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  1. RogerSmith

    [MOC] MIKE'S BIKES / ICE CREAM PARLOUR (Modular Building)

    Thanks, you two! I wasn't aware of those pieces, either. I got them from two copies of a Ninjago set I bought cheap and parted out, "Temple of the ultimate ultimate weapon", or something like that. At first I had no idea what to do with them. They are intended as claws for creatures, but make for a nice shingled roof, methinks.
  2. RogerSmith

    [MOC] MIKE'S BIKES / ICE CREAM PARLOUR (Modular Building)

    Wow. That last photo in the opening post showing this building together with the Outdoor Store and the Medieval Townhouse has been gathering favorites on flickr faster than any other photo of my modulars! It's been up only about two and a a half weeks and now is my most favorited photo on there (atm tied with an exterior shot of my Record Store). To celebrate this and to thank everybody, I decided to upload three additional shots of this build, which I also want to share here: Another exterior shot by Tobias T., auf Flickr Another look at the street... by Tobias T., auf Flickr Unseen view from the back by Tobias T., auf Flickr Thanks to everyone!
  3. RogerSmith

    MOC: Sun 'n' Surf

    Beautiful buildings. Great SNOT-work on the left and right buildings! There's also some simple yet effective ideas scattered throughout the build, like the flower baskets peedeejay pointed out or the enclosure of the palm tree's stem My only criticism is the background color on the second and third picture. It's kinda garish and overpowering.
  4. Brilliant. This really is scale-modeling, seen from afar it's hardly recognizable as Lego anymore.
  5. RogerSmith

    [MOC] MIKE'S BIKES / ICE CREAM PARLOUR (Modular Building)

    Thank you :) Sound sinteresting with the complex shapes, hope they work out for you! Tried some more unusual stuff with this one, too, but not everythingw orked out. E.g. for the roof decoration of the blue building, I wanted to use an idea involving some technic connector elements that I've had a long time ago. But it just didn't look right on this building, so I guess we'll see it on the next. Or the one after that xD
  6. RogerSmith

    [MOC] City mocs - by Barthezz Brick

    Wow, these are some very impressive builds. What a dense atmosphere! I love the way you used all those tinmy pieces to create textures everywhere. Too bad there's no interiors, but on the upside, you don't have to worry about interiors . And details like the broken glass within window frames are definitely worth it!
  7. RogerSmith

    [MOC] MIKE'S BIKES / ICE CREAM PARLOUR (Modular Building)

    Thanks! @Bricked1980, @DK_Titan I know what you mean; I always think about that when posting a new building. No matter how I count, someone will be confused. So I just count the way I'm used to Yeah, I feel pretty damn honoured. They actually managed to get that blog post up faster than I managed to post it on here. The pics were on flickr for like 10minutes or so when I already got the invite to add the picture to their flickr group Thank you. It takes some time to edit the photos for presentation, so I really appreciate that! Thank you I'm extremely happy with how the blue portion turned out aswell, it's propably my favorite part of the building. Using those beard pieces was one of those spur of the moment ideas that worked out way better than expected. Well worth the countless iterations to get the positioned just right! When can we expect your dark red/sand green building?
  8. This is my newest modular building. I started building right after I finished the Mage's Mansion. As with that build, I did not plan ahead in LDD but just started building with the pieces from my collection. Since I parted out a lot of sets in the past few years, this felt like the natural thing to do. I ended up doing one (rather large) Bricklink order solely for tiles, 1 by x plates and a few bricks, since I was running out of those soon. I had always wanted to do a 24-wide modular. I remembered that I still had at least two of the old 24 x 16 baseplates with my childhood Lego, and wanted to use those. So I got them out, cleaned them...and thought, hang on, these feel pretty small. Did some counting, and yep, they aren't 24 x 16 baseplates, they are 20 x 14s! Whoops . I used them anyway, so this building occupies the rather unusual footprint of 20 x 28 studs. Less space then I had planned with (I had a basic idea for the general layout of this building), but I took it as a challenge... Since I did no digital planning, I have no idea how many pieces I used, I'd estimate that there are about 2500 pieces in here, but I could be way off. As usual, more pictures are available on flickr. This time, it's a lot more This building features two businesses and two apartments. The idea is that this used to be two very small buildings that at one point in time were combined into one. The little girl just bought her plutonium ice-cream. The girl's dad also got an icecream, but when he saw the new mountain bike on display at Mike's Bikes, he forgot all about it... Closer look at the facade detail on the sand-blue portion of the building. This involved building in multiple directions - most of it is upside down! The rooftop terrace on the blue portion of the building is accessible via a working sliding glass door, and features a pool for these hot summer days! Closer look at the roof of Mike's Bikes. Mike's Bikes is a pretty small shop, thus it is very cluttered with barely any room to move around. Still, Mike manages and has a lot of fun at his job! The Ice Cream parlour is even smaller than Mike's Bikes. It doesn't offer any seating, so everything is 'to go'! The apartment on the first floor features kitchen and bedroom areas and a living room with a cozy sofa. While her girlfriend relaxes on the rooftop terrace (as we saw earlier), the other occupant of the second apartment is preparing dinner. Looks like it's time for chicken! The bathroom is rather spacious, featuring a large tub. The topmost floor features a small bar area - together with the small swimming pool this is THE place for parties! Since these are always popular, here's the bird's eye shots of all the floors (click for larger versions!): Overview - Ground Floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr Overview - First Floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr Overview - Second Floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr Overview - Third floor by Tobias T., auf Flickr To finish this up, here it is together with some other modulars Again, more pics are available on flickr. Looking forward to your thoughts and comments on this, hope you like it! Cheers, Tobias / "Roger_Smith"
  9. RogerSmith

    Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Hehe, just saw that manor on flickr via archbrick, would've posted it here if you hadn't done so already. Really great design. The detail that immediately caught my eye is the lightsaber hilt on top of the round 1x1 with bar in the windows of the tower. Gives a perfect silhouette for that kind ornate of window.
  10. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Submarine House

    Your MOC, of course! I hadn't even consciously noticed Cafe Corner in that one pic its visible in.
  11. RogerSmith

    Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    What's that quote you posted referring to? Made me curious, but I don't see the context As for Bricky_Bricks models, I guess it all burns down to personal taste. The Modular Film Studio is a rather pointless idea (with studios being basically big, utilitarian empty boxes of buildings...), but the other two are perfectly fine in my book. Not outstanding, but very solid and, in case of that Hat Shop, better than most of the modular buildings that get posted on Ideas. He goes a bit overboard with the greebling at times (sometimes to hilarious effects - the detail on top of the blue portion of Oscar's Wheels immediately reminded me of someone going like this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), but there's some nice ideas in there. The way the Hat Shop is actually two buildings is unique, haven't seen something like that done before. Don't see any more repetition in the build than usual, and while he uses more colors than I would, they all go together. Looking forward to see that! Be sure to let us know how the building experience goes for you. I often had something mapped out in my mind, and when I built it, I didn't like it at all . Not using digital building tools isn't a bad thing. I used them in the past, and will use them again, but it takes time, and lots of checking if a part exists in the color you need etc. Right now, I'm building my first full MOC without any digital planning, and the experience is great. While it's sometimes frustrating when you miss that one piece in the color you need, it also forces you to get more creative. And I'm pretty sure that LDD most likely wouldn't allow some of the building techniques I've used. It's also quicker - I started right after The Mage's Mansion, and today i finished the exterior! Now all I need is the interior for the top three floors, some more finishing touches, and I'm done To tease a bit: Two buildings that started separately, but at some point were combined, four floors, two separate businesses on the ground floor, and all that on an unusual footprint (i.e. not 32x32 or 16x32...).
  12. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Submarine House

    This is brilliant. Lovely building, with so many charming details and elements! Good of you to include the small market scene on the left - I was gonna comment that that section looked too empty after I saw the first few pictures Also love that entire area of your city, especially the bigger house right next to it.
  13. RogerSmith

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Filled a large cup at the store in Frankfurt, Germany, this monday: PAB - Large Cup / Frankfurt, Germany by Tobias T., auf Flickr Tan plates in 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 4x4 and 4x6, brown plates in 2x6 and 4x4, lavender (I think?) 2x4 and 1x2 plates, sand green 1x4 plates, orange 1x2 plates, white 4x6 plates and one 1x2 and 4x6 plate each in black (from the misc bin). Brown bricks in 1x4 and 2x4, 1x1 bricks in dark grey and sand green, 1x2 bricks in dark grey, medium blue and white; and one tan 1x4 brick (from the misc bin). 3 light grey 1x4 bricks with studs on side, 4 white 1x2X1x4 brackets; and 14 dark grey 1x2X1x2 brackets. 4 turntables (white/light grey) and 37 sand green 1x1 clips, and one 1x2 plate with hinge (those were in the wall - I didn't want any but I guess it was mixed in with some of the other parts I grabbed a handful of). 2x2x2/3 plates with bow in sand green and black. White jumpers (92x), light grey 1x1 tiles (136x), gold round 1x1 plates (49x) and 57 of the new flower piece in light orange. All in all 778 parts, if I didn't miscount
  14. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Who call the firemen? A modular Firestation

    Brilliant. One of the most impressive fire stations I've seen yet - and nice to see one that isn't predominantly red!