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  1. Thanks for your always enjoying :) , I plan to put this in recently factions activity of this forum, would you take part in that activity as well? Thanks for your comment, and actually, I enjoy your AT-RT MOC as well, captures the shape very well, especially for the legs. Would you like to exchange instruction with me? Hum... eventually, after finish all these AT-RT, I realized, too much focused on the function and so call self-balance, I had... and the spirit of that feeling was misaligned... I once saw a fan name "Rob" on brickfanatics, he posted a MOC one year ago, and that one also be a good, which I duplicated in LDD as well.
  2. JoeChu1980

    Bricklinking 10195 Republic Dropship with AT OT

    Wonderful! Need to enjoy these pic for several times before I may comment, especially I am thinking about MOC AT-TE and relevant scale LAAT/c
  3. JoeChu1980

    [MOC] UCS chrome naboo royal starship

    very shining electroplate! just image, what if these eletroplated could be ultilized on the famous Naboo fighter
  4. Thanks for your attention, so far the instruction still in process, will let you know later. But STAR WARS RPG just on, I may set that priority.
  5. JoeChu1980

    Factions - General Discussion

    Any player / ID could only create and play with ONE character, isn't it? Can it be a squad or small team? e.g. some thing like inferno squad.
  6. JoeChu1980

    Factions - General Discussion

    LEGO Star Wars is my favorite theme and so glad to have this opportunity and take part in. here I would like to learn some thing about " Customs/Third-Party/non-LEGO Parts " what if I use LEGO parts but just wipe the original print? Or what if I paint on the LEGO parts? e.g. 327th star corps on Felucia, LEGO released sw128 once, but the helmet tooling design limited its rotation, new phase 2 helmet is much better. I repainted some MF parts from 75036 set 212th troopers, and gain my 327th star corps squad.
  7. Thanks for your suggestion, I tried the folding gun design in my last MOC, and finally decide not to, just post it for you reference.
  8. JoeChu1980

    [MOC] Taikoo Ropeway

    It's fantasy and huge, the idea of presenting the scene on the opening roll, is cool! and as an Chinese, I think the letters of TaiKoo is beautiful 隶书
  9. JoeChu1980

    Updating Your Minifigs

    A simply combination to represent Comic Princess Leia and her pilot Evaan. The torso and helmet MF sw607, whose helmet caught comic mark pretty well.
  10. JoeChu1980

    [WANTED] Captain Rex Phase 1

    So sorry I only got one phase 1 armor, otherwise could share with you. From Bricklink, it really showed no sourcing in your land... in US, there's a lot, and my friend could even collect more heads for my further DIY
  11. JoeChu1980

    [MOD] 75054 AT AT cockpit UPDATED!

    wow! even I am not Ep4-EP6 fans, I enjoy your design! with front 6~8 bricks width, set 2 seats capacity, it's good reference.May I have a top view of cockpit internal?
  12. JoeChu1980

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Dear friend, it happens to me always, be resolvable. and the most lucky thing is, just the arm was broken... 1st step, please cut/shear the remaining connector on the body, cut it flat, inside the body, there's just enough space for it; 2nd step, with a pin or some thing, push the sheared-flat connector in, and adjust it then remove down. even worse is old MFs' body broken itself, due to it was most close to ABS, be crispy... thus, it could be glued! as my PPT body, could you find it was repaired? :) Actually, these broken may few happen on recently new MFs, I observed LEGO improved the material, more close to PC than ABS.
  13. JoeChu1980

    [MOC] Star Wars - Crashed X-Wing Fighter on Yavin IV

    very detail and charming scene, got a lot of inspiration, thank you for your build sharing
  14. JoeChu1980

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Some time I want MF but long time ago, hard to source, take from key chain, it possibly.
  15. JoeChu1980

    [MOC] Harry Potter receive his Hogwarts letter

    very good represent of the move EP1, and what if bring some more colors into the wall, to show that house is old and ancient? this my 2 cents.