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  1. Does it do leap days? Very impressive, I need a few closer looks on a proper screen to figure out how it actually works.
  2. That factory is amazing indeed. Looks like a proper factory too with all those hoses. v1 and v2 had robotic arms in them and were even more impressive in my opinion:
  3. Wow, some amazing models there. And that plant is massive; built as a collaboration or just by one? Thanks for sharing!
  4. Holy smokes, that’s enormous. How big is it? Must be like a meter or so tall. Looking forward to the video! (seems like there’s a basket missing at the bottom…?)
  5. Very cool, I will study this in detail! I think @aeh5040made something similar once. Maybe others also. @Milan can builds like this be featured instead of yet another truck? This is LEGO Technic at its best. (Nothing against trucks, but the recent features feel a bit repetitive and arbitrarily focused…)
  6. Thanks a lot for your kind words! I feared it was going unnoticed ;-) I uploaded a file to Bricksafe. It's a bit messy, but the big parts - including the front and rear axles - are subassemblies, so hopefully that can help. Feel free to ask questions. Thanks! You are right, it's a bit heavy, although it looks worse on the photo than in reality. I redesigned the frame a couple of times, and this was a compromise between realism and strength. A 18 stud long beam would have been very helpful ;-) Too be honest though, the sleeper is way heavier than I anticipated due to all gears, switches and the battery box. "Next time" I'm going to leave some functionality out, hoping to making it a bit smaller. Live and learn.
  7. @2ndgen @mnpumar thanks for your comments! I actually finished the truck. I created a presentation topic for it here:
  8. Thanks @Aleh! I had smaller, rectangular lights initially (see this WIP render), but in the end decided I liked the retro singles better. What do you mean with "Madoca style lights"? He built a lot of different headlights
  9. Description After over a year of prototyping, building and rebuilding, I'm finally done and want to take this opportunity to present my "magnus opus" properly. The idea for this project came when I finally got my hands on a copy of 5571 Black Cat/Giant Truck. This set came out when I was in high school and I always regretted it a bit that I didn't get it. However, when I finally did get it a few years ago, I realised that LEGO has come a long way in the intervening 25 years, and resolved to build one myself: inspired by the 5571, but pack with features enabled by modern LEGO pieces. It took a while, but it's finally done. The model features: 6x4 drive to a fake 3-cylinder engine with idling function powered by a PF M-motor. Solid axle suspension on all axles Steering front axle with Ackermann geometry, connected to steering wheel in cab Built-in pneumatic pump (powered by the same PF M-motor) with connection points for future trailer Motorised fifth-wheel decoupling (powered by the same PF M-motor) Cab interior Openable doors and hood Many details HOG ready (requires two tiles to be removed from the sleeper roof) Exterior Interior and engine Obligatory underbelly shot High-resolution and additional photo's can be found on my Bricksafe page. I'm super proud of this model, so I hope you like it too Some additional background information and progress photo's can be found in the WIP topic.
  10. @2ndgen thanks! The clearance inside the fenders is indeed very little. The wheels rub very easily, so the usefulness of the front suspension is questionable. I think I’ll leave it out in future models, but I’m glad I tried. The fenders were very difficult and I’m happy how they turned out. @Aleh I followed that build. It’s massive indeed!
  11. Almost done. Missing a few pieces still, so more Bricklinking to do... Next: trailer.
  12. Awesome! That movie is fun, I enjoyed it. Good to see some work from you again!
  13. In case anyone is actually curious to know: I'm building. Of course a lot doesn't fit or work as intended and needs rework, plus despite using a BOM I still forgot to order some bricks. Also, I'm thinking that despite careful measuring the fuel tanks are a bit too big, as is the sleeper, but let's see what it looks like when it's done. We're getting somewhere: