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  1. Loves Houses

    [TSotEP] 15 - The Grand Finale (2/2)

    Ah, I love it. Flashy Thingy - what a super idea! *** <Spoiler alarm> *** Bananarite is of course used to gain the world dominance but only works for monkeys. Monkeys get world dominion +14 as a permanent property when they have bananarite. *** <\end Spoiler alarm> *** -flash- What was I saying? Anyway, good job, looking forward to the next flashy story.
  2. Loves Houses

    [MOC] ROME Theme

    Nice collection. I like the temple front very much, there is an interesting piece on the column heads. And the way the walls seem to float... . Would you have a frontal close-up picture of the roof technique as well?
  3. Loves Houses

    A Roman Temple

    Nice temple, and a good idea with the sun and clouds on the roof. Columns all around, thats neat.
  4. Loves Houses

    Schrödingers cat

    There are some really clever ideas in this, I like the microscope and the Newtons ballance. But the cat is soooo cute, I want it to be alive and not dead and alive at the same time
  5. Loves Houses

    The Finest Pastry in the Brickworld

    Ah, and this one hopefully stands next to the cocoa factory I've seen before. Cocoa cream cookies with caked icing. Serious Monkey business, that is. Aye! Love all the action going on, all the stirring and mixing and upending and garnishing. Well, long arms and skillful hands; they look totally at ease, enjoying themselves. Remarkable relief over there on the right; like in the old paintings one has the feeling the eyes are following you.
  6. Loves Houses

    [ETTC Cocoa Factory] Roasting the beans

    Ah, there goes the diet Now I want chocolade. In large quantities...! Love the details of the interior, looks like you could really melt some cocoa butter in there, roast the beans ... I can almost smell the bitter-sweet aroma in the air around me. Also, the outside with the merchants and the bridge looks really lively, and playable.
  7. Loves Houses

    [SR - FB 1 July 17] On a patch of land

    If the others hadn't pointed out I'd never thought this was LDD Very nice setting. Yummy, want Lemons and Apples, and...
  8. Loves Houses

    [MOC] Home Sweet Home

    Fantastic, very nice details and intereor. I specially like the balcony on the left side. Reminds me of Paris.
  9. Loves Houses

    2001 secret revealed

    Ha, I knew it, I knew it all along, of course - It was the monkeys. Nice combination of 2001 theme and planet of apes - intended?
  10. Loves Houses

    [MOC] Baker Street 221 B (Holmes & Watson)

    Ohhhh, most of all, it looks exactly like the Original in the new Sherlock Series. The brown couch, armchairs, flooring, hall - I think you should recommend this to Mr. Steven Moffat. I'm sure he'd appreciate.
  11. Loves Houses

    [MOC] Grand Hotel Ocean View

    Of course he's heard that - and all the other jokes and less joky whining hotel guest of the sort "Why is it called 'ocean view' when my (cheeply booked for the extra-special rate but nobody tells this ;-)) room has a view to the street only..." But Mr. Smith manages all that with a nonchalant smile and feels a little bit more invincible each time it happens.
  12. Loves Houses

    [MOC] The Golden Age of Chicken Aviation 10

    Haha, funny. Its more of a little movie. The skunk is nice. And is that stand there in the background from the medieval market? However, for the chicken the day looks more like bronce at max - well, even in a Golden Age not every day can be Golden I suppose. :laugh:
  13. Loves Houses

    [MOC] MOColate dessert.

    Built lego for diet. But it works the opposite. I drool for yummy cake now. Sorry can't comment further - need to run to the confectionary.
  14. Loves Houses

    [MOC] The Prank Call of Cthulhu

    Love it - very silly. I didn't even know Cthulhu before, and now I want to read the books. Well done! :alien: