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    Tiger Widow Island 70604

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  1. Another one of my most recent Lego Ninjago builds.


    Tiger Widow Island 70604


  2. One of my most recent Lego Ninjago builds.


    Master Falls 70608


  3. Park7573

    [Modular] MOC: Doughnut Shop

    Oh wow the photography and the editing is amazing. I love when people do this. I think it's really well done and creative build and I think you have a very good taste for interior design especially. I like how detailed everything is, from both the inside and the outside. Love the little flower/plant box out on the second floor. I think all together it's a really cute and well designed scene.
  4. Park7573

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Sorry a noob question but where do I find the new set list? And does this mean only the names are released or pictures and everything too? Super curious about this! Edit: I found the list myself, are we allowed to post and link it here? I'm curious and interested about the "Gamers Market" and the "Empire Temple of Madness" mostly. The others don't sound as good but maybe I'll change my mind about it when I see the new sets.
  5. Park7573

    [MOC] Chimera spaceship

    Wow I love this so much, I think this is one of my favourite custom Lego space ships I have ever seen. It's so small and slick and doesn't have any annoying visible weaponry on it. I would definitely buy something like this in a store.
  6. Park7573

    [MOC] The Little Red Raptor Hood

    LOL I had to laugh at this one, that's really funny and creative. I actually really like it, those capes look great on it.
  7. Park7573

    [REVIEW] Four SDCC minifigures

    Interesting review, I didn't even know these mini figures existed. I like the first mini fig with the purple flowery outfit but my favourite is absolutely Deadpool duck, that head mold is hilarious and amazing. I can't believe how expensive they are though!
  8. Park7573

    [MOC] You can't catch a wizard!

    Very creative! I definitely like the first over the alternative version. I checked out some of your other creations too and really liked them, I'll be keeping an eye out for future MOC posts from you!
  9. Park7573

    Andy's | Hamburger Stand

    10/10 Would eat hamburgers here. Lovely clean build.
  10. Park7573

    Medieval inn "The Golden Key"

    Stunning build! I've been looking at this for ten minutes now, closely inspecting and zooming in on everything. I absolutely love the huge amount of green used. Very picturesque setting and great amount of detailing. I love how there are plants, flowers and other kinds of vegetation all around the little bridge and over the rocks. Cute little waterfall. The inn itself is absolutely amazing too, I love how you put in windows on every level and how intricately detailed everything is. Just all around beautiful fantasy setting. Thank you for sharing this!
  11. Park7573

    Along the coral road

    I love this. I love alien-themed lego builds/sets, especially with alien plants and wildlife. Would probably buy this if it was in the stores with some more builds like this.
  12. Park7573

    What is your favorite Lego Theme?

    I think I'm in the minority here by saying Ninjago. I don't like all the sets from that theme but there's a lot of it that I do like and I recently bought a whole bunch of sets for myself, some bigger ones and a lot of smaller ones. Some of the bigger sets that I got and are my favourites are Destiny's Bounty (70618) and Ninjago City Haven (70657). Some of the smaller sets that I got and think go well with it are Master Falls (70608) and Tiger Widow Island (70604). I don't really like the forts, mechs, dragons or most of the vehicles it has in this theme. The only vehicles that I bought and liked are the Sky Shark and the Raid Zeppelin. And the only creature I got is Fire Fang. Which is one of my favs of all time. I really like the East Asian theme Ninjago has got going on, I think it looks really aesthetic. I like the temples, ancient villages and the traditional clothing worn by the Lego minifigs. And I like how much vegetation is used in the sets and how most of it is designed. Some of them are one of the most detailed and fun ones to date. I think some of the City sets or even the Star Wars sets have started to look pale and kind of boring in comparison to some Ninjago sets and they used to be my favourite themes. Just my two cents!
  13. Park7573

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I'm so excited for this theme too. I think I'll end up buying at least three or four sets.
  14. Park7573

    [MOC] Gunsect: Alien gunslinger

    It keeps amazing me how creative people get. It's got a lot of my favourite theme ideas in this. I love what you've done with the platform he's standing on, a lot of nice little detail.
  15. Park7573

    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    I hope they pick this up because it looks amazing, I would buy this in a heartbeat. Best of luck to you!