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  1. Perhaps the space line, thanks to its colors, will give life to the McLaren UCS 2024.
  2. I would like to know whether support for other xbox controllers is planned or not? Having installed the beta version of the application and updated the firmware, I tried to establish a connection wirelessly and via wire with an xbox 1708 controller. The application did not see it.
  3. The only question is how to assign actions to the buttons and sticks of the gamepad. do not forget that actions also need to assign parameters (modes, current strength, rotation speed and direction of rotation). In this case, we can see at least two more sections in the application for setting up the controller. How the assigned actions will be performed in buwizz is the most interesting question!
  4. you mean on the principle of pybriks, only more expanded and functional?
  5. in the scenario you're describing - this would be a Lego electrical reference. But due to the peculiarities of both hardware and software and the opportunities that buwizz provides (servo mode, current adjustment, gearbox) is not feasible. The bouvis itself has to follow the instructions and the code inside. And unfortunately he doesn’t have this opportunity. ☹️ Everything is done in a smart device, while buwizz just executes commands.
  6. Dear Zerobrix, after watching your video on YouTube, I saw that you are using a wired connection in the buvizz app for the PS5 controller. Will there be XBOX controller support?
  7. strange, but against the backdrop of a daytona crane, it clearly emphasized its superiority in aesthetic terms and copy, in contrast to a parody of a masterpiece crane. They are from different categories, and their target audience is also different. resource crane, daytona shelf model... The crane is worth taking, but for the full use of the frames - to create a mock in the correct scale (unlike the original) - you will have to purchase 2 sets, or parts from the second 42146.
  8. indeed, you are right. The site on which the crane will operate requires serious preparation, since a slope of one degree multiplied by the length of the boom can significantly change the load capacity in both directions, up to overturning.
  9. with such an approach to marketing, as approached in relation to 42146-Lego will soon be able to sell scooters to the blind legless!😂😂😂 Bravo TLG! I admire your marketing department and take my hat off.
  10. Dear Zerobriks! Being the owner of a buwizz, which is a pro, I would very much like to know what other purposes a gyroscope (accelerometer) is used for? And is it possible that in the future we will see a more interesting implementation of this sensor than just turning on with a wave and displaying in space? For example, on the principle of RC servo with a gyroscope? In the Control + hub, the use of this sensor does not make much sense, since the models and the IOC do not develop sufficient speed, things are different with the buwizz block and motors. All the best and creative success to you!
  11. everything has its price - the only question is - are you ready to pay? For the past few years, tlg has been preparing us and letting us know that they need our money. and they don't care what we expect from them...
  12. what scenario do you envision for 37312/45606?