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In the past couple of years, Eurobricks has been witness to the rising popularity of LDD use among members as evidenced by the significant influx of LDD MOCs throughout the site. This Index was created to provide a convenient means to search and browse all the LDD MOCs that were posted here in the forums. The LDD MOCs shall be indexed according to theme, and members could add their own or other member’s LDD creations in this Index by following the general guidelines below.

General Guidelines:

  • Only LDD MOCs with LXF files that were posted here in Eurobricks (in the appropriate subforum) are eligible to be indexed.
  • Posting your own LDD MOC:
    • If you have done an LDD MOC that you have posted before on the appropriate forum which you’d like to be part of this Index, post the topic link and the LXF file in this topic using the following format: LDD MOC Name by LDD Builder - LXF (insert topic link in the ‘LDD MOC Name’ and the LXF file link to ‘LXF’)
    • If you have a new LDD MOC that you haven’t posted yet, post it first in the appropriate forum, then provide the required topic link and the LXF following the format above.

    [*]Posting other member’s LDD MOC:

    • If you found an LDD MOC of another member on a certain subforum which you think needs to be added on this Index, post the topic link and the LXF file.

Important Reminders:

  • When posting your LDD MOCs in the appropriate subforum, pls. observe the image size limit of 800x600 pixels max.
  • If you made an LDD version of someone else’s MOC and would like it to be indexed here, make sure you give credit to the original source or better if you ask permission from them.
  • If you used an LDD MOC from this Index to make your own brick-built version and you post photos of that MOC, it is a must and proper courtesy to acknowledge the source of the design.
  • The LDD Staff and Indexer reserve the right to refuse MOCs which do not follow the rules and are not up to EB standards.
  • Since we are just staring this Index, feel free to comment, ask questions, and add your suggestions.

Index Statistics: (to be updated)

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CITY / Town

little_cafe_corner_by_marcosbessa.pngLittle Café Corner Revisited by marcosbessa - LXF

villa_maison_by_marcosbessa.pngVilla Maison by marcosbessa - LXF

6794173234_ba20414713_m.jpgCoffee Corner by RoxYourBlox - LXF

6794173194_22c9eb144d_m.jpgHotel by RoxYourBlox - LXF

6942536109_f2926aa5d7_m.jpgElementary School by RoxYourBlox - LXF

6796413502_bdcfb935fd_m.jpgPalace by RoxYourBlox - LXF

6799738851_2ff72cb736_m.jpgHouse by RoxYourBlox - LXF

6794162242_49d7c5dcbd_m.jpgStadium by RoxYourBlox - LXF

6879345733_46ec89f549_m.jpgPumpkin Factory by RoxYourBlox - LXF

modular_main_street_by_187-j4ck4l.pngModern Main Street by 187-J4CK4L - LXF

8405938618_7be3caeddf_o.jpg10218 Apartment Building MOD by Murdoch17 - LXF

8405938714_89c0aab665_o.jpgCoin & Currency Shop by Murdoch17 - LXF

modular_bank_by_prateek.pngModular Bank by prateek - LXF

brick_row_houses_by_johnnhiszippy3.pngBrick Row Houses by Johnnhiszippy3 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_44815.pngGarden Shop by Just_a_man - LXF

gallery_5203_162_21866.pngMusic Store by Just_a_man - LXF

gallery_5203_162_57889.pngPet Shop by Just_a_man - LXF

gallery_5203_162_14183.jpgWind Club by Just_a_man - LXF

weekend_house_by_jey_bee.pngWeekend House by Jey_Bee - LXF

modern_family_home_by_fuzzylegobricks.pngModern Family House by Fuzzylegobricks - LXF

modern_home_by_fuzzylegobricks.pngModern Home by Fuzzylegobricks - LXF

tan_modular_house_by_prateek.pngTan Modular House by prateek - LXF

diner_by_johnnhiszippy3.pngDiner by Johnnhiszippy3 - LXF

esso_service_station_by_salvobrick.jpgEsso Service Station by SalvoBrick - LXF

old_library_by_efin.jpgOld Library by efin - LXF

lego_mall_by_penguinz.pngLego Mall by Penguinz - LXF

apartment_building_by_jan.jpgApartment Building by Jan - LXF

paradisa_hotel_by_klaus-deister.pngParadisa Hotel by Klaus-Dieter - LXF

gallery_5203_162_6311.pngModern Town House by Giovanne - LXF

gallery_5203_162_42298.jpgAbandoned Factory by Just_a_man - LXF

gallery_5203_162_50505.pngPost Office & Postal Truck by Murdoch17 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_21274.pngRolls Royce Phantom II by Murdoch17 - LXF

