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  1. looking at the latest trends in the appearance of new parts (in the last couple of years, as many new ones have been released as in the previous 10 years!) makes me think that it is time for TLG to rewrite its policy - eliminating the word "children" altogether!😁😁😁 TLG prices are more it looks like I will give my Panamera to my son for games!😁😁😁 Lego really was a brand of toys of childhood and happiness - now it is no different from the usual scheme - "just business, nothing personal!"😁😁😁 this world has long been time to format. consumer society has no right to life.😁😁😁
  2. the book will be very useful in winter, for lighting a stove or fireplace. there is no practical use for it, unfortunately ... the winter will be very cold ...
  3. after use, he turned off Buvis 3.0 and tried to turn it on again - there is no reaction, the diodes do not light up. after connecting and disconnecting charging, port 1 flashes once and nothing else happens. neither the application nor anything else sees it, is this the end?
  4. Zerobrix! Congratulations on your purchase! This is a very nice set! Perhaps he will help you to perfect your creations and touch on the polishing of bouwizz a little! I am sincerely glad for you!
  5. Dear Jim! Having paid YOUR money, having received, in fact, an extremely limitedly similar device, in contrast to the one stated on the OFFICIAL website, where there is not a word that there may be problems with the device, while everything is painted brightly and perfectly! Having voluntarily and forcibly made a person a beta tester (I generally applaud such impudence! BRILLIANT!), If I want to have a ghostly functionality that was declared in the stock (stable fw), I am offered to pay my money again to get my money back! Scam of pure water! Dear ZeroBrix, along with the update I would like to see a full-fledged guide regarding the new firmware and especially the innovations in the steering part. If possible in both cases ...
  6. after installing the beta version of the firmware, as expected, nothing worthwhile from the one who writes the software for buwizz! he is either a moron, or feeble-minded, or depressive !!! Swamp Plague! Do you at least understand what needs to be done and what it is for and for what purposes! Throw away the PC or smash their heads! don't write software anymore! I beg you!!! after all the torment and other things, buwizz 3.0 is just a battery for a wild price for sbrick! How long do I need to wait for the buwizz to work as stated ?! when will a qualified programmer who knows his business appear in buwizz? P.S. if you suddenly decided to buy a bouwizz, think about it! you buy a problem with nerves for your own money.
  7. If I am not satisfied with the beta version of the firmware on my buwizz, then how can I roll back to the previous firmware version?
  8. "... I would really like there was a way to just snap my fingers and get the perfect product with the perfect application that would make everyone happy ..." - Dear Zerobricks! like everyone present in this topic, I really appreciate your presence! human responsiveness and the fact that you always give the quickest and most detailed answers to the questions that concern the majority. about clicking your fingers? -you can do it without any problems! way-Istvan Murvay. take a look at the brickcontroller2 app and you will see my persistence. sorry for the harshness please!
  9. when buwizz realizes its helplessness in the software of its own product in terms of a function that is extremely necessary for customers as a normal servo control - and turn to Istvan Imurvai - then really buwizz will become a great product! At the moment, as the owner of buwizz 3.0, for me the purchase of this device was a waste of money, which also damaged my spare parts in an attempt to adjust the servo control - they are irretrievably damaged and damaged !!! and all this for $ 199! brilliant !!! The meaning of power and speed if it is impossible to control them normally? the situation is similar to a Bugatti Chiron without a steering wheel. Buwizz! pay attention to Istvan, and your product will move to a qualitatively higher level! I do not think that the developer who created and maintains the application for free will refuse to assist you. for me at the moment, the most comfortable unit is the 51515 hub with native gamepad support, unfortunately with limited power ...
  10. marketing, such marketing ... the whole world has slipped into this (the word can only be pronounced in Russian)! I have nothing against buwizz, but now I will be careful and very careful, since the first step of a vague description of the product for the sake of marketing and the pursuit of numbers has unfortunately been made, it is not clear what to expect after manipulating the numbers in the description.
  11. I was interested in the following aspect regarding the Buwizz 3.0 battery - the manufacturer's website states that the battery capacity is 2300mA / h and that the battery is replaceable. on the Sariel video, when parsing, it is clearly visible that the HPL 502852-5C-381P element is used at 11.1V 800mA / h 8.88Wh-where is the truth? and second, if the battery is replaceable, what batteries and with what characteristics can be used in this device? It would also be interesting to know whether the battery charge controller is built into the bank or is it soldered on the motherboard? Thank you in advance for your feedback!
  12. please explain! How can you control a model with bouiz, buggy motors and electric control plus using a gamepad? a huge amount of information and even more opinions! please give examples. Thanks in advance for those who responded!
  13. one of the lighting options, only the front part is assembled (since there is no kit yet) https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ah5ilzYhCzLi-CdP-9VnvsDc31KQ
  14. Of course I’m already running to teach, my hair back, I stumble !!! brilliant !!!