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  1. 2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Based on what I can see on the pictures... The beach and the bus station look pretty great. The beach sort of lacks something that the park had, probably has to do with the mood of the set I'm guessing, but it's still a neat set. The jungle looks okay as well. Like the volcano, diving, and the arctic series, I would probably appreciate them more if they were an exploration subtheme instead of being shoehorned into city. I understand why Lego does that, but it would be nice to free up some room in City for hospital and other city related themes. I've always been a fan of the coast guard theme. This one seems on par with the 2008 one, which I unfortunately never ended up getting despite really liking it. So I'll probably get these ones once I get the chance. In general, I don't see anything very wrong with the sets other than the category error that the exploration sets tend to have, and the coast guard is really nice in my opinion.
  2. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    FB and GE were also a Jamie design, (that's also why FB has a #3 on the driveway because it was Jamies 3rd design :P) I like the idea of both the greenhouse and arcade modulars, I for one hope it isn't tan, or brown, or a neutral color for the main visage color like the other 3 corners so far.
  3. MOC: Modular Old Pharmacy

    I really like ingenuitive and highly detailed designs such as this MOC that you've presented. The apparent amount of effort and thought obviously put into this creates excellent eye-candy. :)
  4. 70751 Temple of Airjitzu

    I don't consider myself a fan of Ninjago, (the only set that looked tempting to me tbh was that fire temple). This set however took me by surprise, certainly my favorite of the ninjago line, (enough so that I actually made a post to this forum theme 0_o). Great techniques, fantastic detail, and an awesome idea. Based on the pictures, it seems that it will have a nice build too.
  5. 10246 Detective's Office

    I'm not sure this has been mentioned... While watching the video, I noticed that the designer mentioned that the mirror in the barber-shop was a "true reflection mirror." And next to the lamp post part on the side of the box that lists the pieces, there seems to be a non-sticker mirror piece, which is brilliant. I quite like this modular, I'd be dissapointed if I couldn't afford it.
  6. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Perhaps "retro" isn't referring to the architecture? Maybe it suggests we won't be getting the classic minifigure heads or something? (Just my initial thought about this)
  7. City Square

    I really like city displays such as the square you've created; the tiling and the fountain are spot on. I also like the amount of trees, and the newspaper stand is a wonderful detail.
  8. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd assume mid to late summer, such as with the PR.
  9. Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper

    The overall shape was done wonderfully and there is a good amount of clever details and techniques crammed into that nice green vehicle. Looks like fun to build! The picnic acessories are a nice touch, it's a fun detail that goes well with the Mini Cooper.
  10. 2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Even though the image doesn't give too much detail, some of the items I noticed (like the white train) look good from a distance. I'm confident I'll end up buying something from one of these 2014 lines.
  11. Modular Asian Restaurant

    I really like the idea, the way the building is set up (interrior and exterrior), parts usage, and the colors! It's a nice small building you'd be proud to have in your town.
  12. MOC - Row Of Shops

    Very nice! I like the simple yet fantastic design of these buildings. An idea I did have was a haberdashery (aka hat shop). I look forward to see this project progress further
  13. Favorite Winter Village set?

    I love all the winter village sets. My favorite is the cottage, because of the good assortment of parts, it was very fun to build with my family, and it seems to capture the holiday spirit better than the other sets do. My least faavorite (which wasn't an easy decision to make) is the Market. It is not the worst by far, but it does seem a little out of place with the usual sets, despite that it looks great as a display near the center of the village. It does lack a function, such as a light brick or sound brick. The carousel function was great but it didn't give the shine that light bricks do (pun intended).
  14. Monde Cinema

    Simply amazing. Everything from the size and scale to the architectural stlye make my heartbeat slow down when I see this impressive building.
  15. Nice! That zombie defense package looks very useful and so does that M2HB Machine Gun!