firebrigade_laddertruck_by_jey_bee.pngFirebrigade Laddertruck by Jey_Bee - LXF

vietnamese_bus_by_shekana_le_-_lego.pngVietnamese Bus by Shekana Le - Lego - LXF

accuratein_school_bus_by_brickwild.pngACCURATEin's/tehLEGOman School Bus by BrickWild - LXF

school_bus_by_fuzzylegobricks.pngSchool Bus by Fuzzylegobricks - LXF

gallery_5203_162_27637.pngThe Schlepper by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

8405941460_096d51b12c_o.jpg1960's "Hippie" Volkswagen Bus by Murdoch17 - LXF

8404848165_9917db55c0_o.jpgVolkswagen Bus (5 colors) by Murdoch17 - LXF

8404848073_1a8c345795_o.jpg1959 Ford Anglia (8 colors) by Murdoch17 - LXF

8404848269_0706d82aac_o.jpg1957 Plymouth Fury (5 colors) by Murdoch17 - LXF

8404848447_628e9d34b8_o.jpg1918 Dorris truck (3 colors) by Murdoch17 - LXF

8405938288_0c5e235312_o.jpg'60's Generic Van (3 colors) by Murdoch17 - LXF

8405941792_32ee2c2ab4_o.jpg1922 MOON Automobile (14 colors) by Murdoch17 - LXF

fireflyer_by_toa_of_justice.pngFireFlyer by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

city_section_part_1_by_alienwar9.jpgCity Section (Part 1) by alienwar9 - LXF (Warning: 39,000+ parts!)

city_sidewalk_parts_by_alienwar9.jpgCity Sidewalk Parts by alienwar9 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_9202.jpgCPH Radisson Blu Royal Hotel by pauldk - LXF (Warning: 14,000+ parts!)

gallery_5203_162_7648.jpgModular Drug Store by vean - LXF

gallery_5203_162_12640.jpgDunkirk Belfry by vean - LXF


lego_mail_express_by_catanas.pngLego Mail Express by Catanas - LXF

highspeed_train_by_jey_bee.pngHighspeed Train by Jey_Bee - LXF

regional_train_by_jey_bee.pngRegional Train by Jey_Bee - LXF

underground_train_by_jey_bee.pngUnderground Train (Hamburg, Germany) by Jey_Bee - LXF

8405938824_a6fa9e792b_o.jpgOld Time Steam Engine by Murdoch17 - LXF

nohab_locomotive_by_kost_u_grlu.pngNOHAB Locomotive DSB Class MY by kost u grlu - LXF

gallery_5203_162_4606.pngGWR 5700 "Pannier Tank Engine" by Daedalus304 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_5129.pngGG1 Electric Locomotive by Murdoch17 - LXF

r29-t101.pngBelgian NMBS by private_lego - LXF

class_8_british_shunter_by_chromenight.pngClass 8 British Shunter by Chromenight - LXF

bar_carriage_by_odyssey.pngBar Carriage by Odyssey - LXF

tanker_wagons_by_roamingstudio.pngTanker Wagons by roamingstudio - LXF

carless_tanker_by_roamingstudio.pngCarless Petrol Tanker by roamingstudio - LXF

8405938892_ae0dcc9fd4_o.jpg'80's-style Steam train and diesel locomotive by Murdoch17 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_23626.pngRailroad MOW by Murdoch17 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_14694.pngOgel Safety Trolley by Murdoch17 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_23446.pngOgel Safety Trolley by Murdoch17 - LXF

8404847915_a7e7455790_o.jpgBlack and White PCC Streetcar - LXF

8404845567_b6e026115f_o.jpgModified Emerald Night's in all colors by Murdoch17 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_4163.jpgRural Train Station by Matn - LXF

train_station_by_mrblue.pngTrain Station by mrblue - LXF

8405935234_a3b765b4d6_o.pngOld-fashioned Train Station by Murdoch17 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_20922.pngMilk Station by RoxYourBlox - LXF

cable_tram_by_greg3.pngCable Tram by greg3 - LXF

8404845663_dd7e318d64_o.jpgLocomotive Transfer Table by Murdoch17 - LXF

8405939176_53b3e0fe0b_o.jpgLocomtive Shed (2 tracks) by Murdoch17 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_20422.jpgTrain Station by omerai - LXF

