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  1. KimT


    Thanks for all your kind words. I'll still be around from time to time. EB will always be close at heart to me.
  2. KimT


    It's been a long time since I joined EB back in 2004 as member number 101. And now it's time for me to resign and hand over the torch. I'll always think of my time as Star Wars Forum Moderator as some of the best internet time, I've ever had. I am not leaving because of disagreements or me being pissed about something. I leave because it's time for me to move on. Some time ago I decided that if given the chance to work for TLG, then I'd go for it. I went and got the job, knowing that it meant the end for me as a "regular AFOL". Thanks to the staffers for letting me work with them and learn from them And thanks to all of you for making the Star Wars Forum a really warm and great place to share our mutual hobby To Kiel and Stash: Goodbye and take care of my eternal love. To the Rebel Bloggers - kick megablocks - the blog is now yours to share with Kiel. "Goodbye And Thanks For All The Fish!"
  3. KimT

    Jedi Mission Battle Pack on CUUSOO

    Seems like that contest was run ages ago Friggin' awesome contest image Good times and best of luck.
  4. Video Presentation Flickr Set Feel free to discuss the new UCS R2D2 in this topic. I'm soo getting one
  5. KimT

    [REPORT] Visit to Star Wars Miniland

    Thanks for a great report Praiter. I'm sure you're a very lucky man to have a wife that knows where to draw the line. Without a strong wife we'd all go nuts and spend everything on LEGO. Make sure to buy her flowers for being in the real world. Sounds like you had a great trip - perhaps you should convince her to take a trip to Billund for the EB Event?
  6. KimT

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Kinda figured it'd be too late for them to discover that they blew it I guess they meant the video to stay secret a little longer than they succeeded in.
  7. KimT

    Mini Modular: Newspaper Building

    The pins are there because? Either have the pins or loose the bars and clips Both can't be there - it'll ruin the connect-to-the-next-building idea, wont it? And is that 4 christmas trees on each side of the front?
  8. KimT

    My presentations

    Velkommen til Henrik. Held og lykke med dit togprojekt - husk at vise det i vores Train Tech Forum.
  9. KimT

    Star Wars Forum Blog - Announcements

    A new blogger has joined our ranks. Please welcome Macoco as our newest addition to the Rebel Bloggers.
  10. KimT

    Quinn meets her uncle

    Great vignette. Love the arch detail, but "eeew!" old gray
  11. KimT

    Star Wars Instructions Index

    Updated with the latest additions to TLG's cache.
  12. KimT

    Formula1 2012 Season

    Me neither and it's looking good for Lotus this season. A shame that there's no Italian drivers this season - one should think that Ferrari would want at least one, but that's not the case these days anymore.
  13. KimT

    MOC: Dragon vs Bulk

    Seconded. That's a pretty awesome MOC. Let it be no secret that I've never fancied Bionicle nor Hero Factory, but I do appreciate cool MOCs made from those parts, just like this one is Thanks for sharing.