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  1. I just finished 5974-1 Galactic Enforcer with no replacement bricks and only one collision error. When I am not quite so tired, I shall load it here. All I have left to add are the minifigs and I'd rather get some sleep before work instead. I checked to see if the colors were legal, but since this had to be built in extended mode, a lot of bricks showed up unable to be purchased.
  2. I noticed last year that you have to be more careful with technic connections than standard ones, as they are more apt to be misaligned when joined. Sometimes it's just a matter of going back and finding that one of your connector pins is off a little and throwing the rest of your build off. I was trying to use the Atlantis visor a second time as Iron Man's faceplate, but could not because it no longer connects to any helmet. (I had to use Boba Fett's helmet instead, which actually worked out pretty okay... )
  3. Either you didn't pay attention to what this index is, or you accidentally posted it in the wrong place. But this is for displaying sets designed by Lego. There is another index for displaying MOC's. =)
  4. That looks like the one. Can we please keep images at a manageable size? Thanks. =)
  5. I was working on this Hoberman Sphere in LDD (based on a picture I saw of one online) and I knew I would have some fine tuning collision errors. What I didn't count on was my lack of the patience required to fix and finagle it into completion. If this sounds like a fun challenge for any of you, I encourage you to download my LXF and post the finished results here for all to enjoy. (Including me.) I made this in unlimited mode, so I didn't really bother to check if it has proper PaB compatibility. (Not one of my strong suits, sorry Aanchir...) Since I consider this a community project, feel free to post a color corrected version here if you wish. Incomplete Sphere LXF
  6. Randal

    Hero Factory 2011

    You should try making an Hoberman Sphere... I don't know if a full scale one is possible, but it would be fun to see a Lego version.
  7. I'll try that after I finish making today's comic. That did the trick, thanks. =)
  8. It shows the current changeable background. Like the desert or space or the oceanic islands, etc. Specifically the desert dunes.
  9. I've always clicked on the camera in the upper left corner of the LDD menu. I'll try the ctrl+ option next time. Thanks. If that doesn't fix it, I may have to reinstall the program or something. ---After checking--- For some reason it's still adding the background to my png's, even with the ctrl+k. The only thing different between today and yesterday was the download and installation of LDD4.1 ...
  10. I need to find out how to keep LDD from adding the background to its screenshots in the latest version of LDD. I suppose there was probably a request for the ability to use the provided backgrounds in the screenshots feature of LDD, but for those of us who paste the backgroundless models on top of our own backgrounds, I would hate to see that option go away. So if there is some line of code I can add or remove from my version to exclude the provided backgrounds from screenshots, please let me know, as this would make my life so much easier. I am fully aware that TLG would not be responsible for any performance issues that resulted.
  11. These are awesome. Thanks for posting them. Will they find their way into the MOC index?
  12. I haven't tried it myself, so I figured I'd ask... did you have to finagle those wheels into those tracks or do they lock in proper? (I suppose I could check, but I'd rather this article get a bump...) =O
  13. Heh. It looks like a Doberman, which reminds me of "Alpha"... ('Up' was on tv this weekend.)
  14. Randal

    LDD Problem

    in the "edit" drop down there will be a "preferences" tab. In that you need to look for a bar that says "Compatibility mode" and make it look like this "||========". Also, there will be a graphics bar that should also be set to the left if you're having problems. Essentially, you're going to need to put all graphics on minimal settings and see if the program works better. Others might have further solutions, but that's the basics.