Historic Themes

in_my_kingdom_cold_by_omerai.jpgIn My Kingdom Cold by omerai - LXF

gallery_5203_162_13750.jpgVillage Cold by omerai - LXF

lighthouse_tower_by_omerai.jpgLighthouse Tower by omerai - LXF

gallery_5203_162_51962.jpgKastle "K" by RoxYourBlox - LXF

gallery_5203_162_17351.jpgSnow Spire by RoxYourBlox - LXF

gallery_5203_162_70032.jpgTetra Pyramid by RoxYourBlox - LXF

gallery_5203_162_26209.jpgPolar Palace by RoxYourBlox - LXF

gallery_5203_162_20137.jpgDual Duor by RoxYourBlox - LXF

gallery_5203_162_42124.jpgBear Mountain by RoxYourBlox - LXF

gallery_5203_162_39950.jpgAir Isle by RoxYourBlox - LXF

gallery_5203_162_21920.jpgOctblock by RoxYourBlox - LXF

medieval_village_by_omerai.pngMedieval Village by omerai - LXF

farmhouse_by_solidbrick.pngFarm House by solidbrick - LXF

modular_bridge_and_watchtower_by_gotoandlego.pngModular Bridge & Watchtower by gotoAndLego - LXF

wild_west_doctor_office_by_carbohydrates.jpgWild West Doctor's Office by Carbohydrates - LXF

gallery_5203_162_18480.pngAssassin's Creed MOCs by ADHO15 - LXFs: Damascus Viewpoint Tower / Acre Arch


hms_hunter.pngH.M.S. Hunter by kurigan - LXF

square_rigged_freighter_by_bart.pngSquare Rigged Freighter by Bart - LXF

imperial_gunship_by_prateek.pngImperial Gunship by prateek - LXF

gallery_5203_162_32297.pngGaleon: Annaconna by qwarek7 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_35240.pngHMS Reliant by Skipper - LXF

pirate_island_port_by_mrblue.pngPirate Island Port by mrblue - LXF

Action Themes

undersea_hauler_by_toa_of_justice.pngUndersea Hauler by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

rock_monster_ambush_by_toa_of_justice.pngRock Monster Ambush by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_22819.jpgBreakJaw's TriBreaker by obsidianheart- LXF

gallery_5203_162_40062.pngCave Crab by -N13OS- - LXF

spider_mech_by_jammiedodger.jpgSPIDERMECH by Jammiedodger714 - LXF

golden_gander_steampunk_airship2_by_captain_blockbeard.pngGolden Gander SteamPunk Airship by Captain Blockbeard - LXF

t11_eclipse_by_jonhall18.jpgJonHall18's T-11 Eclipse by vynsane - LXF

arcadian_gunship_by_jonhall18.pngJonHall18's Arcadian Gunship by vynsane - LXF

p72a_skyhammer_by_jonhall18.pngJonHall18's P-72A Skyhammer by vynsane - LXF

h44_blue_lightning_by_jonhall18.pngJonHall18's H-44 Blue Lightning by vynsane - LXF

p79_steel_wind_by_john_hall.pngJonHall's P-79 Steel Wind by vynsane - LXF

a20_red_zehyr_by_jonhall.pngJonHall's A-20 Red Zephyr by vynsane - LXF

v22_phoenix_by_jonhall.pngJonHall's V-22 Phoenix by vynsane - LXF

malomaglio_m_type_1_by_maloghigno.pngMalomaglio MType1 by Maloghigno - LXF

malabomba_m_type_1b_by_malogihigno.pngMalabomba MType1B by Maloghigno - LXF

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the_azure_streak_by_giovanne.pngLCSA's Megagamma-VII Starfighter, the Azure Streak by Giovanne - LXF

haga_defender.pngHAGA Defender by The Lanterne Rouge - LXF

dragonfly_by_plastemaurer.pngDragonfly by Plastemaurer - LXF

gallery_5203_162_23850.pngBumblebee - X1 Fighter by Hammer - LXF

heavenly_rocket_1_by_toa_of_justice.pngHeavenly Rocket by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

psi2000_by_plastemaurer.pngPSI 2000 by Plastemaurer - LXF

hoverlego_by_toa_of_justice.pngHoverlego by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

hell_bound_fighter_by_n13os.pngHell Bound Fighter by -N13OS- - LXF

phoenix_fireball_speederby_vynsane.jpgPhoenix Fireball Speeder by vynsane - LXF

turbo_rvp_by_toa_of_justice.pngTurbo VPR by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_14234.pngSXJ by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

