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  1. fireball77

    [MOC] Central city building

    This is a really good building.
  2. fireball77

    [MOC] Le Mans Protoype Race Car

    AH, you beat me to the punch. I made a Le mon car too. But your car is REALLY good.
  3. fireball77

    [MOC] White coupe

    I took the test, and I am the purist MOCer!
  4. fireball77

    MOC: Classic town supercar

    You do have a VERY good idea you just didn't execute it properly
  5. fireball77

    MOC: Classic town supercar

    OKAY, there are SO many things wrong with this! I could probably make a whole PARAGRAPH on it! Yet I digress, the front is fairly good, and at least you tried.
  6. fireball77

    MOC: Racing Garage

    That is really nice!
  7. I really like the Pre-war lorry and the Milk van. Instructions?
  8. fireball77

    MOC: Amtrak AEM-7 and Amfleet Coach

    How about making the inside of the train car it the buffet car. And also, most Amtrack locomotive are more streamlined.