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  1. Cozei

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    @soccerkid6 Thanks! @mishtron Yes! You're well ahead of me with ideas, but I'll get there. :-) @Faladrin Partly thought this too with Nocturnus, adding to a less populated guild. @TitusV I had originally thought Migardia and even stocked up on some white for all the snow needs! :-) And the greenery of Avalonia is nice too. But I figure I will challenge myself with Nocturnus as it is not my first impulse. I think I need some more dark colors and black! And some swamp greens. ;-) I'm reading Gardens of the Moon too right now which is helping with the dark magic mood. :-)
  2. Cozei

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Thanks, @TitusV @Garmadon and @Gunman . I will reread the books and get my character sorted, maybe even get in on Safe Haven if not too slow. Cheers!
  3. Cozei

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hello GoH! This isn't probably necessary, but I'll stick it out there anyway. :-) I'm most likely going to join a guild and start building. I've read some of the GoH background/story before and will delve a bit more in before making a final choice. I guess my real point here is to get any input or last comments I haven't thought of from members. Aside from being quite late to the party and I think at a current story/challenge lull, anything I should consider? I'm leaning toward Nocturnus. This might seem odd if you look at my builds so far I know. My thought is to try something that is purposefully really different than my first impulse for building. Making GoH builds would then be a constant stretch. Far from a strong storyteller, that in the end will be my weakest link. Maybe I can lean heavily on the written story for a while. Of course my sigfig character must be figured out. Maybe an outcast type that allows some traveling. Any random thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated. :-)
  4. Cozei

    Bjarn-dar Keep

    Neat idea to challenge your great building skill! Similar to your one build in multiple seasons I guess. I like how you give yourself these challenges. As many have mentioned the round turret fits well. I can't imagine making it any smaller and it blends nicely. For rearranging, the stairs seems like the weak link since it spans two quarters. Maybe it could have wrapped around that corner and stayed on one section? You'd know better than me. :-) Anyway, interesting idea and well done.
  5. Cozei

    [MOC] Herbalist's Hut

    Nice job making a building with some interior features and a way to swing open. If you're dissatisfied with the roof maybe try these: A common trick to add a roof cap is a line of 1x round bricks in a line. If you don't have purple or something cordinated go with black. Also to get more overhang, esp. at either end, don't be afraid to add another layer of plates before your final tiles. That could give you the overhang. If you have some jumpers that also might be a way to close the peak gap with a second layer of plates. You would end up with 3 layers at the peak, but that doesn't seem unrealistic to me. Last, if you have a few more green plates go for some more surrounding the building. You can expand the herbal garden. :-) Keep going!
  6. Hello - Here is my latest build, some may have already seen it as an entry in the Homestead category for the Summer Joust 2017 The Stone Cutter - Cottage Working for his lord keeps the stone cutter busy. He isn't a fancy stone sculptor or even a skilled builder. He cuts stone from the hill and delivers it to his lord. Recently his lord has given permission to use the waste stone to build a cottage. This has meant a significant improvement in his life - a modest if unsophisticated stacked stone cottage to share with his wife. Link to image album: The Stone Cutter - Cottage The tree proved a little harder to photograph than I expected as it changes shape considerably with viewing angle, and then balancing that with the base shape and other elements. Anyway, CC is welcome. Thanks.
  7. Cozei

    Country Watchtower - Resupply

    Thanks! Yes, backwards on the loops. Good point. :-) I had my head down when building and just went with liking the variation they made in the wall as opposed to accuracy. Most appreciated! Working on my next MOC now and need to dig up another suitable old fig (peasant). Trying hard to not grab Mill Village Raid peasant.
  8. Cozei

    Country Watchtower - Resupply

    KotZ, thank you for your comment. I like the old forestmen torsos too. These are from my childhood. I also still have most of the old figs from my set 6080 castle. I haven't been much of a minifigure collector and half missed the LotR/Hobbit era while still in the dark age! I'm temped to keep building with mainly older figs for a while, or have this as a subtheme in my building. Getting ahead of myself...
  9. Cozei

    Country Watchtower - Resupply

    Thanks! Glad you like the path. I was a bit concerned the whole ramp was going to look too large. There is a stone wall around the outside curve that is mostly hidden now by the vegetation. Maybe the combination of the vegetation softening its bulk and there being enough to contain the stream worked out. :-) Ha! Thanks. I was looking at the tower before breaking it down and couldn't resist a second view. Summer nights coming on my mind I guess... Hope it isn't too off to repost on your own topic. Country Watchtower - Nightwatch by Cozei, on Flickr
  10. Hello! My first post in the forum. The two guard watch at a lonely country watchtower look forward to the weekly resupply. In summer this means some fresh items from the village gardens too. Country Watchtower - Resupply by Cozei, on Flickr CC appreciated. Thanks, Cozei (Kōzī)