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  1. I've used the shipwreck from 60095 set, 60091 set and the landscape module from 60092 set to create a LEGO based aquarium landscape. It took me around two months to create the optimal equilibrium between substratum, background, plants and fish population. Now everything is ok and the Neon Tetra group members found their night shelter under the shipwreck's cabin. LEGO Aquarium_5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Aquarium_4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Aquarium _2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Aquarium_1 by Severus A, on Flickr
  2. Greetings, shipwrights. Whether a novice, an apprentice, a master, or a veteran shipwright, following the process of others, sharing your own, and giving and receiving feedback can help everyone improve. What's the point? This is just a place for all of us liberally to post WIP's for feedbacks, tips, suggestions, and questions, without otherwise littering the BoBS forum with WIP's. You can post just one step in the process, or several over a period. It's all up to you. So I am working on a vessel/ship - what do I do? Post one or more pictures, questions, ship-plans, descriptions, etc. here, and hopefully someone will step in with some wonderful advice. At least, I expect to do so. I know NOTHING about ships - can I comment, and how do I do? Everyone with something constructive to say can comment. No need to be a scholar in historic vessels, medieval carpentry or sail making. Sometimes it might just be aesthetics, a crazy idea, a suggestion for a technique, use of a specific brick, or whatever you can think of. Just keep it nice and constructive. In return, builders posting here will pwomise not to take offense! I'd suggest tagging the builder you are commenting on. But I am not an expert - the arrogant elite will laugh at my puny attempts at shipbuilding! First of all, the arrogant elite was not invited. In fact, they have been given specific instructions to go back to their fancy little elitist coffee houses to talk about how brilliant they are. Secondly, regarding puny attempts, take a look at my first attempt at a ship just two and a half years ago... Well, you really don't have to look. Move along... Nothing to see here... The rather obvious point being, we all start somewhere, and no matter where you start, or how steep your learning curve is. The only requirement is that you want to share your process, learn from others, share your ideas, and/or improve. Soooo, is this something official? What will I gain from participating? EGS bonuses? HAH! This is merely me gone rogue - and I may hang from my toes for it! No official bonuses here. However, I'd like to see a bit more focus on the process and techniques of building here, and I think ships is an interesting place to start. This is, however, quite likely to be replaced, superseded, or added to by something official at some point in the future. Who manages this and keeps the record? Manages? Keeps records? Bwahahaha - forget it! Just post your WIP's and comments. Don't overthink it! ________________________________________________________________________ Kick off! Oooohkay, here we go: I have been working on a 4th rate, circa 50 guns on two decks. I present to you: The HMS Endeavour. Started here: Went here: And have ended here: She is supposed to be the first in a series of 4th rates designed for colonial waters. A 4th rate is a small ship of the line between 46 and 60 guns, just above frigate size. This one is (IC) specifically designed to serve as flagship for colonial squadrons, sailing in consort with frigates and sloops. Looking forward to hearing your comments! And to see your WIP's!
  3. This Redcoat ship keeps a similar design to my recent Bluecoat MOC but is mostly a MOD of The Brick Bounty. If you have not seen the MOC of my custom Bluecoat Ship click here. I had to rebuild some parts of TBB but I left the cabin alone for the most part. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I hope you like it.