modular_starfughter_by_vynsane.pngModular Starfighter by vynsane - LXF 1 / LXF 2 / LXF 3

gallery_5203_162_32461.pngModular Starfighter Security Patrol by vynsane - LXF

gallery_5203_162_39707.pngTengu Class Heavy Interceptor (GHL livery) by Vynsane - LXF

gallery_5203_162_50302.pngAliss Oyuki's Denublian Sunset by vynsane - LXF

ncs_gunbird_by_toa_of_justice.pngNCS Gunbird by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

delta_star_by_toa_of_justice.pngDelta Star by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

troop_transport_by_greenskull139.pngTroop Transport by greenskull139 - LXF

star_craft_ii_battle_cruiser_by_sunnyx.pngStar Craft II Battle Cruiser by sunnyx - LXF

sparrow_split_engine_by_daedalus.pngSplit-Engine Sparrow by Daedalus304 - LXF

space_widow_by_legolindberg.pngThe Space Widow by LegoLindberg - LXF

f-318_sparrowhawk_by_basone.pngF-318 Sparrowhawk Space Superiority Fighter by BasOne - LXF

l45_starfleet_voyager_by_giovanne.pngL45 Starfleet Voyager by Giovanne - LXF

gallery_5203_162_6145.pngIP-2012 Icebird by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_4221.jpgMudguard Serpent by Shine - LXF

gallery_5203_162_50720.pngBluejacket by Shine - LXF

gallery_5203_162_10504.pngUnusual Utensil by Shine - LXF

space_ship_by_legojango.jpgBlack Space Shuttle by legojango - LXF

diesel-punk_of_kussler.pngDiesel-Punk Rider by Kussler - LXF

diesel-punk_limo_by_kussler.pngDiesel-Punk Limo by Kussler - LXF

space_truck_by_drnightmare.pngSpacetruck by DrNightmare - LXF

star_justice_base_dock_by_zeeronemo.pngStar (Justice) Base Dock by zeeronemo - LXF

star_justice_docking_bay_by_zeeronemo.pngStar (Justice) Docking Bay by zeeronemo - LXF

hms_endeavour_by_odyssey.pngH.M.S. Endeavour by Odyssey - LXF

silent_runners_by_navegante.pngSilent Runner by Navegante - LXF

blacktron_intruder_by_john_carstairs.pngBlacktron Intruder by John Carstairs - LXF

green_reaper_by_nickab.pngGreen Reaper by NickAb - LXF

hexatron_mocs_by_alopex.pngHexatron MOCs by Alopex - Scout Crawler LXF / Z-4 Satellite Rover LXF / Cosmos Fighter LXF

mx-2_by_toa_of_justice.pngMX-2 Rover by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_25472.pngInsectoids Blaster Bug by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

leviaction_by_drnightmare.pngGVX-04 - Leviathan by Dr. Edgewood - LXF

tornado_by_drnightmare.pngGVX-06 Tornado by Dr. Edgewood - LXF

threshold_by_drnightmare.pngGVX-05 Threshold by Dr. Edgewood - LXF

nightmare_by_drnightmare.pngGVX-07 Nightmare by Dr. Edgewood - LXF

gallery_5203_162_48815.pngMicrofig Mech - Wanzer by -N13OS- - LXF

unnamed_mech_by_n13os.jpgUnnamed Mech by -N13OS- - LXF

gallery_5203_162_12709.pngMicrofig Samurai Mech by -N13OS- - LXF

motoman_v2_by_toa_of_justice2.pngMotoMan_V2.0 by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF 2 / LXF 3

8405935006_63c2de5d66_o.pngRooiKat Scout Mech by Gory51 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_13817.pngMacrofigures by -N13OS- - LXF

voltron_arms_legs_by_jahfriendship.pngVoltron Arms & Legs by jahfriendship - LXF

gallery_5203_162_21342.pngTARDIS by Murdoch17 - LXF

iss_dragon_knight_by_basone.pngI.S.S. Dragon Knight by BasOne - LXF (Warning: 23,000+ parts!)

gallery_5203_162_927.jpgInto Nayeli by alienwar9 - LXF (individual LXFs inside the topic)

lucky_number_seven_by_basone.pngLucky Number Seven by BasOne - LXF (Warning: 18,500+ parts!)

