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  1. JoeChu1980

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT V3 Oct.23.2018

    Thanks for your kindly comment, but don't know why, the pivot pins' structure was felt loose than hinge plate, though pivot pins could keep the pose as well.
  2. JoeChu1980

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT V3 Oct.23.2018

    Dear friend, I tried some more optimization on the front shape and leg structure, hope you enjoy.
  3. Looking forward to learn what's update in 75234 - [AT-AP] from 75043
  4. JoeChu1980

    Updating Your Minifigs

    My MF MOC per Clone wars: 327th star corps on Felucia. LEGO released sw128 once, but the helmet tooling design limited its rotation, new phase 2 helmet is much better. Thus, modified the body parts from 75036 set 212th troopers, here's my MF update. The ref. as below right one. And with this squad, I collected those clone trooper who eliminated their female Jedi Generals (among them, Jedi Stass Allie was modified to EP3 version)
  5. JoeChu1980

    MOC - SW Resistance - Fireball Mini

    thanks for sharing your idea, and it's my first time to notice 36840 and 36841 Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 1 Inverted which function I looked for long time ago.
  6. JoeChu1980

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT V3 Oct.23.2018

    not yet, do you have any suggest part number of the dish pieces? I suspect you may refer such like PN 6047 and 7048, aren't you? if so, I tried similar method with 30554 linking connection, but the limitation is the folding angle, hardly to make fully crouching. Here's my early version of this MOC Actually, I do enjoy the AT-RT design from @Smitty500 and @Lars MOC, good shape, only thing confused me is to get more moveable and crouching.
  7. JoeChu1980

    [REVIEW] 75080 AAT [VIDEO]

    So love your stop motion video, especially 75021 gunship one. this set is cute and interesting, only one problem: no easy sourcing to buy it now. Just subscribed there.
  8. JoeChu1980

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT V3 Oct.23.2018

    what if some 2412 radiator grille be fixed at the legs' outside? Thanks for your compliment
  9. JoeChu1980

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Wondeful design! very inspirating of your application of radii parts on loading coach, and I am feeling some good ideas spring out for my LAAT/c MOC.
  10. JoeChu1980

    MOC simplified full crouching AT-RT V3 Oct.23.2018

    Dear friend, just updated a new revision on the top post, hope you enjoy it.
  11. I had 7913 and 75037 sets, but those sets could provide several piece parts only, most of them are from the piece parts market base on the BOM of LDD, such like bricklin or ebay, in China, it's Taobao. Bought sets alway for MF, few official design statisfied me directly, normally they are too casual, some time I even suspected LEGO designer means to do it, to keep the improvement space for fans' MOC, and they actually had best feature / structure already.
  12. Extending function per BARC speeder is coming! For representing S04E11 landing battle on the planet of Kiros. The more function, the more fun!
  13. about 15 studs of my MOC, and I duplicated both your WIP and mine into LDD, for your reference. BTW, actually I more concern the width, from TV or movie, it looks like about one person's width, that's why I always try to MOC within 3 studs.
  14. Yes, you are correct, just count, I referred more than 10 BARC speeder MOC in out forum, and 3 sets' instruction as well (7913, 75012 and 75037), definitely can't make it without those good MOC reference, especially a MOC from @KielDaMan
  15. Wonderful, Huge and detail design, full function is delight me. But for AAT, is it a little bit oversize? I need to re-play some TCW episodes to learn again :) Any way, I want them, they gave me a lot of inspiration.