  4. Stop motion review (presentation) of 71042 Silent Mary Year: 2017 Pieces: 2294 Minifigs: 8 Price: £179.99 / $199.99 / 199.99€ Bricklink Brickset
  5. As requested by Inkpanther in my last thread on the EAS Agamemnon, here's another B5 MOC! This time it's just in LDD/LDraw, but the renders give a pretty decent idea of how it might look IRL. Front (got guns?): Side (oh yeah, don't forget the missile launch tubes as well as the guns ): Top shot (new greebles, new parts, another view of dem guns): If you're familiar with the reference material, or if you've seen the other thread, the Nova-Class Dreadnoughts are predecessors to the Omega Class Destroyers - without the rotating section but with a ridiculous quantity of guns and slightly fewer Starfuries. This beastie is for takin' names and kickin' megablocks. As a result, it wasn't much work to translate the Agamemnon into what I want to call the Schwartzkopf. The reference images I used are the Antares, but I prefer the one that was a topical reference (well, it was at the time!) to Stormin' Norman. Stats-wise, this one is 104 studs long (still legally a SHIP, right?), 30 tall and 20(ish) wide - or about 83x29x16cm. It contains 3720 parts, almost exactly 1000 less than the Agamemnon. I don't think I'll build this one in the brick (I'd have to make a UCS plaque) but just in case, I put the plaque holder on the opposite side of the stand from the Agamemnon so that they could face each other head-to-head on display at home. The model has 5 not 7 "ribs" in the midsection compared to the reference shot of the Antares but I'm fine with that - it fits my scale better so I'm taking artistic license. After placing the side-panels in the LDraw version, I can tell there could be some brick alignment issues with them around the midsection that would require a minor redesign of those, but they could probably do with a minor tweak anyway. The full Flickr album is here. As well as the renders there are a few reference pics I cribbed from the web, including a side-by-side comparison of a Nova and an Omega. Hope you enjoy it!
  6. We're finally finished😁 This is the final page for my beautiful moc of the rebel Nebulon- b Escort Frigate I've had many versions that you may have seen, and this will be it... for now now for some pictures: Original Topic (Earlier version):
  7. When I stumbled across Paint0r's Legos Ideas page for a Lucrehulk-Class Droid Control ship, I had to build it. So I did. Please support Paint0r's build if you can. The Lucrehulk was a dream addition to my display for some time, and I don't think TLG will ever sell one. So when I saw this design I knew the wait was over - except for ordering the additional 1200 pieces I needed for the build. It took a few nights to figure out how many of the 1695 pieces I had already. These photos were taken at a point where I'd color swapped enough of the ship for display purposes. I didn't follow the .LDD instructions perfectly because there were a few points where I'd gotten lost or simply didn't have the pieces. However, the approach to the build was repetitive, so I was able to 'fill in the blanks' when needed. The Pick-a-Brick order was nearly perfect - but I'd ordered 96 of a slope 45 1x2 with plate and it came in white instead of light grey (a piece that PaB doesn't have available in light grey). I was pretty disappointed until I started building it anyway and thought a dash of white was okay. I also spashed a bit of Trade Federation blue in there, too. This now means, of course, this isn't the ship from The Phantom Menace, the Vutuun Palaa. Another ship of it's class, further along in The Clone Wars. The build: it was a lot of similar wedges. Started with the core, of which I had enough grey laying about to assemble it. It does disconnect from the base model fairly easily. I do hope that if Paint0r sees this model, they aren't disappointed with some of the many cosmetic deviations I made from the original model. I'd say I'm 90% accurate to the instructions, and the final build of the design which was shared here. Much of it was limitation of my patience and budget. It's very difficult to get the arms of the hangars to align perfectly (can see this in the top view photo below). It takes some doing to squeeze the wedges together to make a smooth curve... and sometimes results in buckling and the pieces go flying... argh. As a result, these initial photos will be updated once I can get the twin hangars more symmetrical. It takes patience. But having this beast on display is worth it... even if it isn't swooshable. I really skimped out on the engine array. Too many pieces hard to find on Pick-a-Brick and it was just easier to stick the sub-engines to the side of the hull rather than build the intricate lattice that holds the three main engines and six sub-engines together. I am satisfied with the way it looks. This build will be the centerpiece of my Trade Federation army someday. Will need a little micro-scale fleet of N1 fighters too, of course to bring it down. Front view Top view Antenna array Hangar detail Core view Engine array Ready for display Side view of the core and how it attaches to the main frame of the ship. Wedges aplenty! Most of the build was creating ten of these very tightly packed, extremely well designed wedges that comprise each of the cargo bay/arms.
  8. this is the update page for my beautiful moc of the rebel Nebulon- b Escort Frigate Go here for a parts list: I added the red details, fixed the stand, and changed the back to make it look more like the real deal, as you can see here: Version 3: Version 2 Version 1 The original topic is here:
  9. At the end of last year i was very honest that the best and biggest shipyard in the world Royal Feadship ask me to build a big model and a set of one of their new build yacht; My Kiss. I had only 2,5 month for both project's. One week before the deadline the two project's where ready and deliverd at the yard in Aalsmeer and the projectmanager was very pleased. This project was very difficault because i haved to buildt it only from drawings and renders, also the building style where complete new for me . End of this month this model will stand in the great new book from Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman. The real Kiss is now sailing to Monaco and is nominated for best ship in there class at the Monaco Yacht show 2015(23 to26 september) and mine model is standing with proud on the real one . In this topic i will give you a glimp how i build this model . This is the real Kiss at their launching party on 14 februari 2015 at the yard Royal The Vries and mine family and JunkstyleGio where there as quest. Soooooo enough information and here is the start of the model . First start was the bow and the most difficult one. After building the bow the idea's came quickly and the progress grow's every day. This enough for today and hope you like it . Greetings Edwin and stay tuned for the rest of it .
  10. The still waters were broken by the sharp bow of a ship, and row upon row of its bristling cannons flew past. Captain Rijsk glanced down with a smile. He liked his job immensely. And he loved his flagship. Captain Rijisk worked for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company - or pretended he did - and was the most successful fisherman in the business. Or maybe, more like the most successful Admiral in the business... Well, as I was saying, it was a fine, bright morning as the HMS Scrumble ploughed loftily through the waters, and the crew pulled out their fishing poles and prepared for another day. The fact was, though, that Captain Rijsk didn't work for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, and his ship wasn't out for fish. In fact, he didn't even know if such a company existed, and no one really like Bumbel Tuna anyways. But this mission, he had totally agreed with the Mardierian Secretary of War, was a stroke of genius. It was a brilliant way to get up close to the Eslandolan settlements without attracting much attention - then, when it was the least expected, his fleet of fishermen would turn the tide of the war, for good. Suddenly the lookout cried aloud, "Sail to starboard! Can't make out it's flag, though!" "Purple and white?!" exclaimed one of the make-believe fishermen. "What kind of nation would pick purple and white for their flag?" "I'm fairly sure that's Pontilla," remarked another, staring over at the tiny the ship dancing across on the waves. "No - it's Carno for sure," countered another. But in all the commotion over the tiny boat, the unfortunate crew failed to notice the more important details of the case... For, you see, some little time ago the Garveyans had developed an ingenious contraption - or rather, they had bought it from Captain Whiffo who had come up with it, and trained a whole brigade of their soldiers until they were quite expert in its use. It was know as the Eslandolan Wooden Diving Contraption: It really was spectacular. The tendency of the wood to float kept it barely underwater with the weight of a soldier attached, but the tube extending to the top let in plenty of air, while the glass window let the attackers see exactly what was going on. But to return. One second, all was peace and quite, and everyone was taken up with the tiny boat floating past. The next, all was confusion. Up out of the water they came, dripping as bad as the tuna the ship was supposedly after. Up the fishing lines and up the stern, Up the portholes and over the side, long before anyone had time or the presence of mind to fire a single one of the cannon. But the Mardierians went make-believe fishermen for nothing. They instantly grabbed up the weapons that were never far away, and did their best to stop the attackers. But all their efforts were futile, and not even the lookout escaped... Off went the victorious Garveyans with the "fishing smack," Leaving the Mardierians behind, as they commented, With a ship of much more decent size! But Captain Rijsk was not one to give up easily, not he! "It's not the end of the day yet!" he exclaimed. "Oh dear!" returned one of the crew with a gasp. "Now you've really jinxed us!" Interior: Not much of an interior to this one, just the cabin in the stern had enough space to really do much! And a few pics of the ship by itself: The Stern: Closeup: And one final shot: And I'll leave you (yes, a great deal of pics, I know!), with a shot of the attacking Garveyans. Phew! Definitely my quickest ship to date - and yes, it definitely got kind of out of hand! It was totally supposed to be about a 2A fishing smack, but something happened somewhere... Loosely based off the HMS Interceptor, but somehow my quarterdeck ended up a fair deal higher, which forced me to change up the sail plan a tad as well. I was originally hoping to build a whole underwater section with the Garveyans cutting through the ship's hull, but time was against me, so this is it for now! Enjoy! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  11. Hi everyone, I have created a landscape in magenta a few months ago. The response of someone was I could use the pink astronaut of the Collectable Minifigures series 6. It took some time, but I finally had an idea about the color scheme. Here is a photo of the Pink Huntress. There is room to hide the blaster and helmet. Another photo is in the Flickr album. Perhaps I can take some pictures of the back. Here is the link. Various Space Creations Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  12. Ay, it has been a while since you have heard anything from my shipyards. We are currently quite occupied with the war, so priorities are there. A couple months ago, a young man stepped up to me and told me he had an idea how we could get the best performance from a Schooner - we spent a couple of weeks planning and built this ship quickly. His promise applied - the ship we build ended up faster than any other ship I had seen before. To save weight, we will, most of the time, not carry guns on it, but if the need arises we have enough space to place 10 6 pounders on the deck. As we don't need to carry munition and gunpowder we have plenty of cargo space on board of this ship. As this speed is unprecedented, we also decided that we may give this ship type its own name - it shall be a Clipper! Time for pictures? Yes: Roughly based on the Pride of Baltimore, a Baltimore Clipper. Size is pretty much like my other 5Fs (Green Winds, Colour of the Wind, Piece of Eight), so for now this will be licensed as a 5F. I hope we can get faster ships with the new system once it arrives...
  13. Hello mates! I am fan of Lego Pirates for a long time, but I've decided recently to register here, because I've created MOC which I would like to share with you. It's a bluecoat soldiers' ship, I called it "Admiral's Eagle". I hope you like it, I have also published project on Lego Ideas ( and so far it is going well. From the most important thing, ship contains 877 parts (without 5 minifigures and their weapons), captain's cabin accessible from the side walls and from the top, prison cell with small entrance (also accessible from the top), 2 shooting cannons and 3 mini shooting guns, winch with anchor. Here are pictures (more images &download link - https://photos.googl...nZVQTdjVVJhMEZn): Brig 21A
  14. [/url] Hi all, this is my first sailing ship in at least 30 years. But I went all-in. This is also the first adult MOC for which I have bought "my own" bricks, rather than relying on whatever (admittedly copious) odds and ends my sons had lying around at a given moment. Anyway, my creation is a fully-rigged minifig-scale (1:38.4) historical LEGO model of the 6th-rate frigate HMS Enterprize (also spelled as Enterprise), launched in 1774. I know that class is a bit "over-exposed," but the size was right (the end result is 5 feet long bowsprit to boom, just possible for me to lift), the plans were readily available on the web, and it's a lovely ship. My intent with it was to meld model and toy--it has a lot of working features and internal play spaces. In this post I'm basically just going to focus on some of my favorite pictures, rather than bogging down in a lot of text. But if you are interested there is more to see: - I have a ton of pictures on Flickr with info in many of the descriptions: - I have a MOCPages page with more info: Also, I'm happy to answer any questions here. And if there are picture angles or subjects that I neglected, let me know and I will snap them while I still have my photo setup in place. I hope you will like my product, it's been about 8 months of work. Throughout that process, seeing what is being done on the Pirates board here has been a big source of encouragement! HMS Enterprize - Gunports Open (Bow Quarter) HMS Enterprize - Waterline Stern HMS Enterprize - Stern HMS Enterprize - Waterline Bow Closeup HMS Enterprize - Forecastle HMS Enterprize Meets The Brick Bounty HMS Enterprize - Crew HMS Enterprize - Decks Overview HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters (removed from hull) HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters - Great Cabin Interior HMS Enterprize - Racing Neck and Neck on the Foremast HMS Enterprize - Launching a Cutting-Out Expedition! HMS Enterprize - Well Met, Fellow Traveller! HMS Enterprize - Into the Sunset Thanks for your interest, input and inspiration!
