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  1. Awesome work!!! Well done!
  2. Naijel

    [MOC] The Lost Temple

    Beautiful! Well done
  3. Stunning! Well done!!!
  4. Dang! I thought these were real product shots! So well done with the designs and the box art!
  5. Awesome! Convoy was the first movie I ever watched on VHS, back in 1982 when I was 7. When I was 5 to 9 years old I was obsessed with big rigs. Well done!!!
  6. Ciamosław, this is simply stunning. This is one of the very best builds I have ever seen. Amazing work. The 4+ years of effort has paid off. I hope it has brought you a lot of satisfaction seeing the end result. Thank you for blessing us with this.
  7. Naijel

    [MOC] Fort "de Monchy"

  8. If this works this is a god send! I'd been so frustrated with them borking the latest download. So utterly confusing and unprofessional that that happened.
  9. Naijel

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Halls of History

    Love it! Well done. So much detail. And I love the giant book concept.
  10. Naijel

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    Gorgeous! Well done.