and also a few things that bother me. + First of all, pop up headlights! Hell yeah! And they look pretty good, I know how difficult pop up headlights are from my own experience + The entire front and rear section is really smooth, looks really nice! + Nice modurlarity with the Engine options - The way you used those liftarms on the sides with all the pins showing really messes up the otherwise smooth look of the model. - This weird wheel arch technique really looks off, imo at least. Its a nice Model, but there is still some room for improvements
  2. 3:10 1:6 8:4 6:3 7:2 2:1 This contest produced some really clean designs, nice job guys!
  3. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Bugeye RC racer

    And I expected a WRX So obviously my first thought was like "Hold up - the f is this? This is no WRX!? This futuristic styling is not my cup uf tea, but I like the driver figure. And the front suspension with the shock going above the steering motor is pretty cool as well.
  4. Gray Gear

    Rotary Fake Engine

    I thought of that as well, especially since the RX7 is double rotor engine. Maybe I'll just leave the front of the Engine open,like in the Video, exept for a front support to hold the crankshaft. This way you could at least see the fron rotor reasonably well.
  5. I wanted to build a Mazda RX 7 FD ever since I finished the NSX...but a RX 7 needs a rotary engine... So I was forced to make one :) I have been working on this little guy way too long, and when I finally got it working today, I literally had tears in my eyes Its still WIP, but I am so happy right now. Hope you enjoy. Gray Gear
  6. Gray Gear

    42097 Spider Crane

    Maybe you can lift a little more when you keep the legs folded in for better weight distribution
  7. Gray Gear

    42097 Spider Crane

    Main Point of "Held der Steine" is the B model being literally useless, missing rigidity and a rotating mast, while a lot of the parts that could have been used to fix these issues (lots of structural pieces and the big turntable) haven't been used, even though they were included in the set. I dont get it either.
  8. Gray Gear

    Graveyard of the failed MOCs

    I wanted to build the AE 86 from Initial D, and I already had most of the center stucture done, with working steering and 6 speed manual transmission. But then shit started to go downhill fast: First, I was just unable to get the pop up Headlights right, and was already pissed, and then I realized the Blueprints I had based the entire Model planning on had some differences to Takumis version(stock of course). So I moved on to my next model, but the transmission will definatelly be used again, I learned a lot during this build. Also, I realized I dont really love the AE 86. When I built the NSX, nothing was able to stop me. No matter what, I just could not bear the thought of killing the NSX.
  9. Gray Gear

    Koenigsegg Regera

    He is using the Porsche tires and wheel arches, so it has to be ca. 1:8
  10. 1. You definatelly need some reinforcing to make everything more stable. 2. Dont make the same suspension mistake as the Bugatti - use smooth pins
  11. Gray Gear

    42056 Alternate Build - 1971 Datsun 240Z Fairlady

    Amazing model, especially for a B model! Pls post more pictures, I especially want to see your shifter and transmission design.
  12. Gray Gear

    Koenigsegg Regera

    Stunning Bodywork, everything flows so well. Did you cut off the pinhole of 2 Red shock absorbers for that rear suspension setup? The engine bay shot is just so perfect...
  13. Gray Gear

    [WIP] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    It looks promising, but there can definatelly be made some improvements. I'd remove the transparent window bricks, it just looks weird. And the differently shaped wheel arches in the front and the back really dont look good. But otherwhise it looks pretty good, especially the front
  14. Gray Gear

    [MOC] RC Small Red Roadster

    Its crazy how much motor stuff can be packed in such a small car, while the interior stays free of any motors and gears. The body looks fine, the only thing that really bothers me is that there is no real B-pillar when the convertible roof is up, it is just like floating there. How can you make something like this in such a small ammount of time? I like the idea of having multiple models in the same scale, it would be so nice to see all the cool Transporter Truck scaled cars on this site be put side by side, and then loaded on the truck
  15. Gray Gear

    [MOC][WIP] Toyota AE 86 (Initial D)

    Okay guys, it is update time! I've made some good progress, here I go So I made the entire chassis, exept for the stuff surrounding the rear axle. There will be supports going under the rear axle to keep everyting stiff. Double shock setup in front. Steering mechanics is moved all the way to the ground, and reinforcements out of the way to make room for aq nice and detailled engine bay. I had to add a reinforcement bar above the engine to increase stiffness, but I think it will turn out looking great. I used the same kind of shifting mechanism I already used in my NSX, but it was a lot easier to do this time. Notice the Axle going past the shifting mechanism at the side, it will later connect the transmission to the fake Engine in the front! Here is the shift controller, to make sure only the gears you want to can move. And this is the center tunnel with shifter. The gears peeking out the side will be hidden unter the front seats. Thats all for now, tell me what you think