  15. This is the long worked on Lego Nebulon-b Escort Frigate. I started building this one day a month ago when I was looking for something challenging to build. I did a quick google on rebel ships, and decided to do this one. I saw another, way bigger version of this on eurobricks, and I used that as a little reference, too. The ship is very sturdy, and the way it is built is very cool. Here's an overview picture and I will go into more detail in other pictures. (Just so you know this isn't the Redemtion, that's why the pods are different colors) (It is swooshable, and I intend on making an instruction manual for you guys). This is just the over all pic of it. This is a view of the front. As you can see it's pretty detailed Here is the bottom fin part of the ship. I really like the detail with the hinged pecies. This part is cool. It's not to thick, short long or skinny. I really like it. This is a view of the front of the back where the engines are. These are the engines🙃This view of the ship is great! (IDK why these pictures are so small) This is the custom printed info plaque as you can see, the stand can come off the baseplate, and still be sturdy and a final overview of the moc. Hope you enjoyed! Also check out my YouTube at AWproductions (Put lego at the end of your search)
  16. Way back when (around 2010) I designed this ship as a standalone piece for my desk. I spent about $120 USD on Pick A Brick from the online LEGO shop & from 3 Bricklink sellers. (I later found I could have saved a bunch of money by going through Bricklink alone.) Since it's original construction around seven years ago, I have added another brick layer to the ship's base and 18 studs of length to for decks. The model is in micro scale, and sits about 114 stud long, which is very close to three feet long. Printed 1 x 1 tiles should spell out the name ACADIA on the left and right sides, and on the rear of the ship. (The tiles haven't been ordered yet, should be bought by the eighth of this month) The font of the ship. (also called the "bow".) The rear of the ship. (also called the "stern".) The raised portion of the deck is for the docking bridge when the ship is in port. The left hand (or port, and the right side would be the starboard side.) profile shot of the vessel alongside a yard stick. This ship is just a hair longer than three feet long, or 114 studs. This has officially become a Seriously Huge Investment In Parts, or SHIP! This is the red star line flag, and below is the fictional history and statistics: The RMS Acadia was designed in 1914, but World War One prevented it's construction by Steele & Sons Shipbuilders to start until 1919. The ship was modified from it's original design to burn oil, and was completed in February 1921. The ship could hold 3280 people total, with 1140 being Crew, with 270 being First class, 530 in Second class, and 1340 being the steerage, or Third class. The ship sailed it's maiden voyage in July 1921 from Southampton to New York City. The ship was English, and as such, was immune to American law of Prohibition. The ship took off-season sailings (informally known as Liquor Cruises) around the Atlantic, returning to the port of origin within a couple days. The ship managed to hold a steady service record, and remained relatively full-up until the Great Depression really took hold in 1931. The ship's owners, the Red Star Line, managed to stay financially afloat long enough to get the ship through the worst of the Depression, until the ship was requested by the English Navy as a troop ship in late 1939 for use in World War Two. The Acadia's fancy woodwork was put in storage and the ship was turned into a troop ship relatively quickly. The ship was strafed several times by enemy aircraft during the war, and narrowly missed being torpedoed in 1943, but it survived the war not too much worse for wear. When it was handed back over to Red Star Line, it was given a complete overhaul mechanically and electrically. The whole ship was rewired, and the oil burning engines converted to diesel. The Acadia's