temple_of_omega_by_bricknave.jpgTemple of Omega by Bricknave - LXF

longcat_and_tacgnol_by_zblj.pngLongcat and tacgnol by Zblj - LXF

Star Wars

incom_t-65_x-wing_starfighter_by_l-di-ego.pngIncom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter by L-DI-EGO - LXF

midi_x-wing_by_brickdoctor.pngMidi-scale X-Wing by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_2436.jpgMidi-scale X-Wing Fighter by Brickdoctor - LXF

ucs_juggernaut_havw_a6_by_anio.pngAnio's UCS Juggernaut HAVw A6 by Cpyr-21 - LXF

8405935382_432938fe99_o.jpgB-Wing by krispy - LXF

8404842259_cdcbe57387_o.jpgAlpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing by krispy - LXF

gallery_5203_162_4514.pngTIE Advanced x1 by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_19744.pngTIE/sa Bomber by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_3658.pngTIE/in Interceptor by Brickdoctor - LXF

jango_slave_i_mod_by_adho15.pngJango's Slave I MOD by ADHO15 - LXF

lukes_landspeeder_v10_by_praiter_yed.pngLuke's Landspeeder by Praiter Yed - LXF

coruscant_speeders_by_burman.pngCoruscant Speeders by Burman - LXF

gallery_5203_162_2194.pngCoruscant Taxi by ADHO15 - LXF

74z_speederbike_by_praiter_yed.png74-Z Speeder Bike by Praiter Yed - LXF

speederbike_by_praiter_yed.pngSpeederbike by Praiter Yed - LXF 1 / LXF 2 (Hoth version)

barc-x_speeder_bike.pngBARC-X Speeder Bike by KielDaMan - LXF

lightning_squadron.pngLightning Squadron by KielDaMan - LXF

gallery_5203_162_28618.pngUCS Republic Gunship by KielDaMan - LXF

jag_jedi_attack_gunship.pngJedi Attack Gunship by KielDaMan - LXF

arc_gunship.pngARC Gunship by KielDaMan - LXF

razor_squadron_arc-170.pngRazor Squadron by KielDaMan - LXF

jedi_shuttle_bus.pngJedi Shuttle Bus by KielDaMan - LXF

jsf_collection.pngDelta 7-B Starfighter Collection by KielDaMan - LXF

ucs_eta-2_jsf_by_bossk.pngUCS Scaled Anakin's Starfighter by Bossk - LXF

proton_cannon_by_gunner.pngProton Cannon by Gunner - LXF

gallery_5203_162_17830.pngArmored Assault Tank by Bricksandparts - LXF

gallery_5203_162_9271.jpgMidi-scale Radiant VII by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_6208.jpgMidi-scale Millennium Falcon by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_16307.jpgMidi-scale Lambda-class T-4a shuttle by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_6610.jpgMidi-scale BTL-A4 Y-wing by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_9601.jpgMidi-scale RZ-1 A-wing by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_16127.jpgMidi-scale T-47 Snowspeeder by Brickdoctor - LXF

med_gallery_5203_162_11163.jpgMidi-scale Slave I by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_10891.jpgMidi-scale TIE/ln fighter by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_12343.jpgMidi-scale LAAT/i by Brickdoctor - LXF

gallery_5203_162_11740.jpgMidi-scale OG-9 Homing Spider Droid by Brickdoctor - LXF

8405938372_b433c52010_o.pngJedi Temple by ADHO15 - LXF

yavin_base_by_crabboy329.jpgYavin Base by crabboy329 (with contributions from Brickdoctor and Praiter Yed) - LXF

rebel_cart_by_praiter_yed.pngRebel Cart by Praiter Yed - LXF

gallery_5203_162_9181.jpgCloneCube by ADHO15 - LXF (Warning: 16,000+ parts!)

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Licensed Themes

hogwarts_castle_by_lego_humor.pngHogwart's Castle by LEGO Humor - LXF

mini_hogwarts_castle_by_adho15.pngMini Hogwart's Castle by ADHO15 - LXF

modular_daigon_alley_by_prateek.pngModular Diagon Alley by prateek - LXF

hogwarts_boathouse_by_adho15.jpgHogwart's Boathouse by ADHO15 - LXF

aragog_by_adho15.pngAragog by ADHO15 - LXF

8404841853_22497842a3_o.pngRevamped 6862 Lex's Power Armor by prateek - LXF

Bionicle / Action Figures

gallery_5203_162_18763.pngGuardian Angel by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_10122.pngRandom Hero by -N13OS- - LXF

8404847847_93ebb932ca_o.pngAzura by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

