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  1. Actually I also accept bank transfer as I hate paypal.
  2. roamingstop

    Modern Lego trains on old blue track?

    From memory I found the problems was with the switches - where the 'guide rails' might sometimes interfere with different generations of wheels and rails. However at slow speeds it never seemed to be too problematic.
  3. The website to check is Mini-pac Economy Europe is 30 CHF. I know its silly... from Germany it would cost 8 Euro. But I no longer have a "free" rail pass to get to Konstanz; the rail ticket would be 45 CHF. So that doesnt work out.
  4. Normally I would say yes, but the problem is the wheels. Swiss post have a strict rule that anything over 2cm thick must go as maxi-PAC which includes tracking and insurance. Where are you based and that's the best way to get a price - for Spain it was 30.- I will be in the UK in early march...
  5. Im finally clearing out the last of my loose bits and pieces and have placed small lots starting from 1 CHF on ebay. Postage prices for larger items can be high but thats thanks to Swiss Post and not a profit from my side. Roamingstudio on ebay 4993 Creator Convertible Various Fabuland pieces RC Buggy Motor Kit (working) RC Buggy Motor Kit (working), sealed bags 9V Battery boxes (PP3) 5x PF-M Motor (sealed) - open to offers 5x PF-XL Motor (sealed) - open to offers Lonely old 4.5V motor Train Related Red Train Fronts / 2924a Red Train Front / 2924b Yellow sliding Doors Type 1 White sliding doors Type 1 Light Grey Sliding doors Type 2 Light Grey Windows 1x2x2 (from set 7740) Dark Grey Platforms / Raised Baseplates Old white windows with trans-blue glass Old white train windows Old black train windows Old black train doors Dark Red Pantograph with 2 fingers Crane Grab from 4555 / 4549 Girders to make train bridge (4) Girders to make train bridge (4) Girders to make train bridge (4) Boat related Brown boat rigging Black boat rigging White boat mast (from 4030) Red boat masts (like from 4030) Black boat masts (like from 4030) Misc Decorated white tiles (misc lot) Red vehicle suspension / springs from 4525 If anyone wants to make a job lot offer on some or all items please send me a PM.
  6. roamingstop

    TLG employee buying from BL

    Don't forget some TLG designers are AFOL and probably cannot just rely on "free bricks" for their private creations. If for an official design it could also be that specific parts are old / currently not in production / but most likely they are doing their own MOC's
  7. roamingstop

    Programmable Plotting Automaton

    I remember a solution like this in one of the very early technic ideas books, with 1x4 gear racks mounted onto a technic treads...
  8. roamingstop

    Limited distribution of 21021

    Having once been in Bad Aibling hotel at same time as German sales team meet up (Lego bricks everywhere) I can easily understand a "regional" setup - whereby sales targets are discussed and response to other products are compared. Did Sungymen sell well outside of its target market? If not then perhaps the cost to bring to market out weighed the benefits; and more shelf space can be given to fast movers and higher turnover It is a pity that more sales via the exclusive tab of their website were not allowed - but again it will be a production run / shipping issue. If all the production were shipped en/masse to Singapore then it makes international distribution much more expensive. In the end there will be some people in TLG who know the answer and some people scratching their heads but compared to the high volumes of other sets it's probably a storm in a teacup to them (although big deal for collectors).
  9. As an update I finally put MOC and Technic models onto my ebaylink - most with a starting price of 1 CHF. This is because the models have to go now... Life changes, sometimes unexpectedly. All models are built in a smoke free home, and are sold as-is. What you see in the photo is what you get. Custom Boat Hulls Custom 6542 style barge (1) Custom 6542 style barge (2) Custom 6542 style harbour / coal loading station and two barges Mod 7755 Locomotive without 12V motor (red white door) Custom Fire Tanker Wagon (1) Custom Fire Tanker Wagon (2) Custom Fire Tanker Wagon(3) Custom Fire Freight Wagon Custom Octan Tanker Wagon (3180 styling) (1) Custom Octan Tanker Wagon (3180 styling) (2) Custom Octan Tanker Wagon (7939 styling) (1) Custom Octan Tanker Wagon (7939 styling) (2) Custom Octan Tanker Wagon (7939 styling) (3) Custom Refrigerator Wagon (7939 styling) Custom Fire Wagon (7939 styling) Custom Coal Wagons (Black / Yellow) Custom Coal Wagons (Grey / Yellow) Custom Coal Wagon (12V style) Custom TTX Intermodal 5 Wagons (10219 styling with jacobs bogeys) Custom TTX Intermodal 3 Wagons (10219 styling with jacobs bogeys) 7823 Station with wide staircase (mod) 7823 styled station (custom) with wide staircase (mod) Indiana Jones Narrow Gauge Track Technic / Real models 8853 Digger 8835 Forklift Truck 8857 Trike Technic Jeep + Figure Technic Figures 8428 / 8432 Buggy 8480 Space Shuttle 8465 Off Roader 5580 Model Team Truck 8440 Formula 1 Car Technic Go Kart and Buggy 4093 Wild Windup and 4093 Motor Movers 8283 Telehandler 8250 / 8299 Pneumatic Submarine 8436 Pneumatic Truck 8463 Pneumatic Pickup Truck 8052 Container Truck 8274 Combine Harvester (1) 8274 Combine Harvester (2) 8263 Snow Mobile 8539 Bionicle Manas 8063 Tractor and Trailer with Logging Trailer 10213 Space Shuttle
  10. roamingstop

    Narrow Gauge 3 Axle Power Functions Bogie

    This was done a few years ago and space___ (Forget full username) posted great pictures and even built working Ij points. The model was of a Japanese train - was definitely on Flickr. Try using google search with added keyword of and you will find it. My handy is not ideal for searching - sorry
  11. roamingstop

    Toy Shop Christmas Tree expansion?

    I was looking for something similar and think I found the thread Thanks to google and using" winter tree "
  12. roamingstop

    [WIP] Technic Bridge

    The old bridge supports from the construction sets would be your friend although only in limited colours
  13. roamingstop

    Need help with design of an Octan Locomotive

    Can also use combinations of these to make a modern looking locomotive - but it is not really a typical diesel design. Together with... (in white) It can look good - I had some also designed like this including some Orange and Blue locomotives. However the all glass windscreen is not so idea. A white 7755 works as well. Enjoy
  14. roamingstop

    Need help with design of an Octan Locomotive

    The 7939 locomotive has a plain yellow cab - but on bricklink you can find them with octan logo (windscreen, decorated). Then replacing a line of yellow bricks with red green yellow plates and tiles Produces a very elegant diesel locomotive or three. The 7855 does work in blue but a large part of the red is two weight bricks to keep the locomotive on the track - and the 4 wide nose means it doesn't fit well to being used with PF. I remember the custom octan wagons - I also sold some a year ago. I have a few more in metallic silver / yellow to finish making up.
  15. Hi Brad130 Sorry I can't PM you as you need 10 posts first. But yes I did post a fire rescue train to cuuso a few years back. It was sold about a year ago. My friend is setting up her toy store for collectable items and she will do most of the listings. But if there is something you are looking for let me know - as I said get 10 posts and we can also PM