woodwork was painstakingly restored to it's original grandeur, and she was ready for for sailing by 1948, almost a year after being handed back to it's original owners. In the early '50's the ship began sailing luxury cruises to the Mediterranean from England and the United States, in addition to it's usual scheduled Atlantic crossings. The ship began showing it's age by the late 1960's, when it's original glass dome began to leak badly. A handful of cracks in the reinforced glass caused the ship to be dry-docked, but before it could be fixed the huge dome collapsed in on itself, causing the grand staircase to be heavily damaged. Luckily, the accident happened in the middle of the night, and no one was on board at the time to get hurt by all that broken glass. The ships' dome was replaced, but only because the ship's owners knew of it's heritage and couldn't bear to see the old girl scrapped. (Not to mention it would have cost more to scrap the ship than fix the dome) By 1975, she was last four-stack ship in existence, and the owners were planning the Acadia's 55th Birthday for the next year. The Acadia celebrated July 1st, 1976 as her fifty-fifth birthday, and as part of the celebrations she was given to a preservation group dedicated to keeping the ship sailing as an "ambassador of history", as a peek into the way things were and how the men and women visiting and working on the Acadia went about their lives through each period of this ships stoic history. Many former passengers and crew detailed their experiences on the ship in writing or on film for the beginning of what later became known as The Acadia Living History Museum. Today, the ship features a feature-length film that chronicles the story of the ship and it's many passengers and crew through out the ships commercial and wartime lives. The film is shown in the Second Class movie theater, built into the ship in 1947 after World War Two, flowing seamlessly into the 1920's flavor of the ship. The ship still sails, making stops in New York and London (substituted for Southampton) at least twice a year. Ship Name: RMS Acadia Ship Type: Atlantic Class Passenger Liner Owner: Red Star Line Ship Built: 1919 – 1921 Capacity: 2740 passengers, 1340 crew (3280 persons total) Lifeboats: 60 boats with 60 people per boat (3,600 people total capacity) Builder: Steele & Sons Shipbuilders Propulsion: 24 Boilers, 2 turbines, 4 steel propellers Top Speed: 28.5 Knots Fuel: Diesel (originally Oil) The LDD file for the updated digital version is here. Any thoughts, complaints, questions or suggestions are always welcome!
  17. This ship was originally inspired by a single picture of set 76084 (The Ultimate Battle for Asgard) from the Marvel Superheroes theme. The ship was then heavily modified into it's current form, with a single tail fin and trans-red canopy. The front of the ship features a "three golden circles" symbol of the alien pilot's native culture on either side of the saucer ring. Their is room for a single pilot mini-figure at the controls behind the opening canopy. The rear of the ship features two rows of engines and a single tail fin. The alien life-form shown here has a name that is unpronounceable to most species, as she talks with his mind at a very fast pace, so everyone calls her "Hyper". This may also have something to do with her love of caffeinated drinks, as her body chemistry allows for him to drink coffee and soda at levels that would cause a human to go into diabetic shock or die. These sugary drinks only make her move faster and still keep a clear head with no addictive tendencies. (Some say one of this species drank so much caffeine his mind shifted into a higher plane of existence, and his body became pure energy.) Anyway, as you can guess, Soda and Coffee companies love his species, so most have become experimental taste testers or company representatives. Hyper makes her living as a chemist, working on new flavors of coffee and soda to sell to the drink companies. Here is the LDD link for figure and ship. Comments, questions and complaints welcome!
