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Found 8 results

  1. I have written many times here how much I love the classic series from the 90's called M:Tron. They stole my heart when I was a child. Togeter with Blacktron II series of course. I still haven't got my heart back to this day ;) From some time I was thinking about some crazy crossover. What if instead of space explorers they become knights? And they even get own castle? And let's add to this their eternal enemies - Blacktrons! Read more » Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] M:Tron goes castle and Blacktrons are undeads! WIPs, Behind the scenes and other extras at my: Instagram | Facebook | Flickr
  2. Since Hero Factory first started, I wondered how it could be connected with Bionicle. My current theory is that, after Mata Nui became dormant again, the Agori and Matoran needed a solution to their problems. Glatorian were too weak, and Toa were too few. Over hundreds of years, technology advanced, space travel was harnessed and new planets were discovered. It was then that an enterprising young Agori by the name of Akiyama Makuro finally developed a factory capable of building new warriors, known as Heroes. Do you have a different theory? Post it below!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around reading these forums for a while, gathering inspiration, copying a few of the ideas for 90-degree and single-crossover designs etc. I finally took the plunge with trying the create a double crossover, one which doesn't cost £80 on ebay, and which allows fully flexible route setting. The base parts are 4x points and 4x curves, and while the result is geometry compatible it takes up 3 track widths, and will give any purists (those who object to hackwaws and superglue) kittens - or possibly full grown cats, it's pretty extreme. To be fair, I was also a purist until I got into trains and decided that the number of different types of track piece just didn't cut it. I present the results in images, one included, a couple more detail shots at: Questions & comments welcome.
  4. Hey SteamWars-friends This is my interpretation of how the iconic Starfighter of Obi Wan might have looked in the Victorian Ages. Entry for the SteamWars-Madness on FBTB in the semifinals against Markus. And in addition i build a fitting HyperSteam-Ring for faster travelling through the SteamWars-Univsers: More photos can be be found here. All my SteamWars build will also be displayed in Skaerbaek. Probably the only chance to see them in "real". Good luck to Markus and thanks for stopping by. Best regards Jonas
  5. FinalFeature

    Superman Vs Hulk

    The Man of Steel fights The Incredible Hulk in this brand new video of test footage from my Lego Justice League / Avengers crossover project. Stay during the credits to see additional footage from the DC / Marvel Project!
  6. Legopard

    [MOC] Steampunk Batcave

    Hey I tried my hands on a crossover between Steampunk and Batman. First i build the wooden Steamtumbler: But this wasn't enough for me, so i build a little Batcave: For more click on the pictures or look at all the details on MOCpages. Stay crætive! Jonas
  7. The Bull Dog Police Mech was created in response to a string of armed robberies of golden treasure chests in peaceful Fabuland. Stop in the name of the law! Put your hands up in the air!
  8. Bruce Bat is one of the most wealthy citizen of Fabuland City. During the day he has parties with Fabuland's high society, but what nobody knows is that at night he dresses up like a man (the natural enemy of any animal) and becomes the feared Caped Crusader, the Bat-Man! Together with his feathered friend Robin the Bird Wonder, they fight villains such as Celina the Cat, Killer the Croc, or Oswald the Penguin. Here you can see him stopping one of his most notorious enemies from robbing the Fabuland Bank: The Hopper, a rabbit whose brown fur got turned white after he fell into some chemicals, driving him mad. Will the Bat-Man be able to foil his plans? Tune in next time to find out - same Fabu-time, same Fabu-channel! Here's a closer look at the hero and villain, and the Batmobile! I hope you like it. I tried to recreate the simple and colorful look of the Fabuland sets (without actually using many Fabuland parts since I barely have any) and still have it look like a Batman scene. Any comments or criticisms are welcome. Have a fabulous month!