8404841679_8e19fdcdec_o.pngWarHero by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_13096.pngBulk 2012 by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

bulk_2_by_aanchir.pngBulk 2.0 by Aanchir - LXF

neptune_by_toa_of_justice.pngNeptune by Toa_of Justice - LXF

oceana_by_toa_of_justice.pngOceana by Toa_of_Justice - LXF

r-2-449_by_the_nightwing_reborn.pngR-2-449 by The Nightwing Reborn - LXF

angelique_by_aanchir.pngAngelique by Aanchir - LXF

Technic / Model Team

8405938494_4d69181749_o.pngSharkwler by hrontos - LXF

8405934740_a20dc8b036_o.pngSkidder by hrontos - LXF

8405934836_34dcf83c1e_o.pngQuad Bike by hrontos - LXF

classic_sportsbike_vt_vlmn8r.jpg8051 Alternate: Classic Sportsbike by VLMN8R - LXF

batpod_by_vlmn8r.pngBatpod by VLMN8R - LXF

drag_bike_by_zblj.pngDrag Bike by Zblj - LXF

mini_backhoe_by_zblj.pngMini Backhoe by Zblj - LXF

motorized_8265_wheel_loader_by_dluders.pngMotorized LEGO 8265 Wheel Loader by DLuders - LXF

vector_racer_by_zblj.pngVector Racer by Zblj - LXF

gallery_5203_162_20956.pngTechnic Road Grader by Benny3000 - LXF

telescopic_handler_by_lego_dejc.pngTelescopic Handler by LegoDejc - LXF

technic_forklift_by_bojan_pavsic.pngForklift Toyota Series 8 by Bojan Pavsic - LXF

gallery_5203_162_16466.jpgMinimog by Zblj - LXF

off-road_truck_by_zblj.pngOff-Road Truck by Zblj - LXF

motorised_argocat_chassis_vy_vln8r.jpgMotorised Argocat Chassis by VMLN8R - LXF

mechanum_wheels_by_zblj.pngMecanum Wheels by Zblj - LXF

black_kitten2_by_hga09.pngBlack Kitten by hga09 - LXF

tatra_813_6x6_by_yoraish.pngTatra 813 6x6 V2 by yoraish - LXF

gallery_5203_162_3323.pngSariel's motorized, 8-legged model of a Theo Jansen Walker by Nazgarot - LXF

gallery_5203_162_28751.pngLego Technic X-Truck (8-wheel Trial Truck) by Zblj - LXF

Special Themes

8404842099_5685a99f49_o.jpgSoccer Ball by bbqqq - LXF

circus_arena_by_bojan_pavsic.pngCircus Arena by Bojan Pavsic - LXF

hidden_mountain_base_by_alienwar9.jpgHidden Mountain Base by alienwar9 - LXF (Warning: 13,000+ parts!)

grumman_f-14d_tomcat_by_joshua_ciesielski.pngGrunman F-14D Tomcat by Joshua Ciesielski - LXF

helicopter_ch53_by_bojan_pavsic.png Sikorsky CH-53 Super Stallion by Bojan Pavsic - LXF

humvees_by_alienwar09.pngLegohaulic's Humvees by alienwar9 - LXF

tanks_by_rick_s.pngRick S' Tanks by alienwar9 - LXF

gallery_5203_162_1020.pngHumvee by treeboy - LXF

terramphi_bt_toa_of_justice.pngTerramphi by Toa_of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_12610.pngHeavy Tank Centurion III by Sunder - LXF

gallery_5203_162_3492.jpg Ralph_S' Kettenkraftrad by treeboy - LXF

ww2_style_destroyer_by_paulski.pngWW2-style Destoyer by Paulski - LXF

irish_troubles_by_saracen.pngIrish Troubles by Saracen - LXF

22_bars_movie_set_by_efullner.png"22 Bars" Movie Set by efullner - LXF

white_star_bridge_by_set_sprinter.pngWhite Star Bridge by Set Sprinter - LXF

gallery_5203_162_14831.pngRoyal Liver Building by ADHO15 - LXF

where_amelia_landed_vy_zeya.jpgWhere Amelia Landed by Zeya - LXF

knights_vacation_by_zeya.jpgKnight's Vacation by Zeya - LXF

gallery_5203_162_8705.jpgFuture Knight by Just_a_man - LXF

gallery_5203_162_41787.pngBike Riders by bbqqq - LXF

the_a_team_by_jey_bee.pngThe A-Team by Jey_Bee - LXF

the_nine_fellowship_by_jey_bee.pngThe Nine Fellowships by Jey_Bee - LXF

pool_table_by_marcosbessa.pngPool Table by marcosbessa - LXF

football_table_by_marcosbessa.pngFootball Table by marcosbessa - LXF

games_by_adho15.pngGames by ADHO15 - LXF

a_walk_in_the_park_by_aanchir.pngA Walk in the Park by Aanchir - LXF

graveyard_by_iamwillgibson.pngGraveyard by IAmWillGibson - LXF

organ_of_doom_by_iamwillgibson.pngOrgan of Doom by IAmWillGibson - LXF

frankenstein_minilab_by_iamwillgibson.pngFrankenstein Minilab by IAmWillGibson - LXF

