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  1. KimT

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Drakmin's back - that's all! Great to see the progress. I remember this project and the title it gave you. Glad to hear you plan to finish in your lifetime - I hope to be around when you get there.
  2. KimT

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest - Voting thread

    41 Blacktron Dark Terminator - jansued 10 MagnePulse Xcelerator - Oky 23 Solar Surveyor - The Librarian
  3. KimT

    Din’s New N1 Starfighter

    I love it. Thanks for sharing the instructions with the rest of us. Great work @Rustinidiel and the rest of you sharing your N1 Starfighters.
  4. I second that suggestion. Please do share details if you are ok with doing so.
  5. KimT

    [MOC] TIE Phantom

    Nice, clean and well built TIE Phantom. Good job @Monkeyulize Keep sharing your awesome work. Thanks.
  6. KimT

    Jedi Temple

    And locking this down. Perhaps a new topic when there is an actual image for all of us to enjoy would be preferable?
  7. What an insanely beautiful MOC of this ship. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Please only news here. Discussion is to be kept in this topic. Thanks
  9. KimT

    [MOC) Mecha-Santa mk2

    Present launcher and RE-indeer Jetpack This is the christmas spirit for sure - great job!
  10. Well the LEGO Group has an entire department dedicated to the collaboration, support and stimulation of the AFOL Community - it's called the AFOL Engagement Department and they run the LEGO Ambassador Network, the Lead User Lab and LEGO Ideas. So I would certainly hope that's indication that the company listens. Another example of listening could be the dissatisfaction in the AFOL Community when the Chinese Celebrations sets were announced - that led to red flags being raised inside the company by the AFOL Engagement Department and that ultimately led to the end of regional exclusives as they are now to be globally available after 3-6 months. Also it is estimated that the AFOL Community make up 6-8 percent of the sales. At least that is the number I've seen in one of the annual reports. First and foremost the LEGO products are intended for the core audience - kids aged 7-12(-ish), but the LEGO Group has also stated that AFOLs are now considered a target audience and more will be done for the AFOL Community moving forward - and this adds on top of the products currently aimed at adults such as the Creator Expert sets, Star Wars D2C products and massive Technic sets (I am sure there are plenty other sets in this category).
  11. Time to get on top of things again

  12. KimT


    Thanks for all your kind words. I'll still be around from time to time. EB will always be close at heart to me.
  13. KimT


    It's been a long time since I joined EB back in 2004 as member number 101. And now it's time for me to resign and hand over the torch. I'll always think of my time as Star Wars Forum Moderator as some of the best internet time, I've ever had. I am not leaving because of disagreements or me being pissed about something. I leave because it's time for me to move on. Some time ago I decided that if given the chance to work for TLG, then I'd go for it. I went and got the job, knowing that it meant the end for me as a "regular AFOL". Thanks to the staffers for letting me work with them and learn from them And thanks to all of you for making the Star Wars Forum a really warm and great place to share our mutual hobby To Kiel and Stash: Goodbye and take care of my eternal love. To the Rebel Bloggers - kick megablocks - the blog is now yours to share with Kiel. "Goodbye And Thanks For All The Fish!"