  18. Hello everybody! Allow me to introduce my new series of MOC. To begin - Russian frigates pr.1135 (NATO designation - "Krivak"). Built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Frigates pr.1135 - a unique series of warships, held at the Navy of the USSR and then Russia, Ukraine and India since the early 1970's to the present. In total 49 ships were built, and the construction of a serious improvement is still ongoing. "Krivak I" ASW-frigate "Krivak III" coast guard patrol ship more photos and information
  19. This model was heavily inspired by A Plastic Infinity / Arcane Sweetie Belle's old (2012-ish) build, as seen here. I took the basic design of the ship seen there and added newer parts and an updated color-scheme, plus the Collectible Mini-Figure (series 3) Alien as the pilot. The theme is a mash-up of Alien Conquest Mars Mission, and Galaxy Squad styling cues, and a Space Police III - like figure. The ships angled wings are held in place by a-frame plates not available at the original model's construction date. The cockpit can seat one pilot figure and the opening canopy is quite tall, so any number of heads or hats are possible on that figure. The rear of the ship features two engines. The lime green 2 x 2 round tiles on the hinged tail are supposed to have this print for a national symbol. This is the pilot figure. (picture from Bricklink) The LDD file for my version of the ship and it's pilot is available at this link. Any comments, questions, suggestions and / or complaints are welcome!
  20. Last couple of months in my spare time i have working on my latest creation and is a commision build tugboat for the shipowner Iskes. This 17e commision ship for Iskes the Triton is build in a differant scale i normal build for them and have a scale of 1/65 and have around the 5800 parts. As you know from the WIP stage it gives me some structural problems, but have sold all of the problems out. I also added 50 mini led lights and a lot of working(manual) winches, crane and searchlights and many other details. I hope you like it. Later on today all the pictures of the Triton .
  21. Being a shareholder in the Oleander RNTC, it is only up in my interest to supply them with ship, and with an order appearing - especially with those fairly interesting terms they are offering - I had decided to order my shipyards to build a decently sized New Terraman that, while having plenty of cargo space, is still able to defend itself against potential attackers as well as sail as quick as a frigate. Their efforts have been successful while still maintaining their usual speed. This new Terraman has been built following the plans of a small fifth rate, slightly widened, but the gunports haven't been cut out - what this means is obvious. It has a lot of cargo space, and could, if the need arises, be transformed into a frigate with the use of a saw. We decided it would be best if we kept the guns on the quarterdeck and forecastle, or better say deck - to protect the cargo we have decided to completely cover up the lower deck and only allow access to it through the hatches; light can also get through into the great cabin through a skylight above it. In short - speed and manoeuvrability of a frigate, a full extra deck for cargo as well as 16 guns of 9 pounds each to defend itself. So, here we go: Off course, a new ship needs to be celebrated. While the Captain discusses the plan of the next target destination with one of the Officers on board, a bunch of regular Sea Men, a couple Officers and some others have started doing just that. Not everyone is that lucky though. I dare calling her a curvy lady! The Stern, not much to say about it. One might know my personal Frigate - that one is just a little bit shorter and thinner than this one, but I think it is well visible that they are both from the hands and hammers of my shipyards. For the time being, Esprit Fortune will likely be licensed as a 5T by the RNTC, but I certainly expect it to be at least a class 6, and, depending on the definition, maybe even a class 7.
  22. The Sea Sweeper prepares for her maiden voyage as part of the Eslandian Navy. With 7 guns to a side, she will not be trifled with on the high seas. By pirates at least, the Kraken trifles at random. To be licensed by the crown. This ship (My third) uses the same rig and main outline as my previous Golden Crescent, but with several changes besides the color scheme. I raised the whole ship by a brick, as I didn't like how close the cannons were to the water, 10 guns have also been added, since this is no merchant ship. The front has been significantly reinforced, and I reworked the back to be more in line with the rest of the ship. C&C welcome!
