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  1. RogerSmith

    Sonic Building (MOC)

    Great build! Love how each section has its own character, yet it all works together so well.
  2. RogerSmith

    '80-s Town hail Model Team

    Good job on capturing the essence of those great Model Team sets. I recently built 5590 (after getting hooked by 5591), and your town scale version is instantly recognizable!
  3. RogerSmith

    New Century Corner III

    NIce work on all three buildings. I can imagine that there's a lot of snot work goind on to manage all those curves. The white building is my favorite, it looks very clean and cohesive (and I'm often drawn to symmetry)
  4. Wow, congratulations! That's propably unprecedented! Did you just contact them and they owned up to it, or was there some legal counseling involved? I think you're not the only MOCer they stole from, either...
  5. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Modular Music Store

    I second that. When I saw the one real picture in the midst of all those renders, I seriously asked myself if it actually was just an exceptionally good render. Then when I saw the link to flickr with the real pics, I just wondered why you didn't just post those. Decent real photos are pretty much always preferable to renders, imho - especially as it takes a whole dfferent kind of dedication to aquire and build something with real bricks, then 'just' posting pics of a digital build. Note, not slamming the creative effort that goes into digital builds in any way here - I know that it's hard work, too. I often plan my builds digitally aswell. But I just far prefer pictures of real builds. Anyway: I quite like this! Not entirely sure on the pink facade, but it seems to complement the other colors well. I actually like the pink building better overall. The facade (color aside) is nice and tidy, and the faux half-timbered section works well, too! The red/sand green building has great ideas and details, too, but the bay window feels a bit too smooth to me, compared to the rest of the building - almost as if it was added later. Of course, if that was the effect you were going for, kudos . Don't really get the ground floor facade with the telescopes in front of the castle windows, though. I've never seen something like that
  6. RogerSmith

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm very glad they returned to proper buildings with that line (as in: they abandoned the horrendous double-modular concept they introduced some years back with everything being constructed on 8x8 plates ready to be recombined. Those sets looked horrendous). I'm not so happy with the direction they took with regards to colors - the earlier sets in that line (e.g. bike shop & cafe, town house, corner deli etc) were brilliant parts packs as they mainly stuck to only 1 or 2 main colors, which usually were toned down colors that are easily reuseable, especially for a modular MOCer like me. But nowadays... I got two copies of 31105, because I need the 3 wide windows for my next MOC, but I'm still not quite sure what to do with all those azure bricks. I can't picture doing a building, or even a larger part of one, in that color, it's way too bright.. And 31097 is a great set, especially as finally they made a somewhat substantial building again, but it has 4 main colors for the walls, which of course means that there aren't that many pieces in each color in there. If they had just stuck to two, it would be much more useful.
  7. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Fine Arts Shop & Newsagent's

    Oh, wow, I almost missed this. Great work as usual. I really dig your flamboyant building style, it always borders on 'too much', but you never fail to land on the right side brilliantly. Admirable you built an entire facade using just two different plates in nougat. To be honest, though, without you piointing it out, I propably wouldn't have noticed it - on the pictures the color is extremely similar to that of the left building (medium nougat, I think?). If you had contrasted it with a more different color, it might have popped more.
  8. RogerSmith

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    Sounds interesting Too bad it's not really visible on the photos.
  9. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Modular The Medical Office

    Great build! Good work on limiting the piece count, it really doesn't show. From the looks of it, I'd have estimated around 3000 pieces at least.. Are all three floors fully furnished? Can't really tell from the pics.
  10. RogerSmith

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    Absolutely brilliant work! I could spent quite some time marveling at all the snot-work and build techniques.
  11. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Barbershop

    Great work on the bay window! Thanks for posting the explanation how you built that - I was wondering how exactly the tiles were attached - suspected the basic technique, but was baffled by what parts might achieve it
  12. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Belle époche Modular building

    Fantastic work, love all the small details everywhere. You managed to create a highly detailed exterior without maing it looked crammed or untidy. Quite a feat! How stable is the arch-work above the windows?
  13. RogerSmith

    Tips for buying by the pound

    Focus on auctions where people are selling their kids / their own old Lego. Make sure that there are good pictures of what you're getting (a lot of times, somebody will just take a photograph of a big box of Lego from above, which is pretty much useless for identifying anything). If you have found an auction with good pictures, look at them closely. Often you will still be able to make out some partly or fully assembled sets & minifigs that may help identifying what time the Lego is from. If you know what you're looking for, you'll be able to spot it. Then look at some of the pother stuff and find out if it was made at the same time. It's also common to find Lego from two or more distinct periods in one lot, when someone gave their own old Lego to their kids and also bought them current sets. Stay away from 'professional' sellers - most of the auctions "1kg of Lego" are pretty much useless. They often use 'example' pictures that have nothing to do with what they will send you (e.g. "you'll get one kilo randomly taken out of the pictured lot!", showing a box full of rare/expensive parts (you almost certainly won't be getting any of those)).
  14. While those dioramas rarely showed anything that wasn't a set, they still encouraged you to think up your own stories and worlds, in other words, they encouraged you to get creative, to come up with your own ideas, characters etc. That's not what Lego is about anymore. Nowadays, everything has to tie in with one franchise or another, or must have an accompanying TV series. Everything needs to have an existing storyline with predefined heroes and bad guys that already have names and a story. They're even starting it in City now, for god's sake. Thus you don't need great dioramas choke-full of details to fuel your imagination. You need a set highlighting a very limited part of an existing plot, and the film/series/comic/whatveer to go along with it to tell you what stories you can play out with it. Plus, putting together those dioramas propably took several days each, which means you can save some money if you just slap some computer generated images into an already chaotic catalogue design instead (I'm referring to the quadratic store catalogue; the catalogue with the exclusive sets you showed at the very top looks loads better than that one).