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  1. PopsicleLEGO

    Orient Express - New Locomotive and Carriages

    Aiming to release an MOC soon, called 'Orient Express - The ultimate experience!" It will be a design package for the entire rolling stock for US$15. Can I post some pictures/links on the Front Page? How is that done? (could not see any info in the help files)
  2. I have learned the hard way too - don't make changes to the design while doing the instructions or that is the price you pay! The annoying part, is when you are most of the way through the Page design and you need to break apart a sub-assembly to make the instructions work and flow nicely. Once you are out sync, it is very difficult to recover - make sure you have backups so you can roll back.
  3. PopsicleLEGO

    [MOC] Magni Bronzebeard

    Wow, this model is fantastic - I thought my designs were OK, but this is next level! Inspirational, in fact!
  4. After a few months of work, I have finally completed enhancements of the Orient Express train, Sure, the 2 original carriages are still the same, because they are so good! But now there is - a new Locomotive, based on the Polar Express train, - a Tender to match, with room for 2 Powered-Up Hubs and Motors, - a Baggage Car to suit - an Observation Deck. For good measure, 3 new interiors have been designed, which are based on real train carriages, including - the Piano Bar, - Formal Dining - Lounge Bar carriage Here are a few other images Orient Express Carriage Set So, if you are an absolute train enthusiast and you are wondering what to do with your SECOND or THIRD Orient Express train set, then you may find these (ReBrickable) links helpful! MOC-165958 MOC-167870 MOC-169394 TrainsWithLights
  5. PopsicleLEGO

    100% Lego control panel for controlling a switch yard

    Quaint, old-fashion and very big! No wonder the kids of today aren't into trains like we were! Where's the App, the wireless controller and the smooth modern curves of the remote? Keep the nostalgia rolling - I do watch your YouTube videos when I can!
  6. PopsicleLEGO

    [MOC] Steam locomotive CFR 151.001

    Well done - Look great!
  7. PopsicleLEGO

    88005 Powered Up Lights and 88012 Technic Hub

    I was fortunate to find a seller in Europe who had 7 Powered-Up LED light kits listed at a low price AND didn't want a fortune to send them to Australia. Grabbed all 7! They were Brand-New - maybe - They were in a small white box, in a plastic wrap, but no part numbers...
  8. PopsicleLEGO

    Rolling resistance: Plastic vs Metal axles

    The bearing on axles upgrade is a must do is your are serious about your Lego trains. Over 100 axles got this treatment recently and what a difference to the running time of the train. Because the carriages are heavy - 800ish grams - and up to 8 carriages per trains, the rolling resistance is an important factor to battery life. The pleasing side effect to bearings and heavy trains, is the more natural stopping speed of the train. When you slow down, the trains continues to roll like a real train would - not a sudden stop. So here's the kicker - Buy the bearings and axles from AliExpress - mine cost very little and now the trains run smoother and quieter, have a longer runtime and the axles won't wear out over time.
  9. PopsicleLEGO

    A small request for help with my Lego Emerald Night

    Did you find a solution? Did you go he XL motor?
  10. The info on the net took me down the grub screw and ball bearing method and the upgrade of around 100 axles! The parts came from AliExpress and did the job nicely. Probably had 10 reject parts, mostly the axles that were slightly oversized. The difference in train running is enormous, especially compared to Lego's new plastic wheels. Whilst they are good for lightweight carriages, as soon as the weight goes up, the drag goes up and the runtime on the batteries goes way down. I recommend the bearing upgrade with grub screws because you can dial-in precision!
  11. The Santa-Fe remains one of my favourites sets but the price for the your complete train is outrageous! Not to be totally left out in the cold, I created my own version in the modern colours and ran it on Powered-Up hubs and motors. I then set about adding a headlight pair, the B-Units and 4 carriages. All up 2 locos, 2x B-units and Diner, Passenger seating, Sleeper and Observation deck. All built, tested and running sweetly. Santa was kind this year and gifted me a pair of near-new windscreens and horns... Check out the photos at ReBrickable - Search TrainsWithLights
  12. PopsicleLEGO

    Looking to switch engine/locomotive

    What do you end up doing? Switch motors? New Train?
  13. PopsicleLEGO

    10219 Maersk Train in alternate colors guide

    I did my own version of this train along similar lines - called it Chameleon as Red, Dark Blue, Dark Purple and Lime are the colours of the parts that change. I also used the triangle tiles for a very clean appearance - no studs here! Check out the designs at ReBrickable.com - search for Maersk or TrainsWithLights The set also comes with passenger carriages, but since uploading that design, I have found out that BlueBrix do the 1x4x3 Train Windows in Light Bluish Grey, so a design change is coming...
  14. PopsicleLEGO

    LEGO Trains 2023

    Interesting reading - thanks for posting!
  15. PopsicleLEGO

    7725 Electric Passenger Train review

    I recently posted my designs for this set, converted to Powered-Up. The drive locomotive has the windows removed - other than that everything in the set remains the same. Check out the info on ReBrickable.com - Search TrainsWithLights or 7725