  23. Last weekend me, Maxim I, Legostone, TitusV and Sebeus I got together. To start off the Saturday we visited the replica of VOC ship the Batavia. To me this is the most beautiful replica ship in the world. It is build according the way they did things back in the day. It has no motor and can actually sail. Batavia visit (2) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr From left to right: Me, Legostone, Sebeus I, Maxim I and TitusV. Batavia visit (3) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr The bow and the beautiful Lion figurehead. Batavia visit (4) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr The stern, you can clearly see they are doing maintenance. Even the scafolds are somewhat historically correct. You don't see that every day. Batavia visit (5) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Discussing how to make stuff in Lego at the bow. Batavia visit (1) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr In the sail shop, we also visited the rope maker, the smith and the model shop. Batavia visit (6) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr At the wharf they are also building a replica of the 7 provinces, the flagship of Michiel de Ruyter, Sadly we learned that they had to stop work due to the lack of funds and volunteers. We took the guided tour which was very educational. I thank our guide for all the information, I actually learned a few things. After the visit of the Batavia it was time to build! I hosted a little competition called Ship Build Off #1. The idea is that everybody had to have a ''finished'' ship by Sunday 21:00h. They had to make their own pictures and send them to me. So we got busy: Work by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr And we got some progress: Progress by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Like any good contest there is a prize. In this contest the builders can win this trophy I made (well, it still needs sails and so): Trophee by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Entry nr. 1 is the Tuna King: Tuna King (2) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Tuna King (1) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Tuna King (3) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Entry nr. 2 is the HMS Tribute: HMS Tribute (1) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr HMS Tribute (2) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr HMS Tribute (3) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Entry nr. 3 is the Piercing Flame: The Piercing Flame (1) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr received_10210678542551190 by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr The Piercing Flame (3) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr And, well... nr. 4 didn't really get the concept of building a ship so we'll just call it HMS Whatever: HMS Whatever (2) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr HMS Whatever (1) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr HMS Whatever (3) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr So please vote for your favourite in the poll which will be open untill Wednesday the 29th of March, midnight Dutch time. Oh and of course I build something too, but I won't compete. It is a merchant schooner I call the tit: The Tit (2) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr The Tit (1) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr The Tit (3) by Captain Green Hair - don't just favour, comment!, on Flickr Captain Green Hair thanks you!
  24. To Captain Jonathan Cooke, Colonial Governor, Cocovia Dear friend, We have arrived safely on the island of Cascadia, and have rendezvous'ed with the forerunners of the Royal Pioneers. Hopefully, we will soon start to set up a more permanent camp. The commander of the Pioneers assures me that as soon as the rest of his unit arrives they will start setting up fortified positions. And I must say, I the wealth of nature here is astonishing. We have stumbled upon masses of nondescriept plants, beetles and felines, and I cannot wait to dive upon the reefs, or explore the inlands. However, I write to you to draw your attention to something I am sure you will find interesting, you being the very image of the nautical being. We were surveying a bay for its usefulness as a harbour for our camp, when this oddly shaped vessel stood in, its crew offering us pelts and fruits. I have forwarded a serious of drawings young mr. Baker have made. He is proving to be a most valuable companion in documenting what we find, and I trust you will find his illustrations fascinating. Your humble servant Montoya Note: I have never seen anything like these sails, and I am certain you are able to conclude much more from these drawings than myself. Note: Notice the armament, a sort of ballistae. They seem unaware of gunpowder, but showed how their steel spears thrown by this contraption would pierce a heavy plank at a hundred yards! Note: The strange pulley up front appears able to change the rake of masts. To what extent that influences its sailing properties, I have no idea. _______________________________________ Thanks for looking, guys. C&C welcome. This is not as advanced as my other (ongoing) ship mocs, but I bought those longboat hulls and wanted to try them out. And this is where it ended. She will be licensed as a 5T.
  25. Hi everyone, it is long overdue but I finally got around to constructing the Bluecoat ship we never got in the 2015 Pirates wave. I have been working on this on and off since The Brick Bounty was released but time/money restraints were holding me back for a while. This ship was created using a hybrid design of both The Brick Bounty and Brickbeards Bounty as I wanted it to look like an official Lego set. After many Bricks & Pieces orders and a few Bricklink orders, I present to you my Bluecoats new home.