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  1. Sheepo is a god.Sheepo is love, Sheepo is life
  2. I think the front wheel arch is a bit long, but otherwise its probably the best mustang i've seen after Sheepo.I think thats a really good thing as his was 1:8 but yours is obviously smaller :D
  3. [WIP] Forest Skidder- 42054 C model (ALMOST DONE)

    @BrickbyBrickTechnic Awesome, will be looking forward to it (:
  4. Perpendicular gearage

    Its probably better if you remove the back bevel gear and replace it with a half bush..
  5. [WIP] Forest Skidder- 42054 C model (ALMOST DONE)

    How about a mecha next? :D
  6. Still doesnt work after some refreshes.. could it be a database issue? It has problems tracking who voted?
  7. Whoa.... Wow... Amazing... Bravo.. No other words left to say, this is amazing!
  8. This could beat a car in acceleration with some more R&D! Best of luck to you and wish you many more RC units , haha!
  9. Oh. My. God. What an absolute marvel of engineering... im speechless...
  10. The real one has a four wheel steering system? What?
  11. Yeah that makes sense... But still,bananas! Imagine one made of color vomit! But your view is perfectly correct and applicable :-D
  12. A Gatling gun that shoots bananas isn't wacky enough?
  13. Depends on how the vehicle is made to look... Personally I don't think so.For me it would be guns in the tyres
  14. The Dark Side of Youtube

    That vid is the tip of the iceberg.... Youtube has places that one should never visit.... Trust me, its a very bad idea.. And all these Elsa videos get views because of little children liking weird things and bots, as you stated earlier
  15. [MOC] Thane Rori Dulgisson from Karak Zorn

    In the last image those eyes look really creepy to me Amazing execution, well done!