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  1. XimenaPaulina

    Rogue One movie discussion thread

    Things I liked about the "Tragic Rogues": - It is not a rehash like TFA. - It's a breath of fresh air to see a movie where: a. a bunch of 'normal' people accomplished their mission without the always convenient aid from the Jedi. b. all the protagonists die - the proverbial "ultimate sacrifice by an ensemble crew for the bigger cause", something you never see in big movie franchises. - It finally answers one of the biggest mysteries in Star Wars lore - why the F there was a stupid fatal flaw in the design of the Death Star - the movie for me convincingly adresses that. - The ending seamlessly tying to A New Hope (Tantive IV, Leia!) My 3rd best SW film behind ESB and RotJ. One nitpick though: No iconic Star Wars intro music with rolling text.
  2. XimenaPaulina

    DC Comics Cinematic Universe

    It's an overall mess, nothing better to describe BvS. After all the massive hype this movie has gotten, it heavily fell flat on its face and the negative reviews it has been getting are more than justified. Incoherent plot/storylines, cringe-worthy amateurish slow mo scenes (ugh), out-of-place musical score, oversaturates CGI making the overall visuals look unnatural and fake ala-300, and don't even get me started with the annoying Lex. I feel the movie tries too hard to copy the dark tone of the successful Nolan Batman movies and tries even harder to separate itself from the lighter tone of the MCU, which deflates the whole movie experience of one key element - FUN. If ever you're going to watch try to come to the cinema with very very low expectations.
  3. XimenaPaulina

    PLEASE NO SPOILERS Episode VII. Is it good?

    THIS. Too much of a copy of Ep.IV. Felt underwhelmed overall except for Rey's parts in the movie. An average movie at best, better than the prequels but not as good as the originals. Maybe due to overhype and too high expectations. Looking forward for an Empire-sque Ep.VIII to redeem this new trilogy.
  4. XimenaPaulina

    Star Wars

    This is probably the best part of the movie for me, she was quite a badass in the end and I was really rooting for her at that time. Going forward I just hope the story will go a different route. No redemption for Kylo Ren ala Vader. No sacrificial death by Luke like Obi Wan. And please no Ewok-like creatures. And pls. do something better about the Phasma character other than getting pwned by a janitor stormie.
  5. XimenaPaulina

    Star Wars

    TFA was quite disappointing for me. Recycled storylines, forced pacing, tried too hard to be nostalgic, unconvincing acting, annoying lensflares, boring lightsaber duels. Overall meh. I guess my misatake was I expected too much and got overhyped for this movie.
  6. After reading through everything that has been said by the two primary lynch candidates, Esther and Caleb, I'm not entirely convinced of their suspected scuminess. Esther seems to have the best intentions for the Village despite the highly-aggressive nature of her pursuit of weeding out the members of the Red Coyote Gang. The accusations against Caleb aren't strong enough either for me to vote for him, and his defense is quite satisfactory for me. To be honest, I'm not really comfortable with voting any of the lynch candidates, so I decided not to vote and accept the consequences of my action.
  7. I tried to backread remember everything Esther said so far, and I really find it odd for a townie to have such a strong accusatory vendetta this early in the game - with not one, not two, but even up to four primary suspects on her scum list! Heck I myself am having a hard time deciding on one person who I find the most suspicious, and yet Esther seems to have quite a solid gameplan this early. While this type of behavior isn't exactly wrong, it just rubs me the wrong way and I see her wall-of-text accusations as a well-planned pre-fabricated ploy usually done by scum to make themselves look active and helpful. On these grounds alone, it usually is enough for me to vote for someone, but thinking on the flipside, if Esther is scum, would her scum teammates really allow her to flail this wildly on the first day? This line-of-thought is what makes me uncomfortable voting for Esther. I would like to see her answer the accusations against her, but it seems she ignored the first wave of questions on her and is still hell bent on accusing others.
  8. Well what da ya know, people are busy early scum-hunting eh? Sorry I woke up quite late, I actually read heard Sheridan's bold claim at the start of the day but I was too sleepy back then to comment and I really had to go to bed. I think it was a bit odd for someone to make that sort of claim on the very first instance he/she gets to speak. I'm 50/50 on this claim - and I always want to give people the benefit of the doubt even if you all ain't trustworthy to me. Sheridan may be a bit pushy getting the reactions of the people to her claim, but I could see the good intention of trying to encourage people to talk and gauge their reactions. I trust in our Town PRs that they wouldn't easily trust Sheridan. While there are surprisingly easy-to-trust townsfolks like those Mafia Mafia Villagers on the other side of the town, I'm hoping our fellow Villagers will be more cautious than those people. Sheridan's claim may have made some of our townsfolk feel uneasy but IMO we need not worry about her as long as she doesn't get critical town information (those pertaining to PRs) this early. Granted she's telling the truth about her claim that she will have a Coyote reading when investigated (so any investigation on her wouldn't clear her), but there are still other ways to verify her like tracking/watching her at night if we have those PRs. So let's not worry about her at the moment, at the very least her claim got people talking and that's always good for the town.
  9. Yosh! It would be best for those scum Red Coyote Gang to turn themselves in or else feel the unforgiving wrath of the sheriff!!!
  10. Back to Back Champions Baby!!! W000t!

