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  1. @efferman please do. I had the Idea, but I don't have the needed skills to turn it into an actual design. Thank you
  2. @brunojj1 well yeah just put the slot on the orange rotating piece and the knob to slide inside on the ring selectors. That can't be patented anymore bacause it already exists this way:
  3. I thought to patent an idea it had to be new? The mechanism in question basically works the same as this: (Part of motorcycle transmission)
  4. Gray Gear

    [MOC] Porsche 911 GT2 RS

    The overall shape is really good! And I like the way the 2 bugy motors are mounted to a single balljoint. Well done! Only the headlights totally ruin it for me... Looks like a really big pair of glasses, and pretty stupid if I am honest . Did you try to mount a 3 wide Trans-clear radar dish? should look a lot better that this.
  5. It is a recognizable model. But I don't think it is as good as it could be. The overall shape is nice, but the bodywork is not clean. There are a lot of holes, open liftarm sides and some flex axles just hangin around without being properly fixed in place. Sorry.
  6. @howitzer You're probably right in a few points. If TLG really is evening out prices in Europe we'll have to expect raising prices for a lot of other LEGO sets, and in other coutries too. Otherwise this makes no sense. Yeah or people might start to pay rent or other unneccary expenses
  7. Well despite the material shortages wichich have been going on since a goog while 2020 TLG made 19% more profit that year, so I think raising the prices is not really needed. TLG increased their profit due to covid, so raising the prices for that reason is kind of a joke
  8. @LvdH Yes, that's what the author of the article is guessing the reason is. I did not comment on the reason because I don't know for sure. Evening out prices by raising the prices for 30 seemingly random sets in Germany only doesn't make sense to me. All I see is that the list contains a lot of sets that A) are popular/flagships and/or B) had prices that seemed not that bad compared to other LEGO sets (like the tow truck for example). But that's just me. I don't care either way, as don't buy any complete sets from denmark, period.
  9. LEGO will crank up prices even furter in Europe starting january 2022. Not only technic, but these technic sets have been confirmed: LEGO Technic 42110 Land Rover Defender 179,99€ NEU: 199,99€ LEGO Technic 42115 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 379,99€ NEU 399,99€ LEGO Technic 42128 Schwerlast-Abschleppwagen 149,99€ NEU: 169,99€ LEGO Technic 42114 Knickgelenkter Volvo-Dumper (6×6) 249,99€ NEU: 259,99€ You can check the whole list HERE.
  10. Have you tested that slide-out mechanism for the car with real bricks? I feel like it could cause some problems being only powered in the rear and suspended quite flexible
  11. Very unique bricks! I have seen them on Bricklink before, but never got what they are used for. I won't be using them tho. No wonder those break, they went out of production before I was even born
  12. So your 18 wheeler will will have 20 wheels now, alright then. No suprise there I guess. All i was saying was to try to figure out problems by yourself instead of calling for help right away. This is a forum for adults, so that much should be expected. Not doing so can lead to an embarassing situation like this. All I did was to point that out, you made yourself look bad all on your own.
  13. How did this even happen? You assembled 18 tires wrong and wern't able to figure out the problem yourself, even though the side of the tire is obviously not in the correct place on the rim? I suggest using your own eyes and judgement trying to figure out a problem yourself next time instead of asking for help right away. @syclone you have my respects for your patience.
  14. For official models I don't care as I don't build those. But for my MOCs slot orientation matters in some places because the middle slot is useful for pulling out a 3L pin with a small tool. (Some other brands also have pins that grip stronger than LEGO pins, and it can be hard to pull a 3L pin with your fingers if you can't really grip well)
  15. @piterx you might wanna edit your signature. Seing that dumb "Tinypic image no longer available" image really doesn't help anybody