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  1. The hardest challenge would be to design a strong system body on the Buwizzs.. It wouldn't really be an outdoor buggy after that, would it? Stunning work as usual!
  2. ThatOneBuilder

    [WIP] The Medium Big

    It feels like the wheelbase is a bit short, or maybe there should be only 1 axle in the back. Also, I think the cab might look a bit too long..
  3. I think it's better if you try to do bodywork first as evading problems will not help you overcome them :P I'm horrible at bodies, yet I try and I'm slowly learning how to make them. You should really try first, and if you think you are not getting anywhere at all, then only you should ask for help.
  4. This seems rather interesting, although on first look it really did seem like a pile of random parts haha!
  5. ThatOneBuilder

    42075 RC mod

    Great modification, seems compact, but I can't understand anything :/
  6. Will you be making a clock face? I don't know if it will help though..
  7. This build is amazing! Lego clocks always fascinate me :-D Also I think it would be better if the hour hand was changed to an axle instead of a liftarm :)
  8. I feel like the 5x11 on the back should be replaced with something less square, maybe a curved panel
  9. ThatOneBuilder

    [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Is it legal to worship a technic builder? Because I would certainly do so!
  10. Like it, but: -The castor on the front is too much.Im pretty sure it affects both rc and manual models -You should really try to bring the steering pivot closer to the wheels, unless servo is an all powerful god motor Then again I am more of a manual person so Im not too experienced in the rc side of things I think it will turn out rather well!
  11. This car is really well done The functions are numerous enough, and the front and rear look good enough. But the side view makes it look like it was squished between something, and that seems to be the only problem with this car.If the scaling was a bit better, it would be one of the best cars here :D I see only 2...Although there is a bit of red behind the leftmost one in the photo..
  12. 1: 10 17: 6 2: 4 9: 3 22: 2 11: 1 Possibly the best TC yet :D
  13. This thread left me dying... this "car" ( if you want to call it that) would have emptied its gas tank while idling! Jokes apart, it is really well made! And you can lawn mower opponents!
  14. Well... it's another c-model of 42054 from you, and its fantastic! Nothing out of the ordinary :) What's next? A fully functional automaton? A computer? Whatever it is, kudos to you for making such awesome things :D
  15. This build is beyond words... The sheer beauty is unimaginable! Nice renders too ^^