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  1. Park7573

    [MOC] Rotting Leviathan

    Omg I love it, I would buy this in a heartbeat were it a official Lego set.
  2. Park7573

    [moc] First Task of the Triwizard Tournament

    Woah this is insane. Amazingly done, wonderful custom build.
  3. Park7573

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21318 LEGO® Ideas Tree House

    Oh wow these are great suggestions, I hadn't thought about the campers yet, thank you! I'm thinking about adding in the first one (30152) because it has some other cool stuff that would fit in perfectly, and I kind of dig the alternative house build too.
  4. Park7573

    [PRESS RELEASE] 21318 LEGO® Ideas Tree House

    Well said, I'm glad this was pointed out already. Anyway yes the official release is so much more different than the original but I still can't wait to get this. Maybe it could have cost 10 or 20% less but I still think it's worth the price. I've still never actually put a scene together with multiple sets, though I'm currently putting together my first scene with Ninjago. But I was also thinking about making a scene out of this tree house together with a couple of Lego Creator sets. I was thinking about something like this: Tree House - 21318 Treehouse Treasure - 31078 Treehouse Adventures- 31053 Riverside Houseboat- 31093 Lakeside Lodge - 31048 Outback Cabin -31098 Does anyone have any recommendations to go with this sort of scene I have in mind? Just wondering if anyone has the time to look at it, any and all suggestions would be most welcome and appreciated. And don't mind the retired product status on some of these, I'm still able to get them somewhere else. Overall I can't wait for this tree house to be released, I actually really dig the vibrant colour scheme and think the little details in and around the little huts are amazing. I love the little telescope, the crane pulley, the easter egg with the water bucket and the little bridge gapping in between the huts. I think this is probably one of the only builds where I don't mind the original being so wildly different than the official release.
  5. Park7573

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    You're completely right about everything of course. I agree with all of what you said, I'm just very hopeful for even more location-focused sets. I'm still really happy with most of the sets from Ninjago as it is my favourite Lego theme right now.
  6. Park7573

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I agree, but personally I hope they will release some more original sets that aren't just cars, mechs or dragons.
  7. Park7573


    Well done! This is super neat and slick build, such great detailing on a small build. I love how accurately it compares to the original vehicles, you got the shapes and everything pretty perfectly.
  8. Park7573

    [MOC] Chimera spaceship

    I'm glad you got featured, well deserved!
  9. Park7573

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Oh damn, you're right. I would love a legacy Temple of Airjitzu set to be released. One can dream!
  10. Another one of my most recent Lego Ninjago builds.


    Tiger Widow Island 70604


  11. One of my most recent Lego Ninjago builds.


    Master Falls 70608


  12. Park7573

    [Modular] MOC: Doughnut Shop

    Oh wow the photography and the editing is amazing. I love when people do this. I think it's really well done and creative build and I think you have a very good taste for interior design especially. I like how detailed everything is, from both the inside and the outside. Love the little flower/plant box out on the second floor. I think all together it's a really cute and well designed scene.
  13. Park7573

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Sorry a noob question but where do I find the new set list? And does this mean only the names are released or pictures and everything too? Super curious about this! Edit: I found the list myself, are we allowed to post and link it here? I'm curious and interested about the "Gamers Market" and the "Empire Temple of Madness" mostly. The others don't sound as good but maybe I'll change my mind about it when I see the new sets.
  14. Park7573

    [MOC] Chimera spaceship

    Wow I love this so much, I think this is one of my favourite custom Lego space ships I have ever seen. It's so small and slick and doesn't have any annoying visible weaponry on it. I would definitely buy something like this in a store.
  15. Park7573

    [MOC] The Little Red Raptor Hood

    LOL I had to laugh at this one, that's really funny and creative. I actually really like it, those capes look great on it.