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  1. RogerSmith


    Thanks! Tbh, I'm a bit surprised to get so many comments on the color combination - I really didn't think it was that special Thanks! I wish I had been able to get some more good pictures of the interiors, particularly the bathrooms, but this time around I didn't feel like disassembling parts of the model to get better angles for pictures.
  2. RogerSmith

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well, let's hope that means that they won't annoy us with a parts-wasting vehicle in the next one, then
  3. RogerSmith


    Thank you guys! I can't actively recall ever seeing a building with a shape like this, either, but I wouldn't rule it out that somewhere there is one that vaguely resembles this. The arches at the bottom are meant to represent basement windows - some are walled off, though. You're definitely right regarding our choices of colors - I mostly abstain from very bright colors. Most colorful buildings in real life also seem to use toned-down or pastelly shades, not the extremely bright ones. To be honest, if I had designed this digitally, without the restriction of needing the actual parts ion the required colors, I propably would have done a few things differently. When building with real bricks, you always find yourself maing compromises, which, for me, is part of the fun. One thing I would do different though, given the parts, is getting rid of the tan stripe in the middle of the first two upper floors. That would tie those two together nicely. Alas, I don't have sand green tiles in the required quantities, so that will have to wait.
  4. RogerSmith


    I reinterpreted the Minecraft prints as modern art. Some might give the minifigs nightmares, but apart from that, they should be fine Regarding the bright red: I actually would've preferred to do the parts of the lobby floor that now are bright red in dark red, too (like in the entrance). But I did not have the necessary pieces, and I didn't want to start with bricklink orders that early in the build. In the end I figured, what the hell, and just used the bright red which I had plenty of.
  5. RogerSmith


    The title picture of this build is my first picture on flickr to be added to Explore There's never enough room inside , but the large footprint really helped here. Still, I didn't manage to get a proper shot of any of the bathrooms, for example.
  6. RogerSmith

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Very glad about Pirate Bay, hope it will be an awesome set. Also kinda looking forward to Sesame Street - might be a decent parts pack (don't care for the IP at all, though). I have no real opinion regarding the Piano.
  7. RogerSmith


    You, sir, are correct. What an absolutely awesome parts pack for sand- and dark green bricks and plates that was. Thanks :) It's a but of a boutique hotel with each room being different from the others, so of course the linens differ, aswell. Or I just might not have had enough pieces in the same colors for 6 beds and came up with that backstory Actually never heard that saying, though others have already said similar things. Personally I think that with the right color blocking the different 'sand'-colors will work just fine together (maybe with the exception of sand-red, but nobody can afford that anyway nowadays )
  8. RogerSmith

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Imho, it's absolutely logical that they push out police/fire sets every two years. Both hold great fascination for children, which are their core market, espcially in the city line-up. And considering that most children will be into Lego for a little over half a decade, and taking into account that they usually will not get all the sets they want every year, I don't think many run the risk of being bored. And there is plenty of examples for other exciting jobs, too. Exploration, astronauts, mining etc are all subthemes we've seen in recent years. Don't get me wrong; I get your point. It's just that I think that Lego's target audience in case of City isn't the adult market. And I also think that after a few so-so years, City is one of the few themes where they're moving in the right direction with a lot of the stuff they released this year.
  9. RogerSmith


    Welcome to Green Brick Grand Hotel! After over seven months in the making, it's finally time for me to present my newest modular MOC to you. Green Brick Grand Hotel is my biggest MOC to date, it is the largest both in footprint and height. It is built as a regular corner building, but features an inverted corner! Inside, it is fully furnished, featuring a lobby with reception and bar/loung area, dining room, kitchen, manager's office, an indoor pool and 6 rooms (two single & four double). I estimate this one to consist of about 7000-8000 pieces. Building time was February to September 2019. Except for the top of the tower, I did no virtual planning, it was all done as a free build using pieces from my collection (and a couple of bricklink orders I had to place...). More pictures can be found in the flickr album. A couple is just arriving at the hotel... Upon entering, you can't miss the reception. To the left is the grand sweeping staircase leading up to the other floors. The room for the couple isn't quite ready yet, so they enjoy some refreshments in the bar/ loung area. The dining / breakfast room. Currently, there's just one couple in. Overview of the ground floor Coming up from the reception area, there is a nice atrium from which you can look down to the ground floor. This also gives access to the manager's office, the small pool and a huge double room. The small indoor pool. There's only one room on the first floor, but it's a spacious double bedroom. The second floor also has two single rooms and one double room. Both singles are rather small, but they offer everything you might need! The other single room. Double room on the second floor. There's only two rooms on the third and topmost floor, both very spacious double rooms. One of them even features a small balcony with wide, opening doors! The couple we saw earlier arrives in their room. They booked the other spacious suite on the top floor. Again, there are some more pictures on my flickr account! Hope you like it - I'm looking forward to your feedback! Greetings, Tobias (RogerSmith)
  10. That looks damn good. I have that set on my list of sets to possibly get as parts packs, and this just reinforced that. As soon as they're on sale somewhere, I'll get two or three.
  11. RogerSmith

    Reviving Classic Town (in one scale)

    Very nice write-up, and I totally agree that your proposed cars look way better together with Lego buildings than whatever Lego throws at us nowadays. The SC series always looked totally ridiculous imho, and I always felt that they were way to big in comparison to minifigs. Your write-up confirmed that.
  12. Thinking about it, I don't visit the frontpage as often as I used to: - At times, it feels like there are way too many updates all at once, then at other times, nothing changes for several days. --> imho, there should be some regularity to the posts, while not exceeding one post per day regularly. Ideally, there'd be one MOC highlight every day, and, as rare exceptions, maybe one other post about other interesting things, like a huge new set announcements, a new contest or maybe an in-depth review. MOC highlights could also be queued up to a point - sometimes, a lot of great builds are posted at the same time, while at other times there's a bit of a lull with not much going on. - Selection of front-paged MOCs seems a bit biased at times. Some members will be frontpaged regularly, while others rarely or never get the honour, even if their creations and photography are on par with what's being front-paged. - Purely digital creations should be marked as such
  13. RogerSmith

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Yep! While it is kinda hard to compare old to new sets, because even comparable sets usually have way more parts nowadays, the instructions used to be a lot more straightforward. 50-100 piece vehicle build? Here's a double sided piece of paper with a couple of steps, and you're done. Nowadays, that would require a 20-40 page booklet . Some thoughts of my own: Lego relies too much on licensed themes and has pretty much forgotten what its own product was actually designed for. Lego nowadays actually doesn't want its customers to come up with new creations, instead if ypou want something new, you should just buy another set. Lego's pricing policy is all over the place and at time smakes no sense at all. Some sets offer pretty good value, while others are just way, way overpriced. Replacing actual remote controls with apps on mobile phones is an extremely stupid idea that will render all the new components useless in a few years time. Lego has too many special interest themes.
  14. RogerSmith

    [MOC] Cobalt House

    Great build, I dare say 'as usual'? Two different but equally nice facades - the 'back' one is my favorite though. Daring use of [whatever] azure (or is it turquoise? It's kinda hard to tell), but it works for me. Nice details both inside & out - I always like how you are able to come up with new stories to tie parts from official sets one wouldn't necessarily connect with City into your buildings. On a sidenote: I'm spying an Assembly Square mod on some of the flickr pics - did you ever share that?
  15. RogerSmith

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Why 'could'? It is!