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    Education manager and I have loads of hobbies. LEGO obviously and reading novels (not as boring as it sounds) and quite a bit of TV as well.


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  1. RoryoCox

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    In light of Mickey Mouse's takeover of Star Wars- -Burman
  2. RoryoCox

    Which set should I buy?

    Getting back into LEGO buying- Should I get Death Star (10188) or Imperial Shuttle (10212)? I want a large set like that to develop my skills but just can't decide which is better.
  3. RoryoCox


    Happy New Year to everyone on the forum.
  4. RoryoCox

    Eurobricks Spaghetti Western Competition

    Very interesting contest. I think this might be the first History contest I have seen since I joined the site. I might have a go but I really want to see everyone's entries more. I am sure this will show some amazing MOCers in the forum.
  5. Hi, You may be interested in joining, a LEGO user group for the island of Ireland.

  6. RoryoCox

    PSNI Land Rover Tangi

    Being from NI, I really like this MOC. The scale might be a bit off but the design is fantastic and really looks like the real thing. Thanks for Sharing these great little things with us
  7. For me that is damning evidence towards you Professor. I would be very interested in your explanation of this.
  8. I didn't get back on time yesterday. I would have changed my vote away from you with a doubt in my mind.
  9. Without a doubt that is the only way we can go. In my opinion, we need to nail this, to get it right. I would go with Donena's strategy and vote off Mistress Kupp or the Professor. I believe that this would give us a really good insight into the relationship between both of these players and it would also reveal their side. If we turn out to be wrong then we know we can trust the Professor and I am sure he will help us even more.
  10. I'd agree. It is suspicious that we have got no reply with all of these allegations. In my opinion that is a bit of a wild move. For me, it just adds to the suspicion around you which I find to be very strong right now and I feel others feel the same about you as well.
  11. Ohh.. I see what you mean now, taking another look at yesterday. My thoughts were wrong then, thank you for correcting me. I'll have to wait for some other replies to these comments to make my mind up again then.
  12. Very good eye Camanakin. So, is this a twist from the town elder or is it a lie from Professor Flutwuck to cover is membership of the Dark One's. I may be getting ahead of myself but does anyone else have an opinion on this? Is it something we can vote on? Or is it just a mistake from the Town Elder?
  13. I have to agree with you Bubb. You have been acting suspiciously of late and by saying that you are going to avoid conversation with everyone else by leaving us. I have no doubts whether to vote for you or not but I will bide my time until the results of an investigation are made apparent to us. Be warned though, I will be keeping an eye on you.
  14. After visiting and again revisiting this horrendous crime, it is evident that there is enough clues to vote an individual off. This evidence has jumped out at me as I read back through our arguments and conversations and I am clear in my own mind who done this crime. I will certainly be interested in the results of the witness and investigation occurring now and then, if anything changes my mind, I will change my vote. But for now- Vote: Camanikan/Big Cam
  15. Greetings to everyone else, I am Burrito. If you need me to talk to your horses, fouls or jackasses then please just ask.