chuthlu_by_toa_of_justice.pngChthlu Bust by IAmWillGibson - LXF

gallery_5203_162_3797.pngThe Torpedo by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_9789.png2012 TT-R by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_40896.pngHigh Tech Racer by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_20482.pngFormula A Racer by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_18739.pngAlpha Angel by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_33557.pngNitro Rebel by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

0gt-j.pngGT-J by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

googol_by_toa_of_justice.pngGoogol by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

nitro_sprinter_by_toa_of_justice.pngNitro Sprinter by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

junker_ju_88_by_vmln8r.pngJunkers Ju 88 by VMLN8R - LXF

6745_mod_by_zblj.png6745 MOD by Zblj - LXF

mini_creator_alternate_builds_by_toa_of_justice.pngMini Creator Alternate Builds by Toa Of Justice - LXFs: Dozer / Turbo Sled / Booster Racer / Sky Cruiser

sea_gull_boat2_by_toa_of_justice.pngSea Gull Boat by Toa_Of_Justice - LXF

gallery_5203_162_399.jpg19th Century Wheel Parahod by Pashok - LXF

dodecahedron_by_aanchir.pngDodecahedron by Aanchir - LXF

gallery_5203_162_23547.pngModified Moulding Machine by bbqqq - LXF

gallery_5203_162_1113.jpgModified Ole Kirk's House by bbqqq - LXF

gallery_5203_162_8016.jpgLego 2011 Duck Solid Head Mod by bbqqq - LXF

8405935148_9900479673_o.pngUCS Flick Fire Missile by StoutFiles - LXF

telephonecell_by_jey_bee.pngPhonecell by Jey_Bee - LXF

milouuu_by_marcosbessa.pngMilouuu, where are you? by marcosbessa - LXF

winny_pooh_by_private_lego.pngWinny Pooh by private_lego - LXF

mac_by_theallseeingguy.pngMAC by TheAllSeeingGuy - LXF

dantes_guns_ivory_and_ebony_by_lisqr.pngDante's guns Ebony and Ivory by lisqr - LXF

hungarian_parliament_building_by_sarkanyapu.jpgHungarian Parliament Building by Sarkanyapu - LXF

cliff_hanger_by_legoluisma.pngCliff Hanger by legoluisma - LXF

Special Builds

ldd_rcb1.pngFirst EB LDD Relay Community Build - LXF

2nd_eb_rcb.pngSecond EB LDD Relay Community Build - LXF

gallery_5203_162_37653.pngThird EB LDD Relay Community Build - LXF

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Thank you legolintje, our first contributor! I'll take a look on those and add them shortly if it passes the criteria. Thanks again! :classic:

A bit off topic, but you're spell my username wrong. Superkalle had the same problem. It is whit iJ.

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The good thing is that everyone remembers your username legolijntje since we have to remember to spell it right :laugh:

And to KielDaMan - thanks for starting this topic off :thumbup:

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And to KielDaMan - thanks for starting this topic off :thumbup:

My pleasure SuperKalle! :classic:

And I would like to take this opportunity to call on all LDD builders who might have posted their LDD creations before here in EB, if you would like to share the LXFs of your MOCs to the community, just post it in here together with the topic link of your MOC, and we will happily include your LDD creations in this Index. I hope by sharing your MOC expertise through your LXFs, other members who might be new to Lego designing and building will learn from your techniques and make themselves better in this field.

I also encourage other members of our LDD community to be 'agents/scouts' and help in spotting LDD MOCs posted throughout the forum which you think might be eligible to be included in this index. Thank you.

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My LDD MOC topic is here. You've already indexed Aragog, but there are a couple more there and I may add some more soon.

Thanks for doing this, KDM, and congrats on your recent promotions. :thumbup:

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My LDD MOC topic is here. You've already indexed Aragog, but there are a couple more there and I may add some more soon.

