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  1. That grandfather clock is massive! Is it allowed to stay in the living room? I built this simple escapement (by Ben van de Waal) once. I never did any performance test on it, but I guess that it has quite some friction due to the two gears meshing. Can you comment on what level of accuracy you think is feasible with LEGO? Is this last one your most accurate one so far?
  2. Thanks! First I need to actually build it, see if it works out as I hope. At 2600 parts I'm definitely not going to do real instructions, but I can upload the .io file to Rebrickable.
  3. The digital build is done; let the great part collecting begin...!
  4. Cool video! That dinosaur was awesome, probably the coolest non-vehicle model ever. I had it assembled longer than the main helicopter model.
  5. I had to watch this video a couple of times on a big screen to wrap my head around all that is going on here. Amazing!
  6. Yes, please do! As far as I’m concerned, this deserves its own topic!
  7. Wow, that’s a beauty! Do you have more photos and info?
  8. Thanks! I think the original Black Cat was great in its time, although admittedly that’s also nostalgia speaking. So I see mine as an hommage maybe …
  9. I have them from 5571. They’re significantly bigger in diameter, which is nice for ground clearance (see e.g. the suspension on the tow truck from Andrea Grazi). However, as I only have six of them and they’re very expensive, I never use them.
  10. Still working on it. Life is getting a bit in the way, so building mostly in with small proof-of-concepts on the side. It took me probably 3 weeks just to get the wheel arches right. Now going into my second week of the doors... But will get there, eventually. Magnus opus are not done overnight Comments welcome, especially good ideas for that windshield corner...
  11. I ended up scanning it. In case someone else is interested:
  12. To be clear, you mean this one (8485) right? I have a paper copy. It seems in pristine condition. As I don't have the unit itself anymore, I'd be happy to send it to you. PM me.
  13. Very nice! You’ve captured it well! I have to agree with @Gray Gear that the rear window looks a bit out of place, a front window would look more consistent.
  14. Beautifully executed, thanks for sharing also the BI! Using the PUP remote with PyBricks is an elegant solution, better than needing the smart device in between. I said it before in @mahjqa's post, I really want to get in on this, looks like so much fun. But it looks so expensive... Rebrickable says "The approximate cost of these parts is €1,142.43" Although I guess that includes the cargo too...
  15. Nice boat! Beautiful build, I like the two-tone. The spring-loaded doors are a nice touch, must be satisfying to close them. Are the front doors spring-loaded too? Rear axle seems a solid axle, or am I missing something?