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  1. Thank you, and yes you're right, i just wasn't sure which star wars forum to put it in so i thought here would suffice.
  2. CL4RKE

    Strange bags...

    Hello! Perhaps they are just leftover pieces from the factory when the sets were discontinued. They are very interesting colours, it looks like you can make some fun things out of them!
  3. CL4RKE

    [MOC] Classic Cathedral

    Oh my, why do i even try
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Jaydan and this is my first post. After seeing Rogue one for the third time, I decided to create a mini-figure scale building from the battle of Scarif. I noticed Lego had produced a play set of the specific scene that i wanted to recreate due to release early 2017, however within the film there are two buildings that look very similar. one is from the scene i wanted to recreate and that Lego had created a play set of, and the other was a building that stood out to me. In my mind these buildings were exactly the same, but after a bit of research i discovered that they were not. Now I've spent many hours on Lego digital designer creating a building that has almost no significance to the entire film. Oh well, I'll build what I jolly well like! ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// here is the reference and progress of the buildings' design: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Since the film is not out on 'DVD' or 'Blue-ray' i had to use other sources for reference. I found out that Electronic Arts' new "Star Wars Battlefront" has a paid "downloadable content" level that is based on this particular battle and it contains the structure i want to recreate. i currently don't own this DLC so i was forced to take screenshots from "Youtube" videos. Here are the links to the videos: Feel free to raise any concerns regarding the structure, and if there is a better technique that i should try to use. I was initially planning on building the structure without an interior but I'm toying with the idea of the left side of the building having a cut away, almost like a doll house. let me know what you think and give any other ideas that i should consider. If someone owns the Battlefront DLC and is willing to take better reference pictures of the bunker, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! -Jaydan