  11. XimenaPaulina

    Silver City Mafia - Registration

    Showing my support to a new host! Put me first on the reserve list, but if you need more players feel free to 'activate' me . 1. Isla Paradisa, BloodBrick II, Prison Riot, Gotham City, IMHOTEP, Yakuza (substitute), EB Mafia II, Mafia Mafia. 2. Here's the tricky part of my participation, I'll be on a 5-day vacation from July 5-9 so I cannot guarantee my participation during that time. But outside those 5 days, I'm good for the game. 3. Considering I was vanilla townie on every freakin' game I've played on (except for almost all-scum Prison Riot gang war), this has to be my favorite role since it shows you can win and/or contribute to your team's win even without power roles/night actions.
  12. A little bit of customization (removal of tribal face prints) in Gorzan's gorilla headpiece gives a more appropriate fiercer Gorilla Grodd than the CMS gorilla.
  13. XimenaPaulina

    Mafia Mafia - Conclusion

    Even it was generally an open game set-up, I understand if Zepher wanted to give the God Pill a "mysterious"/unknown effect from the start. Don't get me wrong, I actually didn't like the God Pill's effects since it robbed the town of its most powerful weapon - the lynch votes, but I didn't want to complain about it in the middle of the game since that's part of the "unknowns" of signing up for this game. People may or may not like it, but they have no choice but to deal with it as one of the game mechanics, and I was glad to see that both town and scum sides (or even the SK) were resourceful enough to use it to their advantage.
  14. XimenaPaulina

    Mafia Mafia - Conclusion

    Now I don't get the complaints about the mechanics of the game when it was clearly stated from the very start in the sign-up thread. Zepher couldn't have been clearer with these from the very start. Everybody knew about this highly-night action-based game when they signed-up, now they're complaining about these just because things didn't go their way? Like I said in the deadboard, the losing side will always have some things to complain about, if the scum have won then it would be the townies who will have stern words to the host. If people were uncomfortable with too many bulletproofs, or having too many 'random chance', etc. in the game from the very start then they shouldn't have signed up in the first place. When you enter a game you should expect and prepare for the worst, and in the end just treat it as a game as it is simply just that - a game. Are you really being serious about this? People should discuss for the "entertainment of the dead and/or outside watchers"? The scum revealed themselves, there was nothing much to be talked about (but in fairness I really applaud fhomess' very intellectual mind games towards WBD in the end). I have been in games where it was eerily silent in the last couple of days, but there are still on-going stuff privately (recent one I remember was EBII), so this is not really something new. It is up to the players how they play the game, it may not be entertaining to you but you have to respect the way they play.
  15. XimenaPaulina

    Mafia Mafia - Conclusion

    Excellent game by all participants - Town, Scum, and SK alike. I think all sides did what they could to win, and the fact that the win could've gone to either of the three factions and the fact that the game was ultimately decided in the last minute of the last day says a lot about the mechanics of the game - that despite the 'random chance' aspect of the game each side had a realistic shot of winning given their resourcefulness (using the rules to their advantage) and dedication to the game (spending extra hours to get the proper pills). Congrats to everyone, I'm honestly impressed by how most of the payers did: Whole scum team - you managed to have the SK side with you (until the last minute) and the fact the you were able to turn the game from a most certain defeat to a probable victory says a lot about your strategy as a team. Esurient (SK) - you almost pulled-off the victory, and that is enough evidence to say that you played your cards very well in this game. Good job! Town - even if I was not part of the inner town circle I knew a lot of people stepped-up in this game: Hinckley once again rallying the town early in the game (still can't believe how players could claim to him/trust him so easily! ), Tammo for being the other Town leader to balance things out with Hinckley, and Rufus and fhomess for ultimately winning it for the town. Even vanillas were key to the town like mostlytechnic and Adam. Great job everbody!