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  1. CAT 434E by Martin Zbikowski

    Impressive. Well done.
  2. Liebherr LR 11000

  3. In my plight to find the Porsche on sale, I came across these deals at (oddly) BestBuy Canada ( technic) 42043 - Arocs - $199CAD. Only 2 left. 42055 - Bucket Excavator - $229CAD There are some other deals there as well, but be sure to check first as they have some great pricing already (at regular prices). Merry Christmas!
  4. I too have been around the block for many years (since Technic was first introduced). I dont mind the progress to date, but I also like the idea of seeing complex mechanisms at work. I would pay top $$ if LEGO came out with a custom set with transparent outer panels and beams to allow the inner working (engine, gearbox, suspension) to be seen.. i.e the Porsche where all orange bits are clear. Not the best example (or maybe it is ;-) but this is what I am talking about:
  5. Lego Black Aura Supercar

    Nice MOC.. Excellent use of tight space
  6. Ropa Maus 5 Sugarbeet Loader

    Amazing.. Would like to see a video in action if you have something...
  7. Another video added to OP.
  8. Thx.. If you follow the link, you will see other videos including an outside one.
  9. So.. I original posted about this here and here, but thought I would start a new thread as BluCrawler's gone through a number of revisions. Again, credit to PunkTacoNYC for his original build - Chilly Crawler (for which this started as). I've been tracking revisions and experiences as I go through iterations. Im pretty happy with where I am at now. Still not 100% on the steering approach, but I've noted details about ideas for a future version of BTBox. As it stands now, this thing is very solid and pretty much climbs anything: PlastiBots - BluCrawler
  10. 42070 is back on for 259 CAD. Didn't last long last time, so grab it if interested.
  11. I managed to snag a 42070 at for $260 CAD. Ordered Thurs, got it next day. Now they are gone... Seems like it was only up this past week. Steal of a price given all other stores were selling for $370 CAD
  12. Saw that yesterday.. Took the plunge on the 42070 despite the not-so-hot reviews. I figure this price makes the value more reasonable. Undecided if I'll keep it shelved as a collectors item, or build it.. Just wish Costco would add the Porsche to their inventory! For others, the Class (42054) has been at $169 for a few weeks now. Back in Aug, then dropped it to $159 and I managed to grab a unit before the price bumped back to $169. Great set at a great price. Edit: Dont forget that has an AdMatch policy, so you should be able to get the price matched. Keep in mind Costco shipping is included!