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  1. Very nice, especially the space themed one. I like these GBC that are “dressed up”. Well done.
  2. Very cool, congratulations! Fun to read how you work.
  3. I used to build them, back in the 90s. I have fond memories of the B-models of 8868 (pneumatic sequencer!) and 8485 (T-Rex!). On the other hand, those for 8480 and 8880 were a bit underwhelming, but still enjoyed building them. I learned a lot from those builds as they were very creative with parts, Nowadays, I buy with a different purpose: I only build the main models and then part the set out for my own MOCs.
  4. I think I said it before but I really like your abundance of photos: it really shows how the sets go together. It’s fun to follow, because many of them I don’t own. Keep them coming.
  5. I had hoped I had done better, but indeed the competition was amazing. Awesome entries all around and deserving winners. Congratulations to all who entered, thanks for participating, it was fun also to watch these builds come together! And thanks to @Jim and the rest of the team for organizing, really much appreciated how much effort you put in!
  6. Nicely done! With a good chassis and cabin you can build all kinds of interesting trucks, looking forward to more
  7. Love your dedication! I hope you finish on time, the tractor looks really good.
  8. What @howitzer said. I think the contest was awesome: the small scale made it both challenging, feasible (in time, for me at least) and affordable. For me it's a success in any case, I had a lot of fun!
  9. Thanks @Akassin! The boom took me way more effort than expected, even though it’s only a handful of pieces. The original is already quite slender and to be accurate the shrunken version should only be one module wide, but that is not feasible. But even only 2 wide was a challenge, especially the mounting point for the second pneumatic cilinder was difficult to get right. And then the hoses…
  10. As it engages with a towball, I’m seeing possible applications for GBC and kinetic sculptures. Don’t underestimate people’s creativity.
  11. Cool project. Reminds me of a electro kit I had a as kid. It also included building a motor with some magnets and coils, I thought it was amazing.
  12. Finally. Parts arrived, rebuilding done, photo's, video. So much work ;-) But I'm happy with the end result: If anyone is interested, I made instructions as a stepped .io file. Pneumatic hoses not included. I prepared a Rebrickable MOC with some additional info (click), but you can also find the .io model here (link to .io file). In my Bricksafe you can find some photo's to help with the routing of the hoses, if needed. There are also high-res photos. I made some comparison renders too - I forgot from whom I go t the idea to make the original "trans clear" as a substitute for wire frame, but it looks cool. Thanks for the idea!
  13. 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig One of my childhood favourites, shrunken from 16 wide to 9 wide (56%). At this small scale, I was only able to keep two of of the four pneumatic functions and maintain the overall looks at the same time. Also the motorized pump is replaced by a manual one. Functions Manual functions: HOG steering via the beacon light on the roof (same as in the original model) V6 engine driven by rear axles (same as in the original model, except no differentials due to space constraints) Pneumatic pump (motorized with 9V electrical motor in original model) Crane rotation (pneumatically actuated in original model) Gripper (pneumatically actuated in original model) Pneumatic functions: Crane lower arm Crane upper arm Original model Pictures Click here for high-resolution version Click here for high-resolution version Click here for high-resolution version More photo's, renders and WIP on my Bricksafe. Instructions on Rebrickable. Video Discussion topic
  14. I'm really liking the tractor! The crane is less convincing in my opinion. It seems out of proportion... Admittedly, the original wasn't great either, so maybe you rendition is accurate after all ;-)