Thanks for doing this, KDM, and congrats on your recent promotions. :thumbup:

Thanks ADHO! I actually saw that already, and I'll get around indexing those later. I'm currently indexing 'larger' MOCs as of the moment. And more LDD MOCs from you are very much welcome!

My latest MOC (the split-engine sparrow) was designed in LDD first, and I included the LXF file in my MOC topic. Both the picture in my sig and http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=48427 will get you there.

Link to the LXF

Perhaps I should have made a topic about the MOC's LXF here in the Digital Designer forum as well?

Thanks for pointing this out Daedalus. I'll index this once I get the proper LDD screenshot. (I don't have LDD installed at my office computer so I have to do it at home).

I think it's just ok if you post the MOC's LXF in the LDD forum. Like what Superkalle said, when a certain MOC involves an LXF it could be posted here since it presents an opportunity for other members to analyze the LXF, critique on it, and learn from one's design.

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I wondered who would be crazy enough to take on this mammoth task :laugh: . Well done KDM - you're doing a great job.

I've just replaced my Landspeeder Lxf file on Brickshelf with version 10 which has more structural integrity and is slightly more movie accurate. So you may need to update the link - I've updated it on my original post but here's a direct link if you need it. Landspeeder X lxf.

BTW I'm just awaiting one more BL order then I'll be posting the brick-built version.

EDIT: Sorry I've just realised how this works - so you don't need to do anything - pointless post. :blush:

Edited by Praiter Yed

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I wondered who would be crazy enough to take on this mammoth task :laugh: . Well done KDM - you're doing a great job.

I've just replaced my Landspeeder Lxf file on Brickshelf with version 10 which has more structural integrity and is slightly more movie accurate. So you may need to update the link - I've updated it on my original post but here's a direct link if you need it. Landspeeder X lxf.

BTW I'm just awaiting one more BL order then I'll be posting the brick-built version.

Well I guess I'm that crazy one! :laugh: Surprisingly, it has actually been a fun experience doing all this indexing, as I've become a first-hand witness to the very impressive LDD MOCs of you, our EB LDD builders. Thank you for the kind words. :classic:

With regards to your Landspeeder, I'm gonna take a look on the new LXF and post the updated screenshot version later. Thanks for your contribution and looking forward for your brickbuilt version in the SW forum. :wink:

Ok, now i have some MOCs from me (Jey Bee) for this thread!

But easy...

... all my MOCs in this thread: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=50807

Have fun. :D

Thanks for your contributions Jey_Bee! I'll index them later. DONE!

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I just made my first MOC. Here is the original thread where I posted it:

And here is the image and LXF file:

LXF File

I like this diorama. Particularly how you married bits of tech into the organic here. The pieces are too generic to figure out if it's steam punk or futuristic "green tech" but that doesn't take away from the composition.

I like the idea of this topic. I would hope I can get permission to use some of these MOCs in Brick to help showcase your awesome work to those who would not generally otherwise see it. As I have done with modified official models, I would leave a link to this forum to give credit where it is due. I also have some contributions to make to this topic, as I have produced a few sets, like a news desk, mad scientist lab, pool hall and more recently I made a modular cubicle that can be a couple cubes in a small office or an entire cubicle town.

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Me again :hmpf_bad:


You're always welcome especially when you have additional contributions. :classic: I already saw your 74-Z one before but the LXF was missing on the topic, so it's really great you shared it now, as I think it's much much better than TLG's version. :thumbup:

@Burman and Zeya, already included yours to the index. :wink:

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You're always welcome especially when you have additional contributions. :classic: I already saw your 74-Z one before but the LXF was missing on the topic, so it's really great you shared it now, as I think it's much much better than TLG's version. :thumbup:

Thanks KielDaMan, I removed the original speeder lxf because I really started to dislike it. The updated version is a bit sleeker but I'm still not 100% happy with it. I suppose it's a WIP. But have to be a little arrogant and agree that it's better than TLG's version.

Also have to say IMHO this topic deserves a front page. In the very least to let EB members know it's here and how to use it, but also because it's such a fantastic source of ideas, techniques and great MOC's.

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Also have to say IMHO this topic deserves a front page. In the very least to let EB members know it's here and how to use it, but also because it's such a fantastic source of ideas, techniques and great MOC's.

Nice idea! Done!

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Thanks for settting this up... it will be useful for many people. So I will link the LXF Files I have generated (mainly under train tech)


Thank you roamingstudio for your contributions! Your LDD MOCs are now included in the index. :wink:

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